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April 2020


Inside this month: Ian Lloyd: Wine At Home Homeopathy: Heather Abel Folly Tower Opening Times Book Review: Claire Meadows Churches Together In Faringdon Root & Branch: Needs Your Help! Vote For Our Community Awards Competition Time: Faringdon Writers Keeping Fit At Home: Richard Marfell Faringdon Viral Kindness: Let Us Help! Promoting local business, trade and services. Advertise! Be Seen! Call Lou 01367 244975 or 07894 554551

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|April 2020|

Advertiser Chris Lewis Electrical Domestic and Commercial Works Free Quotations

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The Happy Plaice Mobile Fish & Chips Freshly Cooked Fish & Chips as well as many other options.

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Wishing you all, the very best of HEALTH, In these worrying times Lou

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The Dog Studio Dog Grooming and Hydrotherapy Centre Call Trish: 01367 820060 Cowleaze Farm, Woolstone, Oxon SN7 7QS Email:

Faringdon Bell Ringers What day is it today ? With self-isolation and no bells on Sunday it’s easy to lose track. All Church of England services have been cancelled until the virus threat is over and this is the first time since 1943 that England’s national instrument has not been heard throughout the land. Learning to ring requires much more than one practice a week. Faringdon learners have been visiting practices at other towers and had been looking forward to the Vale ringers’ AGM at Uffington where they would have had the chance to ring with experts. The All Saints ringers offer their best wishes to the people of Faringdon at this difficult time and trust that both ringers and listeners will come through unscathed. When you next hear the bells we may be a little out of practice but it will mean that the crisis is over. We cannot welcome you to visit ringing at the moment but if you would like to know more about bellringing you can contact us by emailing

FARINGDON ALLOTMENT SOCIETY The society are considering erecting some ‘easy-access’ raised plots for rent by people who now find gardening at ground-level too difficult If you’d be interested in renting such a plot contact e:


Unicorn Oxon Ltd Plumbing & Heating Specialists

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The Advertiser Magazine Deadline for the May Edition is 24th April

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I'm a sixties child when recycling was norm, to throw anything out was very bad form. Recycling's a circle and it's not too late, to turn back time and adjust our fate! Every little helps, hence my little stall, items "uPcycleD" with love to sell to you all. Now at the Craft Emporium Faringdon in the Portwell Cellar Bar and on Facebook. tel. 07780 602028

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American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

This month’s book has seen an equal amount of praise and criticism, and makes for an interesting one to review. Oprah was all over it, and being one of the most influential women in the world, word spread. Many agreed with her that American Dirt was a modern classic in the marking. Lydia and her son Luca flee Acapulco, after a gangland hit takes out her whole family. The plot sees her move from middle-class bookshop owner, to illegal immigrant trying to cross the border into the United States, by leaping on top of moving cargo trains. Along the way, they meet small triumphs and many tragedies. Lydia’s husband wrote an expose piece in his newspaper about the head of one of the local cartels, and Lydia knows she will have to go to the ends of the earth to make a safe life for her and her son. The praise was loud for this book, but the criticisms came in just as loudly.


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The author has been decried for having written ‘seriously stereotypical’ Mexican characters, for assuming that she – a white woman – can write knowledgeably and truthfully about the ethnic experience of migrants fleeing their country. Just as quickly as Oprah and others brought it to the forefront, they became very quiet indeed. I think is a tremendous shame. I’m no way saying that any ethnic group should have their authentic experience stripped from them. One of the insults that the author has faced is to be told to ‘stay in her lane’, meaning she should write solely from her own personal experience. But if we only wrote from our own experience, are we not taking away a conduit by which mainstream debate is funnelled into the ears, hearts and minds of an audience wanting to know more? If many of our classic and much-loved authors has ‘stayed in their lane’, we wouldn’t have some of our best-loved works becoming our most-loved and debated stories. The American Dirt debate rolls on. My advice is to take it for what it is, and open your hearts and minds to the issues that the author raises. That is the purpose of a good book, after all.

Claire Meadows

Skoda Rapid 5 DR 1.6 tdi cr s

R.J. HARRISON Plumbing & Heating Tel: 01367 242473 Mobile: 07909 915595 ● Oil, Gas & LPG, boilers & fires, instillation and maintenance ● Central Heating System - design, installation maintenance & repairs ● Bathroom Design - sanitary & shower instillation

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Window Shopping?

then why not look into ours one of the areas most highly recommended window companies

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Paradise Windows

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Root and Branch is a small, independent charity offering therapeutic gardening and crafts to support adults in their recovery to cope with enduring mental health problems including anxiety, depression, PTSD and schizophrenia. We are based on a beautiful site at Westmill organic Farm, between Highworth and Watchfield. We have volunteer vacancies and would love to hear from anyone with a positive, caring attitude who can spare some time to share their skills and knowledge with others. We offer flexible opportunities as well as time-tabled activities. Opportunities include leading small groups in cooking seasonal, healthy meals and woodworking/carpentry, as well as gardening under direction of our Garden Manager, leading local walks and helping with site maintenance. Expenses reimbursed and training offered. There are so many benefits to volunteering - gaining skills and experience, meeting new people, helping to reduce stigma and making a real difference. Why not give it a try? Call Karen on 01793 780380 or visit our website on We look forward to hearing from you.

12 London Street, Faringdon

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Celebrating the history of Blessed Hugh’s parish From the mid 16th century to the early 19th century, legislation made Roman Catholic worship in England almost impossible, especially in towns. The Catholic parish based at Blessed Hugh church in Marlborough Street has its origins in the nearby village of Buckland. It was one of the few places in the Thames Valley where Catholicism never completely died out. That was because the lords of the manor employed a secret chaplain to ensure that Mass was celebrated whenever possible. There was a bounty on the head of any Catholic priest and in 1577 the Buckland chaplain had a narrow escape when the manor house was raided. The family at Buckland manor were the Yates. They were cousins of the Yates of Lyford Grange, where the Jesuit martyr Edmund Campion was arrested. The last Yate squire of Buckland was Sir John, who died in Paris in 1690 without a male heir. His sister married into another strongly Catholic family, the Throckmortons, who thereby became the new squires of Buckland. They built Buckland House as their new seat and used the room at the end of the west wing as a Catholic chapel, even though this was still illegal. The Catholic community at Buckland initially comprised the squire’s family, household and estate workers. But as time went by, enforcement of anti-Catholic legislation weakened and the congregation grew. This was helped by the good relations maintained between Anglicans and Catholics in the village, which minimised the risk of Catholics being reported to the authorities. In 1767 there were 42 Catholics living in Buckland and others came to Mass from nearby villages. In Queen Victoria’s reign, after Catholic emancipation, the Throckmortons built the church of St George in Buckland village. It served an area of about five miles around Buckland and had a congregation of more than 200 people. In the Edwardian era the Throckmortons moved away and St George’s was promoted from a mission to a parish church. Today St George’s is no longer a functioning church but we who attend Blessed Hugh church in Faringdon are the direct successors of the Catholic community that worshipped at Buckland. The widow of Sir John Yate, last of his family to be squire of Buckland, was Lady Mary Yate who died in 1696 having endowed the mission at Buckland. Our parish already celebrates a Mass for her annually on 12 June. We feel that it would be appropriate to use that date, or the nearest Sunday to it, to have an annual celebration of our parish’s unbroken Catholic history. This would include dedicating the Mass of the day to the memory of Lady Mary and all the other people who kept the faith alive in this area for all those years when it was almost impossible to be a Catholic in this country. We would also gratefully remember the Christians of other denominations whose tolerance and support helped the survival of our community. Tony Hadland

Swan Hill Garage, Townsend Road, Shrivenham, Wilts, SN6 8HR

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crowdy & rose solicitors of faringdon and lechlade We have a wealth of local knowledge and are an established part of the local community providing for the needs of our clients

Faringdon Branch

2 Market Place, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7HW Tel: 01367 240285 High Street, Lechlade, Gloucestershire GL7 3AE Tel: 01367 252644

Lechlade Branch

Categories: Primary (age 7-11 yrs), Secondary (Age 12-17) and Adult age 18 and over. Word limits: Children - 500 words, Adults – 1500 words. Entry Children – free, Adults – £3 How to enter: write your name and contact details at the top of your entry. Place your entry together with your entry fee into an envelope marked: For the attention of Faringdon Writers Competition. Take to either Faringdon Library or The mustard Seed who will ensure your entry reaches the judges.. Winners will be announced during Folly Fest 2020 and have their work published in the next anthology. For further information please contact Faringdon Writers via email: via our Facebook page: Faringdon Writers.

ing! Healthy Liv

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Since my last article so much has happened in the world that is now affecting us all. The importance of maintaining good health can't be stressed enough, especially in extraordinary times like these. Keeping healthy means doing things that are good for your body – it is more important than ever to eat nutritious foods, exercise (or at least regularly move your body), get enough sleep and wash your hands regularly. A healthy body sets the stage for our day-to-day well being and we can do a lot to achieve this, even if we are stuck at home. Although it can be hard to motivate ourselves to exercise on our own we can do things to get us in the mood. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8.

Put on your favourite music Change into your ‘active wear’ Clear some space in a room (need only be 2m x 2m) If you are lucky enough to have tins of vegetables then they can be used as weights! Decide to do 10 min's, then if you feel up for more just carry on. Always find a way to warm up first. This will vary for everyone - step-ups, jogging on the spot, side steps, star jumps, indoor cycling or rowing are all suitable, but choose what is most appropriate for you. A good workout should strengthen all your muscle groups and get you moving in all directions (forwards and backwards / side to side / rotating). Once you’re warm start with some compound exercises:Squats (if in doubt squat down to a chair behind you) Lunges (or long steps forward if you have knee issues) Side steps and twists (start gradually depending on your flexibility)

You can add in biceps curls or shoulder press exercises with your weights if you want to improve the workout. Aim to do three sets of 10-15 repetitions of each. Or set up a little circuit of different exercises. Anything which gets you hot and sweaty will get the blood pumping around your body, kick in your endorphins and raise your mood. You should feel invigorated afterwards. One of the key things here is to keep positive. Maybe you will need to follow a You Tube video or fitness app to guide you, or ask your trainer to do a live video demonstration with you. Remember to always work within your ability, especially if all this is new to you. Never exercise if you have a fever or feel really poorly! I am sure we can all get through this difficult time by working together, supporting each other and sharing what we can. KEEP WELL. I am here to support you through Personal Training, Nutritional Advice and Therapeutic Massage.

01367 240402

There are some other illustrations of exercises and stretches to do in the Riders section on my website. Rich Richard Marfell Wellness Coach 07800 636004

Diggers - Dumpers - Shredders - Floor sanders Breakers - Wallpaper strippers - Heaters Dehumidifiers - Concrete mixers & Much more Old Sawmills Rd, Park Rd, Faringdon, SN7 7DS

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HAZEL INTERIORS Specialist Designers & Makers of Curtains & Soft Furnishings

“ Come and see our fabulous new fabric collections or arrange a free home consultation� 1 Mill Street, Wantage T:01235 799914 |

D KITCHEN PLUMBER Domestic Plumbing & Heating Repairs Friendly Reliable Service 25+years experience Call Darrall on Tel: 01367 710312 Mobile: 07799 266958

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Homeopathy Heather Abel BA/BSc RSHom Society of Homeopaths

Tel: 01367 820709

We all now know that we’re in the grip of an alarming pandemic Covid-19; Coronavirus; so called because this hugely contagious virus appears to have little crowns adorning it, making it the very King of all viruses and leaving us all subject to its every command! You shall not eat together, drink together, sing together, play together nor even cuddle together nor worship your God together. What kind of a tyrannical virus is that? And the penalty, should you disobey His Royal Highness, the Virus is the suffering of the most vulnerable in our society. In the face of this, I want to shift the focus just for a moment, away from doom and dread, to a little word that seems to have got lost in all the panic; TRUST! Empty supermarket shelves only reveal our insecurity. It’s every man for himself when you don’t trust in the good of society. Yet, as soon as the dust of shame had settled little groups of helpers and enablers were springing up everywhere. Good neighbourliness abounds in our communities, given the need. And trust also needs to extend to ourselves, as well as our communities. The human body is completely astounding in what it can do and where there are limitations, there is always something a Homeopath can suggest that will help. There is a certain humility to letting your body put into action, its own immune responses when it needs to. A cough may seem like a nuisance but its important function is to expel unwanted matter from the airways and thus protect the lungs. By suppressing a cough you make the probability of a chest infection more likely. Sometimes suppressing natural reactions can prolong and even worsen your condition to a more dangerous level. You can alleviate the effects of a cough without stopping the job it needs to do. Homeopathy respects the body’s own ability to heal itself and works to encourage and facilitate that. The body always wants to achieve balance; homeostasis e.g. a fever is one of the body’s first lines of defence. The raised temperature is hostile to the virus and can also trigger an increase in the production of white blood cells needed to fight and kill it. They are the paratroopers of your body. Yet, we have grown accustomed to view a temperature as a ‘bad’ thing that needs to be stopped and held down. In Homeopathy we use remedies to ‘manage’ a fever carefully so that it can be effective without causing undue harm to the patient. Together with practical first aid measures, the fever can carefully run its course and serve to protect the patient by limiting the spread of harmful virus within the body. We always encourage working alongside conventional medicine as needed. Homeopaths worldwide are working together to assess remedies that can be most useful. At the moment I can carry out consultations on line or by phone and send remedies through the post, for social distancing purposes. There are many ways we can help each-other and this is just one of them. Get in touch if you would like to explore your options with Homeopathy. We will get through this difficult time so trust in the goodness of humanity and in the excellence of our design. Phone & SKYPE appointments available with remedies sent out! Stay safe all! Heather Abel

01367 244 611 6 Cornmarket, Faringdon

Opening Hours Monday: 9am - 1pm Tuesday: 9am - 6pm Wednesday: 9am - 6pm Thursday: 9am - 7pm Friday: 9am - 6pm Saturday: 8am - 3pm Sunday: 10am - 1pm

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Think Vehicle Think Mellors

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Wine Made Easy!

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Wine At Home Well judging by the lack of beer and wine on the shelves of our local supermarket, it appears that many of us are having a drink or two to either drown sorrows or cheer ourselves up. Obviously, I am not doing any wine tasting - either as the lead or participant, so I am limited to wines I can get hold of for now and the bountiful treasure of wines I have tasted over the last few years. I thought I would take the opportunity to compare wines from two areas, Rioja in Spain and Chianti in Italy. First, the basics: Rioja is a region in North East Spain, with mountains to the North and fertile plains in its region. The principle grape is Tempranillo, which will be either the only grape or 85% plus. This grape delivers plenty of tannin and a fairly dry feel as you drink the wine. When a little Garnacha is added, it brings an extra layer of fruitiness to the flavours. This is a wine that can go many years before being released, which I detailed in a previous article. It can be drunk the year after picking, but we don’t see too much of this variety in the UK,. After a year in cask and bottle, the flavours start to develop and this wine gets smoother with more time in the cask and seen more in the bottle, so 5 years is good. We often see Gran Reserva wines in local stores, which have had the maximum time maturing before sale, sometimes well under £10. Remember the tannins, these work very well with lamb as they work well with the slightly fatty juices. Ones to try - Aldi Rioja Reserva, Tesco finest Reserva and Campo Viejo in Waitrose. There are wines from Torres, Baron de Lay, and Cune, but they tend to be over £10, but watch out for those special offers when they become more affordable. Over in Italy, the Chianti region is in Tuscany around 2/3 up the left side of Italy. It is a very hilly region, so the better wines all grow on the South facing slopes. There are sub regions which each have a distinctive change in flavour. Three of the regions hardly ever appear on our shores, but if you see Chianti Rufino give it a try. At the top of the region is Brunelo di Montalcino, sometimes called the king of Chianti wines - very expensive. The main grape in Chianti wines is called Sangiovese and again, the wine may be only this grape or have a small percentage of several other grapes added. The wines we tend to see are either Chianti - the entry level wine and Chianti Classico, which is more expensive and offers more intense fruit flavours. The wine is generally light on tannins, so appeals to more drinkers. On occasion it has been the most popular wine in both the USA and UK. The oddball in chianti is a small hilltop fortified town where white wine is made. This is called San Gimignano and as well as being a fabulous place to visit, the wine is light, fruity but also dry. Tesco and Waitrose have Classico which are under £10 regularly. Aldi do have Classico in their online catalog, but I haven’t seen it in the local store. I hope you can enjoy your wine during these challenging times and hopefully we will all come out the other side looking forward to meeting up and sharing a bottle of wine.

Ian Lloyd

Wine Enthusiast

Manufacturers of Natural Goats Milk Soap, Lotions, Shampoos & more.

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Call Michael Nash on: 01367 240082 - 07889 197046


INDEPENDENT Why travel out of town? SERVICING & REPAIRS OF ALL MAKES OF � Tyres CARS & LIGHT � Brakes COMMERCIALS � Tracking VEHICLES � Clutches � � � � �


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Faringdon Business Breakfast Club I opened our February report with a statement that said, “It was, in fact, our first meeting of 2020…”, and now we are reporting the fact that our March meeting was the last we will hold for the foreseeable future. The meeting was focused on problem solving with each person describing the biggest challenge their business was facing, and a common theme emerged. In a range of different circumstances and markets we found that getting the right message to the right audience was one of the most challenging problems we were all facing. It didn’t seem to matter if you were a coach, accountant, financial advisor, marketing expert or trainer the ‘problem’ was similar, if not the same. And this was before social distancing was even a concept!

We offer government funded Nursery places to some 2 year olds, as well as 3 and 4 year olds For more information, contact Stephanie Chapman

01367 243800 visit ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

We cannot forecast when our next physical meeting might be, or if it will follow similar patterns to those we have held in the past. As we face a high level of uncertainty, we will have to make changes and learn to adapt. One phrase that is frequently being spoken about is the ‘New Norm’. No one is yet certain what it will be or when it will happen, but many people are sure that we will not completely revert to the situation before the pandemic.

Commercial Mowing Gang Mowing Grass and Hedge Cutting Saw Blade Work Tree Surgery and Planting Paddock Maintenance Firewood


Many organisations are learning to work on-line, and it will be interesting to see if this has a longer-term impact on working practices. Forums and chat rooms are springing up faster than daffodils and in order that Faringdon Business Breakfast Club continues to provide a focus for local business we will hold a ‘Virtual Networking’ meeting on Monday 6th April at a time to be announced. If you would like to participate in that meeting, which will be an experiment, then please email: . He will announce further details as they emerge. To finish on a very encouraging note there are some positives coming from the current situation. Overall pollution is being reduced in the waters and dolphins have been seen in the clearer water of the canals around Venice.

split hardwood logs for sale

Offering the complete Gardening and Tree Care service



Painter & Decorator 01367 244927 07768 016804

Interiors Only


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Second None Vehicle Repairs Ltd


EXCLUSIVE TO SECOND 2 NONE FREE CAR TYRE WARRANTY Lifetime accidental damage warranty on all Marshal and Jinyu tyres purchased For more information speak to Bob.

MOT’S Now Testing… Class 1 & 2 Motor Cycles Class 4 Cars Class 5 Mini Busses With 13 or More Seats Class 7 Vans Over 3,000 kg 6 Days A Week


01367 243456 Unit C1, Old Sawmills Road Park Road, Faringdon

Roberts Reflections!

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A year ago, Spring was still a time of joy, of change, of the promise of things getting better and a time of natural bursts of colour. And here we are, one year later, totally unexpectedly, with really serious issues facing all of us and the one World we all live in. Storms, triple flooding, Sir David Attenborough and Miss Thunberg waking us up regarding the climate change emergency, a pending BMA poll on assisted dying and now Coronavirus and the huge risk that this viral infection entails across the World’s human population. The irony of the spread is that, so far as is known, the carbon aircraft flight footprint brought with it, the virus to almost all corners of the World – and many of the bits in between. In my opinion, we must all think of others before sneezing or coughing, by covering ourselves and always washing hands and arms afterwards, especially when returning indoors, using a soapy wash for 20-30 seconds. Give your hands a thorough wash as all surgeons do, when they need to “scrub up”. This will destroy the lipid viral protective envelope. Regularly wipe contacted and shared surfaces. Keep one body length away from the person you’re talking to and eat healthily and protect your own immunity. Do not not rub your eyes or touch your nose and mouth, your risk will be reduced. Elbowing doors open when out shopping! It’s up to every one of us to avoid contact and spread. Think of others, essentially, as well as yourself and hope that they do the same for you. It’s totally unproven that pets transmit this virus. It’s almost certain that they can carry it on fur or noses following contact with their owners suffering from infection. This is precisely why veterinary practices are placed in such a big dilemma and why infected owners should not be going into their veterinary practice in the same way as not going into their own medical practice. Always ring first and make a plan if the situation demands it, routine appointments can be delayed but do seek your own practice’s policy on Covid-19 now. One veterinary organisation, The Society for Practising Veterinary Surgeons, has given this advice to member practices: Discuss and create a hygiene plan • Provide all staff with information on Coronavirus to ensure that they can reassure clients on areas of concern• Keep up to date with the Government Advice on control measures that should be adopted, bearing in mind that such advice will be updated regularly from reliable sources. Our governing body, the RCVS, has advised that, in such exceptional circumstances, veterinary practices may need to depart from the best practice advice as set out in our Professional Code of Conduct in order to safeguard vets, nurses, all staff and their families, as well as public health in general, always keeping written records. As I’ve said earlier, check with your own practice ahead of any problems. May I wish you a safe month to follow. Take care of yourself and others at home and work. Robert Elliott

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YOUR COMPLETE OXFORDSHIRE SERVICE & REPAIR CENTRE Call Malcolm on: 01367 718698 � � � � � � � �

MOT’s Tyres - Tracking Brakes - Clutches Battery Replacement Exhausts - Timing Belts Servicing For All Makes Of Vehicles Mechanical Repairs - Air-Con Re-Gas Professional Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Foxtail Garage is Oxfordshire’s premier independent BMW Specialists offering a full range of professional diagnostics, fault finding and servicing for all vehicle makes and models. White Horse Business Park Ware Road, Stanford in the Vale Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 8NY

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Future Twinning

Specialising Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

Massage Therapist 07775 616239 Hours 9am - 9pm Weekdays 1 Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HL A holiday in future times, with a difference, for young people. For many years children from Faringdon and surrounding area have experienced a brilliant holiday experience in our French twin town of le Mele sur Sarthe. Over six days they are treated to beach days, theme parks, adventures, and other varied activities. They stay in pairs with a French family which gives them the comfort of being with a friend and the unique opportunity of learning about another culture. Knowing the language is not important, but some will rub off! This year's trip is planned 19th July to 25th July, it will be postponed if need be, with Covid-19 Virus pandemic. We have a maximum of 10 places for children aged 12-16yrs. For the week before that (12-19 July) a group of French children come over here and stay with English families. They similarly have a full programme of organised activities. If you think you might be interested, please email: or call David on 07900403954 FREE HOLIDAY TO FRANCE There is a great opportunity for a young person aged 17-22 to lead the group of children going to Faringdon's twin town in Normandy, France this summer (19-25 July). In Le Mele sur Sarthe, the children are looked after in families, and in the daytime taken out for various activities which are fully supervised by the French. Knowing some French language is useful but not essential - the main duty of the leader is to report any problems to the French organisers, who speak good English. This is a brilliant opportunity to get valuable experience and a life skill, and it looks great on a personal statement. What's more the trip is free! If you think you might be interested, please email: or call David on 07900403954


A specialist firm dealing with private client work including Wills • Estate Administration • Lasting Powers of Attorney and all aspects of residential property and conveyancing work such as Sales • Purchases • Remortgages • Shared Ownership Development Transactions • Land Transactions • Property Investment Angel Wilkins LLP, The White Barn, Manor Farm, Manor Road, Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 8NE Tel: 01235 775100 Fax: 01235 775101 Email: - - Angel Wilkins LLP is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority: SRA number: 524327

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Call us on 01865 820088

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GENERAL BUILDERS In his book, The Unbound Soul: A Visionary Guide to Spiritual Transformation, Richard L Haight, talks about trying to find the correct words to explain his spiritual experiences and the visions he has had since childhood. He explains the inadequacy of language to describe what he has felt and the word ‘experience’ with a dictionary definition of ‘direct observation or participant of an event as a basis of knowledge’ to be misleading. Knowledge is an accumulation of learning but he feels he needs to unlearn in order to remove blocks on his awareness of the spiritual. He uses his own word ‘insperience’ to describe what he feels, a combination of the words inspire and experience: not knowledge but a ‘knowing’. Richard Haight’s word sums up my own thoughts and interpretation of the way of Quakers - we seek within ourselves a connection with the Light. What we feel is in us and is not learned; we seek internal guidance (an insperience). As Quakers, we are guided to spend time every day in seeking and praying; but if we can achieve this individually, then why have a meeting for worship? Quaker silent worship is an opportunity to find within ourselves a deeper sense of spiritual awareness whilst at the same time holding the others at meeting in the light, of looking for guidance to lead our lives but also to remember those we are in worship with and those outside. Personally, I find that meetings always leave me feeling refreshed and renewed, it centres me after the week and its usual pressures, thoughts and worries. I feel refocused and clearer of any concerns I have. Whilst some can find the silence of our meetings challenging and we all find it hard to block our thoughts and centre ourselves into seeking guidance, our internal seeking provides strength and love. The quietening of our thoughts is restorative and its benefits echoed in the growth of mindfulness. Although our meetings are not planned, there are times that they seem as if they were, where the thoughts and feelings an individual has are reflected by the words of those spoken in meetings, and where words and sentiments build and develop upon each other. These meetings are an elating experience and our internal feelings are amplified as we are drawn together and led by God’s love. Ellen Dalglyn

A & L Garden Maintenance All aspects of garden maintenance including grass cutting, strimming, turfing, hedging, decking. Free estimates without obligation. Fully Insured.

Call Les: 01367 870305 Mobile: 07969 264304 Email:

●Extensions ●Alterations ●Decorating ●Maintenance & Repairs ●Garden Landscapes Free estimates call Gary MacGregor

01235 762071- 07771 527222

RUBBER4ROOFS Approved Installer of EPDM ● ● ● ●

Flat Roofs Garage Roofs Pitched Rppfs Domestic & Commercial


A true reflection of quality GLASS PROCESSORS & GLAZIERS GLASS CUT WHILE-U-WAIT MIRRORS • BEVELLING SANDBLASTING • POLISHING DRILLING • DECORATIVE GLASS COLOURED SPLASHBACKS Tel: 01793 513864 Fax: 01793 535476 Email: Cameo Glass, 100 Faraday Park, Dorcan Ind. Est., Swindon, SN3 5JF

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BATHROOM SHOWROOM Open to the Public & Trade

For your dream bathroom Let us help!… 01367 242666

Unit A&B, Park Road, Faringdon, SN7 7DS Est. 1986



Individual Design, Construction & Maintenance To discuss your personal garden requirements phone: 01865 250372 or 07773333531 Roger Hutchence - BA (HONS) NCH (Landscape Construction)

� � � � �

Quality Shoe Repairs Key Cutting Engraving - VAPE’S & E-Liquid Dry Cleaning Onsite Laundry & Pressing

01367 243134 10A Marlborough Street, Faringdon

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To all Faringdon Advertiser readers. We hope you are all well. As you will be aware, we are now in the midst of the COVID19 health crisis. As a locally based business we are continually monitoring the ongoing situation and the Government and Public Health England’s guidance, to ensure that we are following the advice for safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our colleagues at Waymark, our clients and those who visit us and our properties. We remain determined to maintain our service and support to both sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants and, at the time of going to print, our Faringdon office is open for our usual working hours and so long as we are not instructed to close and so long as the health of our staff allows it, this will not change. We continue to welcome visitors to our office but ask that they make themselves aware of the Government guidelines in respect of social distancing and check whether they fall within the scope of such guidance. If in doubt please ring us first, we will always be very happy to further discuss your property queries: it may well be that we are able to come and visit you instead. Looking at the positives, we are fortunate to be in an industry sector where the vast majority of the buying, selling and leasing process can be done remotely, if needed. The main element which is unavoidable is the need for buyers to view properties. However, even on this we can further manage this aspect to help reduce risks to all parties through a combination of some new marketing approaches which we will be trialling and in taking sensible and pragmatic precautions, reflecting the Government and PHE advice. We are in direct contact with our clients with further details on this but if you are not already a client but are considering a property move or letting, please do make contact with us to discuss your plans when we can outline how we aim to manage these aspects. In the meanwhile we look forward to keeping things as close to ‘business as usual’ as is possible. Clearly, we are in a changing world, but we remain of the view that if you wish or need to move home then we will continue to support you in the best way we can. All the best of health Jenny Preece MRICS, Waymark

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Experts - Local Services 07799 890845 01367 241932

01367 705030

Coxwell Cars


Private Hire

Nails - Beauty - Massage Call/text 07825 888 264 e: Unit 10, Stanford Business Court SN7 8LH

All Pet Services Considered. Pet Sitting - House Visits - Dog Walks DBS Cleared, Fully Insured and Dog Law Certified Please Call -

Call John Farrow 07772 971780

07432 420148

Facebook @faringdondogwalks

● All UK Airports ● Any Distance ● Ports & Day Trips Call VICTORIA For Results

07958 241 342

All major credit & debit cards accepted Fully licensed & insured, CRB approved

Now moved to Bampton Garden Plants call Sarah on

Call For A Free Quote 07877 255 338

07767 486627 Registered Nurse

Emma Grant

Hair Stylist & Holistic Massage All aspects of hairdressing. Swedish massage Hot stone massage Acupressure seated massage Demalogica Facial Reiki Email Tel Local salon in Longworth

Winner of Best Skin Care Clinic Specializing in Anti-wrinkle Treatments. ● ● ● ● ●

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Dermal Fillers Alumier Skin Care, Derma Roller & Mesotherapy Skin Peels.

● ● ●

Based in Grove Technology Park in a discreet clinic location, plenty of Parking. Call Emma on: 07725047641 Email:

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Experts - Local Services Chickens & Poultry Feed


All at unbeatable prices

01367 244 988


Later Life Planning Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Equity Release Get the best price & Free Advice

6 London St Faringdon SN7 7AA

Tel: 01865 821537 or 07759551946


Free Will (or Update) or Lasting Power of Attorney provided with each plan

Open: Mon-Sat 8am-12pm Closed bank holidays

Landline: 01993 220281 Mobile: 07769 730616

Est. 1960

New Barn Farm, Longworth, OX13 5ED

ORCHARD FRAMING Bespoke picture framing David Keeling 01367 240775 07775 906 881 Society of Homeopaths


GENTLE EFFECTIVE HOLISTIC THERAPY Daytime & Evening Appointments Clinics in Uffington and Wantage

Heather Abel BA/BSc RSHom

Tel: 01367 820709

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Carpets & Rugs Upholstery Curtains Spot & Stain Removal Stain Protection 30 years experience Fully Insured

Call John for a free no obligation quotation on 07831245007 / 01235767400


07854 651 961

Rebecca Louise Mobile Hairdresser For All Your Hairdressing Requirements In the comfort of your own home Grassland / Paddock Maintenance Call: Tom Wheeler

07762 380 733


01367 246 000 Volunteer Way Faringdon SN7 7YR

D.D. NEW ● Estate Maintenance. ● Fencing. ● Complete structural landscaping, including raised beds, Decking, Patios, Pathways. Free Quotes & Competitive Prices All Tasks Undertaken Efficiently & Professionally

Dan: 01367 243694 - 07970 524944 Mobile Foot Care Clinic

● Chain Harrowing ● Rolling ● Topping

Nail Trimming - Cracked Heals Callus/Dry Skin - Ingrown Toenails Thickened Nails Gof Smith O.A. Dip PHPP

07799 880091

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