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June 2012

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Happy Father's Day Star Sapphire Directors Mike & Erin Baty Top USA New Member Sponsors for 2011

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Building a Family Business with AIM

This message is directed at AIM Members who have improved their health through the use of AIM products and shared the joy of this good health with others. You are earning money or perhaps growing an AIM business. In these uncertain times regarding finances, job security, and the worldwide economy, building with AIM is a way to maintain your health and secure your future. How do you start to grow a business? One way is to recognize the different age groups around you and recognize that the AIM message needs to be delivered differently to each. As an example, look at your extended family, which most likely encompasses all generations that can grow your business.

Baby boomers (born 1946–1964) gravitate to what makes them comfortable as they age. They want to keep their health and stay active. AIM has the answers for them. Generation X (1965–1980) is the first group to grow up with computer knowledge. Generation Y (1980–1994) is the next group set to drive consumerism. They want quality, and AIM is all about quality. They want it on their own terms, and they do not want to wait in line to get it. Technology and social networking are a necessity. As AIM business builders, they can address the needs of the generation they serve. AIM is family oriented; therefore, it is the ideal family business to reach all age groups. Working together as a family and helping each generation to embrace good health are also ways to strengthen family values, which are a challenge to maintain in the changing world. Join your family to the AIM family and let us work together for a better world.

Rose Bird Chartered Herbalist and General Manager of AIM Canada™


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44 Happy Father’s Day from AIM

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AIM’s Garden

2013 AIM Boise Convention


9 Join the recognition roundup in Boise, July 18-21, 2013

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12 Health Expo and Conferences a successful way to share the message of health

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 6 Planning Your Vacation … AIM Proancynol®

June 2012

Stacey Aparicio

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 8 Intestinal parasite, pain, and ER visits a thing of the past

Living health & wealth magazine

Weight Loss Success

10 13 AIM employees were up to the challenge

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Happy Father's Day

Star Sapphire Directo rs Mike & Erin Baty Top USA New Membe r Sponsors for 2011

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June 2012

June 2012


ON THE COVER AIM Star Sapphire Director Mike Baty celebrates fatherhood and health with his son Liam. Meet the rest of the family on page 4.

for AIM Members


Happy Father’s

Main Feature

June 17 is Father’s Day, and it is a good time to consider what it means to be a father.

If you ask Star Sapphire Director Mike Baty, he believes that children depend on their fathers to be leaders although he also recognizes mothers as leaders in different ways. “Safety and security of the family is a father’s main role,” Mike said. At the same time, he sees a similarity to Joseph in the Bible—father as the silent partner. “Sometimes I feel that I don’t have much to say ... you’ve got to let kids be kids.” For Mike, fatherhood is more about doing, and he is a man of action. Mike was in the U.S. Navy for twenty-five years, having served on four different ships and stationed in many locations around the world, including the distant shores of Japan. After nine years in the navy, he married Erin, whom he had known since the twelfth grade. They have a daughter and a son. Alanna is nineteen years old, and Liam is fifteen. From left to right: Mike, Alanna, Erin, and Liam.

TOP USA NEW MEMBER 1 01 SPONSORS FOR 2 4 I 1-800-456-2462

While living in Japan, the Batys were introduced to AIM products by Erin’s sister, Lisa Brogan, AIM Royal Emerald Director. They started their AIM business after moving to Maryland. The AIM Opportunity has served Mike and his family well through their very successful website. “We started off with a basic website, got some customers, and followed up with e-mails and letters,” Mike said. “We helped those interested in building an AIM business by getting them the basic tools to get going. A lot of people are interested in the products but don’t know how to build a business.” Mike is currently taking classes at a local community college, where he finds it strange that there are no college classes in network marketing. “It is an unknown entity to the business department there, so you must seek out information from those doing the business”.

Day from AIM! June 17 | father's day

“Anyone can establish an AIM business, enjoy a flexible schedule, and find financial freedom. You can do it part- or full-time ... dial it up or down, and enjoy building your own business. And you don’t have to go through all the usual requirements for a new business, such as zoning laws for your neighborhood. Most importantly, you get to sell great products from a company that has integrity, honesty, and great leadership—a company that stands by its people. “AIM gave us an inexpensive way to start a business and allowed Erin to be a stay-at-home mom for fifteen years,” Mike explained. “This gave her freedom to home-school our children, giving them a much better education that respects religious freedom.” AIM products have also helped the entire family to maintain good health. “Around the time we found out about AIM, I was trying to get into better shape,” Mike said. “As you get older, your body metabolism changes. I had shot up to 200 pounds. My ideal weight is 170 to 175. After getting smarter about the body’s reaction to sugar as well as what protein can do for you, I started taking AIM products, which fit in naturally.”

Every morning, Mike starts the day with AIM Herbal Fiberblend®. “People don’t usually talk about bowel movements,” Mike acknowledged. “I realized the importance of fiber and what Herbal Fiberblend does for you.” He follows up later in the morning with a beverage that

includes AIM BarleyLife® and CalciAIM™. “I got my blood pressure down with AIM Bear Paw Garlic® and by reducing salt.” Mike also takes AIM ReAssure® SP and AIM CranVerry®+.

All of his family regularly take Herbal Fiberblend, BarleyLife, and AIM ProPeas™ as well as many other AIM products. “When Alanna was in her mid-teens, she had problems with oily skin and acne,” Mike recalled. “After taking AIM Proancynol® 2000 and BarleyLife capsules, Alanna saw improvement within days. She started taking AIM LeafGreens™ as well and her face cleared up. Whenever she stopped, the acne came back.” As a father, Mike recognizes the importance of this incredible benefit for children in their teen years. The overall contribution of AIM products to his entire family’s health has given added peace of mind to this dad. Father’s Day celebrations are pretty casual at the Batys. “I get to pick what we eat. I get a card, and gifts are given.” Just enough for a father like Michael Baty, who wants to make sure his children live in a free country and have all their rights. “One’s belief system is huge ... you’ve got to have a moral compass; otherwise, you get lost. We raised the kids in the Christian tradition and taught them the importance of independence. AIM is a great way to achieve this.” Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

June 2012


Product Feature

Planning Your Vacation It’s the time of year when North Americans are planning for summer vacation. Whenever and wherever you travel, AIM Proancynol® 2000 can fit nicely into your travel plans. With the greatest concentration of antioxidants of any available product, Proancynol 2000 boosts your immune system with a powerhouse of protection from free radicals. One of the negative aspects of travel is being exposed to dietary, climatic, and environmental changes that can increase your risk of illness. Getting sick is the last thing you want to happen on a vacation, so protect yourself with Proancynol 2000. If you are going to be spending time in airplanes—an ideal environment to pick up bacteria or a virus—take extra capsules of Proancynol, which can even help to lessen the effect of jet lag. You look forward to getting away, so don’t let illness be a part of your vacation memories. For health insurance, take along Proancynol 2000 whenever you travel. And don’t forget to bring AIM BarleyLife® and BarleyLife® Xtra Sample Packs for daily nutrition and AIM FloraFood® to maintain a healthy digestive system.

6 I 1-800-456-2462

“The first time I started to understand the power of Proancynol 2000 was at a Texas BarleyLife Convention, where I heard about a travel experience from Janet Pauly, AIM Chairman’s Club Director. She had taken three capsules every three hours to avoid jet lag on a trip to South Africa. However, she got even more than she had bargained for. During the flight, Janet got rid of a persistent, hacking cough that she hadn’t been able to shake for weeks. She commented that plenty of people get sick on overseas flights, but she hadn’t heard of anyone getting better! “Immediately after coming back from Texas, I was speaking to one of my Directors, Aud Sund. She had just been to Norway and had come home with a terrible cough. I passed on what I had just learned, and her cough disappeared  within a couple of days. Since then people have had the same kind of results every time they upped their intake of Proancynol 2000. I use Janet’s formula  regularly on overseas flights or when traveling different time zones.” Rica Gerhardt, AIM Director Ashton, Ontario Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

Take a Walk in AIM’s Garden


t comes as no surprise that North Americans do not consume enough vegetables. As recently as 2010, a report claimed that barely a quarter of adults reach three or more servings per day, let alone the suggested nine servings per day. But what may come as a surprise to many is how easy it is to get to nine servings. All it takes is a little help from AIM. AIM’s collection of whole-food con­ cen­ trates includes the AIM Garden Trio®— AIM BarleyLife®, AIM Just Carrots®, and AIM RediBeets®—and newcomer AIM Veggie D™, which was introduced to the product lineup this spring. Combined, the four products make it easy for the average adult to get the recommended nine servings of fruit and vegetables each day. And with the savory flavor of Veggie D, the concen­trates mixed together have a full, robust flavor that makes getting your veggies that much easier, and tastier. Veggie D features 126 percent of the U.S. Daily Recommended Intake of vitamin D from an all-natural, vegan source—mushrooms. The shiitake and button mushroom blend combines with lycopene-rich tomato powder and twelve vegetable powders to make a savory drink mix that tastes great on its own, or mixed into sauces and soups.

Each of the four vegetable concentrates fit within the whole-food concept, helping to keep nutrition at a maximum by providing only whole vegetable ingredients—no need for added vitamin or mineral mixes. Likewise, the wholefood flavors complement each other nicely. For instance, the Veggie D blend helps cut the sweetness of the Trio (from natural sugar in the vegetables), making for a milder taste. If you are already taking the Garden Trio, adding Veggie D would give it a tasty, healthful boost. Another way to increase vegetable servings would be to include Veggie D in your favorite recipes. Mixing Veggie D into favorite recipes not only adds a new taste profile but also additional healthy ingredients. Heating enhances the bio­ availability of the lycopene in Veggie D by four times, and it contains many heat-stable minerals and vitamins, including vitamin D, potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and manganese. As well, the gluten-free allpurpose flour and pizza crust mix offer a great opportunity to be creative with AIM products. If you or someone you know has trouble reaching the right amount of vegetable servings per day, give AIM’s whole-food concentrates a try, and taste what a difference AIM nutrition can make. June 2012



Intestinal parasite, pain, and ER visits a thing of the past I had problems like this for months, so I went to my doctor again. There was a nurse there, AIM Group Builder Melissa Dobney, and she gave me some advice after working hours. She couldn’t really tell me anything at the doctor’s office because they frown on the natural way; I think the natural way would put them out of business. Anyway, Melissa told me about AIM products. The first day I took AIM BarleyLife® with AIM LeafGreens® mixed in for my constant upset stomach. After taking BarleyLife and LeafGreens, I was no longer sick to my stomach.

Testimony shared by Preferred Member Cathlene Blanton from Ontario, Oregon. About a year ago, I got really sick—I mean really sick—and went to the ER three times in one week, two by ambulance. I couldn’t eat or drink for close to two weeks. I had only one bowel movement every four or five days. I started to take all kinds of stool softeners and prescription and over-the-counter

My husband and I looked over the rest of the AIM products, and now I take a lot of the other products because they are working for me. I take AIM Composure®, AIM Renewed Balance®, and, to help with digestion, AIM FloraFood®—I’ve been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. I also take AIM Herbal Release®, AIM fit ‘n fiber®, AIM ProPeas®, and AIM Just Carrots®. The list can go on and on. Melissa gave me some AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, too. Thank God! I am overweight, so the fit ‘n fiber and ProPeas replace a meal while I am out exercising. Anyway, that is my success story. It was bad before, and I couldn’t travel because I was too sick and now, because of the AIM products, I can go and see my new

“… I couldn’t travel because I was too sick and now, because of the AIM products, I can go and see my brand new grandbaby because I feel so much better. “

medications for pain and inflammation after they found a blockage of stool—or what they thought was stool—in my intestines on the left side. Turns out, it was a large parasite

grandchild because I feel so much better. Thank you, AIM. With all the devotion in the world to get healthy and get others healthy, here is to you!

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. 8 I 1-800-456-2462

2013 AIM Boise Celebration

Stampede Your Way to Success Join the recognition roundup in Boise July 18-21, 2013 Stampede your way to success with AIM, and you may find yourself heading wagons west to Boise in July 2013 for a hootin’, hollerin’ good time. The Stampede Your Way to Success Boise 2013 celebration will have a little something for everyone—exhilarating outdoor activities, behindthe-scenes tours of com­ pany headquarters, fingerlicking barbecue, and world-class rodeo. And you can have it all … for free!

The more AMRs you can get, the more you stand to earn. Cash prizes go up to $4,000. The third option is the Quick Start to Success contest where you can earn up to $1,500 for building your downline deep and wide. When you sign up five new Members with orders of 150 BVP or more, you earn $500. When you teach those five new Members to do the same, you earn $1,000. Unlike the Cash In contests, the Quick Start contest has no leaderboards or competitions. If you complete the requirements, you earn the cash.

$AVE BIG on your convention costs. Coming soon … a convention payment plan.

All AIM contest winners from now to convention will receive a free convention package, including event access, meals, and lodging. Plus, the winners will be honored at a special recognition event to close out convention. Your free convention experience is already up for grabs. Currently, there are three contests in which you can win cash prizes and a convention package. The Cash in with AMRs contests reward Members for encouraging their existing downline or new downline Mem­ bers to sign up for an Automatic Monthly Re­order (AMR).

If you have started your contest adventure and are working your way toward the prize, keep it up. Great things await. If you want to get started with the Cash in with AMRs or Quick Start to Success contests, it’s not too late. Choose your contest and sign up at the AIM website. Cash and convention prizes could be headed your way. The recognition roundup in Boise next summer will be a romping, rollicking good time. Make sure you don’t miss it. Earn your way there and leave no doubt. June 2012


Weight Loss Success

13 AIM employees were up to T

o prove that healthy weight loss the AIM way really does work, various AIM staff participated in a twelve-week weight loss challenge based on the principles in the Weight Loss Guide and the nutrition from the Weight Loss products—AIM ProPeas®, AIM fit ’n fiber®, and AIM GlucoChrom®. The result: Thirteen parti­ci­pants lost a combined 180.8 pounds, an average of nearly fourteen pounds per person. No smoke and mirrors. No crash diets. The pounds shed by the weight loss team are pounds that will stay off, thanks to the methods used and lessons learned during the challenge. “The team lost 1.16 pounds per week per individual, which is a healthy rate of weight loss,” said AIM Biologist Phillip Jermann who helped organize the weight loss challenge and who lost 80 pounds using a similar weight loss plan over the past two years. “The target was 1.5 pounds of body weight lost per week, and anywhere from 1 to 1.5 pounds is a healthy weight to lose per week in order to keep it off in the long term.”

Along the way, each person learned how to keep a fit lifestyle and where to turn for help when they needed it. AIM’s weight loss plan worked. Here’s how.

Calories in, calories out, weight off For a specific weight loss plan, the challenge team followed AIM’s Weight Loss Guide, which promotes healthy weight loss through nutrition and lifestyle and emphasizes the philosophy of “calories in, calories out.” The calorie method makes weight loss simple and straightforward: To lose weight, a person should burn more calories than he or she consumes. A key to the calorie solution is count­ ing—both the calories going out and the calories coming in. “Calories out” can be calculated by combining Basal Metabolic Rate (the calories you consume through metabolism) and exercise. “Calories in” includes your entire food and beverage intake for the day. Keeping track is made easier with food journals available at the AIM website. Those who keep food journals lose twice as much weight as those who do not.

Top 3 AIM participants Joyce lost 24 pounds

10 I 1-800-456-2462

Keith lost 22 pounds

Testimonials should

the challenge The AIM weight loss challenge Out of all the participants in AIM’s weight loss challenge, AIM Executive Assistant Joyce Janzen lost the most weight—24 pounds in 12 weeks. “I feel so much better,” Joyce said. “I have more energy, and I don’t feel like I need to eat as much food. I learned that along with dietary changes, weight loss is a lifestyle change. You have to stick with it to keep the weight off.” Joyce made smoothies with AIM ProPeas™ and AIM fit ‘n fiber for breakfast and lunch. These AIM products proved beneficial to the caloric requirements of every participant in the weight loss challenge. The LeanTeam products—ProPeas and fit ’n fiber—are filling, satisfying options that account for fewer than 150 calories combined. Additionally, Joyce snacked on healthy food items like carrot sticks, almonds, sun­ flower seeds, Greek yogurt, and granola. At dinner, she ate small portions and prepared vegetables and lean protein like turkey. Joyce exercised by climbing the three flights of stairs at the AIM building eight or

Darla lost 17 pounds

more times a day and by walking or doing aerobics thirty minutes a day—a lifestyle change that Joyce plans to maintain.

Strength in numbers One of the most important factors in the success of the weight loss challenge was teamwork. The challenge group met together once a week and exchanged e-mails in between the meetings. The group setting encouraged accountability identified by all as a key component to their successful weight loss. Together, the group talked about the pitfalls of losing weight, shared success stories, and helped brainstorm ideas on avoiding tempting foods or replacing old standbys. Exercise came into play, too. Several people went for walks together or exercised in the AIM building with Wii games. Daily exercise was encouraged, and thanks to the accountability from the group, daily exercise happened. The components of AIM’s successful weight loss challenge—calorie count­ ing, goal and motivation setting, accountability, exercising, and eating right with AIM products—are easy enough that anyone could add them to their routine. Get started by purchasing the Weight Loss products or the Weight Loss Tools. Challenge yourself, and see how much you can lose through AIM’s weight loss plan. In Canada, get the same results with the Weight Loss Pack, containing ProPeas, AIM FibreBalance®, and GlucoChrom.

not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

June 2012



Health Expo and Conferences a successful way to share the message of health


hairman’s Club Directors Charlotte and Keith Thompson have developed their extensive downline and organization through a variety of means, perhaps none as important as the meetings and expos they hold and attend.

Charlotte was asked to speak on women’s health issues at the expo’s seminar area, and the Thompsons worked the constant crowd in front of their booth. During the expo, Charlotte and Keith welcomed the assistance of their son and daughter-in-law, Directors Nathan and Joy Thompson, and Director Mary Schlabach. The Thompsons’s goal for the expo was to help Nathan, Joy, and Mary build their personal downlines. Less than a week after the event, Mary had added two new Members and four more shortly afterward, and Nathan and Joy had added thirteen. The work was not done after the expo ended, either. Calls continued to come in through March with a total of 34 phone calls as of press time.

Nathan, Joy, Charlotte, and Keith Thompson at a health expo in front of a banner advertisement.

The Thompsons’ recent event success occurred at a February health expo in Dalton, Ohio, outside their hometown of Dundee, Ohio. Less than a week after the event ended, fifteen new Members had joined AIM. The expo attracted thou­ sands of visitors, and the Thompson’s booth took advantage of the foot traffic with an attractive display from AIM and a valuable giveaway. The Thompsons handed out over 1,000 of their testimony books during the two-day event.

“We are so busy that we can't answer the phone fast enough these past days,” Charlotte said following the expo. “Yesterday I was actually asking people to phone back as we were doing miniseminars on the phone and teaching people when they phoned and wanted more information after reading our testimony books.”

Charlotte speaks at a women’s all-day conference in March.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. 12 I 1-800-456-2462

People & Places

Nutrition Revolution Olympia, Washington, March 30, 2012

In March, Director Kristine Kosturos and Preferred Member Marsha Fulton organized an AIM meeting in Olympia, Washington, that was attended by nearly 250 people, and generated 46 new AIM Memberships and upwards of $6,500.00 in product orders. The Nutrition Revo­ lution well­ness confer­ence focused on clean eating and healthy living and featured presentations from AIM Regional Meeting and Training Director Keith Duff on the topics of the AIM opportunity and the Dynamic Duo, AIM Biologist Phillip Jermann on weight loss, and Group Builder Gwen Hall on sugar in the modern diet, and testimonies from Kristine and Marsha. Kristine also served as emcee for the event. Local businesses, including an organic farm, personal trainer, and community market, donated items and ser­vices for give­ aways dur­ ing the event. ProPeas

protein balls and granola bars, and AIM BarleyLife® and BarleyLife Xtra were available as samples during the break. And the ordering table was swamped by eager attendees looking to place orders. Kristine, husband Zach, and Marsha were assisted in planning and coordin­ ating the event along with Kristine’s mother Director Kathy McCormick, Pre­ ferred Member Stefanie Hardy, Wholesale Member Nikki Filmore, Group Builder Rooney Anensen, Wholesale Member Erin Renecker, and Preferred Member Cheryl Adams.

June 2012


People & Places

AIM Canada™ Meetings

AIM naturals – a Force of Nature Edmonton, Alberta, March 16, 2012

This AIM Canada spring meeting was a success thanks to the organizational support from AIM Director Janet Breitkreutz. Presentations by Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and AIM Canada General Manager, included Weight Loss the AIM Way, Fight Inflammation, and Five Vital Health Statistics You Need to Know. Attendees were treated to testimonials from AIM Group Builder Glenda Nelson and AIM Preferred Member Shauna Andrews along with her mother and daughter, AIM Preferred Member Sharon Cinnamon and Katelyn Andrews. Five prize draws were held during this three-hour event.

Calgary, Alberta, March 30, 2012

This well-attended event was held in the Calgary distribution center, where the staff were instrumental in the success of this meeting.

Lethbridge, Alberta, March 31, 2012

While in Calgary, Janice Chan, AIM Canada Administrative Manager, and Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and AIM Canada General Manager, dropped in to Lethbridge for a small, informal meeting, planting some seeds for the future.

14 I 1-800-456-2462

News & Meetings Holiday Closures AIM Canada (Vancouver) office and the Calgary warehouse will be closed for Canada Day, July 1, 2012. AIM USA will be closed for Independence Day, July 4, 2012.

NOTICE: Teleclass Break

AIM Teleclasses are on hiatus during the summer months but will resume again in September.

Host an AIM Regional Meeting Were you inspired by Kristine Kosturos’s recent meeting in Olympia, Washington? How would you like to share AIM nutrition, opportunity, and success with those in your area? A regional meeting might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for, and AIM is here to offer support. Call 1-800-4562462 or email to see how we can assist with planning a future regional meeting in your area. Webinar Wednesdays,1:00 p.m. MT

The AIM Academy of Nutrition & Success prepares you to become certified as an AIM Living Well Coach. This educational program helps you to guide others to better health and show them how easy it is to supplement their income. To get started, log in to your Member account at the AIM website, and select “AIM Academy” from the Member Tools list in the green menu bar.

Contests currently underway The Cash in with AMRs contests and Quick Start to Success contest are underway. But it’s not too late to sign up! Visit the AIM website to choose which contest you wish to join, and start working toward one of many cash prizes and convention packages. Check out the new gluten-free combo pack AIM’s three gluten-free products are now available in a discounted three-pack. Order the allpurpose flour, the pizza crust mix, and the waffle and pancake mix for $21.00 (5925E), a savings of $2.00. Order your gluten-free 3-pack combo today by calling 1-800-456-2462 or going online to

To attend a webinar: 1. Sign up by e-mailing 2. When you receive an e-mail response, follow the directions to register for individual webinars. June 6 The art of follow-up, Yoli Huron, AIM Star Sapphire Director June 13 The dangers of energy drinks, Tami Cole, AIM Director June 20 Navigating the AIM website, Eric Ingram, AIM Web Designer June 27 Manage stress with nutrition, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, AIM Chairman’s Club Director July 4 US holiday, no webinar July 11 An inside look at AIM Veggie D™, Dr. John Shewfelt, AIM Chairman’s Club Director July 18 The four-hour a week MyAIMStore plan, Kevan Lee, AIM Senior Marketing Associate July 25 Is gluten weighing you down?, Darla Upton, AIM Chief Communications Officer To watch past webinars, go to past_webinars-index.aspx

Dr. Chen’s Healthy Weight for Life! — 3 one-hour webinars — This unique weekly nutrition program is being presented by Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D., author of Healthy Eating, Wholesome Living, biochemist, certified nutritionist, and Chairman’s Club Director. Combat Disorders & Improve Digestion (#4) When: Tuesday, June 12, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. ET. Remove Cravings & Stabilize Blood Sugar (#5) When: Tuesday, June 19, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. ET Essential Fatty Acids: Good Fats & Bad Fats (#6) When: Tuesday, June 26, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. ET Admission: $25.00 per each webinar class, ~OR~ all three webinars for $60.00 For information, contact Dr. Chen at (631) 751-4267 or Send payment to: L I Nutrition, P.O. Box 505, Stony Brook, NY 11790 To register for these special Healthy Weight for Life! webinars, e-mail or go to When you receive an e-mail response, follow the directions to register for individual (or all three) webinars. June 2012


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