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A New Year begins, bringing new opportunities to improve both your health and financial future with The AIM Companies™. To build The AIM Companies™ and the Natural Health industry, we need to further explore new opportunities such as the Natural Health Fairs held last fall. This approach to sharing the AIM message hinges on the committed involvement of AIM business leaders like AIM Director Darlene Vandermey, who stepped up to the plate for the fair in St. Jacobs. Communities like this are ideal for holding natural health fairs (see Natural Health Fair Follow-Up). The Take Charge of your Health Seminars also presented new opportunities to deliver AIM’s natural solutions for achieving good health. Once again, Member participation was a key factor in the success of these events. We need our Members to be involved. Our emphasis is on growth in 2013. No meeting is too small or too large. Call the Vancouver office at 1-888-343-9977 and talk to us about your ideas for growth. How can we support you? Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year,

January–February 2013


Nutrition that works to keep you well!

From the desk of Rose Bird

Happy New Year

New Year, New Beginning!

Rose Bird AIM Canada General Manager & Chartered Herbalist

Anti-Accident Nature of Proancynol ancynol 2000 If you have ever wondered how AIM Proancynol® 2000 can an help you to maintain good health, think of its many antioxidants as anti-accidents. nts. And we can all use accident insurance. Imagine an endless map of roads that travel the inner geography of your body. Further imagine driverless cars speeding along these interior streets causing accidents. These vehicles are just like the unstable molecules known as free radicals, which damage cells, tissues, and organs and causee diseases. Free radicals come from the environment and the food and drinks you ingest. Many different types of these unstablee molecules move wildly inside of you on a daily basis. Antioxidantss neutralize these free radicals, preventing accident damage. The wider the variety of antioxidants you take, the greater the anti-accident insurance. Providing a wide assortment of antioxidants from seven different ingredients, Proancynol 2000 remains the best source of antioxidants in the marketplace. “My husband and I are in our seventies. Having read the literature about the antioxidant benefits of Proancynol 2000, we take it for prevention because we just don’t get enough antioxidants. In fact, we probably should take more than we do. We took a huge wallop on a trip to Australia after reading Janet Pauly’s testimonial about using Proancynol 2000 when flying. It really helped to keep us well.” Shirley and Norman Desautels, AIM Directors Regina, Saskatchewan

CellSparc 360: The Key to Your Heart As the hardest working organ in the human body, the average heart pumps seventy millilitres of oxygen-rich blood with each beat—nearly three billion beats in a lifetime. The enormous amount of energy that the heart requires to work continuously is uncertain. What is certain is that Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is the sparking source of the required energy. CoQ10 is an antioxidant produced in the body and ever-present in the cells’ mitochondria—the energy factories. However, the body produces less of it as it ages. The connection between a deficiency and heart problems is supported by research: the less CoQ10 produced the more likely cardiovascular issues will result. w foods contain Unfortunately, very few tal antio a source of this vital antioxidant. AIM 80006625 can provide CellSparc 360® (NPN 80006625) supplemental heart’s content. tal CoQ10 to your hea

Beyond its property for sparking cellular energy, CoQ10’s antioxidant nature protects against oxidative damage by preventing free radicals from reaching DNA. This is extremely critical for the cellular structure of the heart. Since CellSparc 360 contains the additional antioxidant activity of vitamin E from tocotrienols along with heart-healthy omega-3 from fish oil, it may just be one of your heart’s most supportive friends. CellSparc 360 has greatly enhanced my health. My doctor wanted to prescribe a beta-blocker, but I refused. Instead, I use CellSparc 360 twice a day to keep my heart regular with CoQ10.  It’s a fantastic product, and I recommend it often. Ronda Clemmer, Star Sapphire Director Marion, Pennsylvania

Each CellSparc 360 capsule contains: • 60 mg of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) • 239 mg of fish oil • 100 mg of tocotrienols CellSparc 360 is also part of the Heart Health Pack that includes AIMega® (NPN 80006364) essential fatty acids for the maintenance of good health, AIM K Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract™ (NPN 800 80028779) for promoting heart health, and AIM FibreBalance® (NPN 80013086) for providing dietary fibre. All four products provide optimal cardiovascular support. (See February Special.)

Reverend Mitch Clarke, AIM Group Builder, blessing little Noah Lucas, son of Nancy and Shawn Fraser

AIM to Lose Weight W Weight loss is a lot easier than most people think. Over time, losing weight and keeping it off can be accomplished when you are disciplined in three areas: caloric intake, exercise, and sleep.

Caloric Intake The amount and type of food and beverages you ingest on a daily basis determines your caloric intake. But how much is enough to lose weight? First determine how many calories your body burns on a daily basis by going to to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). A daily caloric intake that is lower than your calculated BMR means you will lose weight. At the same time, it is essential to choose food and beverages that reduce caloric intake while keeping you satiated. Otherwise, you feel hungry most of the time. High-fibre foods and lean protein contribute to a full stomach feeling because they are digested more slowly. To supplement your fibre and protein intake, the convenient Weight Loss Pack contains high-quality sources of both along with AIM GlucoChrom™, which helps you to reduce body fat and build lean muscles. Derived from peas, AIM ProPeas™ offers a slowly digested, vegetable source of calories from protein (12 grams per serving). From oat, inulin, and flax seed fibre, AIM FibreBalance® provides supplementary soluble and insoluble fibre (12 grams per serving) that mixes deliciously with ProPeas for a filling smoothie. And FibreBalance’s six herbs promote a healthy internal cleanse, which supports your effort to lose weight. Rounding out the pack, GlucoChrom is a unique combination of trace minerals and herbs that help your body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats. Both FibreBalance and GlucoChrom were approved by Health Canada and issued natural product numbers (NPNs). Classified as a food, ProPeas does not require an NPN. You always save $12.00 when you order a Weight Loss Pack—two ProPeas, one FibreBalance, and one GlucoChrom. (See the December Specials for an additional $5 saving.) Or you can save $15.75 by ordering the Weight Loss Starter Pack, which also includes an exercise ball, a workout DVD, a weight loss guide, and a blender bottle for making deliciously filling smoothies.

Exercise One of the most important exercises you can do to lose weight is to push yourself away from the dining table. But to help your body burn even more calories daily, physical activity does the trick, whether going for long walks or running marathons. No matter what anyone tells you, there is no best exercise for losing weight. The key is to regularly do some physical activity that helps you to burn more calories than your intake. Besides, exercise maintains good body health and greatly contributes to your overall sense of well-being. The Weight Loss Tools available with the Starter Pack (or as a set or individually) are a great way to start an exercise program or add to your existing routine. Core exercises using the AIM exercise ball can make a huge difference in shrinking a large middle. And they’re fun. Making exercise fun makes working it off on a regular basis a lot easier.

Sleep Believe it or not, getting enough sleep helps you to lose weight by helping your metabolism to function optimally. Sleep boosts your metabolism, ignites fat burn, and decreases cravings and overall appetite, according to the sleep doctor and author of Beauty Sleep, Michael J. Breus, Ph.D. If you are sleep-deprived, you have more of the ghrelin hormone, which stimulates your appetite and promotes abdominal fat. With sleep deprivation, you also have less leptin, the hormone that tells you to stop filling your face. When these two hormones are out of balance, you gain weight. So along with working it off, sleep it off. Make sure you are getting at least seven and a half hours of sleep nightly.



$5 Lose Weight in 2013 e v Sa Weight Loss Pack (5857E, 95 BVP) Special Price $113.00 (Regular Price $118.00)


$5 Natural Maintenance e v Sa for a Healthy Heart Heart Health Starter Pack (5559E, 89 BVP)

Special Price $105.00 (Regular Price $110.00)

Includes 2 ProPeas + 1 FibreBalance (NPN 80013086) + 1 GlucoChrom (NPN 80006166). The Weight Loss Pack helps you to reduce body fat and build lean muscles.

Includes CellSparc 360 (NPN 80006625) + AIMega (NPN 80006364) + Kyolic® Aged Garlic Extract (NPN 80028779) + FibreBalance (NPN 80013086) This product combination provides a pack of cardiovascular support.

Boost and Strengthen your Immune System

Fight Blood Sugar and Help Metabolize Carbs and Fats

The ten herbs in Herbal Release cleanse body systems and promote regularity.

GlucoChrom’s combination of effective trace minerals and herbs helps to regulate healthy blood sugar levels by increasing the effective action of insulin.

Herbal Release (NPN 80031729) 120 capsules (2658E, 15 BVP) 10% off the regular price of $19.00

GlucoChrom (NPN 80006166) 60 capsules (5738E, 15 BVP) 10% off the regular price of $18.00

Natural Health Fair Follow-Up Holding three Natural Health Fairs in October 2012 provided a new way of sharing the AIM message. For the first time, local businesses and services that offer holistic approaches to the community for maintaining good health were a part of events sponsored by AIM Canada. By examining the Natural Health Fairs, future events will be even more successful. Each of these individual fairs was organized with the help of host AIM Members, beginning with the vitally important choice of location. Each location was unique, and smaller communities worked better as news of the event was spread by word of mouth in conjunction with local advertising. Much of the credit for the success of the St. Jacobs event (approximately 170 attendees) goes to AIM Director Darlene Vandermey, who has since worked with AIM Canada to write guidelines for organizing natural health fairs. Darlene’s greatest advice to any AIM Member planning to host such an event is to book the venue, vendors, and equipment well ahead of time to get what you need for the natural health fair. Be sure you have a clear understanding of what will be happening at the event so that you can share this info with others. She also advises that preparation for an event of this magnitude requires that you must be willing to put your own AIM business on hold for a period of time, more in a maintenance mode than that of growing your business. Dr. Laura Gravelle, chiropractor and AIM Director, hosted and emceed the fair in London, Ontario, while Dr. Lanny Donald, dentist and Chairman’s Club Director, helped with the Surrey event and made a presentation. Better locations would have improved the fair turnout at both events, so, once again, the choice of location is pivotal to success. Two weeks before the Surrey Natural Health Fair, three employees of AIM Canada spent a day in the venue area, handing out postcards, putting up posters, and visiting natural health-related businesses, which resulted in vendor sign-ups.

Take Charge of your Health Seminars

With the overall positive feedback from vendors, attendees, and AIM leaders, future natural health fairs will be planned. To date, AIM Canada has received three requests from AIM Members wishing to host fairs and more requests are expected. Confirmation of any natural health fair will be based on an assessment of the area and potential attendance. AIM Canada is always here to support home meetings and events for sharing natural solutions to good health with AIM products. If you are interested in hosting an event, contact the AIM Canada office by e-mailing or by calling 1-888-343-9977.

This October, AIM Canada™ sponsored the “Take Charge of your Health” Seminars that took place in Montreal, Quebec and Sarnia, Ontario. Along with hearing heartfelt testimonials, attendees were treated to presentations, including What is AIM? and Know & Improve Your Five Vital Health Statistics, by Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and AIM Canada General Manager. The seminars inspired all those in attendance to take charge of their health with the natural health products offered by AIM.

Holiday Closures The AIM Canada (Vancouver) office and the Calgary warehouse will be closed January 1 for New Year’s Day. The AIM Canada (Vancouver) office will be closed February 11 for Family Day (BC). The Calgary warehouse will be closed February 18 for Family Day (AB).

Take BarleyLife® At a prayer meeting in May 2003, Sonia Molina (left) met up with her friend Benita Uy, AIM Director. Seeing that Sonia looked to be in a poor state of health, Benita asked, “What’s wrong with you?” “I’m so sick that I can’t work anymore,” replied Sonia. Her doctor determined that she had colitis. She felt bloated and often had diarrhea. Every time that she ate something, she had to go to the bathroom—her eliminations were black and bloody. On top of all of this discomfort, Sonia had so little energy, and she could not hold anything because her wrists were so weak. Sonia had gone for several tests, including a colonoscopy. The results showed that the walls of her intestines looked as though they had been beaten. She tried prescribed medication, which gave her headaches and made her feel

dizzy. Her stools continued to be bloody, so she stopped taking the drug. After listening to Sonia’s story, Benita told her that she had something that would help. They went to Benita’s home, where she handed Sonia a canister of AIM BarleyLife® and said, “Take this.” For a couple of days, the BarleyLife remained untouched on Sonia’s kitchen table. On the third day, she decided to give it a try. Taking Benita’s recommended therapeutic dose of two tablespoons, three to four times a day, Sonia felt better after only one week. She continued taking BarleyLife. Six months later, a follow-up colonoscopy revealed that the intestinal walls had healed and looked healthy. Sonia had her health back, and she was feeling great. Today, she continues to be well. Now an AIM Group Builder, Sonia also takes other AIM products, such the Daily Essentials™.

AIM Canada wishes to thank Rita Vandertil, Star Sapphire Director, for her involvement in organizing the Sarnia seminar and emceeing the event, which resulted in several new Members signing up. Additional thanks go to AIM Director Barbara Bird for her assistance in making this a successful event. Word of mouth about the seminar led to a follow-up meeting in the home of one of Rita Vandertil’s downline. This gathering was equally successful in bringing new Members to the AIM family.

Member Sharing Every Member that placed an order from mid-November through December received one of the 2013 AIM calendars as a gift. Royal Emerald Director Jean Smith was very impressed by the colors and layout. In fact, Jean was so impressed that she ordered ten more to give away as gifts. She expressed her thanks to AIM, adding “Keep up the great work in providing such wonderful services and products.”

Webinar Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. MT To attend a webinar, sign up by e-mailing AIMWebinar@ When you receive an e-mail response, follow the directions to register for individual webinars.

Jan. 2

How to Create Everything You Want Ron Murray, AIM Director Jan. 8 (Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. MT) Welcome to AIM Keith Duff, AIM Regional Meeting and Training Director Jan. 9 Why You Need ReAssure SP Phillip Jermann, AIM Biologist Jan. 10 (Thursday at 1:00 p.m. MT) Bienvenido a AIM (Spanish) Teresa Ward, AIM Spanish Services Leader Jan. 16 Life is Like a Puzzle Gerald Phillips, AIM Royal Emerald Director Jan. 23 Take Control of Diabetes Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D, AIM Chairman’s Club Director Jan. 30 Discussion: New Peak Endurance Formulation Ryan Davis, AIM Quality Assurance Manager Feb. 6 Gallstones and Your Health Jackson Ger, AIM Chairman’s Club Director Feb. 13 MyAIMStore Frequently Asked Questions Kevan Lee, AIM Senior Marketing Associate Feb. 20 Heart Health the AIM Way Dr. John Shewfelt, AIM Chairman’s Club Director Feb. 27 Matters of the Heart Judy Clover, AIM Customer Service Specialist/ Elite Promotion Coordinator

Teleclasses: Product and Business Register for one-hour teleclasses by calling 1-800-456-2462, Option 1. • Jan. 8, 11:00 a.m. MT (334.011) What causes cancer? (Chinese) Yu-Shiaw Chen, Ph.D., AIM Chairman’s Club Director, author, and Certified Nutritionist • Jan. 22, 11:00 a.m. MT (339.001) Veggie D—savory powder and veggie capsules (US) Phillip Jermann, AIM biologist • Feb. 5, 11:00 a.m. MT (229.011) Love your heart! Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and AIM Canada General Manager • Feb. 19, 11:00 a.m. MT (227.011) AIM Custom Print Shop Stacey Aparicio, AIM Production/Events Coordinator

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