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• Back to school with The AIM Academy • Nemo back to normal after licking BarleyLife from his paws • My life changed forever with the AIM products • Knee pain could be directly linked to your body weight • Waffle & pancake mix joins the AIM gluten-free lineup • Herbal Fiberblend was the only fiber source this Crohn’s patient could tolerate • AIMega and BarleyLife improved Deborah’s skin from head to toe • Does this make me look fat? • An ode to AIM Peak Endurance­® • Severe case of poison oak quickly clears up with BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend • Drastic lifestyle choices made following gall bladder attack • Sample Packs: an easy way to share the AIM products • Q&As on the current Cash in with AMRs and Quick Start to Success contests • Veggie D Garden Trio power drink recipe





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The eight cash prize winners in these contests, will also win a full convention package for two (not including travel) to AIM’s 2013 Recognition Roundup in Boise.


On the second Tuesday of every month The AIM Companies™ will host a ‘new Member’ training webinar at 6:30 p.m. MT. This informative webinar by AIM Regional Meeting and Training Director Keith Duff will help your new Members get started. Sign up by emailing, place New Member Training Webinar in the subject line.


New Member Training Webinars

HEALTH HEADLINES Vol. 1, Quarterly Edition 3 • June 2012

Back to school with The AIM Academy where everyone benefits your own pace. We recommend that Whether you have been an AIM Memyou not try to rush through it. Give ber since 1982 or just joined the AIM yourself the time needed to absorb as family today, the AIM Academy is for much knowledge as you can. This apyou. The Academy is designed to give proach can be of benefit to you when you the knowledge that you need to evaluating a person’s particular health comfortably share the AIM message needs, sharing the AIM products, and of good health and to build and maineventually bringing them into your tain a viable home-based business. Edcircle of life. ucation is important “I am not afraid of storms, Upon completion because it equips you for I am learning to of the coursework with all that is needed sail my ship.” provided by both to make your dreams come true. —Aeschylus schools, you will be certified as an AIM The AIM AcadLiving Well Coach. However, the AIM emy is made up of the School of NutriAcademy will never be complete, as tion and the School of Success. additional coursework will be added The coursework in each school is on a regular basis. Those who have designed to be informative and enbeen previously certified will be contertaining and should be completed at

Nemo back to normal after licking AIM BarleyLife from his paws Shared by Royal Emerald Director Ananda Russ from South Africa, who uses BarleyLife on her five dogs and had a hand in finding a solution for Nemo Nemo is my friend’s three-year-old dog. He developed painful paws, and the veterinarian diagnosed it as cancer of the nerve-endings in his paws. After spending big bucks at the vet, my friend did not know what to do for the dog. I suggested making a paste of AIM BarleyLife® and water, put it onto his paws, and allow him to lick it off. Within a couple of days, they noticed how much better he was. He is now back to normal for a young dog, loves running, and absolutely loves his BarleyLife. The paste was made with a teaspoon of BarleyLife and a couple of drops of water.

tacted about the additions as part of a continuing education program. We hope that every AIM Member will go through the AIM Academy and e-mail us with thoughts on the ex-

isting coursework and suggestions for what they would like to see in the future. Contact Skip Taylor at staylor@ We hope you enjoy the AIM Academy.

My life changed forever with the AIM products Testimony shared by AIM Preferred Member Marsha Fulton from Olympia, Washington A year and a half ago, I had the fortune of meeting Kristine Kosturos, a nutritionist and AIM Director. Since that day, my life has forever been changed for the better! Initially I started taking AIM BarleyLife® and AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, and as my success with these products blossomed, I ventured into trying other products. My first  introduction to AIM Peak Endurance® was through AIM Canada General Manager Rose Bird at an AIM meeting in Federal Way, Washington. I left that meeting knowing that Peak Endurance needed to be in my daily regimen of supplements. As the mother of two small children and the manager of a sleep center, I know a thing or two about stress and sleep deprivation. Peak Endurance has provided me with the energy I need to start my day at 4:30 in the morning without the chronic use of caffeine to keep me awake. I also get the added benefit of reducing stress, repairing my cells, and slowing the aging process. What woman wouldn’t want that? Now that I know how wonderful of a product Peak Endurance is  and what an impact it has made on my ability to de-stress and maintain a constant level of energy, I recommend it to people with obstructive sleep apnea or narcolepsy who have had little success with treating excessive daytime sleepiness with medications and other measures. The verdict is in: Peak Endurance works and works so well on many levels. I love it, and my patients love it, too! Testimonials should not be con­strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.

Ananda Russ with two of her five dogs

Testimonials should not be con­strued as representing results every­body can achieve.


vailable soon, an AIM for Pets Product Pet Usage data­­sheet that may be viewed online or purchased as a 25-pack (5946E) or a 100-pack (5947E). Everyone wants to keep their pets in good health, so order your AIM Product Pet Usage datasheets today at www.theaimcompanies. com, or by calling 1-800-456-2462. Let’s keep the whole family healthy, the furry ones as well. ucts AIM prod

Knee pain could be directly linked to your body weight Of the many health risks of being overweight, one you might not consider too closely is your mobility. Many knee problems can be avoided and overall joint health can be improved by maintaining a healthy weight. Carrying extra weight on your body’s frame relates directly to knee pain. A review published in the journal Obesity found that those in the obese weight range (body mass index of 30 or above) are susceptible to pain, limited

activity, and an increased risk of needing a total knee replacement. Similar studies support these claims. When you consider that each step you take puts one to one-and-a-half times your body weight on each knee, it is easy to see how extra weight can wear down your joints. The weight burden increases when going up and down stairs and squatting. There are many health and lifestyle reasons to watch your weight, and knee pain is certainly one of them. Consider trying AIM’s Weight Loss Products (5856E) if a healthy weight is your goal.

as well cts works AIM produ -food concenfound in nutrition with whole in products uch of the does on humans, on it ural nutriti daily diet, on pets as both. The all-nat dog or cat’s of areas. iting part of a ® can be a variety trates benef enced in BarleyLife products like AIM can be experi pet-friendly e results e barcommon t-dens and positiv most nutrien the utrients, is one of powder of BarleyLife concentrated juice chlorophyll, phyton ment to a ls, its ns, minera because of ideal supple The vitami Life make it an ley grass. es in Barley ll health flammatory and enzym daily nutrition needs. pet’s overa in anti-in and overves your benefits dog or cat’s suppor t,  Impro may see mation e system and cats teracts inflam rance and skin health Both dogs idant ability, immun 1  Coun ⁄2 activity, antiox . ves coat appea mends using or  Impro food y joints s, AIM recom all good health 50 pound mixed into the dog’s and up, ains health s less than  Maint a day ly bacteria For dogs Life once dogs 50 pound immune ces friend of Barley food. For per day. activity and  Balan teaspoon of the dog’s idant two times top on of on 1 antiox es 1 teaspoon sprinkled increases to ⁄2 teaspo 1  Provid ⁄8 or ⁄4 rt g of the servin mends using system suppo with a pair AIM recom daily. capsules omega-3 For cats, once a, open the of essential with food food. oil blend improved ister the AIMeg BarleyLife see oil onto the To admin organic seed dogs and cats with cats can , they ® and its squeeze the dogs and gluAdditionally help both AIMega that both scissors and combines lacids may constipation relief. and nails, as well ® , which also an area and and -6 fatty health is Essentials their skin a natural anti) with methy y hairballs, Joint for ts Frame hloride fewer benefi AIM a is coat, hydroc te health ence health system as AIMeg benefits from ex (sulfate and t to promo ar may experi llia extrac compl cardiovascul cosamine hane (MSM) boswe every 20 for as their e e . one capsul a 60-pound sulfonyl-met one capsul inflammatory For mends using recommends increase joints. AIM recom capsules), twice daily. For cats, AIM pounds, AIM the serving may For dogs, daily. to 4 food, under 40 es, twice weight (up s and above, is best taken with For dogs three capsul per day. pounds of dogs dogs 40 pound Essentials would mean risk if small best daily. For capsules dog, this es daily. Framemay be a choking one to two ces, it is to two capsul recommends that there In these instanof the capsule and note capsules. ts are fed whole sprinkle the conten to onto the food. AIM recom For cats, daily, e capsul onto mends one sprinkled opened and


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Waffle & pancake mix joins the AIM gluten-free lineup

Pizza crust mix, 16 oz. 5844E, $7.00, 5 BVP

All-purpose flour, 1.5 lbs. 5850E, $9.00, 7 BVP Waffle & pancake mix, 1.31 lbs. 5841E, $7.00, 5 BVP

… a possible solution to gluten intolerance For those who suffer from Celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, the only solution is a gluten-free diet. Nearly one in every 150 Americans is affected by gluten intolerance, and symptoms can be intermittent, varying in severity, and in some cases, non-existent. The long-term danger of gluten is an increased risk in damage to the small intestine, which can lead to malabsorption. In the meantime, those with gluten intolerance may experience a range of symptoms including gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and bloating. Each person with Celiac disease experiences it differently, and the variety

of symptoms and the unpredictable nature of the disease can make it difficult to diagnose. Removing gluten from your diet can provide benefits whether or not you are gluten intolerant. AIM offers a family of gluten-free products, including all-purpose flour, pizza crust mix, and waffle and pancake mix. Considering the diligence required of gluten-free eaters to check labels, having options like AIM’s gluten-free trio of products can be a relief. Order your AIM gluten-free product today, and experience how a gluten-free diet can improve your health.

AIMega and BarleyLife improved Deborah’s skin from head to toe

Shared by Member Deborah Ironstand, Guelph, Ontario, Canada I have found AIMega® to be beneficial to take alongside AIM BarleyLife®. I believe AIMega is a healer for any type of  membrane inflammation, and I’ve noticed a healthier feel to the inside of my mouth since taking AIMega. I also noticed overall improvement in my skin from head to toes. I’ve been taking three capsules of AIMega two times a day with

my meals starting with breakfast. AIMega has been an aid to any little change I would notice happening in my body whether it is inflammation of membrane, brittle nails, or skin irritations from an allergic reaction. I strongly believe in taking both BarleyLife and AIMega because of the healing results I’ve had from them, inside and out. Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.

An Ode to AIM Peak Endurance Shared by AIM Director Betty Ann Henrichson from San Antonio, Texas My mother, Rosella Parker, is 83 years old. We go on a twenty-minute walk almost every morning. She tires easily and quickly, but AIM Peak Endurance® is awesome for her. She wrote this poem about the product.

Peak Endurance by Rosella L. Parker

Betty Ann

Peak Endurance is a great product. It pushes my endurance to a higher peak. After my walk in the morning, I’m all used up; A lift in energy is what I seek.

When all I want to do is sit down and rest, And ignore the work that is waiting each day, It’s Peak Endurance to the rescue, And I’m ready to be on my way! Testimonials should not be con­strued as representing results every­body can achieve.

AIM Herbal Fiberblend was the only fiber source this Crohn’s patient could tolerate Shared by L.A. from New York, New York, a Preferred Member in Chairman’s Club Director Toni Lund’s downline I am so grateful for AIM Herbal Fiberblend®. I had severe Crohn’s disease when I was eighteen years old, and I had five-anda-half feet of ulcerated intestines removed at that time. I had some good doctors, one in particular who stressed how important it was for me to have a good attitude so I could beat the dismal recovery statistics for girls of my age and background regarding Crohn’s. At that time, I was told fiber could kill me—my insides could not handle it—and I was on several opiate-based, intestine- and peristaltic-slowing medications, which was standard protocol at that time. I instinctively knew that was not right, and slowly, with lots of investigation and lots of really good help from healers and alternative medicine doctors, I took myself off all the meds and started learning to eat lettuce again, one leaf at a time (literally), and then veg-

gies. I learned steamed was better than cooked, and my insides started slowly to heal and get stronger. In 1997, almost 30 years after my Crohn’s diagnosis, I was introduced to Herbal Fiberblend, and my intestinal life changed from that day on. Herbal Fiberblend has been a miracle for me. I am totally healthy, my intestines function perfectly, and I do routine cleansing as well. Herbal Fiberblend is the only fiber supplement I have ever been able to tolerate. It is the only one my body likes and thrives on, and as I say it is still, after all these years, a miracle for me that I am grateful for every single day. I think Herbal Fiberblend is a major reason why my intestines are so much healthier and stronger now when I am sixty-one years old than when I was eighteen. Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.

Does this make me look fat?

… no, it makes you look fabulous!

The question “Does this make me look fat?” is asked by many women, men, and even children nowadays. The world is becoming obsessed with appearance, and this obsession may be the impetus needed to encourage healthier eating and healthier living. The number of overweight and obese Americans is becoming epidemic. More than 35 percent of U.S. adults are obese. Approximately 17 percent of children and adolescents, aged 2-19 years, are obese. The problem is so great that insurance premiums are rising to accommodate extra medical costs for obese patients, more gasoline is being burned to accommodate heavier passengers, and wall-mounted toilets are being replaced in hospitals with floor models to better support obese patients. Considering the monetary costs of the obesity epidemic, there are even higher health costs. Some of the many health risks from being overweight or obese include coronary heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, endometrial, breast, and colon cancer, hypertension, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, liver and gallbladder disease, stroke, sleep apnea and respiratory problems, abnormal menses, and infertility. The AIM Companies™ cares about you and your fitness and offers the Weight Loss Pack (5856E) that includes AIM ProPeas®, AIM fit ’n fiber®, and AIM GlucoChrom™. This combination of products will help you to safely lose weight in a healthy way. Protein is a key component to weight management, helping with satiety, metabolic rate, and lean muscle mass, and ProPeas is an ideal vegetable source of protein to get you started on your way to a lean body. The 12 grams of total fiber per serving, including 10 grams of heart-healthy soluble fiber, in fit’ n fiber makes achieving your daily fiber recommendations easy. GlucoChrom, a unique combination of trace minerals and herbs, increases the effective actions of insulin and helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats. An easy way to get started to a healthier, more fit you is to order AIM’s Weight Loss Starter Pack (5581E) that includes the weight loss products and the weight loss tools. Take the first step to a healthier you by ordering your weight loss products from AIM at 1-800-456-2462 or

Read Joyce’s weight loss success story in the June Living Well magazine.

Severe case of poison oak quickly clears up with BarleyLife and Herbal Fiberblend ity of life. Some of the most fantastical stories were about the use of green barley powder’s effects when used topically on wounds and sores. These accounts Gary, Robin, and Joseph Blakeney stretched the limits of credulity, that is, until we experienced Shared by Director Gary Blakeney it firsthand for ourselves. from Bertram, Texas When we became AIM Members in 1993, there were already three AIM Members at the Director level in our small town of 3,500 people. You would think our community would have been saturated, but we frequently met people who had never heard about AIM’s green barley powder. So we found it to be very helpful to have so many experienced AIM Members for support and readily-available knowledge about quality health and true nutrition that works. These AIM Directors told us incredible, almost unbelievable stories about the impact of AIM BarleyLife® on people’s health and improved qual-

mended using calamine lotion to treat it. The doctor also offered a steroid shot that might help the leg heal a few days sooner, but that it would take at least two weeks, maybe more, to heal. We declined the steroid approach.

Our teenage son Joseph developed a severe case of poison oak on the back of his leg. He did not tell us about it until his leg swelled so much that he had difficulty putting on his jeans and sitting at his desk at school. The back of his leg looked horrible, especially from his buttocks to his knee, and it was very swollen and inflamed. It was oozing and weeping puss and looked like raw meat. It just made you want to cry to look at it.

The doctor’s visit happened on a Thursday afternoon, and when we got home, my wife broke down and cried. Then, after discussing what to do, we sat down and talked to Joseph about health and nutrition. We suggested that he needed to double his internal intake of BarleyLife to two or three times a day and that he needed to take AIM Herbal Fiberblend®—something he refused to take before—in order to help his body get the poison out of his system. He would also need to eat clean and pure. No sugar or soft drinks, limited meat, increased consumption of vegetables and fruit.

We took him to the local clinic, and the doctor confirmed it was poison oak. He said it would take at least twelve to fourteen days to get better and recom-

We also said we needed to apply BarleyLife topically. He was in such pain and agony that he readily agreed. He lay on his stomach while I took a

tablespoon and began sprinkling BarleyLife on the open wounds and sores on the back of his leg. When it was all covered in a fine layer of green barley powder, I took pink calamine lotion and poured it over the green powder. Then I took my fingers and lightly mixed it all together. He lay on his stomach for 40 to 50 minutes until it somewhat dried. We did this two or three times a day. By Saturday, it was looking a little better as the swelling was down and it was not oozing as much. On Sunday, it had just about all dried up. On Monday, it looked like all the poison oak was gone and the skin was fresh and new, albeit tender. Now we have one of those fantas­ tical, almost-unbelievable-unless-yousee-it stories about BarleyLife—Nutrition That Works Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.

Drastic lifestyle choices made following gall bladder attack Shared by Group Builder David Rawls from Muncie, Indiana In June 2006 at the age of forty-one, I was having pain near my abdomen that would not go away. The pain continued to increase to the point where I thought I might be having a heart attack. I have always been anti-hospitals, but for the first time I asked my wife to drive me to the emergency room. I was scared. I think I had every reason to be. For years I had ignored my health. I always thought that tomorrow I would do something different. But at 355 pounds, I knew that tomorrow might not come for me. That night as doctors and nurses looked me over, ran tests and gave me pain medicine, I knew that I needed to make some drastic changes in my life. After spending all night in the hospital, I learned that I was having a gall bladder attack. I had stones that were causing me great discomfort. A few days later I asked my doctor if my gall bladder would have to be removed. He told me that it probably would unless I made some drastic health changes. And so I did.

Over the next year, I lost over 120 pounds. I had completely changed my diet. I started making better food choices and supplementing my diet with AIM products. As the pounds started to drop I began to do light exercise. First it was simply walking, and then I tried a little jogging. I also bought a bike to ride to and from work on certain days. My exercise was not easy, but the more faithful I was, the easier it seemed to get. Soon I started entering local 5k events. This is where AIM Peak Endurance® became a part of my life. I had noticed after races or even before races that many runners would drink high-calorie sports drinks. Knowing that many of these were loaded with sugar, I wanted to try a different route. I was introduced to Peak Endurance by my aunt, Chairman’s Club Director Charlotte Thompson. The Peak Endurance was a huge blessing. I would usually take one to two spoonfuls before a race and a spoonful after a race. In 2007, I entered into a half marathon as well as a triathlon. Now remember: This was a guy who just a

year earlier did not walk around the block. I completed both events, making sure I had my Peak with me at all times. In the triathlon, there are exchanges made where you come out of the water to ride your bike and then from biking to running. I made certain at each exchange I had my Peak. I know without a doubt that Peak Endurance has helped me tremendously as I have run David and Gina Rawls in different events. Over the last two years, I have run in two more half marathons as well as in two full marathons. Each time I have run, I have made sure to have Peak with me. The energy I received from Peak Endurance has also inspired my wife. She has taken up running as well and always makes sure that I have plenty of Peak Endurance in our cupboards while we spend our months of training and on race days. When my kids, who are very active in sports, do not get enough rest the day before school, they ask if they can take Peak before they go to school so they can be more alert. I am so thankful for renewed health and also for the part Peak Endurance plays in my life. Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­body can achieve.

Sample Packs: an easy way to share the AIM products

Add AIM BarleyLife® to your shopping list

You can’t beat the nutrition of BarleyLife® at approximately 50¢ a serving to boost your energy, your immune system, and your health.

Your favorite AIM products are available in convenient, cost-effective Sample Packs that you can use to share with others or to take your nutrition on the go. Choose from a variety of AIM nutritional concentrates including AIM BarleyLife®, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, and the new vitamin D product AIM Veggie D™.

Q&As on the current Cash in with AMRs and Quick Start to Success contests

Cash in



s1&2 contest

CONTESTS—You can earn up to $4,000 and a 2013 convention package in AIM’s current series of contests. Sign up for the contest of your choice at the AIM website, if you haven’t done so already. Points begin accumulating as soon as you sign up. If you have already picked your contest, keep working, sharing, and growing to earn your contest prize. To help you toward your contest goal, AIM has collected a series of frequently asked questions that clarify some elements of the three contests. If you have additional questions, please call the AIM Call Center at 1-800456-2462. How can I win a convention package? The top four winners in each of the Cash in with AMRs contests (a total of eight winners) will receive a convention package for two, in addition to their cash prizes. You can also receive a convention package by completing Step One and Step Two of the Quick Start to Success contest.

The AIM Companies™ 3923 E. Flamingo Ave. Nampa, ID 83687-3100

Q. A.

Q. A. Q. A. Q. A. Q.



contest 3

Order online at, e-mail, and call toll-free 1-800-456-2462.


What is included in the convention package? Hotel, events package (including an evening at the Idaho Stampede rodeo), and meals for two. Air travel is NOT included. Is the convention package just for me or may I bring a guest? The room is based on double occupancy, so the convention package will be for you and a guest. The guest must be listed on your membership or be your spouse or child. In the Quick Start to Success contest, can I do only Step One of the contest and still win $500? Yes, but please note that you must complete both Step One and Step Two in the Quick Start to Success contest in order receive the convention package. In the Quick Start to Success contest, can I win multiple times by completing Step One or Step Two more than once? No. You can win only once in a 90-day contest period. There is a $1,500 maximum payout per contest period on this Quick Start to Success contest.


Veggie D Garden Trio Power Drink Recipe shared by Director Jean Dukes from Universal City, Texas In the past, Chairman’s Club Director Dr. Mary Ruth Swope suggested making a Garden Trio power drink using the AIM Garden Trio ® and adding other ingredients such as a bottled vegetable juice and cayenne pepper. Since AIM Veggie D™ has a rich variety of vegetables, it takes the place of a prepared vegetable juice. And with its spicy flavor, it can also replace the cayenne pepper, unless you like even more of a kick. Here is my updated version of this drink, jam packed with vitamin D and very tasty, too. This is my breakfast every morning, and I generally don’t get hungry until lunch time. You can prepare individual daily servings of this drink, but I prefer to make it in bulk. You may want to adjust the ingredients to your personal preference. Veggie D Garden Trio Power Drink • 11⁄ 2 cups of AIM BarleyLife ® and BarleyLife Xtra, mixed 50/50 • 1 container of AIM Just Carrots® • 1⁄ 3 of a container of AIM RediBeets® (about a generous 1⁄ 3 of a cup) • 1 container of Veggie D • 11⁄ 3 cup of CalciAIM™ • 90 AIM Bear Paw Garlic®, opened • 10 Tbsp. AIM LeafGreens® • 1⁄ 2 tsp. cayenne pepper (optional)

Combine all ingredients in a large container and shake well. I use two heaping scoops (the one that comes in AIM ProPeas®) in two cups of water and also add the juice of 1⁄ 2 of a lemon. Shake well and enjoy!

Dr. Chen’s Healthy Weight for Life! — 3 one-hour webinars — This unique weekly nutrition program is being presented by Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D., author of Healthy Eating, Wholesome Living, biochemist, certified nutritionist, and Chairman’s Club Director. Combat Disorders & Improve Digestion (#4) When: Tuesday, June 12, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. ET. Remove Cravings & Stabilize Blood Sugar (#5) When: Tuesday, June 19, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. ET Essential Fatty Acids: Good Fats & Bad Fats (#6) When: Tuesday, June 26, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. ET Admission: $25.00 per each webinar class, ~OR~ all three webinars for $60.00 For information, contact Dr. Chen at (631) 751-4267 or Send payment to: L I Nutrition, P.O. Box 505, Stony Brook, NY 11790 To register for these special Healthy Weight for Life! webinars, e-mail yschen@ or go to When you receive an e-mail response, follow the directions to register for individual (or all three) webinars.

AIM Teleclass Schedule

AIM Teleclasses are on hiatus during the summer months but will resume again in September.

Upcoming Webinar Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. MT Follow the steps below to attend a webinar. Step 1: Sign up by e-mailing Step 2: Follow directions from forthcoming e-mail to register for individual webinars June 6 ��������The art of follow-up, Yoli Huron, AIM Star Sapphire Director June 13 ������The dangers of energy drinks, Tami Cole, AIM Director June 20 ������Navigating the AIM website, Eric Ingram, AIM Web Designer June 27 ������Manage stress with nutrition, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, AIM Chairman’s Club Director July 4 ����������US holiday, no webinar July 11 ��������An inside look at AIM Veggie D™, Dr. John Shewfelt, AIM Chairman’s Club Director July 18 ��������The four-hour-a-week MyAIMStore plan, Kevan Lee, AIM Senior Marketing Associate July 25 ��������Is gluten weighing you down?, Darla Upton, AIM Chief Communications Officer To watch past webinars, go to 5797E US0612

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