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Heart to Heart I didn’t kill my sister AIM retail shopping solution

Executive Message / Contacts Dear AIM Members, Just as most families support, nurture,  and care about  each other, The AIM Companies™ corporate family strives to provide Members with support through the power of nutrition.  Just as most parents know, being a good listener is sometimes more important than being the allknowing figure who rules with a heavy hand. As AIM parents, we feel that nurturing our Members is a rewarding and lifelong experience. We seek to gain knowledge through their desires and seeing for themselves how nutrition relates to their own lives. This knowledge then becomes much more than just a  learned process; it becomes a mental tool that is used daily without extra thought or planning. Once this knowledge is in place, sharing  it becomes  automatic and

effortless—AIM Members know this from experience. Personal experiences always come  to mind easily, and  using  your experiences to help  others  is always rewarding and satisfying. As a child, I’m sure your mother told you not to touch a hot stove because she cared enough to not see you in pain. Your AIM family feels the same care; we don’t want to see anyone hurt or in pain, especially when there are AIM products that could help them. “Care enough to share” might sound a little clichéd,  but it is the foundational philosophy of The AIM Companies. We will continue to promote the way to better health and improved wealth with Nutrition That Works for many decades to come.  In partnership for life,

Greg Wright AIM Chief Operating Officer


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4 Heart to Heart 6 Miracles do happen … the Nick King story

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10 Reunite with your AIM family— 2011 Convention in Seattle



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The mission of The AIM Companies™ is to improve the quality and productivity of people’s lives by promoting the Healthy Cell Concept™ and the highest principles of free enterprise. The purpose of AIM Living Well is to communicate vital information to our Members and to build a strong relationship with them through education, motivation, and recognition. AIM products cannot be sold and advertised as cures and treatments for any disease. Our products are intended to improve the nutritional profile of the individuals who use them. Federal regulations in many countries prohibit making any claims that products are used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, and prevention of disease. AIM Living Well is written in compliance with U.S. requirements, which may not be suitable for marketing AIM products outside of the United States. We ask that you be aware of and respect the requirements of your country in marketing AIM products. Articles are for information only. Consult a health care practitioner for advice. ©2011 AIM International Inc. AIM Members are hereby granted permission to reproduce any article that appears in Living Well, provided the article is reprinted in its entirety and the reprint bears the following notice: “Reprinted with permission of AIM International Inc., Nampa, Idaho.” Printed in the USA. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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February 2011

ture Main Fea

do happen


out of pherally see peri chose eye and his right a school in , to to attend Colorado with Denver, to live learn how n. Lois sent® visio nol impaired to tell him Proancy “I forgot t woke Lois him AIM results were ugh That tho morning 2000. The the on y te. son Nick King earl immedia time I got 1995. Her “The first on in my of July 12, left for work. epti , ady had alre construction site light perc Proancynol,” in the At the taking the walking is after left eye Nick was n he fell twentytinued. . Nick said good results con concrete rafters whe doctor said onto a And the the eye floor feet five feet do. Well, ary 2000, hit the he could Now, I “In Janu act that floor. He d. e’s nothing such imp that ther my sight improve , and my first with d back into the , eye nce since then f out of my left wooden he bou through stuf ” er. hed see the can med ing bett air, cras regained keeps gett es, and slam inst the Nick also ething just , eye sawhors help t aga n his head usly, righ addition to visio his left hand, som back of In in t. l. Miraculo al strength the acciden is living the hospita his spin concrete. feeling and n without since Nick rushed to bones or injure He was accident, he, Kansas, n trauma. k any had bee feared brai and was he not brea rs after the in Olat as Nick did fall, but doctors hed Fifteen yea at his house serving cras e and dently aurant, cord in the nty-four hours, Nick rosurgery. Thre bilities indepen neu a local rest ons with Disa for up. e Within twe emergency Pers king the yet to wak no sign wor into chair of rushed Nick had the vice e was r surgery, that ther d,” Lois said. Board. days afte said. Advisory eon said n dea cle,” Lois brai Lois ” mira lly a “The surg ns. ’s “He was tota ate his orga benefits of life. Nick papers to don and her family sat s has its has lost seventy-two d e us Weight los Nick AIM. hope. She “He gav he remaine last year, diet, and to give up six weeks while ed the Within the ks to exercise, refused for the weight l, Nick earn than bedside ducts and medicines I pounds the hospita t die.” at Nick’s AIM pro ldn’ a. Around “With the to get off all five es included who wou in a com dead, Nick able e “the boy was given up for , medicin was I and , e, nam . loss gon nick said His sure, cholesterol after he ng,” Nick vision was of motor Six weeks was taki blood pres ic coma. His for bas s his t tion a mos prescrip . It was awoke from out even the d sugar.” still in tact with ory was and bloo he was uld not be . his mem nials sho skills. But him to even be alive nic diarrhea. Lois Testimo as had chro Teresa miracle for construed home, Nick Club Director Herbal ting Once at represen Chairman’s across AIM taking consulted er after coming ted results tely star dy can Schumach® . Nick immedia everybo King nd diarrhea g and Nick Fiberble rblend. achieve. Lois Kin s later, the Director Herbal Fibe ks and two day AIM could “Three wee said. vision. Nick ,” Nick stopped t hurdle was his The nex

story ck King …the Ni .” not to fall



¤ 4

6-2462 I 1-800-45 imcompa 6 thea


February 2011


Main Feature

¤¤ Heart I




to Heart

f your body is a car, then your heart is the engine. So what can you do to keep your engine running optimally for a long lifetime? The answer includes getting enough exercise, sufficient sleep, and proper nutrition. All three are essential for maintaining the health of your heart and preventing illness.

The Black Heart of Chronic Inflammation

One of the key factors in the onset of diseases, including those that are heart-related, is chronic inflammation. Inflammation can result from any number of factors, for example, a lack of physical activity, excessive stress in your life, and toxic environments. Another major factor is poor nutrition. Your diet can provide all the nutrients you need to keep your heart healthy, or it can weaken it with pro-inflammatory foods and drinks, such as fatty meats, bread (made with refined flour), processed snacks (source of trans-fat, preservatives, sugar, etc.), alcohol, most juices, and pop (high sugar content). Sugar is a primary source of in­ flammation. Be careful about the amount that ends up in your blood­stream because your heart con­ tinuously pumps blood throughout your body. Blood cells that

are a constant source of inflammation—high blood sugar levels (glucose)—can damage your heart valves, contribute to atherosclerosis (risk of heart attack), and form blood clots (risk of stroke). These are just a few examples among many health issues related to inflammation. The heart of the matter is that you can reduce inflammation with the daily essentials—greens, essential fatty acids, and fiber—and maintain your engine with natural health products.


Heart of Greens

Make sure you are getting enough greens by eating fresh vegetables and supplementing your diet with nutrientloaded AIM BarleyLife® or AIM LeafGreens™. Taking either product (or both at separate times during the day) has a natural anti-inflammatory effect on your body and helps to keep your pH levels alkaline. A great addition to promoting heart health is AIM ProPeas™, an all natural vegetable source of protein from non-GMO field peas. Protein keeps body tissues healthy by building, maintaining, and repairing the tissues that compose our muscles, organs, and

CellSparc 360, exercise, and unprocessed salt make a difference “A few years ago, I began using AIM CellSparc 360® after my cardiologist increased the dosage of my high blood pressure medication. Now I don’t have heart palpitations, and I don’t take blood pressure drugs anymore. Along with exercising and using unprocessed salt, I know CellSparc 360 really made a difference.” Alpha Rivera, AIM Director, San Juan, Puerto Rico Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. 4 I 1-800-456-2462


immune system. Un­­like animal pro­tein, vegetable protein pro­­motes a healthy pH balance. Since most of us do not get enough protein in our diets, ProPeas is a natural healthy choice.



Natural Heart Health Products

Further support for your heart is found in the AIM Heart Health Starter Packs, which are less expensive than purchasing the products individually. CAN: AIM CellSparc 360®, AIMega®, AIM FibreBalance®, AIM Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract™ US: AIM CellSparc 360®, AIMega®, AIM fit ’n fiber®, AIM CellStar®

CellSparc 360 for Coenzyme Q10 Of all the nutrients that your heart requires, coenzyme Q10 tops the list. This antioxidant nutrient provides the spark that ignites your energy molecules to life. Your heart requires more energy than any other organ in your body. CellSparc 360 provides a daily supply of coenzyme Q10, especially for the cells of your heart muscles.

AIMega for Omega-3 and -6 Essential Fatty Acids AIMega provides daily amounts of omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) for the structure and function of every cell in your heart and body. EFAs must come from your diet on a daily basis because they cannot be produced by your body. EFAs help your heart by improving blood circulation, regulating blood pressure, preventing blood clots, reducing inflammation, and lowering triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels.

FibreBalance or fit ’n fiber for Fiber Your body needs the daily recommended 26– 35 g of fiber as well. The heart-health benefits of

a fiber-rich diet include a lower risk of coronary heart disease, reduced blood pressure, lower serum cholesterol con­centrations, and bet­­ter control of blood sugar levels (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1994).

Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract and CellStar Pomagrape Juice for Antioxidants With Aged Garlic Extract you get all of the health benefits of fresh, organic garlic without its disagreeable side effects. The results of a study published in the Journal of Nutrition (2006) provide compelling evidence that Aged Garlic Extract not only helps to prevent heart disease, it also lowers the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. CellStar juice belongs in the category of superjuices. Its Pomagrape blend pro­ vides antioxidant-rich ingre­dients, including pomegranate and grape seed extract, which provide heart-health benefits by protecting cells against oxidation. When it comes to maintaining the health of your body’s engine with heart-healthy supplements, AIM provides only the best available. For more information on the AIM products in this article, download datasheets from the individual product pages or Member Tools Downloads area at February 2011


Main Feature

do happen


…the Nick King story “I forgot to tell him not to fall.” That thought woke Lois King early on the morning of July 12, 1995. Her son Nick had already left for work. At the construction site, Nick was walking in the rafters when he fell twentyfive feet onto a concrete floor. He hit the floor feet first with such impact that he bounced back into the air, crashed through wooden sawhorses, and slammed the back of his head against the concrete. He was rushed to the hospital. Miraculously, Nick did not break any bones or injure his spinal cord in the fall, but doctors feared brain trauma. Within twenty-four hours, Nick crashed and was rushed into emergency neurosurgery. Three days after surgery, Nick had yet to wake up. “The surgeon said that there was no sign of life. Nick was totally brain dead,” Lois said. “He gave us papers to donate his organs.” Lois refused to give up hope. She and her family sat at Nick’s bedside for six weeks while he remained in a coma. Around the hospital, Nick earned the nickname “the boy who wouldn’t die.” Six weeks after he was given up for dead, Nick awoke from his coma. His vision was gone, and he was without even the most basic of motor skills. But his memory was still in tact. It was a miracle for him to even be alive. Once at home, Nick had chronic diarrhea. Lois consulted Chairman’s Club Director Teresa Schumacher after coming across AIM Herbal Fiberblend®. Nick immediately started taking Herbal Fiberblend. “Three weeks and two days later, the diarrhea stopped,” Nick said. The next hurdle was his vision. Nick could 6 I 1-800-456-2462

see peripherally out of his right eye and chose to attend a school in Denver, Colorado, to learn how to live with impaired vision. Lois sent him AIM Proancynol® 2000. The results were immediate. “The first time I got light perception in my left eye is after taking the Proancynol,” Nick said. And the good results continued. “In January 2000, the eye doctor said that there’s nothing he could do. Well, since then, my sight improved. Now, I can see stuff out of my left eye, and my right eye just keeps getting better.” In addition to vision help, Nick also regained feeling and strength in his left hand, something he had been without since the accident. Fifteen years after the accident, Nick is living independently at his house in Olathe, Kansas, working for a local restaurant, and serving as the vice chair of the Persons with Disabilities Advisory Board. “He’s a miracle,” Lois said.

Weight loss has its benefits Within the last year, Nick has lost seventy-two pounds thanks to exercise, diet, and AIM. “With the AIM products and the weight loss, I was able to get off all five medicines I was taking,” Nick said. His medicines included prescriptions for blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.” Testimonials should not be con­strued as representing results everybody can achieve. AIM Director Lois King and Nick King


From chronic illness to

Renewed health

by Katelyn Andrews, Alberta t Shared Ever since I can remember, I have been sick

as a result of infections. By the time I was three years old, I was already hospitalized twice with life-threatening illnesses. Going to school was a challenge as I seemed to miss more school than I attended. I spent more days lying in bed with a fever than enjoying life in school or being with family and friends. I even did home schooling for a while because I was always sick with severe colds, the flu, or sinusitis. My doctor put me on high dosages of antibiotics for months at a time in the hopes that the viruses in my system would be killed off. Nothing helped, and I began to accept that this was going to be my way of life. The last battery of tests and x-rays revealed that my sinus cavity was so congested that my doctor was ready to admit me to the hospital if my fever went any higher. Sinus surgery was tentatively scheduled. My brother’s piano teacher, AIM Director Janet Breitkreutz, heard how sick I was, so she shared AIM products with us and invited my mom and me to an AIM meeting, where the guest speaker was Rose Bird, chartered herbalist and general manager of AIM Canada. After watching

some videos and listening to testimonials, I was eager to start using the products. Since September 2010, I have been faithfully taking AIM BarleyLife®, AIMega®, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, and AIM Proancynol® 2000. I have noticed miraculous results. After only a few days, I had more energy and began to feel healthier. Within a couple of weeks, my sinuses completely cleared. I have never been able to breathe with clear sinuses before. I am no longer on any antibiotics and do not require the nasal surgery I was dreading. Since taking AIM products, I feel so much happier than I have ever been. I can spend time with the people I care about and enjoy their company without the nagging illnesses that previously overshadowed my life. Thanks, AIM, for giving me a happy, healthy future. Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.


AIM Director Janet Breitkreutz in Sherwood Park, Alberta, sent us this wonderful testimonial about using AIM products.

February 2011



Share your AIM success stories When AIM Members get together, you can expect some great stories to be shared. Such was the case at AIM’s annual training event, AIMing Higher, in October. The following testimonies were given:

From Royal Emerald Director Richard Ekstrom from Hayden, Idaho: I’ve been around the AIM family for a long time. I even remember being on the ranch of Chairman’s Club Director Jim Kling when I was twelve years old. I really wanted to touch on the point of how much this company has really blessed me and how much it is changing my life on a personal level. First off, I lost forty pounds after the 1990 convention by starting with AIM Herbal Fiberblend® and the barley. AIM is a family, and I am so thankful for the ways they’ve touched my life and my family and for the things I’m about to do because of the company. I’m the nephew of Daniel Erceg. He passed away last year, and he left his AIM membership as a legacy. He inspired me to help other people. I’m also so inspired by J.R. Celski’s story. I’m involved with a camp, where I had the opportunity to make a speech and use some of the examples of how AIM products positively affect people’s lives—the products go hand in hand with this ministry. I want to thank everybody at AIM for their contribution in making the world a great place, and I’m so proud to be part of AIM and the Celski’s legacy. I’m looking forward to growing.

From Group Builder Patricia Hamilton from Freeport, Grand Bahamas: My brother-in-law was diag­ nosed with prostate cancer back in May 2010, so I put him on the AIM Garden Trio®, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, and AIM ReAssure® SP. After he began taking these AIM products, his PSA levels went from ten (high risk) to two (normal).

Testimonials Submit your product or business testimonials, and you may receive a Super Sampler Pack (US) or MultiSampler Pack (CAN). E-mail your testimonials along with your digital photo (if you have one) to partners@ or fax to 1-800-766-5133.

Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve. 8 I 1-800-456-2462

People & Places

Ohio AIM Conference Wilmot, Ohio — October 29-30, 2010 AIM Chairman’s Club Director Dr. John Shewfelt recalled seven years ago when he attended his first Ohio BarleyLife conference—there were forty people gathered for a one-day meeting. This year, his seventh consecutive appearance as a guest speaker, there were 450 in attendance over the two-day conference. Sponsored by Blue Diamond Directors Keith and Charlotte Thompson, the 2010 Ohio AIM conference featured two presentations by Dr. Shewfelt—one on the dangers of sugar and the other on colon health. Royal Emerald Director Gerald Phillips also had two presentations—one on juicing and the AIM Garden Trio® and another on male and female hormone health. Other presenters included Royal Emerald Director Ralph Peterson on spreading the AIM message, AIM call center representative Judy Clover on sharing hope with others, and former AIM vice president Rick Coffman on the merits of network marketing and the entrepreneurial spirit. The conference was held in Wilmot, Ohio, in the heart of a four-county area commonly known as Amish Country.

February 2011


AIM Convention

Reunite with your AIM family

2011 Convention in Seattle Now is the time to register for the 2011 AIM Convention in Seattle. With the Catch the Energy, Release Your Potential! contest now concluded, you can start making plans to redeem your prize and attend the 2011 AIM Convention. This year’s event is June 15–19, and space is limited. So if you’re planning to attend, register soon. Your trip to Seattle can be as exciting and fun or as relaxed and laid-back as you want it to be. Seattle offers a wide variety of attractions with something for everyone!


ant to save some money? Register by March 31, 2011, and save $50.00 off the price of a full convention package! The registration deadline is Saturday, April 30. You can fill out the registration form online at or find the form in product orders and mail it back. Make sure to register soon. We hope to see you in Seattle!

2011 Convention Package Option s

US / CDN Full convention package . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $750 (travel not included) Includes the following: • 4 nights lodging based on double-ro om occupanc y • Welcome Dinner (Wednesday) • Admission to Thursday and Friday general session • 4 breakfasts (Thursday through Sund ay) • Lunches (Thursday and Friday) • Gala Dinner (Saturday) Hotel/Sessions only (per person/dou ble room) . . . . $500 Includes the following: • 4 nights lodging based on double-ro om occupanc y • Admission to Thursday and Friday general session Single-room upgrade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $370 Events package . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250 Includes the following: • Welcome Dinner (Wednesday) • 4 breakfasts (Thursday through Sund ay) • Lunches (Thursday and Friday) • Gala Dinner (Saturday)

10 I 1-800-456-2462


New retail shopping to benefit

Members and customers Retail shopping is coming to the AIM website. Beginning in March, retail customers can place online orders for AIM products through distributors. These new orders require no sign up or registration, and retail pricing will be in place for all products purchased. For those who want to get in, get out, and get their AIM products, the new ordering process is ideal. The new shopping experience is even better for AIM Members. Each retail order will be tied to a current Member account, allowing that Member to receive points and cash credit for the order. All points from a retail purchase will be credited to the Member’s Personal Volume. The price difference between retail and wholesale will be given as a rebate to the Member in their commission earnings. How does AIM choose which Member gets which order? The retail shopper will have the option of shopping with a Member she knows or finding a Member in her area. Based on location information, AIM will return a randomly-ordered list of local Members among whom the retail shopper can choose. To get your name on the retail shopping list, all you have to do is sign up for a FREE MyAIMStore website. Every Member with a MyAIMStore is automatically entered into the database. MyAIMStore Members stand to gain from these changes, too, as the shopping experience for website visitors will be more streamlined. Now, when MyAIMStore visitors choose to “Shop Products,” they will have the choice of shopping retail or wholesale—options that most other e-commerce websites currently offer. Coinciding with the launch of the retail shopping changes, AIM will no longer offer

Express Customer memberships. Express Customers paid retail prices on products, and this type of consumer can now be accommodated with the retail shopping program. Current Express Customers will be converted to Wholesale Members. Look for these changes on AIM’s website on March 1. If you have any questions, please contact the AIM Call Center for details.

Benefits and features: l Retail ordering through Member websites and AIM’s corporate website l Ideal for new customers who do not wish to sign up as Members l Retail shoppers connected with AIM Members via search or location l Members receive Personal Volume Points for retail purchases l Members receive 100 percent cash credit for difference between retail and wholesale price l Members can market their MyAIMStore websites as fully-featured e-commerce stores

How to get a MyAIMStore website:

Log in to your AIM account at www. Click on the MyAIMStore link in the green bar at the top of your Member home page. Follow the instructions, and you’re in! February 2011



I didn’t KILL my sister! she tried calling again, but Anne never picked up the phone. Moneca thought to herself, “Did I kill her with BarleyLife?” Moneca called her other sister Emily in Edmonton and asked her to find out if Anne was all right. It turns out that she was doing better than all right. When Anne finally called her back, Moneca asked, “Where have you been?” Moneca Tanner (above) and Anne Choney (right).


n September 27, 2010, AIM Member Moneca Tanner of Surrey, British Columbia, decided to do something nice for her eighty-four-year-old sister, Anne Choney, who lives over 500 miles away from her in Edmonton, Alberta. Anne had been feeling very tired for some time, so she was not able to do much physical activity. “Do you think AIM BarleyLife® will give my sister some energy?” asked a concerned Moneca after connecting with AIM Canada’s Vancouver office. Explaining that many people who take it experience increased energy, the AIM employee added, “It probably won’t hurt her.” Moneca ordered two canisters of BarleyLife and one BarleyLife Xtra to be drop-shipped to her sister’s address. “Anne had kittens when she saw the cost of the three products,” said Moneca with a chuckle, “but she started taking two teaspoons a day in the morning.” A few days later, Moneca called Anne to find out how she was doing, but her sister didn’t answer the telephone. For the next few days, 12 I 1-800-456-2462

“I go here, I go there. I just feel so good!” replied Anne, sounding like a twenty-year-old. Moneca’s act of kindness— sending her BarleyLife—has given Anne a new lease on life. Testimonials should not be construed as representing results everybody can achieve.

People & Places

California Chinese Natural Food Lovers’ Reunion Covina, California – November 6, 2010

g Home meetin

AIM Chairman’s Club Directors Jackson and Juliet Ger hosted the first California Chinese Natural Food Lovers’ Reunion—a Southern California mini-convention held November 6 in Covina, California. The forty attendees were introduced to the AIM Living Well™ philosophy, and they learned about AIM products. The event generated a home meeting the following week, plus two individual coaching sessions. The Gers greatly appreciated the support of their Fourth-generation upline Mary Lee, and they see a great opportunity for AIM to flourish in the Chinese community.

Indiana Conference Shipshewana, Indiana – November 6, 2010 Approximately 150 people attended the first Indiana Conference in Shipshewana on November 6. It was exciting to hear the testimonies of how the AIM products have helped people in the community! AIM Blue Diamond Director Charlotte Thompson was the emcee for the event. AIM Star Sapphire Director Karen Miller from Dundee, Ohio, shared her story of how the AIM products have helped her and how she came to meet Polly and David Miller (now AIM Directors) from Topeka, Ohio, through an advertisement Karen ran in The Connection, an Amish publication. Dr. John Shewfelt, chiropractor and AIM Chairman’s Club Director, spoke on essential nutritionals, the importance of diet, and how the AIM products can be beneficial for boosting the immune system and promoting health and wellness. AIM’s representative, Judy Clover, delivered a word of appreciation from AIM’ Chief Operating Officer Greg Wright, and gave a message of hope and the benefits of sharing your story. AIM Blue Diamond Directors Keith and Charlotte Thompson from Dundee, Ohio, shared, “We are just so excited to have had the privilege of attending the first Indiana AIM Conference that was planned by our downline, Star Sapphire Directors Matt and Karen Miller, and our Indiana AIM partners.” February 2011


Product Specials

It’s Heart Health Month, and AIM wants to make it

even healthier

¤ Februar Specialsy

Purchase one AIM CellSparc 360 and one AIMega® at the regular prices, and you can purchase one AIM ProPeas™ for ONLY $25.00.


To order this special, use code CELAIM0211. Give your heart the health benefits from the coenzyme Q10 in CellSparc 360, the omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids in AIMega, and the vegetable source of protein in ProPeas. (No BVP on ProPeas)


Call 1-800-456-2462, Option 1, to register

March Product Teleclasses

Daily Essentials – Build a stronger you Tuesday, March 29 • 10:00 a.m. MT • One-hour class / 883.031 Keep your liver healthy with AIM products Wednesday, March 2 • 5:00 p.m. MT • One-hour class / 833.031 Hosted by Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist/ AIM Canada General Manager Hosted by Ryan Davis, AIM Quality Assurance/Biologist My first “AIM” Kit Thursday, March 3 • 10:00 a.m. MT • One-hour class / 789.031 Hosted by AIM Royal Emerald Director Linda Cole Frame Essentials® – Support your bone and joint health Thursday, March 10 • 5:00 p.m. MT • One-hour class / 543.031 Hosted by Phillip Jermann, AIM Quality Assurance/Biologist It’s not the luck of the green – it’s the power of BarleyLife® Tuesday, March 15 • 5:00 p.m. MT • One-hour class / 654.031 Hosted by Keith Duff, AIM Product Information Specialist 14 I 1-800-456-2462

March Business Teleclasses Retail shopping is coming to the AIM website Tuesday, March 8 • 1:00 p.m. MT • One-hour class / 961.031 Hosted by Eric Henscheid, AIM Information Services Manager Boost your AIM business with Facebook Tuesday, March 22 • 10:00 a.m. MT One-hour class / 628.031 Hosted by Mitch Coffman, AIM Social Media Director Learn to develop, write, and begin sharing your AIM story Thursday, March 24 • 3:00 p.m. MT • One-hour class / 981.031 Hosted by Judy Clover, AIM Customer Service Specialist

News & Meetings New Starter Pack now available in the US The NEW Xtra Body Booster Starter Pack (5673E) includes AIM BarleyLife® Xtra, AIM Just Carrots®, AIM RediBeets®, and natural raspberry AIM Herbal Fiberblend®. This new Starter Pack sells for $117.00 (100 BVP). By ordering a Starter Pack in their first product order, new AIM Members also receive the AIM product snapshots DVD, FREE annual membership, and FREE shipping (first order only).

Save on Full Convention Packages When you register by March 31, you SAVE $50.00 on a full convention package to AIM’s 2011 Convention in Seattle, Washington. If you’ve set your sights on Seattle, don’t miss out on the added savings. Register early because only early birds get the discount! Holiday Closures The Calgary warehouse will be closed February 21 for Family Day.


The Second Southern California Chinese New Year Reunion Date: February 5, 2011, 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. Location: Clarion Hotel, 3223 E. Garvey Avenue North, West Covina, CA Hosts: Jackson and Juliet Ger, (760) 773-1948 A Healthy Heart through your Digestive System Date: February 9, 2011, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Location: AIM Companies Headquarters, Nampa, Idaho Contact: The AIM Companies, (208) 465-5116 19th Annual Texas BarleyLife Convention Date: March 10-13, 2011 Location: Wingate Inn and Williamson Conference Center, North Austin (Round Rock), TX Hosts: Gary and Robin Blakeney, (210) 566-4379 2011 AIM Australia and New Zealand Convention Date: April 28-May 1, 2011 Location: Brassey Hotel, Canberra, Australia Host: Melinda Lewis, 61-3-9874-8311

Make Your Life Easier with Direct Deposit The benefits: Convenience • Security • Think Green l Immediate access to the money in your account (your check won’t get lost in the mail) l No standing in line at the bank l No paper check is sent, you saved the life of a tree To request a direct deposit form, contact AIM Customer Service at 1-800-456-2462 or go online to

FREE Super or Multi Sampler Pack We love receiving your product and business testimonials! If they are published, you receive a US Super Sampler Pack or CAN Multi Sampler Pack. Email your testimonials (and high-resolution photographs, if available) to or mail them to: Editor, Living Well for AIM Members, 3923 E. Flamingo Ave., Nampa, ID 83687-3100. Photographs sent by mail will be returned by request only.

Facebook AIM BarleyLife® Mustache Contest – Results Join in the fun by entering a BarleyLife mustache photo contest on Facebook. Photos may be submitted February 14-28. Voting will take place from March 1-7. Check out AIM’s BarleyLife Mustache Contest entries and winner March 8-9 on Facebook at http://

March Teleclasses Watch for the full detailed March teleclass schedule in your February product orders or go online to see the upcoming classes you may wish to join. And remember, you have two options for listening to recordings of past teleclasses: 1) By Telephone: Call 1-866-548-3246. Follow the prompts to select the teleclass of your choice. 2) Online ( Log in. Under Events, click Teleclasses, and then click Past teleclasses (audio).

Living Well Magazine Subscriptions

If you do not place a monthly order and you want to receive a Living Well magazine every month, purchase a yearly subscription (2914E) for only $12.00. The magazines will be mailed to your residence prior to the first of each month. Any orders that you place will include a free issue of the current Living Well magazine. February 2011


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