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January 2013

Advertiser Essential shops & services with everything you need all wonderfully local!

Inside this month: Birdie Tales: Our Blackbirds Specsavers: New in Wantage… Wine Review: A little bit of Italy… Book review: The Sins of the Father… Talk to the vet: Small furry winter worries… Promoting local business, trade and services. Advertise! Be Seen! Call Lou 01367 244975 or 07894 554551

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|January 2013|


2013 Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a rilliant New Year‌ May all your dreams come true. But most of all Happiness. Lou :)

To Advertise in hear! Lou Guthrie: 07894 554551 0r 01367 244975 E-Mail:

Kim Haskin


Deadline for Feb Edition Fri 18th Jan

Mandie Haywood Born and brought up in Derbyshire, England, Mandie Haywood has always been close to the wildlife and nature of the Peak District, which along with her very own wildlife refugees, has been the inspiration for much of her work. She served many successful years as a portrait painter and photographer and then later as a commercial artist and illustrator. She has been commissioned by some of the worlds famous names. She can be described as a realist painter but her paintings are so much more than realism. They are imaginative, often quirky and sometimes even a little on the dark side.

Tel: 07884 463014

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Business Update The Advertiser Magazine is distributed to….. Southmoor, Buckland, Littleworth, Faringdon, Little & Great Coxwell, Buscot, Stanford in the Vale, Uffington, Kingston lisle, Woolstone, Fernham, Longcot, Highworth, Shrivenham, Watchfield, Coleshill, Clanfield, Kelmscot, Burford, Filkins. *New - Bampton & Wantage*

Call Trish: 01367 820060 Cowleaze Farm, Woolstone, Oxon SN7 7QS Email:

THE PLOUGH INN Join us to welcome in 2013

New Years Eve Party! What's on in January? Friday Nights: Lou’s Luscious Hot Pot Night! £10 including a pint of beer! Tuesdays Nights: Curry Nights £8.50 Warm & wonderful traditional venue Beautiful food and service

Call Josie on: 01367 253543

The Advertiser is a monthly publication that should reach you by the 1st of the month … if for some reason you find you have not received your copy, please contact me … Lou Guthrie: 07894 554551 0r 01367 244975 E-Mail:

Lets Talk about Whisky

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We had a whisky tasting recently that I enjoyed not just because the whiskies were good but also because it reminded me how inextricably linked whisky is with the people connected with it’s heritage and production, and also with the people you share it with. The tasting was of whiskies from distilleries owned by the big, multi-national Diageo but the unique personality of brand ambassador Colin Dunn made this a very personal experience for all those present. From the beautiful sherried Mortlach that few present had heard of but is the favourite of many who work in the whisky industry, to the smooth, elegant Johnnie Walker Platinum that had its roots in a grocer’s shop in Kilmarnock in the 1860s, and whose iconic striding man on the angled label is now known the world over, each whisky has a continually evolving story that adds to its individuality. Alongside the whiskies’ own tales were stories from Colin’s life that demonstrated how our experiences influence our knowledge of different aromas and how powerful these are in retrieving memories. This can mean that the aromas we perceive in whisky will differ from those other people detect, as their experiences have been different, but it can also lead to us creating shared memories. For example, if the first time you try an elegant and citrusy Bruichladdich single malt is with a group of friends then when you subsequently nose that particular dram you’ll be reminded of the occasion and the people you shared it with. Of course, it’s not just about the people you’re with, sometimes it’s about the very special place you were in. For me, I can never drink a glass of Caol Ila without recalling the stunning view from the distillery over to the Paps of Jura, as I was lucky enough to enjoy my first dram of this peated Islay whisky whilst enjoying that beautiful scene. So, as we begin a New Year my resolutions are to make more time to enjoy a dram in the company of friends and loved ones creating shared memories and to spend more time escaping to the sort of places that make your heart sing. Sláinte! Fran Thomas Arkwrights Whisky and Wines

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Come and have a walk around our garden displays to get ideas and inspiration We have handcrafted paving produced on site and also sandstone, travertine & limestone from all around the world Open to trade & retail • Closed Sunday

Tel: 01367 240112

Children’s Day Nursery in Shellingford, Faringdon Recognised by OFSTED in September 2010 as OUTSTANDING in Leadership & Management Excellent quality Children’s Day Nursery combining traditional loving Care with a stimulating educational programme to provide a wellBalanced environment for your child. Ÿ Children from 6 weeks to 5 years Ÿ Open 7.45am to 6.15pm Monday to Friday Ÿ Full time or part time (51 weeks) Ÿ Pre-school educational curriculum Ÿ French and music classes Ÿ Secure Door Entry System

To organise a visit please contact Steph Chapman, Nursery Manager on 01367 718888

a specialist firm dealing with Private Client work including Wills • Estate Administration • Lasting Powers of Attorney and all aspects of residential property and conveyancing work such as Sales • Purchases • Remortgages • Shared Ownership Development Transactions • Land Transactions • Property Investment Angel Wilkins LLP, The Woolpack, Church Street, Wantage OX12 8BL Tel: 01235 775100 Fax: 01235 775101 Email: or or Angel Wilkins LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority: SRA number: 524327

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Talk to the Vet!

Small Furry Winter Worries It’s really important that we remember about our fluffy bunnies and cute guineas this winter as the cold and damp can be a serious threat to their health. If they are old, thin or poorly then you should think about bringing them inside. But be careful as these sort of animals are prey animals and so change to their environment or daily routine can be very stressful. Gradual steps are best, take them inside for a few hours first and let them settle, then each time increase the length of time. It’s important to be aware of our little furry friends that will be wintering in their hutches outside. A draught proof and dry house is essential with plenty of bedding such as dust free straw and shredded newspaper as this creates insulation so they can make a nice, cosy nest. Blankets can be put over the hutch which helps with windy days and draughts, but always make sure the blankets are on the outside not the inside as these little critters love to chew and this could be potentially very harmful to them. On those icy and frosty mornings you should always check the water bottle to see if the water is frozen, preferably twice a day. It’s vital before buying a pet that you research the requirements for looking after it. For instance guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin C. They forage for it through their diet in the wild so, for the domestic ones, they need a little help and have it added to their diet. Specific guinea pig diets do this. Rabbit’s teeth are continually growing so a quality diet including good forage is vital to help wear the teeth down Not doing this can cause mouth pain which could result in your rabbit not eating and becoming unwell. Regular dental checks by your vet will identify if a problem is present. They will also be able to give good nutritional advice. Stress in rabbits and guinea pigs is another problem that can lead to them becoming ill or even dying. Signs of stress include hiding most of the time, chewing cage bars, over grooming, altered feeding and toileting patterns, sitting hunched, reluctant to move and repeated circling of the enclosure. If you are unsure at all about how your little furry friend is, then pop along to your vet and have your small furry checked out sooner rather than later. My team do run free small furry nurse clinics at Danetree Vets so give us a call. Polly Noviss

Graham Pursey 01367 242 777

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THE GRANGE CARE CENTRE Stanford in the Vale, Faringdon, Oxfordshire Quality 24-hour residential nursing care for elderly persons. Do you need a long or short stay holiday break? If you’re looking for a nursing home for yourself or a loved one, make sure to come and visit us. Ÿ Daily activities Ÿ Beautiful landscaped gardens Ÿ Entertainment Ÿ Nutritional meals Ÿ Residential hairdressing Ÿ Highly trained staff Ÿ Personal furniture Ÿ Single/companion Whether you require 24 hour nursing care, a short break or Ÿ En-suite facilities rooms you’re recovering from an operation, you’ll find just the care you need at The Grange. Ÿ GP visits/24 nursing Ÿ Superb facilities In the serene setting of what was originally a 17th century vicarage, you’ll benefit from the kind of considerate attention our dedicated staff are noted for. We cater to all specialised needs and many of our rooms are en-suite. Although a restful place, there’s no shortage of activities. Live entertainment is often the order of the day and many of our activities take place in the garden.

Please do phone and come and visit us. We would love to meet you and your family. Call 08444 725 182 or email: Visit our website:

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Birdie Tales (Turdus merula)


TEL 01367 243324 07918 660725 14 Pioneer Road, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7BU

The male Blackbird is one of our most recognizable birds. Most of us are familiar with the sight of this jet black bird with his bright yellow beak probing the lawn for earthworms. They can also be one of the most charismatic birds to feed as many will quickly learn where the food is coming from – we’ve heard many a story of Blackbirds knocking on windows in the morning to remind the residents that they need their breakfast. (We have several that do this) The distinctive male cannot be confused with any other British bird. His plumage is jet black with an orange-yellow bill and eye ring. The females are brown, often with a dark mottling on the breast and have a darker bill than the male, sometimes almost completely brown. Juveniles are similar to the female, but with stronger mottling on the under parts and a darker coloured bill. From August, young males start to resemble adults, but still maintain brown wings and darker bill. The Blackbird builds its nest from grass, roots and sticks often bound together with mud, sited in shrubs or trees. Breeding starts in March with 2-3 clutches of 3-5 eggs being laid. The eggs are greenish-blue with reddish spots, incubated by the female for 12-14 days. Both parents feed the nestlings who fledge after 10-19 days. A Blackbird foraging on the ground is a common sight in gardens. They feed on insects and earthworms, often turning over leaf litter to pick through any tasty morsels that may be underneath. From late summer to early winter they will often switch to a diet richer fruit and berries. The Blackbird has soft-bills, struggling to deal with tough seeds and grain when visiting the garden bird table. It is better to put out specially formulated soft-bill mix and offer it from a ground feeder rather than a bird table. Foods such as dried mealworms and suet pellets are a particular favourite of Blackbirds and they will soon learn to come back for more. The Blackbird hopping around your garden this winter may not be the same bird that visited you in the spring. Many British Blackbirds migrate West during the Autumn towards Ireland and European birds moving into the UK.

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Faringdon Road, Southmoor, Oxfordshire, OX13 5BG

~New Years Eve Party~ Welcome in 2013! Real ales, good food, a warm friendly atmosphere, comfortable restaurant Free function room available

J. GODFREY & SON Funeral Services An Independent family-run business, spanning 4 generations. 24 hours, 7-days-a-week personal service and support. A private Chapel of Rest, Pre-Paid Funeral plans, Ware Road, Stanford in the Vale Oxon SN7 8NY

21 Mill Street, Wantage Oxon OX12 9AB

A Little Bit of Italy My captivating with Italian wine lies with its some 2000 indigenous grape varieties, that along with international varieties such as merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, provide an incredibly broad spectrum of aromas and flavours. his, combined with the varied terrain on which the vines are cultivated; from the northern alps to the southern most islands further adds to the diversity of the flavour profile. Shining the spotlight on one of Italy's 'introduced' varieties -Primitivo, whose name derives from Latin 'primativus', meaning 'first to ripen', we find a red grape variety that has the same DNA fingerprint as California's Zinfandel and the vine Crljenak Kastelanski that originates in Croatia. Primitivo is commonly found in Puglia, on the Adriatic Coast, Salento Peninsula, South Eastern Italy (aka 'the heel' on the boot of Italy). It produces wines that are rich, alcoholic and packed with ripe dark stone fruits. A sample of such wine available locally: Terre di Sava Luccarelli Primitivo 2011 Puglia, Italy Pronounced aromas of plums, prunes and fresh herbs. On the palate, it is dry with ripe, black cherries, with a herbal infusion of white pepper, fresh sage, bay leaves and vanilla. The tannins are grainy, yet balanced, giving way to a moderately lingering finish. ÂŁ8.49 Available from Den Boer Wines Call Donna on 01367 241196 REVIEWS

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Crowdy & Rose Solicitors of Faringdon and Lechlade We have a wealth of local knowledge and are an established part of the local community providing for the needs of our clients 2 Market Place, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7HW

Tel: 01367 240285 High Street, Lechlade, Gloucestershire GL7 3AE

Tel: 01367 252644 Faringdon Branch Established within the local community since 1790

Est. 1986

Lechlade Branch

GARDENSCAPE Individual Design, Construction & Maintenance To discuss your personal garden requirements phone: 01865 250372 or 07773333531 Roger Hutchence - BA (HONS) NCH (Landscape Construction)

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Quiz Night every Tuesday! 9pm

10th Jan Ian Bateman - Duo One of Europe’s most in-demand Jazz trombonists 24th Jan Jon-Paul Gard/ Chris Cobbson - Duo Exciting, Supreme organ & cool guitar sounds


Roots of Winter!

The coming of January heralds many things for many different people. It is the start of a new year with an entire wave of well intended resolutions. It is also the depth of winter but thoughts of spring creep in to our thoughts in the hopes it may push away the promise of snow! Food is at its most rustic, I think! Big strong flavours in the form of root vegetables, warming chunky soups and stews and lovely old fashioned puddings are really fitting the bill at this time. We don't have the variety of vegetables now but what we do have is a real choice in the way we cook them. January holds value in root vegetables with strong earthy flavours and plenty of sweetness produced from growing within our rich soils. Since opening the shop, my allotment has really gone to ground but if you managed a good bit of planning, the growing of vegetables such as beetroot or swedes really brings the ground alive at this time. These lovely roots do wondrous things in our cooking, too and it may sound simple but you can't beat a good soup. I really love celeriac for the job and it could not be easier. To make a fine soup - Start by peeling and chopping an onion. Soften in large pan in a little oil or butter. Peel and cube the celeriac adding to the pan along with a crushed clove of garlic. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Pour in enough stock to generously cover the celeriac and simmer for around 20 minutes. Season really generously with sea salt - I love Cornish! - and black pepper then liquidize the soup adding around 150ml cream. The soup should be the consistency of double cream. Check the seasoning then serve piping hot with warm crusty bread and some good cold butter. Lesley Holdship

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Chickens @ Seven Acres Nurseries


THE DOG STUDIO is run by husband and wife team Adam and Trish who are both passionate about dogs. Adam is an experienced dog handler/trainer and Trish a fully qualified hyrdotherapist and groomer. The perfect team, committed to working with you and your Vet to ensure the best possible treatment for your pets. Treatments offered at THE DOG STUDIO include rehabilitation programmes and Obesity management. There is a lovely pool which is kept heated to 29 C and has anti‐swim jets. The dogs are always accompanied by an experienced dog handler while in the water and owners are encouraged to observe and encourage their pets from the poolside. Alternatively owners can have a free cup of tea or coffee in the waiting room. After an exercise session in the pool the dogs will move into the Jacuzzi spa which is heated to 38  C and promotes muscle relaxation by combining warmth and massage. The underwater treadmill is the most up to date available. It is computerised and programmed for each pet, providing the optimum treatment for pets to lose weight or improve their fitness. For more information about this wonderful place visit the website at where there is more information about the very special care offered to pets who are recovering from surgery or injury or need to lose a bit of weight. Call Trish or Adam on 01367 820060

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Simon Rawlings Property Services Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Soffit, Fascia, Guttering, Cladding Wall & Floor Tiling, Bathroom Fitting, Decorating, Fencing, Carpentry Patio’s, Paths & Driveways, Plastering, Building Work, Kitchen Fitting All work considered - No job too small - Fully insured

Tel: 01235 770592 Mob: 07724831349 E-mail:

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Chowle Groomers

Healthy Tips

New Years Resolutions!

Chowle Cottage, Great Coxwell, Faringdon, SN7 7LT How long do your New Year’s resolutions last? Many therapists will report an increase in enquiries during March and April when people’s commitment to New Year’s resolutions has worn off.

Pampering Guaranteed A friendly stress free environment where your dog can unwind and relax during his/her grooming experience.

Call Linda on 07532 184174 E-mail

Part of the problem, is that people tend to focus on external outcomes without addressing what’s going on inside. Weight management is a classic case in point. Some people think that once they lose weight they will be happy. They struggle with various diets and lose heart when the weight piles on again. The chances are, they are struggling with internal issues that need to be dealt with before they can take control of other aspects of their lives, such as their relationship with food, stress, work, money or family. Often because it takes time for many habits to be changed people lose motivation. Motivation is an often-misunderstood process but it’s made up of: Autonomy - Whether you pursue an activity for its own sake or because external forces compel you, you gain motivation when you feel in charge. If you feel you have no control, then you’ll lack motivation. Value - Motivation also blossoms when you stay true to your beliefs and values. Assigning value to an activity can restore one's sense of autonomy. Often with weight loss people do not value themselves and therefore are not prepared to spend money on themselves or invest time and effort into changing. Competence - As you devote more time to an activity, you notice your skills improve, and you gain a sense of competence. A study on students and their attitudes and engagement with athletics during a two-year period found a strong link between a student's sense of prowess and his or her desire to pursue sports. So to keep your New Year’s resolutions going you need to plan, make sure you can reorganise your schedule to incorporate exercise, not eat on the go, be mindful of what you want to achieve and if you need help in achieving those things and change the way you think and feel about them then seek help - there are many ways. If you can spend hundreds of pounds on smoking cigarettes, or drinking down the pub, or eating fattening food, then you need to reconsider what you value more and to make those changes. You could try coaching or hypnotherapy to change those habits, and get out and exercise more. Go to for more details.

Penny Ling

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Ashbury Lodge 261 Marlborough Road Swindon SN3 1NW 01793 496827 Residential and Specialist Dementia Care Respite and Day Care Downs View Care Centre Badbury Swindon SN4 OEU 01793 740240 Residential and Specialist Dementia Care Respite and Day Care Church View Nursing Home Rainer Close Stratton St. Margaret Swindon SN3 4YA 01793 820761 Residential and Specialist Nursing Care Respite and Day Care

Winter Promotion Take a short break in one of our luxurious homes and enjoy up to two nights on us. Stay for up to 7 nights for the price of 5 this winter, at selected care homes. Our flexible booking system means that you can arrive and leave on whichever day of the week suits you best. Maintained to high standards, our thoughtfully designed care homes offer 24 hour, premium quality nursing, personal and specialist Dementia Care. We provide a complete range of facilities and services to suit your individual care needs. Every home offers and extremely comfortable, stimulating safe and friendly atmosphere, so its not surprising that our homes have consistently gained high ratings from the Care Quality Commission.

If you would like to know more, simply contact Michelle on 01793 528924 or 0785 661655, quoting “Winter Offer� or visit our website

oks Lets talk about bo

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Here as promised is a review of the second book in The Clifton Chronicles – a family saga about the Clifton and Barrington families. Harry has assumed the identity of murderer Tom Bradshaw and is persuaded to help clear Toms name. However events don’t follow the intended plan and Harry ends up serving a jail sentence. Meantime Harry’s sweetheart Emma is convinced he is still alive and is seeking to prove this and find the truth about his paternity. While the plot is somewhat predictable Archer is a genius at creating little twists here and there and the characters are well portrayed. The story is engrossing and carries the reader along at a good pace ending with dramatic courtroom scenes, and a huge cliff-hanger to finish it off. This is not a standalone story, it is very much a continuation of book 1, so read that first ! The story line is possibly weaker than the first book but it does become compulsive reading and is very enjoyable. The sudden ending will force you to go out and buy Number 3 which will reportedly be available March/April 2013......... Happy Reading

01367 241063

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Faringdon Dramatic Society Presents for your entertainment

Written and Directed by Peter Webster Jack is a young lad living with his widowed mother. They’re so poor that when their only cow stops giving milk, Jack is sent to the market to sell it. On the way to the market he meets an old woman who offers to give him "magic" beans in exchange for the cow. Jack takes the beans but when he arrives home without money, his mother is furious, throws the beans out the window and sends Jack to bed without supper but as Jack sleeps, the beans grow into a gigantic beanstalk. Next day Jack climbs the beanstalk and arrives in a land high up in the sky where he follows a road to a house – the home of a giant …

Friday 25th Jan 7.30pm Saturday 26th Jan Matinee 2.30pm, Evening 7.30pm Friday 1st Feb 7.30pm Saturday 2nd Feb Matinee 2.30pm, Evening 7.30pm Faringdon Junior School Hall, Gloucester Street, Faringdon (Parking in Gloucester Street Car Park) Tickets £8 and £6 (Under 16s) available online, also from The Nut Tree, Corn Market, Faringdon, or on the door.


Enquiries – Fiona Merrick 07548 854534 Or see our Facebook event page “JACK AND THE BEANSTALK – a pantomime by

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Out and About Date






Thur 3rd

Folk Night

The Swan, Park Road, Faringdon



Fri 4th

Karizma formerly known as Decades

Bell Hotel, Faringdon

9pm midnight

Covers from 60s to 90s

Fri 4th

Live Music: The Yearning

Portwell Angel


01367 248030

Sat 5th

Christmas Tree Recycling

Faringdon Market Place

9:30am 3:30pm

Wed 9th

Jazz Night

Portwell Angel


01367 248030

Thur 10th

Acoustic/Open Mic night

The Swan, Park Road, Faringdon

7:30pm 01367 241480


Thur 10th

Faringdon & District U3A monthly meeting

Corn Exchange, Faringon


Sylvia Bowley 01367 241296

Nick Gill will give a talk on Cole Porter

Thur 10th

Live jazz Music with Ian Bateman - DuoOne

The Prince of Wales, Shrivenham


Sat 12th

Craig Live Solo Guitarist & Singer

The Bell Hotel, Faringdon

9pm midnight

Thur 16th

The Faringdon Youth Project

Faringon Library

4pm 5:30pm

Fri 18th

Jive Aid

Faringdon Junior School

7:30pm 11pm

Sarah Oliver 07974 938265

Fri 18th

Take 2 Live

The Bell Hotel, Faringdon

9pm midnight

Sat 19th

Live Music: A Solo Acoustic Gig by Tom Hingley

The Swan, Park Road, Faringdon

9:00pm 01367 241480


Wed 23rd

FollyFest Quiz Night

The Old Crown Coaching Inn


£2.50 per player. Max 5 in a team

Wed 23rd

Louise Woodgate

Portwell Angel


01367 248030

Pre booking essential Tickets £12.75

Thur 24th

Acoustic/Open Mic night

The Swan, Park Road, Faringdon

7:30pm 01367 241480


Thur 24th

Live jazz Music with John-Paul Gard / Chris Cobbson

The Prince of Wales, Shrivenham


Fri 25 Sat 26

Jack and the Beanstalk

Faringdon Junior School

2.30pm & 7:30pm

Fiona Merrick 07548 854534

Fri 25th

Eat. Love. Sing

The Bell Hotel, Faringdon

9pm midnight

Tue 29th

Craft Class - Card making

The Jubilee Rooms, Faringdon

6:30pm 8:30pm

07796 382727

01367 248030

£6 on the door. Bar

Tickets £8 (£6 conc) From The Nut Tree

£10 per class. Materials included.

Call Lou to have your events on this page 01367 244975 or 07894 554551 email: Wed 30th

Ray Buff Jazz

Portwell Angel


Tue 29th

Quiz Night

The Swan, Park Road, Faringdon


£1 per person Winning team takes all

Call Lou to have your events on this page 01367 244975 or 07894 554551 email: February Fri 1st Sat 2nd

Jack and the Beanstalk

Faringdon Junior School

2.30pm & 7:30pm

Fiona Merrick 07548 854534

Tickets £8 (£6 conc) From The Nut Tree

Sat 2nd

Family Quiz Night: In aid of Faringdon Scout Group

Catholic Church Hall, Faringdon


Faith Carpenter 01367 241237 or just turn up

Teams of 4, £3 per person

Sat 2nd

Pete Williams

The Bell Hotel, Faringdon

9pm midnight

Thur 7th

Winter in the Garden by Timothy Walker

Thomas Hughes Memorial Hall, Uffington


Pamela Preen 01367 820251

Visitors £3. Raffle

Sat 9th

Pruning Day Event

Coleshill Organics Walled Garden, Coleshill, SN6 7PT

10am 3pm

Tony Hinkes on mobile 07979 618196

£30 per person

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Local Events Date






Regular Events Every Mon

Singing group by Mums for Mums

Corn Exchange, Faringdon

9:30am 11am

Every Mon

Lunch Box Singing

Faringdon Library

1pm 2pm

Sheena 01367 240311

1st Tue

Farmers Market

Market Place, Faringdon

Until 1pm

01367 710445


£2 per family First taster session. Free. Open to all

1st Tue

Coffee Morning

Faringdon Library

10:30am 11:30am

Every Tue


Portwell Angel


01367 248030

£1 per person per game Winner takes proceeds

Every Tue

Pub Quiz

The Prince of Wales, Shrivenham


£1 per person. Cash prizes

1st Wed

Open Mic Night

Horse and Jockey, Stanford in the Vale


2nd & last Wed

Knitting Group

Horse and Jockey, Stanford in the Vale

Every Wed

Open Coffee House

Great Coxwell Reading Room

10:30am 11am

01367 241179

Coffee and Conversation

Alternate Wed

Faringdon Youth Project Drop-in Sessions

Faringdon Library

4pm 5:30pm


Every Thur

Women’s Drop In

United Church Faringdon

12:30 2:30pm

Term time only

Coffee/tea, cake and a chat Free - donations welcome

Every Thur

Quiz Night

Horse and Jockey, Stanford in the Vale


1st Fri

Jelly Co-working Session

1-cafe, 10 London street, Faringdon

10am 2pm

Every Fri


Faringdon Library

10:30am 11am

Every Sat

Faringdon Farcycle cycle ride

Leave from Market Place


1st Sun

Great Coxwell Teas

The Reading Room, Great Coxwell

2:30pm 5pm

1st Sun

15 Minute Club

Portwell Cellar


Last Sun

Messy Church

United Church, Faringdon

4pm 5:30pm

Free Free

01367 241142

11-12miles or 25-35 miles Tea, Coffee and delicious cakes available

07714 218825 Free

Experts - local services Tom Wheeler Comprehensive Window Cleaning Service

Shrivenham Hardware Friendly and reliable service…

Open 7 days a week

Also: Patios, Conservatories Gutters, Fascia Boards

Mon-Sat 9.30-5.00pm & Sun 10.00-2.00pm Key Cutting and Dry Cleaning done here!

Call Tom: 07762 380733

01793 783 449

For all Your Fencing Patios Dry stone Walling Garden Clearance

Contact Kenny 07733273100

Any size breed, fully insured

52 High Street Shrivenham, Swindon SN6 8AA

The Body Shop @ Home

Call Suzanna 07825 873730


Seasoned cut & split delivered to your door £70 per load £25 gift for hosting a party with complimentary Corded lengths of pine ideal for woodburners foot massage, up to 70% discount on products £30 collected or £40 delivered Try before you buy, exclusive & free offers! Call now 01367 243053 Book a party call Kelly 07519395273 07767 241301

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Experts - local services Fiscal Business Services Ltd How profitable were you last month? Knowing the current position enables you to pursue opportunities and take appropriate action. Book a one hour Financial Health Check consultation to see if you can save money on your Year End

01367 244611

Tel: 07403 216682 Email:

Counselling Maureen Hunt.M.B.A.C.P. diploma in psychodynamic practice Counsellor/Trainer/Supervisor Long & short term counselling Trained & Experienced in Relationships,Depression,Stress & Bereavement working with Individuals/Adolescence's/Couples Counselling provides support in times of emotional pain For more information or to make an appointment ring

01367- 244736

Den Boer Wines Quality wines, tastings and events Tel 01367 241169 Mobile 07919 241881 Email: donnarogers

Chris Lewis

Hermon: 07955499467 01367241127 ASTON PINE STRIPPING Caustic and non-caustic stripping of all woods & metals. Established for over 15 years - Water Board Approved


CranioSacral Therapy

ASTON PINE ANTIQUES Stockists of English and Continental pine furniture, as well as many other antiques - 8,000+ sq.ft of showrooms

Oxford Architectural Antiques Large stock of period fireplaces, doors, panelling, sanitary ware & garden items. Architectural salvage sourcing service available. The Warehouse, Ferndale St, Faringdon, Oxon, SN7 7BE Tel: 01367 242268

Alison Auger M.A.R for appointments telephone:

01367 242127 or 07742 816230

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Experts - local services

Ohm Electrix Electrical services and Installations Fully qualified and insured electrician. All types of domestic work undertaken, from small jobs to garden and garage power, to full rewires. Commercial and Solar PV work also catered for. Friendly, professional service from a local company.

Contact us to discuss your needs, and get a free, no obligation estimate and advice.

Phone: 07879 013359 Registered with the NICEIC domestic installer “part P” SCHEME

Ofsted Registered Childminder GOOD grading

Health, Nutrition and weight management Imagine..........a healthier lifestyle To be fit and free of aches and pains and If you had no more digestion challenges That time is now..... We have a range of natural healthcare products just for you and your family Therapies to reduce stress and muscular pain..... Book a massage, reflexology or facial

Has full time and part time places available, flexible hours, Drops off and pickup up from Faringdon Junior and Infant school. Please call Hayley O'Leary on 07585226285 or email

Start feeling great today Call: Ali Wiltshire 07403 216682

F A R I N G D O N C A R S A I R P O R T T R A N S F E R S Corporate Service Short/Long Distances Courier Service Business Accounts Executive Cars Driver Hire Insured Cars 4/7 Seaters

The Cheap Way electricians Your local to Add Space

Domestic-Commercial-Industrial Faringdon drew.cameron@ 01367 240880

01367 243838 / 07894 572919 Tel: 01367 240308

D.G. Joinery City & Guilds qualified carpenter and joiner. All Carpentry work undertaken Specialist in fitted wardrobes • Kitchen installations Bookcases • Bespoke joinery - including stairs All exterior carpentry including decking, sheds etc. Any building alterations including guttering etc.

Free Quotations Telephone: 07831 680440

MTS FENCING Your local electricians Domestic-Commercial-Industrial Faringdon For all enquiries & Appointments

Call Sam 07766 867667

Tel: 01367 240308

Domestic & Commercial Specialising in Closeboard Quality workmanship and reliability at a fair price

For a free Quotation Contact Matthew 07866 792222/ 01993 845669 15 Year Guarantee on Closeboard Fencing

SERVICES Nash Motor Vehicle Services LTD

Michael Nash 01367 240082 07889 197046

Independent All makes of car servicing & MOT testing Park Road Faringdon SN7 7BP

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| The Advertiser | page 26 | are National Insurance Brokers with our head office here in Faringdon. We offer a service to all within the area, throughout the country and overseas: to individuals and businesses, from new start-ups to established corporations and many insurance brokers use us for our ability to place and service complex risks. Conveniently situated above the Portwell Angel in the Market Place, Faringdon why not give us the opportunity to offer a quote on that insurance renewal now. Don't leave it until it’s too late and end up staying with the same insurer again without calling us first on 08456 580510 or Email:

High Net Worth Home Insurance Your treasured possessions may have taken a lifetime to accumulate, so it is well worth asking us to make sure that you are properly insured against every eventuality. You may probably have a lifestyle that requires additional cover: our insurers can provide for, family travel, holiday homes, let property, second homes, family motor insurance and working from home. High Net Worth policies come with increased covers and limits and the cost will often be considerably less than you might think.

Some of the policies we arrange locally include: Residential Lets In recent years more people have entered the rental property market to provide an income and long term security, here are some handy tips to make sure you have the correct insurance cover in place. With Landlords Insurance you can make sure you are completely covered for all eventualities from options like covering your rental income in case your tenants are unable to pay their rent to accidental damage and emergency cover for maintenance issues. We use a number of competitive specialist insurers, and can accommodate everything from single properties to complex portfolios. At we'll be able to find a policy that suits you, and your wallet! Commercial Insurance

These policies are often written on a 'Worldwide All Risks Basis' meaning that possessions are covered wherever you go, cover does not stop at the front door. Costly valuations may not be required as individual item limits are generous. Call now on 01367 246150 and speak to Paul Sheen or e-mail Standard Home Insurance at the Right Price offers competitive home insurance and gives excellent value for money by using our 30 years of experience and knowledge of the home insurance market. No sneaky add-on's, you choose a package which meets your needs. Obtaining a quote is easy, we will ask what is important to you, listen carefully and provide a suitable solution from a selection of proven insurers. Buying home insurance on-line may not always give you the best price or, more importantly, give you the right cover. We are on hand to give advice not only at the quote stage but throughout the life of the policy, at the renewal stage and to assist in the event of a claim.

Over many years we have built excellent relationships with many Commercial Insurance underwriters so you can benefit from lower premiums, improved security and greater peace of mind. Your Home Insurance may be enhanced to avoid taking out additional policies with legal services and expenses; domestic home emergency cover; business equipment; annual travel insurance and lodgers residing in the home. Call 01367 246130 ask for Paul or Dan for a quote or e-mail

Portwell House, Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HU 01367 246130

Westland Autos Mad about

Portwell House Market Place Faringdon SN7 7HP 01367 248030

Jazz as usual on the 2nd & last Wednesday

PORSCHE . BMW . MERCEDES . AUDI . VW We at Westland Autos pride ourselves on 38 years of knowledge and experience which have set new standards understanding today’s more complex vehicles. Having operated from the same premises since 1975 boasting one of the most advanced and well equipped workshops in the area, the secret is now out we offer unrivalled customer care and service right on your doorstep.

Maggies Quizzz every Tuesday

Diary for January Friday 4th:

Live Music: The Yearning Hugely talented Original music and covers

Tuesday 8th:

Maggies Quizzzzz

Wednesday 9th:

Jazz Night

Tuesday 15th:

Maggies Quizzzzz

Tuesday 22nd:

Maggies Quizzzzz

Sales . Service . Bodywork . Performance Remapping . Valet

Tel: 01367 870666 Email: Website: Give us a call now and book your free winter check

Wednesday 23rd: Louise Woodgate. Tickets ÂŁ12.75 Prebooking advised. Includes a Portwell Angel slate

Saturday 26th: Cameo Glass, 100 Faraday Park, Dorcan Ind. Est., Swindon, SN3 5JF Tel: 01793 513864 Fax: 01793 535476 Email:

Bar Closed from 6pm

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