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1201 Laurel Way, a true Jewel Box, represents years of devotion, patience, and visionary excellence. High up among the treetops, on a self-contained Beverly Hills enclosure, lay an architectural masterpiece nothing short of spectacular. Presented in the most cinematic way possible,







Catalina, and the coastline of California is offered in one unobstructed, sweeping view. It’s the kind of view that inspired a team to build a home like no other with the utmost integrity. Visions of a house encased in glass, with effortless flow from room to room and from inside to outside, is the central ethos that guided the evolution and completion of this real estate gem.

“You just don’t get this kind of view so close to all the entertainment, dining, and shopping amenities offered in the most famous zip code in the world.”


hen we say that 1201 Laurel Way is the kind of property

of water in order to negate the need for railing as a “pure stroke of

that cannot be repeated, we mean that in every capacity

genius”, a decision that vividly makes this property stand out among

possible. From the very first moment that developer

the rest. This “moat” surrounds the entire property beautifully like

Richard Papalian’s eyes met the entire Los Angeles basin, he knew

tiers of a wedding cake, leaving the impression that the house is

that a great deal of work and dedication would be demanded of

on an island with views of the water from every door and window.

him and his team. He set out to find the most capable architect and

Another design element that the team had to overcome was how

designer that shared his vision for perfection.

to create an entry into the guest house from the main house. They decided to create a walkway with alternating panels of glass on

When Papalian first met Michael Palumbo at the site of the

either side to unionize the separate entities as one. Such efforts

spectacular Laurel Way property, he knew that he had found his

like these demonstrate the great lengths that were taken in order to

designer. The two shared a deep appreciation for the site as well as

achieve an unprecedented piece of Beverly Hills property.

its potential. “Not only was this one of the best locations in Beverly Hills, but the incredible unobstructed views are very rare situated

It was decided early on that the house was to be open from the

only a few blocks north of Sunset in 90210 proper,” recalls Palumbo,

entry to the backyard to showcase the incredible view. In order to

“Our aesthetic and vision lined up immediately as if we had both

achieve this desired effect, the team committed to maintaining

worked together for years. I knew he was going to push me to

one continuous line in the living room floor plan. By doing so, no

achieve perfection in every way, and I was up for the challenge.”

single element could distract from how one is meant to experience the space: the view flooding in from all sides as if you are looking

Alongside Palumbo was an architect who he has had the privilege

through one large picture window. Countless more efforts were

of working with for several years, Marc Whipple. Their collaboration

taken in order to preserve this level of architectural integrity,

fell into step like a familiar tune as the two worked to push the

including adjusting walls and lining up tiles perfectly to create a

envelope in order to create the masterpiece that Laurel Way is

symmetrical, clean texture.

today. Palumbo recalls Whipple’s solution to incorporate a channel

Great design should move and surprise you. You should feel it and have an immediate attraction; this is the way you feel at Laurel Way.















a team to create his vision of a warm contemporary home, like no other, with rich textures and organic architecture for modern living and functionality.

Richard Papalian For Richard Papalian, good enough just isn’t good enough. Persistent, unwavering, and driven to perfection are the words that come to mind when describing his work ethic and personal ethos. Every project he takes on represents years of turning one idea into something truly unprecedented in the world of architecture. 1201 Laurel Way is one such remarkable achievements in high-end custom home design.

“I absolutely love what I do, whether it is a painstaking restoration of the Wallace Neff and Paul Williams homes of yesteryear or the opportunity to create something truly unique. I am challenged by the opportunity to take the quality and preciseness of the execution to a whole new level.� A businessman first and foremost, Papalian has held various power positions while gaining extensive experience catering to the most sophisticated clientele. Before serving as the chief executive officer at Sionix Corporation, Papalian was the founder of Papalian Capital Partners, Inc., a real estate investment and development firm. Before that he was CoPresident and COO of JRK Asset Management, Inc., a privately held owner and operator of hotels and multi-family housing complexes throughout the United States. Prior to joining JRK, Papalian was COO and Co-founder of Waybid Technologies LLC, an Internet multi-listing service, as well as the CEO of Promotion Agency Inc. where he dealt with international clients.


Michael Palumbo

Marc Whipple

Michael Palumbo is distinguished as one of the most prolific and original designers today. His company, Palumbo Design, has been building custom homes for more than 30 years and has earned its reputation as a premiere designer and building company in California. From the cultural to celebrity elite, his clients appreciate the same attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and impeccable standards that he brings to each home.

“In creating the floor plan that supports the clients’ desired function, Marc triggers the evolution of an aesthetic. The building’s style thus grows from its plan, often surprising clients who may not have previously recognized that affinity.” Mark Whipple prides himself in being the type

Having worked alongside architects and contractors in his early years, he understands the complexities involved with each craft— a large reason why he ends up wearing many hats while working on a particular project, giving the client the complete package. It was at this point in his career that he developed a taste for the purity of modern Asian design styles, adopting the philosophies behind Feng Shui, the relationship of the man-made to nature, and compositions using simplistic form. He felt that, “Hollywood homes called for a completely new design and construction process guided by rational problemsolving and an exterior expression of high quality modern materials and structure rather than the superficial application of classical facades.”

of architect who fosters the kind of environment where everyone involved can share in the creative process. By generating 3D models and discussing specific styles, timelines, and expectations as to how his clients envision their building performing, Whipple presents a clear and accurate plan, affording them the luxury of a piece of mind—something commonly lost by the time most projects reach fruition. His architecture firm, Whipple Russell Architects, is used to dealing with a varied roster of properties and styles: hillside homes with city, ocean and canyon views; pools and hardscapes; museums and exhibits; indoor/outdoor live and work spaces; multi-family and lofts; hotels and

“Laurel Way is so much superior than anything I see out there.”

hospitality; and of course, California GreenPoint Rated and LEED standards. They like to invoke drama into the spaces that they design, creating

Considering the many estates that Palumbo visits for big celebrity clients, this observation is extremely noteworthy. His influence has been stamped into the landscape of Los Angeles, including the coveted “Bird Streets” neighborhood above Sunset Strip where the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Halle Berry, and Madonna have lived for years. His trademark style built into many of the homes here have lead other developers and designers to follow his lead by remodeling houses with the same standards of a Palumbo design.

a place where people long to be and yearn to call home.




n order to marry romance with sophistication in a way that was still contemporary, Palumbo decided to evoke a dramatic, highly contrasting architectural

environment. He accomplished this by evoking a “white chocolate, dark chocolate� theme with the materials of wood, glass, stone, metal, and plaster. From the white glass floors to the exotic Wenge woods of the siding, stacked Hera stone and lime based plaster walls, this thread is maintained throughout.


INGREDIENTS “We build to a higher level, agonizing over the smallest details of form, finishes, and functionality.”


he quest for perfection at Laurel Way was envisioned from

polished elegance of the Super Thassos floor tile and created the

the ground-up, lead by a team who only invested in the

perfect backdrop to emphasize the organic architecture.

highest quality of materials in order to communicate the

Texston’s lime plaster, a modern version of ancient polished stucco,

highest standards of living. Having personally picked out every

was used to create a spectacular exterior finish. The eco-friendly,

material used in this project, Palumbo exceeds the traditional role

“slaked” lime finish has a luminescence presence that ages nicely in

of the designer working on a residence. Unparalleled craftsmanship

both beauty and strength. The plaster is balanced with dark bronze

is evident from the powder room tiles to the kitchen cabinets,

metal panels and louvers and large areas of operable glass.

creating the illusion that the architectural elements are somehow “floating” and “free” from conventional building methods.

The finest German-made Schűco windows and sliding doors are used on all levels to create the seamlessness and continuity between

Selecting a finish for the walls was a critical decision for they

indoor/outdoor that Papalian envisioned while Stacked Hera Stone

required a product versatile in both design and durability as the

walls add strength to the fluidity of Laurel Way. The cabinetry in the

materials would be used to create uniformity between interior and

kitchen, bath, and closet is custom designed and imported from

exterior spaces. Quarried in the Sinai Peninsula, the team selected

Italy. Custom-engineered Renlita doors are implemented in both

Hera Limestone for its warm, neutral palette and high-relief texture.

the entry and car museum off the guest house

The split face surface of each veneer was a dramatic contrast to the


SEAMLESS “The geometry is incredibly precise. Off just a quarter on an inch you have to move a wall, then you move the ceiling, which affects the entire house. It’s not easy.”


hen visiting Laurel Way you are immediately transported

found in the kitchen and continuing out onto the entertaining

into a seamless environment. From wall to ceiling to

terraces. The rimless construction of the pool and jacuzzi makes the

floor, one continuous line is achieved throughout,

water seem as if it is extending to the horizon, giving off the illusion

creating the sense that you are presented with the purest form

of a mirror laying flat on the floor.

of architecture so that what your experience in a space is exactly how that space was meant to be experienced. The mechanics

The underlying theme of “zero edge” design can be found in the

of the home are seamless, too, as seen in the way that drains

smallest of details. Each individual tile in the bathroom lines up

are completely hidden and doors seem to magically appear and

exactly against one another, as well as with the floors, as to create

disappear. Through this meticulous and innovative process, the

one continuous line. A “flush to ceiling” room ventilation was

team at Laurel Way achieves a new dialogue for how we are to

positioned above the cooktops in the kitchen to take away those

understand true indoor/outdoor living, where there is no distinction

unagreeable kitchen smells and also allow for a minimalist design

amongst the interior and exterior spaces.

approach. You will also notice that there is absolutely no molding which means that everything is perfectly square, a process that


Schűco state of the art windows and sliding doors were chosen

demanded absolute perfection. Contrary to conventional building

because their Lift and Slide technology has the advantage of sliding

practices, all drains are completely hidden from view, furthering the

easier than any other extruded window. The effect is an interior

sense that everything is “flushed” at the same level. The garage

space completely hugged by these “floating” panels of glass which

doors that open in both the main house and the car museum fold

can be effortlessly closed or opened. The quality of Schűco comes

upon themselves like an accordion to eliminate anyone from seeing

down to the smallest of details like the bottom drain channels that

any visible signs that there is indeed a track or mechanics at work.

are flush at all the interior to exterior connections. All white glass

All of these characteristics are in place to make Laurel Way as pure

floors come to a point at the same elevation as the pearl granite

and free as possible, an architectural masterpiece.


CONNECTING ELEMENTS “I don’t want somebody waiting at the entry thinking ‘when is this door going to open up?’...I want the door to be like a magic show.” -Richard Papalian, developer


hen Richard Papalian imagined the future owners who would live inside this home, he wanted the transitional spaces to not only be functional but a

transformational experience. A work of art. Why have a hallway when you can have a gallery? Why walk across a path when you can walk on water? An impressive 14-foot wood pivot door, flanked by glass on either side, welcomes you into the main floor foyer. A few steps away brings you to glass floors which, by peering down, reveal the wine cellar beneath. Cantilevered wenge steps leading from the second to the third floor create the feeling of walking on air. The hallway leading to a more secluded bedroom is turned into a reflective art wall with cushioned seating. An oversized pivot door brings you into the spacious master suite while the doors in the garage and car museum below the guest house fold up into themselves like an accordion. Stepping stones create a walkway as if you are walking on water. To reach the guest house, either enter by way of a walkway with alternating glass panels off the main house or up a curved glass-enclosed spiral staircase.





ater and fire represent two classic elements found in our natural world and they are essential components that have been brought to life here at Laurel Way.

Unlike in the natural world, these elements don’t compete with one another but rather harmonize to leave one feeling calm, safe, and nourished. Guests on foot are guided by a pedestrian pathway which leads them up steps to a sunken outdoor seating area complimented by beautiful water feature. From this vantage point, you can look beyond the wall of water and into the infinity pool located on the main deck. The most unexpected and remarkable feature one experiences at Laurel Way is the water channel encircling the entire property. Like tiers on a wedding cake, the water channel’s three layers alternate between foliage on the perimeter creating a stunning twist on a traditional railing system. Similar to how an ancient “moat” would protect a castle, the water channel acts to fortify the land as well as add beauty. From the main living room one effortlessly flows into the main entertainment area complete with a zero-edge Infinity Pool and Jacuzzi which possess fully automated technology. Pebble Fina finish is laced with mica to give it that sparkle and really make the water glisten. There are hot tubs on both the private master deck and alongside the infinity pool in the backyard. Three steam showers add an added touch of spa quality to the master suite bedroom, pool bathroom, and guest house bath. The main powder room features a ceiling mounted faucet against a black mirror mosaic that releases water onto a white glass pedestal sink that rises out of the floor of the same material. Contrasting with the water elements are fire features adding another level of comfort and warmth to the entire property. These can be enjoyed in the master suite, guest house, and outdoor living spaces.




LIVING SPACES “You won’t find a trace of the ‘smoke and mirrors’ effect here. We built for the design aesthetic of our most sophisticated clients.”


hat the architect, designer, and developer worked so

level. The over the top custom Home Automation System is fully

hard to achieve in creating this home was to create a

and seamlessly integrated with the entire property meaning you

lifestyle—each room and each space built around its

can control for heating and air conditioning, water and fire features,

purpose. No square inch left overlooked, they wanted to ensure

even the outdoor landscape lighting system via the touch of

that anything could be accessed at any time, from anywhere, for

supplied iPads and iPods from anywhere in the house or on your

luxury living at its finest.

iPhone from anywhere in the world. The home is filled with state-ofthe-art Miele appliances and every window in the house, including

Palumbo’s passion of contemporary architectural design and his

the nine bathrooms, have been fitted for electronic shades.

knowledge of the latest in home technology combined into the highly stylized and unprecedented automation system to date. Using Basalte switch technology to take Creston to a whole new

While finishing up a movie in the theater, you can turn on your private Jacuzzi on the master deck and set it to the desired temperature. You can even make the light in the Jacuzzi green. Anything you want from anywhere in the world with the user-friendly state-of-theart home automation system. -Richard Papalian, developer 39




ne’s initial impression when entering the home falls somewhere between a residence, a restaurant, and a resort. A massive pivot door flanked by quarried stone

walls dominates the entry level leading you into the main living spaces. It is here that a cinematic approach is achieved: grand stone walls with symmetrical fireplaces on either side frame the incredible view while creating balance and warmth. Sliding, highgloss lacquered doors to the left reveal a spacious library and office space featuring matte bookcases, private bath, steam shower, and seating area. To the right is the main dining room, kitchen, and access to outdoor lounge and entertainment area.




he team decided to design a free-standing beverage bar adjacent to the dining area so thats guests could easily access the wet bar from both the living and kitchen spaces. This single decision opens up all the space and enhances

the flow of social interaction. The beverage unit distinguishes the distinct “functional” and “social” areas section for evening entertaining and a coffee bar for morning and afternoon events. Entertainment and leisure can then naturally spill out onto the outdoor dining area complete with lounge furniture and fireplace. The design of the main powder room lends itself to a scene from Hollywood glamour. An electric glass door opens up to a vanity and white glass pedestal sink that rises out of the floor where tiny and black mirror mosaic tiles hug all sides for an ultra-sleek, dramatic effect. The theater is fully-equipped with all the necessary technology and comforts to enhance your at-home movie experience, even a wet bar located just outside for your convenience. All the speakers are completely hidden from view so that all you see is wall-to-wall fabric covered sound panels. One long couch running the entire length of the rear of the theater, an additional couch in the center, and two plush, leather chairs closest to the front provide plenty of seating. With one push of a button the curtains close, lights dim, and the hidden screen lowers from the ceiling. Accessible on the other side of the screen is an outside enclosure with a zen garden and plenty of sunlight. From here you can see through the floating steps of the pedestrian walkway above leading into the front entrance. The wine cellar features a glass ceiling so that it is visible from the main floor above. A glass door provides access to up to 1,000 wine bottles displayed on stainless steel rods in this temperaturecontrolled environment. An edge-lit, LED-illuminated panel in the center backlights your most coveted selections.



MASTER SUITE “I wanted the master to be a perfect, sexy jewel box of a room...a private oasis that was a sanctuary all self-contained with beauty and romance” - Michael Palumbo, Designer


ruly a secluded lap of luxury for the owners, this elegant

uses beautiful hand-carved Greek Thassos marble to line the walls

master suite is accessible only through a private entrance

of the showers. Considering every detail, the glass doors are partly

on the top floor. Ascending floating steps you can’t help

frosted for added privacy and continuous floors slightly etched to

but pause at the landing to look out through the glass walls at the

prevent slipping.

center courtyard down below before continuing on to the master suite through a grand pivot door. Spacious ‘his’ and ‘hers’ closets to

Continuing the theme of indoor/outdoor living, a sitting area leads

the left gleam with custom Italian cabinetry with designated space

you out onto an enormous 2,200 sq. ft. private deck for the ultimate

for which to hang couture and store shoes. A mirror on the back

relaxation destination. Enjoy a 18 foot fire feature, 6 person Jacuzzi

wall pivots open to reveal a hidden storage unit including a jewelry

hot tub, sitting area, and additional lounge area with sectional sofa

safe with complete with custom lighting and velour detailing. A

and chaise lounges perfect for sunbathing set to the most beautiful

60” glass fireplace with integrated 65” television is set against a

views that Beverly Hills has to offer.

backdrop of coplanar lacquer doors which keep the wet bar hidden from view. Enjoy the best of both worlds with “walls of glass” allowing the light to shine thru while still having the option to use the hotel style black-out shade system for a good night’s sleep. The low-slung Minotti Moore bed adds to the sexy allure of the master suite that looks as if it’s out of a Hollywood feature film. In the master bath you’ll find a free-standing tub, opposing Antonio Lupe sinks and vanities, toilet room with baday, and adjacent shower room. ‘Texture’ being a central theme at Laurel Way, the design



GUEST HOUSE “We spent a fortune on the décor in the guest house to make it feel like a real special place to take their guests.” - Michael Palumbo, designer


he guest house is like a Four Seasons Bungalow offering all of the beautiful amenities your well traveled guests are accustomed to. Accessible either by a walkway off the

main house or privately through a glass-enclosed spiral staircase. This spacious guest house includes surround sound, television, separate writing studio, gym with a bar, bathroom, and additional bedroom. Enjoy relaxing out on your own private deck in a cushiony seat by the fire-pit, with views of your own professional PGA-inspired putting green area and swim channel down below, as you watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Below the guest house is a 5-car museum with room for other “toys” featuring an accordion door which can detect your arrival in an approaching vehicle. Fully furnished with built-in cabinetry, this space offers a sophisticated place to store and display your automobile collection.



CURATED + INSPIRED “Its not like you build a house and then you go buy furniture to fill it. It’s all integrated. It’s all designed together.”


he layout and design of Laurel Way anticipates how a person would naturally flow from room to room, and from inside to out, and ultimately come to use and appreciate each space. In order to achieve this level of thoughtful detail, each piece of furniture was carefully designed

according to its function, scale and aesthetic within a given space. Consider how the team made a bed to the size that they ordered, just to place it in the desired room and see how it all fit together, or making sure that no layout decision would compromise the spectacular views outside. Minotti, Maxalto and B&B Italia furniture was chosen and made specifically for this house, as only the best contemporary furniture would be used for Laurel Way.

The tone on tone, rich romantic materials of velvets, Italian leathers, woods, stone, metals of these brands meld perfectly with the dramatic contrast of the architectural materials” - Michael Palumbo, Designer


Areas, room sizes and balance, adjacencies, flow and axis are all studied to ensure an aesthetically pleasing design also functions well.� - Marc Whipple



n designing the urban garden for the unique contemporary home the landscape architect was careful to design the gardens and select plant materials to showcase the home’s distinctive architecture and frame the amazing, never ending views of the Los Angeles basin. Black Birch trees

from Northern California were selected for their design contribution in both summer and winter. The red Fescue grass that blankets the hillside and the tiered varieties of bamboo plantings were selected as a soft platform from which to present the distinctive architecture and create a special environment.







Price upon request

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1201 Laurel Way | Beverly Hills  

1201 Laurel Way, a true Jewel Box, represents years of devotion, patience, and visionary excellence. High up among the treetops, on a self-c...

1201 Laurel Way | Beverly Hills  

1201 Laurel Way, a true Jewel Box, represents years of devotion, patience, and visionary excellence. High up among the treetops, on a self-c...