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February 2012

The Aftermath New Year, New You Lexie Whitmire Do you ever find yourself making New Year’s resolutions and then a week or two later you forget about it or give up? Well, if that sounds like you here are some helpful tips so you can keep those New Year’s resolutions and really make 2012 a good year to remember! •

If your new year’s resolution is to keep up and do better in school, you should not make a lot of huge changes right at once. If you start out with small changes it will feel a lot easier and not too drastic for you to handle.

If your plan is to become healthier, it may seem hard, but start with small changes in your diet and exercise and you will start to notice change. Just remember never do anything that will make you unhappy with yourself!

Or if your new year’s resolution is just to be a better person that is easy too! Just don’t stress, make time for yourself, use time management, and just relax!

So, to make your new year’s resolution work just follow these few easy guidelines and look forward to a great and relaxing 2012.♦


Negative Neville I Hate Valentine’s Day Leigh Barber

Maybe it’s because I’m a single teenage high school student or the fact that I’m surrounded by what seems like one thousand couples that seem to love to “PDA” in front of the entire school; but I hate Valentine’s Day. In my humble opinion, it’s a Hallmark Holiday. It’s like Groundhog Day; a holiday that the Hallmark card company came up with to make more money. It’s pointless. If all the couples that actually celebrate this holiday really love each other that much, then why do they feel the need to celebrate a big day where they give each other cheap chocolates and oversized teddy bears that they bought at Walgreen’s the night before? Frankly, it makes everyone else who doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend to show off to the world feel really bad about himself or herself and really lonely on that day. Couples, think back to those dark days when you were single and think about how you would like it if you were getting pushed up against a locker by a giant stuffed teddy bear being held by some girl that is actually smaller than the bear on your way to chemistry. So stop saving those sappy love poems, carnations, and the occasional chocolate rose for just one day. Instead, dispense of them over the course of your relationship in private – not at school.♦


Student Profile Cheshire Cat Farina Rahmen "Dynamite comes in small packages," a phrase that comes to mind for for Celebration High School's own Liv Simister. Standing at a mere 5'2, most would underestimate the West Chester, England native - but with fiery red hair and fiery personality to match, Simister is a force to be reckoned with. From a very young age, Simister always knew she belonged in the music industry. "When I was younger, maybe six or seven, I had my sights set on buying this venue and I was absolutely convinced that one day it would be mine. I was heartbroken when I heard they tore it down a few years ago," said Simister. Though the concert hall was torn down, the dream of being among the elite few in the highly competitive music industry was anything but torn down. At the young age of 15, Simister managed to secure an internship with an online music journal, a position she still holds now at the age of 16. Simister is easily one of the most motivated students at CHS as proven by her stellar GPA and her acceptance in to the prestigious National Honors Society. Not only is Simister academically motivated to go above and beyond, but she also finds time in between an already hectic junior year schedule involving three AP classes, Simister still makes time to contact as many people as possible in the music industry, building contacts and setting up interviews with renowned artists. She spends her free time, all five minutes of it, further exploring new artists on the rise, increasing her already, unbelievably vast music knowledge, and reading one of her favorite music magazines, Alternative Press. On the rare occasion that she has even more free time, Simister also enjoys watching one of her favorite TV shows, One Tree Hill. “I've been addicted since 2003." Simister jokes with her classic sense of humor. “I remember watching Brooke Davis start a business at the young age of 17 and it really just resonated with me. When you have far fetched dreams such as maintaining a writing internship at a music magazine and someday being a music producer or even owning a venue... you get a lot of naysayers. So I just turn to all of them and say “If Brooke Davis can start a business at age 17, I can sure as heck achieve anything I aspire to.”♦


Restaurant Review Dave & Buster’s Evita Mehta

The Aftermath Take

Do you ever miss going to Chuck-E-Cheese? How about, Playing arcade games, getting tickets, and picking out a prize? Well now you don't have to. Dave and Buster’s, the arcade and restaurant, is now located in a convenient location in Orlando, near Universal Studios. Dave and Buster’s is the local hot spot for teens and young adults. You may even find some old timers there feeling as young as ever. Dave and Buster’s is a great place for the young and the young at heart. “Drink, Eat, Play” the famous motto by Dave and Buster’s has stuck as long as the franchise has been open. Dave and Buster’s is referred to as D&B, first opened in Dallas in 1982, by the creators Dave Corriveau and Buster Corley. Dave and Buster’s Incorporated is a nationwide chain of huge spaces that combine restaurants and bars with dinner theater and games, billiards, and even laser tag. By the time 1999 ended, the D&B team had opened up 23 more locations in the United States. There are also two D&B locations in the United Kingdom and one in Taiwan, which are all operating under licensing agreements. Dave and Busters is a fun safe environment for adults to enjoy themselves and be entertained in a way that will make them feel young again. It’s a place for everyone to let loose and get away from jobs, schools, and everyday life routines. This enjoyment is not a very cheap or very expensive gamble. All dinner and lunch entrees range anywhere from eight to thirty dollars, then games range from ten to fifty dollars.. This is the price of fun over at Dave and Busters. The overall experience is great! D&B is a fun, exciting, and satisfying, complex in which a lot of care, research, and love went into to create this kind of atmosphere for consumers to enjoy.♦


Music Review Zac Brown Leigh Barber Have you heard of Zac Brown Band? If you like country music, then you probably have, but if you don’t like country music like most teenagers, then probably not. Well let me tell you a little bit about them. Coming from a small town in Georgia, Zac Brown Band has an array of instruments contributing to their unique, country/folk sound, showcasing the band’s musical ability effortlessly. They first rose to popularity in 2008 with their first hit, Chicken Fried. Since Chicken Fried, they have developed as true musicians, releasing two number one albums, The Foundation and You Get What You Give. With many varieties of songs that aren’t all about fried chicken and tractors as people seem to think; they sing about life and how to deal with everyday struggles, love stories, break ups, and even divorce. This band seems to cover anything that you may be going through. ZBB has been on tour many times and has opened for legendary country stars like Kenny Chesney. I can personally say that they are amazing in concert and make people go through a range of emotions from laughing and dancing, to tear-jerking songs from everything to the war in Afghanistan to everyday family problems. Zac Brown Band is a beautiful band that will be sure to brighten your day. It is a guarantee that you will find a song that exactly fits your mood. So give them a try and remember that country music is not just about fried chicken and tractors!♦


Book Review Thirteen Reasons Why Dayna Simon Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, was published by Razorbill in October 2007. This mysterious and dramatic young adult novel will keep you on the edge of you seat. Thirteen Reasons Why is one of those books that you won’t be able to put down. One day, Clay Jenkins returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it, waiting for him on his porch. Inside this box, he finds thirteen cassette tapes. When he plays the first tape, he is surprised to hear the voice of classmate and crush, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide just two weeks ago. On the tapes, she explains the thirteen reasons that led her to suicide. Each person she sent the tapes to is one of those reasons. If he listens, he’ll find out why he was one of those thirteen reasons. Clay spends the rest of his day and late into the night listening to the tapes Hannah left for him and visiting the locations she instructs him to. Asher does a great job with writing a touching novel on such a sensitive subject. In this realistic and emotional novel, Asher shows the importance and significance of your every action, no matter how little and insignificant it may seem.♦

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TV Review X Factor Maddy White

We all grew up watching Simon, Paula, and Randy find the next American Idol. But now Simon and Paula have left, and made their own show called The X Factor. This show is very similar to American Idol, they both have auditions, and it is a singing competition. But on The X Factor, unlike American Idol, they have contestants from the ages of 14 and up. They have way more of variety when it comes to age, but does that makes the show better? In my opinion I don’t think this show is any better than American Idol. On The X Factor there are four groups. Gils ages 14-29, boys ages 14-29 and then there are over 30, and groups. Each judge, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdel, L.A. Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger, mentor their own group of contestants throughout the contest. To begin with I was a little iffy about watching this show, but I thought to give it a shot. To begin with, the judges are very bias when it comes to the voting for who goes off the show. Even if the other contestant was clearly better, they still vote for whomever was in their group. It is not fair whatsoever. Another negative, was the way the judges criticize the singers. They do not even give the singer constructive criticisms they just fight with each other. You would think the age limit would be better, but now you can see why American Idol chose their age limit. The younger kids are not mature enough to lose, such as last week the youngest person got voted off, and they started to lose it a cry and freak out. They are not mature enough to be under that much pressure. This show is so all over the place, and not worth your time.♌


Movie Review The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Peter McFee (McFever) The remake of the original film from Sweden, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo,” hit theaters on December 20th, 2011. It is the first of the trilogy that comes from the book written by Stieg Larsson. The original film was Swedish and hit theaters in 2009. The remake was directed by David Fincher, who is known for some of his most popular films like Sev7en, Fight Club, and The Social Network. David Fincher adds his style to the film and does an amazing job at it. The characters are different in many ways than the original. A cast of actors that aren’t as common as many, still do an excellent job at making you feel like they are truly the characters. Daniel Craig, known as the most recent james Bond, plays Mikael Blomkvist, who is one of the two main characters. Mikael is a journalist who is going through a tough time due to an accusation that couldn’t be proven. His career is being taken away from him due to a small mistake that is costing him everything. A strange elderly man named Henrik Vanger, played by Christopher Plummer, hires him to solve a family murder that happened 40 years ago. Henrik though asks Mikael to pretend that he is writing a memoir for him so that no one in his family knows what is truly going on. When things get too much, Mikael has Henrik’s assistant call in a person who is highly skilled in hacking and has a keen eye. That person is Lisbeth Salander who is played by Rooney Mara. Lisbeth has an act of getting into trouble. She is an emotionally hurt character which explains why she acts out. Rooney Mara is truly my favorite Lisbeth Salander out of the two Lisbeths. Rooney plays Lisbeth so well, Rooney is young, so that adds to her character in a positive way. In the film Lisbeth is 23, she is deeply twisted and she will not stand for anything she doesn’t like. When Lisbeth and Mikael first meet they are at odds with each other, Lisbeth knows more about Mikael than he knows about her. Then further into the movie Lisbeth starts to have feeling for Mikael, then their relationship unfolds. The way the two actor interact with each other is amazing. They are truly two wonderful actors that will make you feel something for them. If you want a movie that will make you emotionally connected to the characters “ The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo “ is the movie to do so. This is one of my favorite David Fincher films. One of the best films of 2011.♦


Liv’s Music Review Pioneer Liv Simister In a world dominated by musicians who are desperate to be the next KISS or Green Day, it is difficult to find an original artist whose songs speak volumes. The Maine is one of those artists; a five-piece alternative-rock band who has the right to boast “All songs written by The Maine.” Co-writers are not necessarily something to be avoided, as many catchy, inspired songs over the years have been the product of cowriting. However, originality overflows from The Maine’s new LP in an almost awe-inspiring manner. From the opening notes of “Identify,” to the fade out of “Waiting For My Sun to Shine,” each note of Pioneer is pure perfection, showcasing the band’s talents wonderfully. Since their debut full-length Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, the band have grown immensely, though their evolution is obvious from the moment John O’Callaghan, the always-talented vocalist, opens his mouth to deliver a clever line. If you’ve followed the band from the beginning, there is something about watching a band progress and become everything you knew they could be. “My Heroine” is a notable, lusty track, with intense vocals and clever guitar riffs that will capture the attention of even the drowsiest of listeners. Many fans were left wondering if The Maine could ever top their second, full-length album Black & White, which had been released in the summer of 2010. The album was consistent through each track, beautifully crafted, and again, The Maine delivered. Pioneer is a beautiful example of taking a leaf from the pages of Rock N’Roll 101; the album is a pure rock album. Although there is nothing negative to be said for pop-punk, or punk in general, there is something so wonderfully refreshing about listening to an album free of mosh-pitesque break-downs or screaming (which is often done incorrectly anyway). If you’re a fan of alternative rock or miss the days when Cheap Trick ruled (better yet, if you don’t know who Cheap Trick is or know what rock n’ roll really is, please acquire a musical education and…), please check out The Maine’s new album, Pioneer. You won’t be disappointed.♦


Flashback Movie Review The Goonies L.E. Charles You may be familiar with movies such as “Super 8” and “National Treasure.” Both were praised because of their themes of adventure and the quest of treasure. These same characteristics can be found in the 1985 adventure flick, “The Goonies.” Directed by Chris Columbus and produced by Steven Spielberg, ”The Goonies” is bound to keep you entertained and anticipating a great search for treasure. The story starts with a small group of young boys packed inside Mikey’s (Sean Austin) house, crying over that fact that Mikey’s family is forced to move because their house has been foreclosed and they can’t find the money to keep up with it. Meanwhile, Mikey’s brother is trying to win over a girl named Andie. The boys (they call their group the Goonies) sneak their way into the attic where their father’s antiques are stored.where they happen upon a treasure map. The Goonies embark on a great adventure to find the treasure so Mikey does not have to move. There are many boobie traps and challenges along the way to the treasure- in which many have died trying to find. Upon all the hard quests the Goonies must face, they find that bank robbers are following them. With a great cast like Sean Astin, Josh Brolin and the funny kid, Cory Feldman, prepare for a great time and a nice thrilling movie. You will be sure to discover that “Goonies never say die.”♦


Feature Piece Dreaming of the Dream Lauren Adhav The Disney Dream is Disney’s newest cruise ship and it truly is a dream to set sail and vacation on this magnificent ship. The Dream has various amenities such as a mini golf course, a movie theater, two pools, and of course, the infamous water ride the “AquaDuck” that actually goes off the side of the ship. It also offers great kids clubs that leave even adults envious. The Dream is two decks larger than its predecessors, the Magic and Wonder, and features shows in its theater such as “Villains”, “The Golden Mickey’s”, and “Believe.” “Cabana’s,” an all you can eat buffet on the top deck, and restaurants such as “Remy’s”, “Paolo’s”, “Animator’s Palace”, and “Enchanted Garden”. The shows have extremely talented actors, providing entertainment for the whole family and the service in all the restaurants is just fantastic. All the employees have positive attitudes and are pleased to help you with any of your needs to make your experience on the Dream the absolute best. They are friendly and encourage you to tell them anything that could improve your vacation, so you shouldn’t hesitate to approach them. The itinerary includes a three-day trip to the Bahamas and Disney’s own island Castaway Cay. In the Bahamas you are free to shop around the markets full of hand crafted goods made from the locals and at Castaway Cay you can spend the whole day at the beach, enjoying the bike trail, waterslides, and food served on the island. And when you have done everything that those destinations have to offer, you can always come back to the ship to do more. On the Dream there are endless amounts to do, I can guarantee that you will never be bored and that your vacation will be filled with memories that last a lifetime, even in your dreams.♦


Editorial Big Brother Is Watching Richard Christianson As this young and sprawling era that we live in progresses, we find a new and common issue that is not made by criminals, politicians, or terrorists, but by citizens. Human beings tend to perceive things how they want them to be, and if you decide that something is a certain way, then you’ll find that you are correct. You’ll find that without proof or support, you’ll jump to the conclusion that you are correct. The modern-day problem I am mentioning that has grown far past reasoning, is paranoia. As the media reports on serial killers, rapists, and kidnappers, we grow paranoid, we become judgmental, and we make a call within a second of seeing a person that we perceive as dangerous and malevolent out of pure fear. It is no wonder people are so paranoid. When I turn on the news in the morning and drink my coffee, I hear of crime, of broken families shooting one another, of kidnappings and desperate families searching for their loved ones, I hear an endless onslaught of how in the last ten hours, this many people have died. Is it any wonder why people are so paranoid? I’m a teenager, as many others can say for themselves, and based upon the way I dress and appear, I will walk down a dozen streets and in ten of them I’ll see all eyes on me as I pass by. We live in a modern era where all information is streaming at less than a second and for some reason, I think we’ve fallen into this belief that we are the next casualties to be reported on the news. That we are going to get kidnapped or murdered. That we are in danger. There is a difference between paranoia and caution. It seems that overreacting is a common trait among young people. We are scared of everything; of air-born diseases, of possible mutations caused by shots, of a possible terrorist attack, of a possible this and that, but most of all, we are afraid that something is going to happen to us at any minute of any day, and we are always on the lookout for that something; that the pizza guy on your front porch may be a murderer or your neighbor is suddenly a pedophile and the right and the proper thing to do is call the cops. We live in a new era, and in this new era we are more paranoid than ever by everything and everyone that we might as well just start building walls around our houses and chant, “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.” ♦


End Rex

Cake Pops Maddy White Ingredients • • • • • • •

1 box of chocolate cake mix (and the other ingredients on the box) 1 can of chocolate frosting Candy melts (any color) Lollipop sticks (found at Michaels, or Joann’s) Cake pan Parchment paper Sprinkles (optional)

Steps 1. Bake the cake just like instructed on the box 2. Once done baking, let the cake sit for 20-30 minutes to cool 3. Take the cake and crumble it in a separate bowl, make sure no big clumps 4. Put the can of frosting into the bowl, and mix the cooked cake and frosting 5. Taking the cake & frosting roll into little balls 6. Place the cake balls on top of a parchment paper covered cookie sheet. 7. Put in the fridge for several hours, or the freezer for 15 minutes 8. Make sure they are hardened but not frozen then take them out 9. Melt the candy melts into a bowl, until liquefied 10. Take one cake ball and place a lollipop stick into it 11. Dip the cake ball into the melted candy melt, make sure it is completely covered 12. Optional, but you can add sprinkles on top 13. Then let them sit out (room temperature) and let them harden


End Rex •

Yet Again Salma Belakbir

I might have been in my house In the company of my family But, it’s not like I had any resolution Or, a particular wish to see somebody. In the mist of the quiet of my room I only hear the clicks of my keyboard And, at the same time, my mind is working Digging through the past year. A pattern that never failed Each eve of a new year Unconsciously, I go back and just look. It never fails to surprise just what I could learn Not just from mistakes, but accomplishment too. Not sure if I’m the only one, But, even alone or with others, Waiting, for you, might be a new start Or, possibly a means to some end. But, either way, let your mind go, And give a little try to my method. I remember, but do you?

The Aftermath  
The Aftermath  

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