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Last year’s holiday favorite Touch of Honey hand cream is back in the AIM product store. A limited number of the special edition hand cream are still available. Order yours online or by phoning the AIM Call Center (5632E, $11.00, 5 BVP).




Touch of Honey hand cream is back

to a Healthy

New Year! u


BarleyLife coming soon in … 6.35 oz. (180 g) and 12.70 oz. (360 g) canisters


• Shingles may occur when the immune system is compromised • Colds, flu, and jet-lag are no longer a problem • CranVerry+ and changes to my diet made a big difference • Severe headaches, creepy crawlies, and chronic constipation are gone • AIM’s Natural Solutions to Diabetes DVD available • Women seeing positive results for their rheumatoid arthritis symptoms • Clogged sinuses and swollen gums are no longer a problem • Don’t miss the boat - AIM 2012 Cruise • Symptoms of gluten intolerance • AIM nutrition can reduce muscle fatigue and promote recovery • News, webinars, and teleclass schedule

HEALTH HEADLINES Vol. 1, Quarterly Edition 1 • January 2012

Shingles may occur when the immune system is comproimsed Shared by AIM Member Jean Noschese from Hauppauge, New York n January 14, I had to put down my twelve-year old black lab Sidney. Losing a family pet is always extremely painful in your heart, but I had no idea what pain was until I broke out with shingles, perhaps from the stress of losing a loved one. Shingles follows a nerve line and attacks nerve endings. My pain was under my right breast into my back shoulder blade. I was diagnosed on January 19, and upon my visit to my primary care physician, I was given so many prescriptions that I feared the drugs might kill me before the pain of the shingles would. I made the decision to take only one antibiotic per day and one painkiller. My struggle with shingles lasted nine weeks. My lifesaver was Chairman’s Club Director Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen. I emailed Dr. Chen, forgetting she was in Taiwan visiting family, to bring her up to date on how bad I was feeling. She immediately suggested I try soaking in AIM Cell Wellness Restorer ™ twice a day. My relief was immediate! I also took the AIM Garden Trio® twice a day to help boost my immune system, and I began to feel so much better. Thanks to Dr. Chen’s classes on nutrition, her excellent advice, and the


amazing results, I feel like a new me; I am energized and so looking forward to spring and summer.

Note from Dr. Chen: Shingles is caused by an infection with the herpes zoster virus. It is the outbreak of a painful, blistering rash on the skin and makes the skin itchy and the burning unbearable. No wonder the doctor prescribed so many medications. Jean spent $198 for them and still did not solve the problem. The shingles outbreak showed that her body had a compromised immune system. Taking the Garden Trio is a quick way to boost the immune system. Topical application of Cell Wellness Restorer can deliver much-needed minerals, especially the calming mineral magnesium in a unique, efficient way. The combination of Garden Trio and topical use of Cell Wellness Restorer helped stop Jean’s nine-week struggle with shingles. I am just as grateful as Jean that AIM offers these magnificent products to end people’s suffering. Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.

Wayne and Dorothy Farquhar

Colds, flu, and jet-lag are no longer a problem Shared by AIM Directors Wayne and Dorothy Farquhar from Apsley, Ontario, Canada e have been using AIM Proancynol® 2000 for several years. This has helped us avoid colds and the flu when others around us are suffering. However, one of the most beneficial results has been noticed  when we fly overseas, where a time change usually results in jet-lag. A recent trip to England convinced us of the value of Proancynol. A week before we left home, we increased our intake to four to six capsules a day. Once on the plane, we each took one capsule every hour for the duration of the flight. Then for the remainder of our trip we continued to take four to six capsules each day. And on the return


flight, we increased the dosage once again to one capsule every hour. The remarkable result was that we suffered no noticeable  jet-lag either in England or when we returned to Ontario! And despite the “shared air” of the aircraft and the many passengers who were coughing and sneezing around us, we never showed any signs of illness. We have flown many times before and usually suffered annoying signs of jet-lag as well as colds and congestion from the long times spent in the air, so we credit Proancynol 2000 for our better health and freedom from jet-lag. We continue to take three capsules daily. Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.

CranVerry erry++ and changes to AIM

my diet made a big difference Shared by AIM Retail Customer John Ong, Nampa, Idaho have had some issues for some time with a rash on my stomach and one foot. It itched and was very sore and John Ong cracking, especially on my foot. My mom and my wife tried everything they knew of. I went to the doctor and they gave me medicine that cost eighty dollars for a very small tube, and they still could not tell me what it was. After some long study by


Jean Nochese and Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen

my mom, she thought that I might have a case of Candida. I started changing my diet, but not until I took the new AIM CranVerry+ ® did I start seeing a big difference. The rash was drying up and so was the cracking and itching on my feet. I still have not been diagnosed with Candida from a doctor, but the CranVerry+ and changes to my diet have made a world of difference. When you do not have insurance, it is nice to have other options and sources to use. Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.

AIM’s Natural Solutions to Diabetes DVD available


ith diabetes rates skyrocketing across North America, the need for quality supplementation is at an all-time high. With the Natural Solutions to Diabetes DVD, you can hear AIM Canada General Manager and Chartered Herbalist Rose Bird explain the importance of AIM products in the fight against diabetes. The Natural Solutions to Diabetes DVD (5837E) is available for $1.50.

So I started talking to her about barley and LeafGreens, and I told her the best person she could talk to was my mother who has a similar illness and is doing so much better. I asked Naomi to come over so she could talk to my mother about her experience with LeafGreens and the other AIM products and she could see my mother’s hands. So Naomi and her husband came over, and we talked back and forth until Naomi said, “My first paycheck I’m going to get these products.” So that week she signed up and got all the products we’d talked about. She started with AIM Composure® so she could sleep. She takes the Composure before she gets out of bed so she’s not spasming. Then she takes her Frame Essentials. Then she takes her LeafGreens and Herbal Fiberblend. She’s only been on the products for two weeks and hasn’t missed a day of work. She’s starting to feel so much better. She walks around with a little skip in her step, she’s so cute. She had an appointment with her rheumatologist this past week, and she took all of her products in. The doctor asked Naomi how she was doing, and Naomi said, “Well, I’m not taking the medicine but I’m taking this.” She told him how much better she was doing, and he said, “I would encourage you to keep taking these products.” She later told me she was going to keep taking the AIM products. Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.

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Get on Boa

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nity Sea of Opporttu rd wi h AIM!

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Make sure to have your completed registration form to AIM no later than nity Sea of Opporttu wi h AIM January Get on31, Board2012!! Registrations received after this date will be subject to cabin availability (even if you pre-registered).

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Women seeing positive results for their rheumatoid arthritis symptoms Shared by Melissa Dobney, AIM Group Builder from Payette, Idaho My mom started taking the AIM products about a year ago after seeing my recovery with the products. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid Melissa Dobney arthritis. At first, she started off by taking a little bit of AIM BarleyLife®, and sometimes she would take the AIM Herbal Fiberblend®. Then she started getting more serious about it. She started taking AIM LeafGreens®, AIM Frame Essentials®, and AIMega®. She also started talking to me about CalciAIM™. Her hands went from this knotty joint that caused her so much pain and made her ill when the weather changed to this person who never missed work and was always happy and had so much more energy. Inspired by my mom’s testimony, I started working with a woman named Naomi who was twenty-one years old and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She was missing all this work, and she would just drag herself in, just miserable. She went to a rheumatologist, and they started her on the drug Methotrexate™. She had just gotten married, and she thought that she and her husband wanted to have a baby. She knew that on this medication she could not have a baby. She asked me, “What are you taking? You’re always so happy and you look great and I’ve seen you drink this green stuff.”

nity Sea of Opporttu rd wi h AIM!

Don’t miss the boat … Get on Boa



trip. I would be in the back seat lying down to take pressure off of my sciatic nerve. After two months, the pain is gone! Annie Wine I’ve had colon problems ever since I was a teenager. I was lucky if I eliminated once every four to five days. Now I am able to eliminate up to three times per day. I have had two tumor-like growths on my cheek for twenty-five or more years. The small one is gone, and the large one has shrunk away to approximately less than half its original size. I also drink eight to ten glasses of water per day. Drinking water is a wonderful new experience for me. I would miss it if I went back to my old way. My AIM products include Herbal Fiber­blend, BarleyLife, AIMega®, AIM Bear Paw Garlic®, and AIM CellSparc 360®. Recently, I even began taking AIM Para 90®. There is no doubt that invasive creepy crawlers were in my colon—gross! Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.


Shared by Annie Wine, from Shipshewana, Indiana efore I started using AIM Bar­ leyLife® and AIM Herbal Fiber­ blend®, I had severe headaches that would wake me up around 3:00 a.m. every night. Two weeks after taking the AIM products, I’m pain free. And the benefits don’t stop there. My blood sugar isn’t going up and down anymore. It has stabilized. I do not crave sweets like I did for many years. My pancreas is working more normally. Whew! For years I could not sit very long in my easy chair or sit in a car on a

test Con 11 20

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Severe headaches, creepy crawlies, and chronic constipation are gone

4/12/2011 9:28:06 AM

Clogged sinuses and swollen gums are no longer a problem By AIM Director Petra Stevenson from Ashton, Ontario, Canada y husband and I have been taking different AIM products for close to four years now and have had amazing results. We have an organic farm close to Ottawa, Ontario. When we use certain products on our animals, we always get great results.


Petra Stevenson with her husband I have had sinus problems for quite some time and often have difficulties breathing, especially at night and during the colder season, when we turn on our heat in the house. I also have allergic reactions to some plants. My sinuses feel clogged and are full of mucus. When the sinuses cannot drain, my gums swell and my teeth start to hurt on one side of my face. Two years ago, I participated in one of the AIM con-

ventions where somebody was talking about AIM Proancynol® 2000 and what it can do for you. I started taking the product and felt immediate relief. The results are very drastic. I had quite an interesting experience earlier this year when I ran out of Proancynol. I was waiting for my order to come in (about four days) when my left cheek started to swell, and it hurt. As soon as I received my AIM parcel, I started taking Proancynol. The next day, half the swelling was gone, and within another day, I was back to normal. At this point, I don’t even have to take it all the time, just when I feel my sinuses getting clogged. It is not just a preventative measure; it also helps at the source of my problem. Thanks to AIM BarleyLife®, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, AIM Frame Essentials®, AIM GinkgoSense™, AIM PrepZymes®, Proancynol 2000, and AIM Just Carrots®, my husband and I are in perfect health and have no problems continuing our passion for farming and producing healthy food. Testimonials should not be con­ strued as representing results every­ body can achieve.

Symptoms of gluten intolerance


luten intolerance is four times Other symptoms may include: • Diarrhea • Nausea more common today than it was • Abdominal pain • Constipation in the 1950s, and certain studies have • Anemia • Osteoporosis found that an average of one out of • Depression • Fatigue every 133 otherwise healthy people • Weight loss • Weight gain suffers from the disorder. Because of • Vitamin K deficiency this, AIM is developing new products If you feel you may have gluten inthat are safe for a gluten-free diet. Gluten intolerance, also referred to tolerance (a blood test can tell you for as celiac disease, often goes undiag- sure), consider removing high gluten nosed. The disease occurs in people foods from your diet. Typically, you whose bodies cannot digest gluten, can see significant improvement after a protein that appears in wheat, rye, only a week or two of avoiding high barley, and other grains. Symptoms gluten foods. include digestive The AIM Companies™ will soon have a distress as well as non-gastrointesti- line of gluten-free foods. Look for details in upcoming publications and online. nal conditions.

AIM Nutrition Can Reduce Muscle Fatigue and Promote Recovery to reduce the possibility of getting too Shared by AIM Wholesale Member much of one nutrient or too little of anJohn Rooker from Tukwila, WA. other. Maintaining the optimal balance t is a well-known fact that AIM nuof all nutrients the body needs is one of tritional supplements helped propel the key factors to achieving peak athletic J.R. Celski to two Olympic medals and performance. multiple medals in World Cup and world After a five-week period and increase championship competitions in short track of gradual supplementation to full, conspeed skating. These supplements are sistent supplementation, several conattributed with accelerating leg muscle secutive days of non-competitive, recrerepair and regeneration, supplying nutriational snowboarding was performed at ents to the circulatory network feeding the Whistler Blackcomb resort in British leg muscle tissues, enhancing endurance, Columbia, Canada, on a wide variety of strength, and reducing post-workout reterrain and level of difficulty from becovery time. ginner to advanced. Some moguls were Speed skaters maintain a deep knee included to work the bend posture throughout leg muscles harder. a race. Power and enerAt the end of the day, gy are delivered through a single continuous the legs during rapid aclong run was selectceleration, directional ed starting from the control, and steering at top of Blackcomb high speeds, and opposimountain, concludtion to high centrifugal ing at the main plaza forces around the corin Whistler village. ners puts high stress on This run was made the leg muscles in addinon-stop at the end tion to the stress from of the day to evalumaintaining a deep knee ate symptoms of leg bend posture. These muscle fatigue folcombined stresses lead lowing several hours to rapid fatigue in the J.R. Celski, two-time short track of stress on the musleg muscles bringing speedskating bronze medalist in 2010 cles. quick onset of symptoms Olympics, AIM-sponsored since 2003 Leg muscle consuch as leg burn, muscle dition was also evaluated the day folcramps, weakness, and deterioration of lowing maximum stress to assess the muscle response and reaction. AIM nueffect of the AIM supplements on retritional supplements have proven effeccovery. Perception of general muscle tive in reducing these symptoms from soreness or stiffness after overnight rest high muscle stress during J.R.’s training was used to measure this effect. and world level and Olympic speedskatAIM Supplementation Menu ing competitions. A core set of key AIM products were Recognition of the similarities in selected for this trial. AIM BarelyLife® posture, forces, and stress on the legs powder, J.R. Juice (CalciAIM™ and AIM between speed skaters and skiers/snowPeak Endurance® mix in 16 ounces of boarders leads to the conjecture that if purified water), and AIM CellSparc 360® AIM nutritional supplements have been were used daily and consistently. used effectively to mitigate muscle faOne serving of BarleyLife was taken tigue and promote healing/recovery in in the morning and one in the evening J.R., then they should also prove effecevery day. tive for skiers and snowboarders. CellSparc 360 was taken with lunch To test this hypothesis, a trial was peror in the afternoon daily, generally with formed to examine the effectiveness of selected AIM nutritional supplements to reduce symptoms of leg muscle fatigue associated with snowboarding. In particular, the effect on leg burn, leg muscle t doesn’t take a magic pill or miracle cramps, and progression of leg muscle diet to lose weight. For many people, weakness was evaluated. all it takes is a calculator. Evaluation Plan Understanding how body weight works AIM supplements were selected for and how pounds are gained and lost is esthis trial for three reasons. sential to arriving at the weight you want. First, the AIM products have a This education begins and ends with a proven track record for effectiveness in simple mantra: Calories in, calories out. athletes from recent use by a two-time The calories that come into our bodOlympic medal short track speedskater, ies through the foods and beverages that J.R. Celski. we consume each day have a direct relaSecond, the AIM products used tion with the calories that go out, through by J.R. Celski during the 2010 Winmetabolism and exercise. Comparing the ter Olympic Games do not contain any calories in to the calories out can deterdrugs, substances, or chemicals on the mine whether weight is being gained or IOC anti-doping banned list, as evident lost. In the majorby J.R.’s passing results from mandatory ity of overweight anti-doping tests required of all Olympic and obese individumedalists. als, calories conAnd third, AIM products are formusumed exceed calolated for maximum absorption and conries burned. In other tain all-natural, high-quality ingredients. words, the calories The body can use these formulations coming in are greater faster and more efficiently, increasing than the calories goeffectiveness while minimizing quaning out. tity needed. In addition, the formulation So how can you has been constructed to provide an optiuse this knowledge mal balance of many essential nutrients to your advantage?


a small quantity of foods containing fats such as cheese or nuts. One 16-ounce serving of J.R. Juice was taken slowly throughout the afternoon. Water, fresh brewed Tazo Green Tea, or fresh fruit juice blends like Odwalla or Naked Juice were added when additional hydration was needed. Coffee, soft drinks, thirst quenchers, and other beverages that AIM Wholesale Member John Rooker, avid snowboarder forces were reduced. Muscle reaction was could have counterprocrisp and responsive during the entire ductive effects were avoided during the continuous run. Balance and control was entire trial period. ® excellent throughout the non-stop run. AIM Herbal Fiberblend , AIM fit ® ® The following day, there was abso’n fiber , and AIM ProPeas were used lutely no muscle soreness or stiffness at either alone or in a variety of combinaall. This proved to be very beneficial betions at less frequent intervals, typically cause it enabled the ability to go back out one standard serving every two or three early the next day and use the full day days. efficiently. Observations and Results Summary and Conclusions When AIM supplementation was AIM supplementation clearly prostarted, some very minor detox effects vided an improvement in leg muscle were noticed, but these were not unexresistance to fatigue and the onset of pected. The effects subsided within a symptoms such as leg burn, cramps, and few days and then the serving size was weakness while snowboarding. These gradually increased from one-half to the findings support the hypothesis that skifull suggested amount. ers and snowboarders can achieve simiDuring general recreational snowlar benefit from AIM nutritional suppleboarding throughout the day on the mentation as that achieved by short track mountain, muscle fatigue was noticeably speedskaters. reduced compared to what had been exThe beneficial effects of supplemenperienced prior to supplementation, and tation were even more pronounced than was almost completely eliminated. Only expected on the post-workout recovery slight symptoms of fatigue were noticed period and overnight rest, virtually elimunder higher stress conditions such as inating next-day soreness and stiffness. moguls. No fatigue was experienced The quantity of supplementation used during general free ride cruising or slope for this trial (below the levels that an style conditions at a moderate, non-comelite class competitor would consume) petitive pace. indicate that it is not necessary for recEffects during the long endurance run reational or casual sports enthusiasts to from the top of the mountain to Whistler consume high quantities of these supplevillage square were similar. Only slight ments to achieve results fatigue was noticed for short moments on Testimonials should not be con­ portions of the course requiring higher strued as representing results every­ continuous levels of edge control. Sympbody can achieve. toms subsided more quickly when stress

BMR and BMI: calculate yours to lose weight


Here’s the part where the calculator comes in handy. Begin by tracking the calories that you consume each day. This number will be your “calories in.” Next, figure out how many calories you are burning. There are two parts to this calculation: Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and exercise above and beyond your norm. BMR measures your metabolism, and it factors in gender, height, weight, age, and activity level. Combine your BMR with the calories burned from your extra exercise, and you will arrive at your

daily “calories out” number. To lose weight, your calories out should exceed your calories in. Taking things one step further, you can even determine how quickly you will reach your target weight goal. Each pound of body fat is 3,500 calories. If you burn 500 extra calories each day, then within a week, you will have lost one pound. Use these calculations to help you plan and track your weight loss goals. Instead of hoping for a miracle, you can rest assured knowing that your weight loss is being done right.

Adult Body Mass Index Chart

Improved security on the AIM website For online orders, AIM is now requiring the Card Security Code for all credit card payments. The security code is the three-digit number found on the back of the credit card. This new measure will help prevent fraud and increase the security measures already in place on the AIM website.

pH Food Guides available Find out the effect of the food you eat with the new pH Food Guide, now available online at or by calling 1-800-456-2462. The pH Food Guide lists dozens of common foods and shows whether the food has an acidifying or alkalinizing effect on the body. Choose foods that contribute to a healthy diet with the new pH Food Guide. Order a 25pack (5832E) to share with your downline for only $3.75.

Food Guide

to help keep your body pH balanced

This list indicates the contribution body fluids and, of various food ultimately,


to the urine, the neutrality to the acidity saliva, of your body or alkalinity of fluids by excreting and venous blood. Your your important to kidneys help maintain the to maintain 25 percent acid-ash-fora diet that contains foods excess acid or alkali in the urine. In general, from both categories— ming foods. Allergic body. High acidity it is ideally 75 percent reactions and indicates that other forms of alkaline- and more of your Check your saliva stress foods should or urine pH by be selected from tend to produce acids in the using the AIM the alkaline food pH Test Kit (5488E). group.


e-Ash-Forming Vegetables (This chart is Foods a guideline only.) Sea vegetables Asparagus Pears Spinach Acid-Ash-Form Beets (tops & roots) Teas Pineapples ing Foods Spirulina (algae) Broccoli Animal protein Chamomile tea Raisins Sprouts (all types) Brussels sprouts Grains Beef Dandelion tea Raspberry Squash Cabbage Amaranth Carp Green tea Rhubarb Watercress Carrots Barley Chicken Herbal teas Strawberries Wild greens Cauliflower Buckwheat Clams Tangerine Celery Spices & Flour Beverages Duck * Tomatoes (raw) Chlorella (algae) Seasonings Kamut Dry red wine Eel Watermelon Collard greens All herbs Oats (rolled) Fresh fruit juice Haddock Cucumber * Chili peppers Grains Pasta (unsweetened) Halibut Daikon Cinnamon Light & dark flax Rice (white, brown, Mineral water Lamb Dandelion root Curry seed basmati) (non-carbonated) Lobster Dulse Ginger Hemp seeds Rye Quality water Mussels * Eggplant Mustard Spelt Unsweetened almond Millet Oyster Fermented vegetables Miso Quinoa Wheat milk Pork Garlic Salt (sea, Celtic) Wild rice White bread Vegetable juices Rabbit Kale Whole oats Salmon Sweeteners Nuts Dairy Lettuce (dark) Shrimp Molasses, raw Grasses & Sprouts Cashews Fresh goat milk Lentils Scallops Honey, unpasteuriz All sprouts Peanuts Soft goat cheese Mushrooms ed Tuna Alfalfa grass Peanut butter Mustard greens Turkey Fats & Oils AIM Alkalinizin Wheat grass Pecans Nori g Venison Flax seed oil Helpers Pistachios Onions Nuts & Seeds Eggs Extra virgin olive AIMega Walnuts Parsnips oil Almonds Sesame oil BarleyLife Beverages Peas Brazil nuts Others Sunflower oil Alcohol * Peppers CalciAIM™ Coconut Brewers yeast Hemp seed oil Coffee * Potatoes FloraFood Flax seeds Distilled vinegar Rice milk Fruits Pumpkin Hazelnuts Olives (probiotics) Tea (black) Apples Rutabaga Pumpkin seeds Pickles LeafGreens Soft drinks Apricots Sesame seeds Tofu ProPeas Soy milk Avocado Sunflower seeds (protein) Sweets & Banana Dairy products Other Sweeteners Blackberries Processed cheese Apple Candy cider Blueberries vinegar cow, sheep Bee pollen Honey (commercia Cantaloupe l) Milk (avoid BGH) Dairy-free probiotic Maple syrup Cherries Ice cream Sugar cultures Currants Organic yogurt Artificial sweeteners Fats & Oils Dates Soy lecithin granules Avocado oil Grapes Vegetables Canola oil Grapefruits Beets Honeydew Corn oil Black beans Lemon Grape seed oil Chick peas Lime Lard Corn Nectarine Safflower oil Kidney beans Oranges Lima beans Fruits Papayas Pinto beans Cranberries Peaches Red beans Dried fruit Soybeans Fruit juice * Nightshade White beans family (sweetened) NOTE: Choose Drugs & Chemicals organic food whenever possible pHFoodGuide_ US 1111.indd 1 AIM USA • January 2012 11/16/2011

4:36:17 PM

Iowa Meeting coming to Kalona When:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 – 9:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Speakers: Dr. John Shewfelt, D.C. – Basics of nutritional facts. Karen Miller – Hormones and overall health. Location: Iowa Clothing Center, 1005 Nutmeg Avenue, Kalona, Iowa 52247. Phone: 319-656-3608 Host: Mr. David Borkholder, phone 319-656-2165 There will be a special session that Dr. Shewfelt will speak with mothers regarding nutrition and health for babies. Session time yet to be determined.

AIMing Higher Webinars Highlights available on DVD The next best thing to attending AIMing Higher is catching up with the AIMing Higher webinar DVD. See Chairman’s Club Directors Charlotte Thompson, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, and Darryl Hicks present on a wide range of topics including healthy diets, business lessons, and Compensation Plan breakdowns. This is information you won’t want to miss. The AIMing Higher Webinar Highlights DVD (5835E) is now available online at or call 1-800-4562462 for only $1.50.

Upcoming Regional Meeting

Order online at, e-mail, and call toll-free 1-800-456-2462.

The AIM Companies™ 3923 E. Flamingo Ave. Nampa, ID 83687-3100

Health by Choice presents Spring Cleaning through Digestive Health on Saturday, March 17, 2012, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This free nutritional event will be held at the Howard Johnson Hotel Suites, located at 6901 IH10 West, in San Antonio, Texas 78213, phone 210-738-1100. Seating is limited, so make sure to reserve your spot by contacting AIM Star Sapphire Directors Sil or Yoli Huron at 210-735-9053 or 210-213-4852 by March 10, 2012.

January and March 2012 AIM Teleclass Schedule

Register for a one-hour AIM Teleclass in January by calling 1-800-456-2462, Option 1. January 10 ���� How to find and use AIM media tools to your advantage, Skip Taylor and Scott Foust, AIM Media Producers. Tuesday, January 10,10:00 a.m. MT/371.011 January 12 ���� AIM CranVerry® is back with an added plus—CranVerry+, Ryan Davis, AIM Quality Assurance Manager. Thursday, January 12, 5:00 p.m. MT/864.011 January 17 ���� Make your MyAIMStore website stand out from the crowd, Kevan Lee, AIM Senior Marketing Associate. Tuesday, January 17, 3:00 p.m. MT/ 996.011 January 18 ���� What you need to know about sugars and artificial sweeteners, Cathy McCrea, AIM Star Sapphire Director. Wednesday, January 18, 1:00 p.m. MT/894.011 January 19 ���� Learn about AIM’s Weight Loss Plan, Phillip Jermann, AIM biologist. Thursday, January 19, 4:00 p.m. MT/863.011 January 24 ���� Clean out 2011! Start the New Year right and detox your body! Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and AIM Canada General Manager. Tuesday, January 24, 10:00 a.m. MT/692.011 January 26 ���� Wander through the wonderful world of AIM nutrition, Keith Duff, AIM Regional Meeting and Training Director. Thursday, January 26, 4:00 p.m. MT/ 613.011 January 31 ���� AIM products meet the cellular need for minerals, Gerald Phillips, Royal Emerald Director. Tuesday, January 31, 4:00 p.m. MT/ 998.011 March 1 ���������� Confused or getting sick and tired of all those diet plans? Rose Bird, Chartered Herbalist and AIM Canada General Manager, with Janice Chan, BSc (dietetics) and AIM Canada Administrative Manager. Thursday, March 1,10:00 a.m. MT / 923.031 March 6 ���������� AIM Reassure® SP is there for YOU! Keith Duff, AIM’s Regional Meeting and Training Director. Tuesday, March 6, 4:00 p.m. MT / 922.031 March 8 ���������� The art of hosting a home meeting, Yoli Huron, AIM Star Sapphire Director. Thursday, March 8, 2:30 p.m. MT / 928.031 March 13 �������� Organize an e-mail newsletter campaign, Kevan Lee, Senior Marketing Associate. Tuesday, March 13, 10:00 a.m. MT / 926.031 March 15 �������� AIM FloraFood® is good for you, Phillip Jermann, AIM biologist. Thursday, March 15, 4:00 p.m. MT / 924.031 March 22 �������� The AIM products – sharing versus selling, Skip Taylor, AIM audio/video producer. Thursday, March 22, 4:00 p.m. MT / 929.031 Mar. 29 ������������ AIM product update, Ryan Davis, Quality Assurance Manager. Thursday, March 29, 2:00 p.m. MT / 925.031

Upcoming Webinar Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. MT

Follow the steps below to attend a webinar. Step 1: Sign up by e-mailing Step 2: Follow directions from forthcoming e-mail to register for individual webinars January 4 ����������AIM CranVerry is Back with an Added Plus, Ryan Davis, AIM Quality Assurance Manager January 11 ��������MyAIMStore Motivation, Kevan Lee, AIM Senior Marketing Associate January 18 ��������Learn about AIM’s Weight Loss Plan, Phillip Jermann, AIM Biologist January 25 ��������Blogging on Your MyAIMStore Website, Amy Houston, AIM Director February 8 ������Organize an E-mail Newsletter Campaign, Kevan Lee, AIM Senior Marketing Associate February 15 ������Gallstones and Your Health, Jackson Ger, AIM Chairman’s Club Director February 22 ������The Science Behind AIM CellSparc 360, Phillip Jermann, AIM Biologist February 29 ������The Art of Follow-up, Yoli Huron, AIM Star Sapphire Director March 7 ��������������New and Upcoming AIM Products, Ryan Davis, AIM Quality Assurance Manager March 14 ������������Healthy Weight for Life, Dr. Yu-Shiaw Chen, AIM Chairman’s Club Director March 21 ��������Living Life Better with AIM Daily Essentials (Part 1), Dr. John Shewfelt, AIM Chairman’s Club Director March 28 ��������Living Life Better with AIM Daily Essentials (Part 2), Dr. John Shewfelt, AIM Chairman’s Club Director Go to to watch past webinars. 5797E US0112

Health Headlines - January - 2012  

Health news and information

Health Headlines - January - 2012  

Health news and information