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Thurs 1st December 2022 Vol. 15 Issue 21
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Estuary Rollers Christmas Tractor Run attracts spectators galore and why wouldn’t it? It is a fabulous and seasonal spectacle that brings joy and fun to everyone who witnesses the wonderful colour and fantastic goodwill that this spirited event means to so many people in North Kerry and West Limerick. This year the committee at Estuary Rollers have selected the Neonatal Unit - Maternity Hospital Limerick and the Kerry Hospice as their chosen local charities.

Estuary Rollers is proud to present this great tractor Christmas spectacle. You sim ply won’t want to miss it. So, when should you have your eyes peeled watching out for it to arrive?

On Sunday afternoon, December 4, 2022, beginning at 4pm at the Listowel Mart, the parade of tractors, bedecked in Christmas lights and tinsel, will travel through the town of Listowel and continue through to the village of Moyvane. From there the wonderful entourage will head for the village of Tarbert and then onwards to the village of Glin. The bedecked and beautifully prepared tractors will then move to the Knockdown Arms where the event concludes.

You may recall that in 2021 Estuary Rollers raised €12,200 for Milford Hospice and The Friends of St Ita’s Newcastle West. Over one hundred and fifty tractors were prepared for the event and they all took part in what was a memorable and brilliant occasion.

To participate, each tractor pays €25. D & N Catering will be on hand at Listowel Mart and each participant tractor driver will be treated to a burger, chip and drink to get them off to a good start on their charity journey. You’ll be delighted to hear that the entire tractor run will be led by none other than Santa himself. Santa’s sleigh is presently having repairs done at a workshop in a secret hideaway. Leading the Estuary Rollers around North Kerry and West Limerick is an honourable task for Santa and his sleigh. Won’t it be a beautiful sight, for every child to see, as it passes through our towns and villages?

So make sure you don’t miss it. An outdoor event in a safe environment. You can enjoy the fun and be part of a fantastic fundraising local event. See you there!


Listowel Community First Responders would like to invite those who may be interested in becoming a first responder here is Listowel and surrounding areas. We are holding an open evening to the public on Monday 5th December from 7.30pm in St. Michaels College so they can see what it would entail to become part of this vital group. Danny Winters NEK Community First Responder will be there to go through what is a first re sponder, what they are expected to do, details of the training required and training events to prepare you for your role. A first responder might not necessarily need to work on a patient, it may be support to the family of the patient, to reassure them that help is on the way to help their loved one.

Community First Responders (CFR) are volunteers who are trained to attend certain types of emergency calls in the area where they live or work. Their aim is to reach a potential life threatening emergency in the first vital minutes before the ambulance crew arrives. Their role is to help stabilise the patient and provide the appropriate care includ ing CPR & defibrillation, until the more highly skilled ambulance crew arrives on scene to take over the treatment.

To find out more please visit becomeacfr.ie


THE glitz and glamour of the West End and the bright lights of Broadway came to Bal lyheigue on Thursday and Friday, November 24th and 25th, with Causeway Comprehen sive Showstoppers at Ballyheigue Community Centre.

This sold-out production of musical showstoppers included all the best songs from some of the best hit shows, from the poignant I Know Him So Well to the dramatic Do You Hear The People Sing. Causeway Comprehensive Students pulled out all the stops to give audiences a top class production. Showstoppers provided a two-hour extravaganza of unforgettable songs and dances completed with spectacular singers, delightful dancing, luminous lighting and classy costumes.

The show contained more than 20 favourite musicals such as Les Miserables, The Great est Showman, Hairspray, Dear Evan Hanson, Evita, Grease and Wicked. Under the tal ented guidance of Oliver Hurley of Oliver Hurley School of Performing Arts, the students, teachers and backstage team were delighted to be directed by such a calm, brilliant and modest professional.

After their multi-night run ended on the Friday night the school took to social media with a message of thanks for all those who had supported the schools show.

“What a week! Thank you to everyone that came to support us. We were absolutely de lighted with the turn out, the energy was electric,” one of their posts on social media read. “Thanks to our director, teachers, students, and wider community for all the hard work in putting the show together,” it continued.


Throughout December in the run up to Christmas, the Theatre will host a variety of live performances and singing and dancing at every opportunity. Tom Barry from Galway will be in the Church to perform his debut album Lighthouse on Thursday 1st December and returning for the first time since the pandemic, we are thrilled that renowned traditional band Shaskeen will return for a celebration of their 50th Anniversary concert which will take place Saturday 3rd December.

There is something for everyone in the audience in St John’s Theatre, including great shows for kids and families.

Jo Jordan presents her children’s show Aladdin, while her Theatrix youth group pre sent Alice and their exciting adventure to Wonderland, both starring her young super star dramatists who attend her classes every week.

St John’s Theatre are delighted to welcome Pa Sheehy on Friday 9th December. The former front man of Walking on Cars in currently embarking on a sold-out European tour, following the success of his debut EP ‘The Art of Disappearing’. Tickets are €20 and are selling like hot cakes!

We have a magical selection of Christmas concerts on offer, giving everyone the chance to join together, feel festive and remind ourselves what a special time of year this is. Come sing your heart out on Sunday 11th December with a Carol Ser vice for All, or with Grace Foley on Saturday 17th, sharing her new Christmas album, ‘A Time for Christmas’. We close 2022 with an evening of Christmas music, carols, poetry and stories to celebrate the festive season with mezzo soprano Leanne Fitzgerald, pianist Doireann O’Carroll and poet Gabriel Fitzmaurice.

Tickets for all events can be booked through the Box Office 068 22566 or online through the web site www.stjohnstheatre.ie

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Welcome to my weekly column and my Pod of Positivity. It is here you will find little tips, tools and information that help us to maintain a life of health, wellness, love, and gratitude while using DóTerra’s essential oils in our daily routine.

As a certified DóTerra essential oil specialist I have been delighted to help and sup port so many people and their families over the last three years on their essential oil journey throughout North Kerry, West Limerick and beyond. I know how these oils can support the Body, the Mind and the Mood.

The Perfect Gift – DóTerra’s Trio Kit

This week I bring you the perfect gift in this gorgeous Trio Kit that can be used in so many different ways in supporting you and your family both emotionally and physically. All three essential oils in this Trio Kit can be used individually or can be combined together using our 3 – way method of, Diffuse, Use & Apply. The Trio Kit contains Lemon Lavender and Peppermint in 5ml size bottles containing 95 x drops of certified pure tested grade essential oil. Here are just a few of my sug gested uses for each of these oils in the Trio Kit which would make a lovely gift for yourself or someone special.


• Add a drop to your water for a refreshing drink and to help the body detox

• Apply directly to cold sores for instant relief

• Diffuse in your cold water diffuser to elevate the mood

• Add to baking recipes or your morning yogurts

• Add to a drop of honey to soothe sore throats


• Apply to the wrist points, the back of the neck and the bottoms of the feet in the morning and before bedtime to soothe and calm any upset or heightened emotions

• Use to calm and soothe sunburn skin, scalds, burns or nappy rash

• Use 2 to 3 x drops with bath salts for relaxation

• Apply to the skin to calm reaction of bug bites


• Apply topically to the temples and the back of the neck to soothe headaches

• Inhale or put a drop into the palms of the hands for an instant boost of energy

• Diffuse in a room for focus during study time or concentration

• Apply to the body to cool off when overheated

• Add to your morning coffee or even your favourite chocolate recipes

Combining all three oils above act as a natural antihistamine and can support the body when when experiencing watery eyes, sneezing, runny noses, sinuses etc The Trio Kit retails at €30 excluding postage and can be ordered by contacting me on the number below.

These oils are a natural solution to care for our needs and our family’s health needs and they can support us with many of the following that we can experience from time to time, such as: Anxiety Issues, Digestive Support, Sleep Assist, Muscle Care, Stress Buster, Depression, Grief, Energy Boost, Skin Support, Immunity, Allergy Assist and so much more.

Caroline’s Three – Way – Method To Use DóTerra’s Essential Oils:

Topically: Apply the oils onto your skin particularly on the pulse points and soles of the feet. Aromatically: Place two to three drops into a cold-water diffuser and dif fuse the oils in your home, classroom, office space, salons or other places of work and business. Internally: Add the oils to your favourite food, waters and drinks, or simply by taking one drop daily under the tongue to support your body and mind.

For extra positivity and well-being, check out my Facebook page; Caroline’s Pod of Positivity where we have information and videos on all of DóTerra’s essential oils.

For consultations and appointments you can reach me on the number below to arrange a time / date that suits you and together we will start you on your journey with DóTerra’s essential oils.

Have a gentle week.

Caroline X

Tel: 087 292 1292


Whether you are employed as a PAYE worker, or pay tax as a self-employed person, you must make sure that you pay any tax that is due to Revenue. This article focuses on informa tion for PAYE workers or pensioners who have another source of income.

If you work for an employer and pay tax under the PAYE system, income earned from em ployment is taxed at source by your employer. However, the amount deducted can vary depending on your personal circumstances and your tax credits. For example, if you are married or in a civil partnership, this may affect your tax bands and tax reliefs. People who work for an employer may also have additional income from other sources. You must tell Revenue about such income. However, depending on the amount, you declare the income in different ways. In some cases, income from other sources (such as a social welfare pay ment) can be coded-in against your tax credits and cut off point.

Coding-in means that Revenue will reduce both your tax credits and your standard rate cut-off point, by an amount equal to your other income.Your other income is then effectively taxed under PAYE. If you are a chargeable person you must self-assess. Self-assessment is where you are responsible for making your own assessment of tax due.

Who is a chargeable person?

You are a chargeable person if you have a PAYE source of income and, either: Net assess able non-PAYE income (including income subject to DIRT) of €5,000 or more in a year; total gross income from non-PAYE sources (including income subject to Dirt), of €30,000 or more in a year. This applies even if you have no tax liability on this income because it is covered or largely covered by losses, capital allowances and other reliefs.

If you are a chargeable person you must self-assess and file a Form 11 for the relevant year. From 2014 if you are a chargeable person you must also pay PRSI at Class K on your assessable income.

Who is not a chargeable person?

If you have a PAYE source of income and your net assessable non-PAYE income is less than €5,000, and this income is coded against PAYE tax credits or fully taxed at source, you are not regarded as a chargeable person (provided your gross non-PAYE income before expenses does not exceed €30,000).

However, you must inform Revenue of this income. You can do this using PAYE Online Services, by contacting your local Revenue office, or by filing a Form 12, or Form 12S (a simplified version for routine tax returns). You do not have to pay PRSI on this income. Form 12 or Form 12S allows you to complete a return of your income and claim tax credits, allow ances and reliefs (including any health expenses) for a year.

You do not have to file a Form 12 or Form 12S unless Revenue have asked you to do so. If you have a State pension and another pension or form of income which brings your in come over the exemption limit for people aged over 65, you must file a Form 12 or Form 12S if you are not already being taxed on this income. The limits are currently €18,000 for a single person and €36,000 for a married couple or civil partners.

Under self-assessment there is a common date for the payment of tax and filing of tax returns. This is October 31st each year.

This system, which is known as Pay and File, allows you (or an agent) to file your return and pay the balance of tax outstanding for the previous year at the same time.

Under this system you must: pay preliminary tax for the current tax year on or before Oc tober 31st each year — the deadline for people who file online using the Revenue Online Service (ROS) is usually slightly later; Make your tax return after the end of the tax year but not later than the following October 31st; pay any balance of tax due for the previous tax year on or before October 31st.

Form 11

If you are a chargeable person, you must make your income tax return and selfassess your tax liability. You can file your Form 11 using the Revenue Online Service (ROS), or fill out a paper Form 11 and send it to Revenue.

If you use ROS to make your tax return online, it will calculate your self-assessment based on the information you provide. You can choose to accept this calculation or input your own self-assessment.

Form 12

You must file a Form 12 if Revenue have asked you to do so. If you are not a chargeable per son but you want to pay any tax due on your non- PAYE income you can file a form 12. There are three options: you can fill out a paper Form 12 and send it to Revenue; You can complete the eForm 12 — this electronic form is available through Revenue’s myAccount service. You only need to fill in the parts of the form that are relevant to you.

The eForm 12 does not provide for returning Capital Gains Tax details. You must fill out a separate CGT return; or you can fill out Form 12S — this is a simplified return for PAYE taxpayers.

Georgina Frawley is a Chartered Tax Adviser with FDC Limerick.

Find your local FDC office on www.fdc.ie

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Welcome to San Rita Wellness weekly column…We hope you are safe and well

With Christmas approaching it can become easier to focus on our weight loss and wellness goals.

But this time of year there will always be something that will throw a spanner in the works and trigger us to lose sight of what we really want to achieve overall.

What is a trigger?

A trigger is any person, place, thing, situation or food that has a tendency to cause you to overeat.

This has an impact on our motivation and our self-esteem. Very often we can pull the trigger ourselves, especially in the situation that we all find ourselves in. For example, Fitting into that “ Little Black Dress “ may not be as appealing now as we may not have as many events on our calendar this Christmas. But that is no reason to leave everything fall apart at the seams!!

Weight Loss and Wellness is a gift that only “YOU“ can give yourself as nobody else can wrap it up and hand it to you. So you need to recognise your own triggers in order to do something now while you still have the time.

We all have triggers so ask yourself what are your triggers.

When is that “Trigger time” in your day?

Is it the 3pm slump in the afternoon when you are feeling a bit weary?

Is it when you are sitting down at night watching TV? Is it when you are on your own and you are bored?

Or is it when you are shopping and see the great offers in store?

What triggers you to want to eat at this time?

Sugar levels may be low

Tv ads influence you to eat or drink something

Eating something because you know that there is nobody watching you Because maybe you are tired , bored or stressed after the day

What trigger foods do you tend to reach for?

The kind of foods that you think will give you an energy boost (usually high in sugar)

Eating sweets and biscuits because they are in the house.

Something that is quick and convenient These kind of triggers can lead us into a vicious circle which can be hard to break out of, but not impossible.

Take Steps!!

* Recognise your trigger, they may be some of the above.

* React differently, choose healthier options treats rather than denying yourself.

* Reap the rewards of self achievement by feeling great and in control of your own destiny.

Remember, a spanner in the works can work both ways, it can also help us to tighten things up. As we are now facing into December San Rita Wellness can help you to still fit into that “Little Black dress“ for Christmas.

Why not join San Rita Wellness “In Person Meetings“ or our “At Home Service“ and you can still make a difference.

Our San Rita Wellness ethos is “Eat well, Feel well, Live well“

For extra support and for weekly accountability check us out on Facebook San Rita Well ness or sanritawellness.ie for details of our “In Person Meetings“, “At Home Service“ or our “One to One Service“

NB - Our weekly “ In Person Meetings “ take place in Listowel Community Centre every Wednesday and in The Ballybunion Health and Leisure Centre every Thursday. Give us a call on Sandra 087 6718377, Rita 087 1012174

Woulfes Bookshop


Translated from Japanese by Geoffrey Trousselot, Toshikazu Kawaguchi’s beauti ful, moving Before the Coffee Gets Cold explores the age-old question: what would you change if you could travel back in time? More importantly, who would you want to meet, maybe for one last time?

In a small back alley in Tokyo, there is a café which has been serving carefully brewed coffee for more than one hundred years. But this cof fee shop offers its customers a unique experience: the chance to travel back in time.

In Before the Coffee Gets Cold, we meet four visitors, each of whom is hoping to make use of the café’s time-travelling offer, in order to: con front the man who left them, receive a letter from their husband whose memory has been taken by early onset Alzheimer’s, see their sister one last time, and meet the daughter they never got the chance to know.

But the journey into the past does not come without risks: customers must sit in a particular seat, they cannot leave the café, and finally, they must return to the present before the coffee gets cold . . .

OPEN FROM 10.30AM - 5.30PM MON TO SAT Phone Orders 068 21021. Also by email at woulfesbookshop@gmail.com

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Until next week, Sandra and Rita
in association
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Listowel’s Only Dedicated Bookshop Church Street, Listowel - T: 068 21021 www.woulfesbookshop.ie /
NOW OFFERING OUR Book Choosing & Book Posting Service “I am Reading“ Listowel Celtic under 11 boys who played The Park at weekend
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The November draw for the Kilflynn Community Together “Split the Bucket” takes place at Herbert’s Bar, Kilflynn on Saturday 3rd December at 10pm. There are buckets at various businesses around Kilflynn Parkers Pub, Herbert’s Bar and Shop. Zam Zam Kebab. The concept of the draw is simple, simply place your €2 into the envelope at the venue, write your name and phone on the envelope and you could possibly ‘split the bucket!’ Thank you all for the great response and support. All funds will go to both current and future community projects. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Kilflynn Cancer Support Group Table Quiz will return on Wednesday 28th December.


Christmas Party in Ballyroe Heights Hotel on Sunday 11th December. Bus leaving both villages at 12.30 p.m. for meal at 1.30 p.m. Cost €20 per person.


The Crotta hurling club weekly lotto draw was held on Monday 28th November at Parker’s Pub, Kilflynn.

The Four numbers drawn out of the drum by the inde pendent observer: Graham Harris, Clounsillagh, Lixnaw were 7,18,28 and 29.

There was no winner of the 4,200 Jackpot. Congratula tions to the following who won €35 in the lucky dip draw: Margaret Keane,Connolly Park, Tralee, David Clifford, Ab beydorney and Mike Fuller, Tipperary and Kilflynn. The next draw will take place in Herbert’s Bar on Monday 6th December at 10.30p.m with a €4,300 Jackpot.

Tickets available 3 for €5 online visit www.crottagaa.club or this link https://play.clubforce.com/play_newa.asp?ll_

id=427#Anchor or Herbert’s Bar/Village Store, Parker’s Pub, Zam Zam Kabab, Foley Shop Lixnaw, Abbeydorney Post Office or from Club ticket sellers. Many thanks to all who contribute to our weekly Club Lotto. The Club can not emphasise enough the importance of our members promoting the Club Lotto among family, friends, and work colleagues. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


On behalf of the Community we offer our sincere sympa thies to the family, relatives and friends of the following who passed away recently; Michael Fahy, Lyreacrompane /

Corrandulla, Galway; Patrick (Pat) Doody, Upper Tullig, Kil flynn; Helena Hannon, Knocknaglough, Lyreacrompane. and Frank (Francis) O’Donoghue, Garrynagore, Lixnaw. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamacha


The weekly Darts tournament returns on Saturday 3rd December in Parker’s Pub. Fresh Turkey’s to be won. All names in for the draw at 9.30p.m


In aid of St.Teresa’s National School, Kilflynn on Friday 9th December at 7.00p.m in St. Columbus Centre, Kilflynn. €5 per book €2 per extra sheet, buy from the school in ad vance or on the night. Drinks/Treats available on the night to buy. Special Christmas surprise for the kids.


in St.Columbas Centre, Kilflynn, every Monday night at 9.00 p.m. Plenty of fun and exercise guaranteed. All Welcome.


O’Shea’s Of Kerry Coach To Knock Shrine Night Vigil The Feast of Immaculate Conception Wednesday 7th Decem ber. Coaches Departs: Tralee…4:30pm (Bus Station). Contact: O’Shea’s 066-7180123


The group meets up every Thursday mornings in St. Co lumbus Centre, Kilflynn at 10.00-11.30 am


Lights at the sports field, Dromakee on from Monday to Friday 7pm to 9pm during winter.


The Kilflynn area Development C.L.G (St.Columbas Cen tre), are holding a Fashion Show on Friday 2nd December 2022 in St.Columbas Centre, Kilflynn at 8.00p.m (Doors open 7.15p.m) . A great night of fashion, fun and music to look forward to.

Featuring PACO, Celsius, Jasmine, Annbury’s Pamel Scott, Carraig Donn and That’s Perfect please Contact Niamh on 086 314415 or Maureen on 087 9893847 for tickets at only 20 euro.


Confidential number 087 7086253. St. Vincent de Paul So ciety clothes can be donated locally at the Disposal Facility at Abbeydorney GAA Complex or the Railway Bar Car Park, Lixnaw. Your support is greatly appreciated.



The results of the weekly Ballyduff GAA Club, Lady’s Walk Hurling Club and the Ballyduff Com munity Games Committee Lotto Draw for Tuesday November 22nd are as follows: The numbers drawn were 10, 20 and 28 and the Bonus number was 2. There was no winner of the €17,100 Jackpot and the €400 prize for Match Three was won by David Lynch, Kilmore. The Lotto Draw takes place on each Tuesday night at the GAA Clubrooms. Tickets cost €2.50 each and are available at the local shops and businesses and from members of the promoting Clubs. Remember “If you are not in you can’t win”. You may also play the Lotto online at www.bally duffgaa.com.


AGM: The Annual General Meeting of the Ballyduff “Michael Mulvihill” Hurling & Football Club will be held in the GAA Clubrooms on Friday December 9th at 8.00pm. Any motions or nominations for our AGM must be with Michael Hussey (087)9688656 no later than 5.00pm on this Friday December 2nd.

B Football:

The Ballyduff B v Ballylongford B North Kerry foot ball Brendan Boyle Cup game fixed for Saturday last was postponed owing to the unavailability of pitch es due to the recent inclement weather conditions. This game has been re-fixed for this Saturday De cember 3rd in the top pitch in Ballyduff at 2.00pm.


The senior pupils of Sliabh a’ Mhadra N.S. invite all parishioners to a very special evening of Carol Singing, Prayer and Reflection on Tuesday, 6th De cember at 7.00pm in SS Peter’s and Paul’s Church, Ballyduff. As we enter into the season of Advent and prepare for Christmas, we hope you will be able to join us.


The Ballyduff Ladies Football Annual General Meet ing takes place on this Thursday December 1st at 8.00pm in the Ballyduff GAA Clubrooms. This is a great opportunity to have your say in your daugh ter’s club. You may have ideas or want to help out in some way, to improve the club. Everyone welcome, see you there.


The death took place of Joan Murphy (née Houli han), Ahamore, Causeway and formerly of Lacca west, Ballyduff. She reposed at her home and at Casey’s Funeral Home, Causeway. Her Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Bernard’s Church, Ab beydorney. Burial was in the Kyrie Eleison Cem etery, Abbeydorney. Sympathy is extended to her sons, daughters, brother John Michael (Lacca West), grandchildren, nephews, nieces, relatives and friends.


Sliabh a’Mhadra Parents Association Christmas Raffle is back bursting with fabulous prizes. Raffle cards are available in local shops and businesses. €2 per line or 3 for €5. If you are not in it, you cannot win it! As always we appreciate your continued support.

A THOUGHT - Knowledge comes from books –wisdom comes from life



Adult fitness sessions continue on Wednesdays from 7-8pm in the ARC and all are welcome.

Tom Kelly 8K: Save the date for your diary for Sun day, January 15th when the 2nd annual TK8K will be held, starting at Ardfert Cathedral and proceed ing by Ardfert Quarry and Tubrid and finishing at Ardfert NS.

The local involvement helped to make this a huge event last year and local support is vital again. Hurling clubs, football clubs, camogie clubs and other groups will be welcome around the circuit of Ardfert that day. Entry details will be announced shortly and the fee is €20 for adults while a teens’ event will be staged this year. Volunteers will be welcome for the event and a permit has been granted by Athletics Ireland.

Training continues for juveniles on Wednesdays at the ARC for juveniles, 6-7pm up to U11 while U12 and over from 7-8pm. Optional other days are available for U16 and over and parents are being notified.

Information re any club news is available on 087 7985557 or email stbrendansa.c.kerry@gmail.com or see the club’s Facebook and Instagram presence.



Ballybunion Lights need your help, the lights will give the town a well-deserved lift, raising spirits, creating a posi tive atmosphere about the place and making Ballybunion an enjoyable place for residents and visitors alike. The Ballybunion Community Forum have invested annually in a continuous replacement policy for the upgrading of the Town Lights due to the environment in town over the Christmas period. This is costly and requires continuous investment in the cables and bulbs. There is the ongoing cost of insurance, the hire of a cherry picker (Hoist), the cost of erecting the lights and trees, plus a legacy debt to the ESB (believed to be around €3,200), all of which must be covered. We are initiating this GoFundMe appeal to the townspeople and businesses of Ballybunion. With this support Ballybunion will have the Lights, seasonal appearance and Christmas Spirit as usual. Please donate what you can on the following link https://gofund.me/554b89da


Pub Quiz in aid of Ballybunion’s Christmas lights appeal will be held this Friday 2nd Dec at 10pm in The Railway Bar. Table of 4 is €40. All are welcome.



up on TIME! Phone Mag on 086 375 0037 for more information


Ballybunion active retirement group are holding weekly meetings in the old convent, Doon road every Wednesday at 2pm. Some of the upcoming activities that have been arranged are as follows Mon Dec 5th Creative Writing Class. Tues Dec 6th Art Class Wed Dec 7th Annual General Meeting 2.00pm. Contact Pat Buckley on 086 3561 615.


Our Annual Christmas Afternoon tea dance will take place on Sunday December 11th from 3pm-5pm in Ballybunion Community Centre. Admission on the day will be free as a thank you for everyone who has supported the tea dances during the year. Music will be by Ger Walsh. All are welcome to attend, which includes refreshments. Come along and enjoy a great afternoon of music, dance, chats and tea and dancers are encouraged to wear festive clothes.


With great Delight we tell you that our Annual Christmas Senior Citizens Party is back. It will take place this year at The Ballybunion Golf Club, Sandhill Road on Friday December 16th with Mass at 7pm, followed by Christmas Dinner. There will be Music by Steve Donegan and of course the most important Man Santa Himself. Anyone entitled to a ticket please contact Eileen – 086 2234965 Con – 087 4184241

Marie – 087 9542102. Places are limited, the committee will also be calling Spot Prizes and Raffles on the night. Anyone wishing to buy a ticket can also do so. Looking forward to seeing you all.


Beale First Responders are looking for people who would like to become First Responders in the Ballybunion Parish. Full training will be given please contact Mike on 087-9502167.


Scoil Íosagáin’s Parents Association will hold several clothes collections throughout the year. Clothes can be dropped to the front door of the school at any time during the school year, during school hours Monday to Friday only. Reusable items of clothing, bed linen (No quilts or pillows), paired shoes, belts, handbags, towels and curtains. A big thank you to all who contributed to our last collection which was a great success. Please do not leave bags at the school gates.


Is now open for enrollment applications for the 2023-2024 School Year. Please email the school for Pre-enrolment form before Friday 22nd Feb Email cillconla@gmail.com


The Ballybunion meals on wheels service will be delivered 3 days a week, meals will be delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Anyone wishing to avail of delivery please contact Eileen Fogarty on 086 2234 965 or Con McCarthy on 087 418 4241. The areas covered are Ballybunion, Lisselton, Asdee and Ballylongford. The dinner will be delivered to your door by one of the men at the cost of €7 per meal.


Art and Craft classes for Children every Saturday Time 11.30am -1pm €12 per child. At the cottage Studio Gallery, Cinema Lane, Ballybunion. For children aged 5 to 12 years all welcome and all materials supplied. Booking is es sential phone Marie telephone 086 066 4435 or email mariebrennan88@gmail.com.


Men’s only Aqua aerobics classes every Friday evenings in Ballybunion Health and Leisure Centre. If interested please contact Martina on 0877973688


Joy fit is a new exercise programme to Ballybunion, jumping for joy. The venue is the community centre. Tues, Thurs and Sat at 10am and is €15 per class. Booking is required because there are a limited number of boots and they depend on size and weight. Text +380686849819.


A reminder that music classes are every Friday in St Joseph Sec School. Registration is also available €6 per child, family membership €20. For more information on classes/times/ registration and hire of instruments Contact Betty 087 9662902. John Fennel Set Dancing Ltd will be doing lessons each Saturday in St Joseph’s Secondary School Hall. Enquires contact John 087 9941466 or Deirdre 086 8429548.


Social Dancing takes place every Tuesday night from 7.30pm upstairs in the Community Centre “The Old Central Ballroom” A great night of fun and dancing including waltzing, jiving, quick set, line dancing etc. Please come along and show your support. You do not need a partner on the night.


Ballybunion Community centre offers the following services to the community, typing service, Printing, Photocopy ing, Scanning, and Shredding. Email: ballybcomcentre@gmail.com Phone 068-27799

Clubs & Activities in the centre include: Badminton, Basketball, Gymnastics, Jackie O’Mahony Stage School, Taek wondo, Yoga, Silverback fitness and more. We also now provide outreach services provided by our Family Support Coordinator Laura Bennett, which include play therapy, counselling, parents plus courses, baby message, mental health supports. Childcare services, fun camps, and Halloween and Christmas markets.


Opening Hours: Tues-Sat Inc from 10am-1:30pm and 2:30pm-5pm.Membership is free. A regular supply of new books, including bestsellers to be borrowed; requests can be made online or in the branch. The Summer Stars Reading Challenge is underway, ask at the desk for a reading card to take part. We offer PC’s with printing (colour and black/white) and photocopying. We also have daily and weekly newspapers for your perusal. 068 27615


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We would like to express our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Desmond Burke, Golf side Ballybunion and to the family of Martin Flaherty, Dirra and London who died in London. May they both Rest In Peace. STRICTLY COME DANCING Beale GAA welcomes back Strictly Come Dancing in aid of the club on Friday 30th December in the Tintean Theatre, Tickets are €25. Doors open at 7pm show starts at 7.30pm RADIO KERRY TIMELESS & IRISH CONCERT Radio Kerry invites you to enjoy Timeless and Irish special at Tintean Theatre Ballybunion on Thursday December 15th. Enjoy a festive singalong with Louise Morrissey, Crystal Swing, Shawn O’Dowd, AnneMarie O’Riordan, Pat McKenna, TR Dallas and Paudi McAuliffe. Music by the Ryan Turner band and MC is Radio Kerry’s Billy Donegan. Tickets on sale on www.tintean.ie The next non-Alcohol teenage disco will be held on Saturday 3rd December in Ballybunion Community Centre. Live DJ with DJ Fringey. Disco from 9pm-11pm, Mineral bar on the night. Entry is €7. Parents are requested to drop off and pick
If you would like to include anything in The Ballybunion Notes, please forward to email address below or send us a message to the Ballybunion Tourist Office Facebook page by 10am on Monday Ballybuniontouristoffice@gmail.com
Listowel Celtic U 12s girls away to Fenit Samphires Under 12s girls last Saturday Standing on Saturday afternoon at the entrance to where Ballincloger, Lixnaw National School once stood is local past pupil Cyril Deenihan. Photo Moss Joe Browne At Lixnaw Coursing field on Saturday ahead of their annual meeting were Chairman Martin Galvin with his brother Sonny and Stephen Edwards. Photo Moss Joe Browne
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Email; tarbertnews@outlook.com or telephone Patrick Lynch at 068/ 36117 on or before 7pm Sunday.


The death took place of Marina Fitzell (née West) of Carhoonakilla, Tarbert and formerly of Gortatlea, Tralee. Marina, in her eighties, died at the Adare and District Nursing Home, Croagh on Friday 18 November. Her remains were re moved from St Mary’s Funeral Home, Tarbert on Wednesday 23 November for 2pm Service at St Brendan’s Church of Ireland, Tarbert. The Funeral Service was conducted by Captain Joe Hardy, Tralee with a large congregation drawn from both faith communities present. After the prayers of commendation, Marina was laid to rest beside her late husband Roland in the adjoining cemetery. She was predeceased by her husband Roland who died on 12 January 2018, her sister Eva in 2010 who was married to the late Harold Fitzell, brother of Roland. Sympathy of the community is extended to her sons, Leslie and Raymond, brother Richard and daughters-in-law Christine and Joan, grand children, neighbours, relatives and friends. Beannacht Dé lena h-anam uasal dIlis.


The Post Office advises that Santa’s Post Box is now ready for all the important letters to Santa. Please include the child’s name and ad dress to ensure a reply from Santa. Christmas stamp booklets are also available, good value at €20 for 20 stamps. 7 December is the last day for posting parcels to countries, includ ing USA, outside Eire to guarantee delivery for Christmas. Local Property Tax can now be paid at the Post Office.


Thursday is the 1st December, traditionally the date for the Old Fair of Glin and Christmas was always ‘three weeks and three days from the old Fair of Glin’. In the Church, the Advent Wreath was blessed last Saturday night and the street Christmas Lights were turned on after Mass, acknowledgment from a religious and civic point of view of the coming Festive season. Thanks to the Development Association mem bers who supplied and erected the street lights and to the friends of the late John Paul Collins who supplied and erected the fine Christmas tree in the Square. Hopefully the coming Christmas season will be a happy and peace ful one when we remember absent friends at home and abroad.


A traditional night of music, song and merri ment will be held in the Community Centre on Saturday 3 December at 8.30pm with enter tainment by Donie and Friends. Admission only €5 and a guaranteed night of fun and enjoy ment agus fáilte roimh gach éinne.


Tarbert Bingo has resumed and the committee have decided to host monthly Bingo on the first Wednesday of each month at 8.30pm in the Community Centre with prize money in line with attendance. The Christmas Bingo will be held on Wednesday 7 December and your sup port as always would be appreciated.


The Tarbert Group of Alcoholics Anonymous had its first meeting for suffering alcoholics back in 2002 and they are now marking the 20th. Anniversary with an open meeting in

the Tarbert Community Centre on Saturday 10 December at 8pm. Everybody is welcome to attend.


Councillor Michael Foley advises the following which is positive news for the future; Traffic and Pedestrian Counts will be carried out at the N69/N67 junction over coming weeks to assist in design proposals for the junction, taking into account that these figures would more than double during Summer months.

In connection with road widening and parking at St Patrick’s Terrace adjacent to the Bridewell, a design will be submitted for public consulta tion. Cllr. Foley has already committed €12,500 from his Councillor’s Allocation for this work.

On the proposed funding of €100,000 under the Street Enhancement Scheme for buildings, lighting, etc. he has asked that the upgrade of private houses and community buildings would also be included. The Council in conjunction with Tarbert Development Association have asked for final details of the Scheme from the Dept. of Rural and Community Development.

A public meeting will take place in Tarbert to outline the proposed scheme. So this looks promising and positive as we face into 2023.


Listening to the woman on the Joe Duffy show complaining about trivial things I thought of the old woman from Tarmons, long ago ‘I always thank the Lord, she would say for the things I haven’t got! - a smoky chimney, a leaky roof, a contrary donkey, pains in the bones and troublesome neighbours ! Amen, say all of us.


Eolas ó Sean Enright: The long trip to the Pre mier County paid dividends for the O’Connor family of Saleen, when their ‘Hope Razor’ col lected the Knockgraffon Cup. Hope Razor is bred and owned by Tom and trained by the very capable hands of his son Patrick. Other recent successes here were Sean Egan’s ‘Tobermartin Rose’ in the Oaks Trial Stake at Limerick city. Tobermartin Rose was also bred at home by Sean and is trained by Johnny Mulcahy in County Tipperary. The Tradaree club hosted its two Meeting at the Clarina Club grounds at Ballybrown, County Limerick. This proved to be successful for John Flynn when his ‘All Glamour’ triumphed in the Oaks Trial Stake. All Glamour is bred, owned and trained by John also. It was written in song ‘ The cradle of coursing is the famed Ballyduff and in Tommy O’s kennels you,ll get the right stuff’. Ballyduff is host to the North Kerry Cup for more than a century. The North Kerry Cup also came to Tar bert recently, courtesy of the O’Connor family of Saleen with their home bred, owned and trained ‘Express Razor’.


Tickets €2 or 3 for €5 on sale at Tarbert Bride well. Draw 20th December 2022

1st prize - Luxury food hamper

Other prizes - Hampers from The Whistondale Collection, Brosnan’s Daybreak, Simply Devine Preserves, Marguerite’s Bakery, Kearney’s Bak ery, Gift Voucher from Kennelly’s Hardware


Is on every Friday in Tarbert Bridewell between 10.30 and 12.00. Different activities every week following by Tea/Coffee and refreshments and a chat. New Members always welcome.


Now available in Tarbert Bridewell. 10 cards for €7. Christmas cards of scenery in Tarbert by Estelle O Driscoll €2.50 each



Mass Times: Wednesday 30th November at 10.00am for deceased members of the Dowling Family, Kiltomey. Fri day 2nd December at 7.30pm for Patrick Daughton, Upper Tullig, (Month’s Mind Mass). Saturday 3rd December at 7.30pm for Mike Quilter, Convent View; Hannah O’Riordan, Gurrane East, Killorglin & Michael O’Sullivan, Sunhill, Killor glin. (Month’s Mind Mass).


The boys and girls of the two Lixnaw Schools who will be receiving their Holy Communion next May are invited with their parents and families to a Rite of Enrolment Ceremony in Lixnaw Church on Saturday 3rd December at 7.30pm Mass. The boys and girls of Dromclough National School who will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation are in vited with their parents and families to a Rite of Enrolment Ceremony in Irremore Church on Sunday 4th December at 11am Mass.


There will be choir practice on Monday 28th November at 8pm in St. Michael’s Church in preparation for Christmas. New Members are welcome.


The AGM of the Lixnaw Development Association will be held on Thursday 1st December at the Hermitage Park, Lixnaw at 7.30pm. If the group is to keep operating for an other year, we need new members so please attend if you are interested in the maintenance and development of the Village and its environs.


The Lixnaw Senior Citizens Christmas Party will be held on the 11th December at Listowel Arms Hotel. Anybody inter ested can sign the form provided at the back of the Church.


The death recently occurred of Frank O’Donoghue, Garryna gore, Lixnaw. Sincere sympathy to his wife Maureen; chil dren: Maria, Gerard, Paul, John, Michelle, Tom and all the extended O’Donoghue family. May he rest in peace.



Congratulations to JoJo Daughton, Lixnaw, on winning €147 in the Split the Bucket Draw. The extra name drawn this week for the Christmas Hamper Draw is Amy Fealey, Ahabeg. Next draw will take place in the Lixnaw Chipper. Thanks for your continued support.


Lixnaw Vintage Club would like to thank everyone who gave so generously during the Vintage Tractor Run in mem ory of Tommy Molyneaux. A whopping €5,500 was raised and presented to Gabrielle Brown, Principal of Nano Nagle School in the Railway Bar, Lixnaw on Saturday evening 26th November. This donation will be put towards the purchases of a special sensory unit for children with special needs.


Jackpot €6,800. There was no jackpot winner: Numbers drawn were: 11, 15, 29, 32. Lucky Dip €30 winners: Mary Kearney, Ballyheigue; Noel Kelly, Six Crosses. Lucy Dip €20 winners: Bobby McElligott, Upper Tullig; Tim O’Halloran, Kilflynn; Mary Flavin, Coolard. Tickets €2 each or 3 for €5. Next week’s draw will take place at the Clubhouse Mount coal and Jackpot will be €6,900. Tickets are available at Kelly’s Six Crosses, The Halfway Bar, play online or from any Club Officer. Thank you for your continued support.



Jackpot €9,400. Numbers drawn were: 6, 11, 30, 31. No jackpot winner. €20 winners: Stephen Power, Lixnaw; Neil Herbert, c/o Paudie Lyons: Betty Griffin, Coolruane. Next draw Monday 28th November in the Railway Bar. Jackpot €9,450.

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It was a joyous occasion for the Flynn family from Tarbert at Rathkeale Coursing on Sunday winning the All Age Bitch Stake with Howdylittlelady and the Oaks Trial Stake with Marvelous Model. Photo Moss Joe Browne Listowel Celtics under 12 C team who had a great victory at the weekend winning 5-0 Lady Captain Georgina Keane presenting her cheques to Kerry Parents and Friends Listowel, MS Listowel, Hospice Listowel & Down Syndrome proceeds from her charity day held in Ballybunion just over €21,000 was raised on the day Cllr. Mike Kennelly, Richie Boyd, Cllr. Pat Barry, County Board Chairman Patrick O’Sullivan and Cllr. Mike Foley attending the 100 Year Anniversary of the An Garda Siochana in Listowel, yesterday 30th November Frances Kennedy presenting Bernie Daly chairperson of Kerry Parents and Friends with a donation from her recent successful show in St John’s. Thank you Frances Twins Mary Foley Lisselton and Nora Lynch Listowel celebrating their 60th birthday in the Arms Hotel on the 19 November with their families Sam Maguire paid us a visit on Wednesday let week. Clients of Ard Churam Fushia Centre Listowel were delighted to meet him!!! Thanks to the Kerry County Board and Seamus Mulvihill for organising the visit. Pictured: Maureen Duffy, Kate Collins, Criona O’ Sullivan, Wendy Brosnan, Bridget Long and Kathleen Carmody Listowel Celtic under 12 B girls in action at weekend Chloe O’Flaherty Ballydono ghue CCE who came 3rd in U11 Tin Whistle Music Competition at Ceol An Gheimhridh last weekend



The Ladies AGM will take place on Thursday night 1st December at 7.30pm in the clubhouse.

Split the Bucket

Congratulations to Ayden Brosnan who won our Split the Bucket on Tuesday after he bought his €1,010.50 winning envelope in Jumbo’s Family Restau rant. A big thank you to Damien, Jade and team at Jumbo’s for their support and to all businesses in Listowel for their continued support. Our next draw takes place on Tuesday 6th December.

Results & Fixtures

North Kerry Senior Championship – Semi Final Replay Emmets 1-14 Brosna 0-15

North Kerry Novice Championship - Semi Final Listowel Emmets C 0-6 V Clounmacon 1-15


North Kerry Senior Championship - Final Sunday 3rd December at 2pm

Listowel Emmets v Castleisland Desmonds Venue: Ballylongford


Draw 28/11/22 - Numbers Drawn 2-5-18-21

Jackpot not won - Lucky Dip Winners

€40 Kenneth O’Gorman c/o Cons

€20 Pat Brodbin, College Lawn

€20 Nancy O’Connor, O’Connells Avenue

€20 Daniel Lyons, Duagh

420 Mary Dalton,Bedford

Next Draw 05/22/22 at Jets - Jackpot €5,450

Best of luck to all teams in action this weekend, from under 12,s to Seniors. Many of our teams are progressing onto the next rounds of the National Cup, we wish them every success in this competition.

Keep an eye on Listowel Celtic’s face book page for fixtures and results.

Listowel Celtic Academy continues next Sunday morning but please note matches instead of training this week for some of our teams. Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates on teams.

Help is required from parents for the running of the academy each Sunday morning so please speak to Mark if you are available.

Contact Mark Loughnane (087) 211 9172

In the interest of safety we ask that all children are dropped and collected by an adult from the area they are training. Pat Kennedy park can be very busy on Sunday mornings with traffic.


Beale juniors will be seeking a North Kerry double when we take on Bally donohue B on Saturday in the final of in the North Kerry Intermediate Cup in Ballybunion. We had the upper hand on Duagh in the North Kerry League a few weeks back and our lads will be pulling out all the stops on Saturday to bring more silverware back to the seaside. Throw in is at 2 o’clock.

The Annual General Meeting of Beale GAA took place on Saturday night in Ballybunion Community Centre. The following are the officers and committee members: President, Pat Lynch; Vice-Presidents, Robert Stack, Tim Buckley, Jimmy Buckley, Mike Joyce and Tommy Allen; Vice-chairperson, John Hannan; Secretary, Bríd Griffin; Assistant Secretary, Maurice Mannix; Treasurer, Colm Kissane; Registrar, Debbie Hannan; PRO, Bríd Griffin; Coaching Officer, Gearóid O’Connor; Irish Language and Cultural Officer, Claire O’Mahony; Children’s Of ficer, Denis Kennelly and Players’ Representative, Ian Mannix. Members of the Executive Committee are Fergus Stack, Jake O’Connell, John Farrell, John Dee, John Hennessy, Johnny O’Sullivan, Mike O’Connell, Nóirín Hitchen, Pat Carolan and Paudie Mulvihill.

There was no jackpot winner and one match-3 winners in this week’s Beale Lotto which took place in The Olde Attic on Sunday night. Dot O’Gorman won €100 for match -3. Numbers drawn were 4, 5, 27 and 30.

Next week’s jackpot is €2,200. The draw takes place on Sunday night in The Feale Bar at 9 o’clock. A huge ‘míle buíochas’ to everyone who supports and promotes the Beale Lotto.

Tickets, €2 each or 3 for a fiver, are available in Joyce’s Newsagents or in the local pubs. Play online by downloading the Clubforce app or simply click the link on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages or log onto https://clubforce. com/clubs/beale-gaa-kerry/. All online entries must be registered by 6.00pm on the day of the draw – entries after 6.00pm will be entered in the next draw.

Join us for a game of 41 in The Bunker on Friday nights. A great social occasion! Meet at 9 o’clock. Everyone welcome.

A date for the calendar! Strictly Come Dancing is back – on Friday, December 30th in The Tinteán, Ballybunion. For a great night out over the festive season, get your ticket early. Tickets will be available next week.


Mens Christmas Hamper Sponsored by John J Galvin & Son Ltd – Old Course and Cashen Course – Sunday 27th November 2022

John J Galvin Mens Christmas Hamper – Old Course

Sunday 27th November 2022, White Tees, OLD WHITE

1st Michael D Farrell (21)                  36pts ( B9 - 18)

2nd Patrick Carmody (39)                  36 pts ( B9 - 16)

3rd Jayson Buckley (11)                    35 pts

Best Gross Senan Carroll (+6)            27pts

4th John Guiney (16)                          34pts

5th Des O Hanlon (8)                          33pts

Cat 1: 1st Brian Lenihan (2)        27pts

Cat 2: John Maher (10)            33pts

Cat 3: Liam Kennelly (19)                      32pts

Cat 4: Gerry Murray (21)          33pts

John J Galvin Mens Christmas Hamper - Cashen Course Sunday 27th November 2022, White Tees, CASHEN WHITE

1st Millie Costello (24)          40pts

2nd Bryan Hickey (7)                  39pts 3rd Ed Stack (0)                              37pts

Best Gross    Gary Scanlon (1)      28pts

4th Kieran Culhane (10)                36pts ( B9 - 15, B6 - 12) 5th Colm O Halloran (19)            36 pts ( B9 - 15, B6 - 8)

Cat 1 : 1st Stephen Galvin  (1)                28pts

Cat 2: 1st Mike Broderick (10)                35pts

Cat 3: 1st Conor Liston (14)                  35pts

Cat 4: 1st Pat Costello (22)                      33pts

Fixtures: Sunday 4th December 2022 – Mixed Christmas Hamper Sponsored by Henry Sheahan Enterprises – Old Course and Cashen Course

Ladies Competition:

Ladies 18 Holes Stableford Singles – Cashen Course – Tuesday 22nd Nov 2022 1st Jeanelle Griffin(33) 34 2nd Judy McMahon(40) 32 3rd Tess Noonan(39) 28 (B9-13) 4th Nora Quaid(13) 28 (B9-10; B6-4)

Ladies Fourball Betterball – Cashen Course – Saturday 26th November 2022 1st Jeanelle Griffin (30) & June Hayes (34) 41 pts 2nd Maria Shanahan (29) & Martha Woulfe (35) 36 pts 3rd Jodie O’Keeffe (35) & Caroline Griffin (32) 35 pts

Fixtures: Tuesday 6th December 2022 - Ladies Competition – Old Course

Senior Men’s Competition - Fixtures: Thursday 1st December 2022 - Senior Mens Competition - Cashen Course

Senior Ladies Competition - Fixtures: Friday 2nd December 2022 - Senior Ladies Competition – Cashen Course


There was no winner of the €4,400 jackpot Numbers drawn were 6, 11, 25 and 28

Lucky dips: 1. Brain Keane, 1 Ash Grove 2. Cal O Flynn, Moyvane 3. Dan Flavin, Aughrim 4. Matty Dillon, Online 5. Karen Shine, Glin Road

Tickets are available Online by following the link on Moyvane GAA Facebook Page. All online entries to be registered by 6pm on the day of the draw. Entries after 6pm will be entered in the next draw.

Tickets also available at Enright’s Bar, Speedy’s Bar, Hanrahans Bar,Kennellys Homevalue Hardware, Holly’s Gala, Stack’s Butchers, Corridan’s Garage, New townsandes Co-op, A New U and Curl Up & Dye. You can also contact any Com mittee Member.

Next Weeks Jackpot is €4,600 and will be held in Speedys Bar Monday the 6th

of December at 8:30 As always thank you for your continued support. #Up TheBoro


The AGM of Moyvane GAA will be held in the Marian Hall on Friday, 2nd De cember at 8.00pm. All are welcome to attend.


No winner of the jackpot of €10,700

Numbers drawn 10, 19, 24, 31

€50 Dan Fitzgerald, Village

€30 Martin Sheehy, Ballydonoghue

€20 Margaret Dowling, Bunglasha

€20 Mike Broderick, Brosna

€20 Tracey and Stephen Moran, c/o Tom Moran

Christmas Draw Entrant: Mike Buckley

Match 3’s draw entrant: Tom McCarthy, Lisroe

Next weeks jackpot €10,800 with draw Monday in Jim’s Bar at 9:30pm. Thank you all for your continued support. Tickets available from usual sellers/outlets and online at www.klubfunder.com


Lotto Draw results:

The numbers drawn for 25th November 2022, were as follows; 6, 7, 30, 31. The Jackpot was €8,000 and there was one winner of the jackpot.

Congratulations to Noel Doyle, Lower Ballydonoghue on winning the Jackpot of €8,000.

Next Jackpot will be €2,000 and it will take place Friday 2nd December 2022 in the Clubhouse.

Results: Novice Cup Semi Final Ballydonoghue C 2.14 v Knockanure 5.09

Fixtures: Kieran Corridan Intermediate Championship Final Sponsored by South of Ireland Waste Disposal

Saturday 3rd December @ 2pm E.T Venue: T.B.C. Ballydonoghue B v Beale B


As part of our Healthy Club progression Ballydonoghue GAA Club are hosting SafeTALK training on Thursday 8th. December in Coolard from 6pm to 9.30pm. This training provided by the HSE is a suicide alertness programme and is suit able for everyone.

If interested in attending please contact Eileen 087 6163138.


Monthly €500 Draw:

Our next draw takes place on Sunday 4th December 2022. Don’t forget to pur chase your ticket and be in the draw for a GUARANTEED Prize of €500. Yes, €500 will be won!! Tickets are available online tarbertgaa.ie, from committee members and from the Post Office.

Shannonside Tarbert LGFA 2023 Registration

Date: Thursday 1st December 2022. Time: 6 – 8pm

Venue: Tarbert Community Centre Registration for Teams: U6s / U8s / U10s / U12s / U14s / U16s


Lotto Results from Tuesday November 22nd Jackpot was €6,700 - Numbers Drawn: 10, 13, 25, 26

No winner but lucky dips went to:

1. Philomena Molyneaux, Knockanure

2. Sandra Stack, c/o Kevins

3. Kenneth Finucane, c/o New Kingdom Bar

4. Timmie McEneaney, c/o Kevins

5. Katie and Bridget c/o Kevins

Next draw will be on next Tuesday 29th November in the clubhouse and jack pot will be €6,800. All are welcome!


Lenamore Rovers B 0 - 1 Lixnaw

Venue: Mounthawk Park

This was a frustrating defeat after a great team performance. Our Keeper pulled off not 1 but 2 penalty saves to keep us in the game but Lixnaws A team held on for the 3 points. To mention it was great to see 7 subs for the B team, great numbers and great interest.

MOTM: Robbie Foley

28 Read your Advertiser online @ www.theadvertiser.ie

Our Raffle Tickets are now on sale, €5 each. A big thanks to David Byrne (Great National Hotels), Lynchs Garage, Paidi & Caroline O Connor, Hogan Cars Moy vane and Kennellys Hardware for Sponsoring the prizes.

The club would like to also thank Padraig Shanahan of pstaxconsultancy who has sponsored a new sign for the club which will be installed soon outside the gate of the club.


Lotto Results - No winner of Jackpot 7000

Numbers drawn: 7-14-19-22

Lucky Dips

50 Jack O’Connell

30 Noreen Keane, Cherrytree Drive, Listowel

20 Joe Mulvihill

20 Gerard, Woodford Thank you for supporting our lotto

Clounmacon had a very comprehensive win over neighbours Emmets C in the North Kerry Novice Championship on Friday night last in Frank Sheehy Park.

Emmets 0-7. Clounmacon 1-15.

Full match report on Clounmacon Gaa Facebook.

Clounmacon now play Knockanure in the final on Saturday 10th December at a venue to be decided.


Bernard O Callaghan Senior Championship

Sponsored by McMunns Bar and Restaurant Ballybunion

Report by Jack Hennessy

Semi Final Replay: Listowel Emmets 1.14 v Brosna 0.15 Listowel Emmets booked their place in the 2022 North Kerry Senior Football Championship Final after extra time by defeating Brosna in a very competitive and entertaining encounter played in perfect underfoot conditions at Duagh on Sunday last. This was a game that went down to the wire and with both teams really fired up; level on no fewer than 5 occasions; either could have won in normal time and we were treated to a passionate, absorbing and fullblooded game of football throughout. Both teams made changes to their line out on the day with veteran Dave Curtin replacing Shane Curtin while Emmets had to line out without their midfield pair of Bryan Sweeney and Cormac Mul vihill being replaced by James McVeigh and Cillian Holly.

The game was less than a minute old when Michael Kennedy set up Cillian Holly who billowed the net from close range; Paul Walsh and Conor Lane re duced the deficit, but Davy Keane got the first of his 9 points;(6f) and by the 9th mt it stood at 1-2 to 2pts for Emmets. At this stage Dave Curtin was lording midfield and Brosna were on a roll, but a teak tough Emmets defence were dealing very well with the onslaught and Niall Collins who certainly was Man of the match, Eddie Brown and Ger McCarthy stood firm. Davy Keane kept the scoreboard ticking over for Emmets as Brosna put in a strong finish to the half with Dave Curtin and Paul Walsh on the scoreboard and at the break it was all square at Emmets 1-4 Brosna o-7. On the changeover Conor Lane and Davy Keane, (f) exchanged points before Dave Curtin from outside the 45 kicked an inspirational point to put his side in the lead for the first half. Now even though Emmets were the cagier footballers they were coming off second best to the more physical Brosna side but when it came down to cuteness around the square the Towneys as it proved as the game petered out.

Still the game was in the balance, but Brosna were holding the lead and with under 5mts left for play after Adam Barry and Paul Walsh scored, they had a 3pt advantage and looked to have done enough. However, Emmets weren’t finished by no means and as the game went onwards, they had the legs on their opponents; Niall Collins came up field to loft over and with Davy Keane in top form from frees he brought the game to extra time deep into injury time. So, into extra time,10mts each way and after a lovely afternoon the rain spilled down and the wind rose as Brosna had the advantage but were guilty of misfiring kicking 4 terrible wides and Tom McGoldrick getting the only point of the half. It was now advantage to Emmets as both wind and rain disap peared and they really took full advantage as they ran their opponents ragged for that final 10mts or so with Davy Keane, Niall Collins and Michael Kennedy scoring at will.

Extra time was too much for Brosna as the youthful Listowel held all the aces when required. Castleisland Desmonds will provide the opposition in the final on Sun next at O Rahilly Park, Ballylongford starting at 2pm sharp.Teams and scorers; LISTOWEL EMMETS: Tom Harte; Ciarán Pierse, Eddie Browne, Niall Col lins (0 – 2); Micheál Kennedy (0 – 1), Ger McCarthy, Darragh Leahy; Darragh Lynch (0 – 1), Jamie McVeigh; Seán Gilbert, Cillian Holly (1 – 1), Jack McEl ligott; Jake Moriarty, Seán Keane, Davy Keane (0 – 9, 6f)..

SUBS: Dylan Quinn for Seán Gilbert (47mins); Cathal Keane for Darragh Lynch (50mins); Cormac Mulvihill for Seán Keane (55mins); Tom Melvin for Jake Mo riarty (55mins): John Heaphy for Ger McCarthy (Inj.) (E – T): Darragh Lynch for Dylan Quinn (E – T).

BROSNA: Steve McAuliffe; Darren Horan, Shane Fitzmaurice, Killian Fitzmau rice; Dee McAuliffe, Tom Fitzgerald, Jamie O’Sullivan; Dave Curtin (0 – 3), Tim my Finnegan; Adam Barry (0 – 3, 1 “Mark”), Kieran O’Donnell (Capt.), Conor Lane (0 – 2); Paul Walsh (0 – 6, 2f), Flor McAuliffe, Tom McGoldrick (0 – 1f).

SUBS: Danny Moriarty for Tom McGoldrick (56mins): Tom McGoldrick for Kieran O’Donnell (E – T): Peter Curtin for Timmy Finnegan (E – T).

REFEREE: Mike Hennessy, Ballyduff.

Novice Cup - Semi Finals

Listowel Emmets C 0.07 v Clounmacon 1.15 Knockanure 5.09 v Ballydonoghue C 2.14

Bernard O Callaghan Senior Championship

Sponsored by McMunns Bar and Restaurant Ballybunion

Final – Replay in the event of a draw

Sunday 4th December @ 2pm Venue: O Rahilly Park Ballylongford Desmonds v Listowel Emmets

Please note if the Bernard O Callaghan Final played on Sunday 4th December is level at the full time whistle the replay will take place on Sunday 11th De cember @ 1.30pm Venue T.B.C. which will be extra time and winner on the day

Kieran Corridan Intermediate Championship Final

Sponsored by South of Ireland Waste Disposal

Saturday 3rd December @ 2.pm E.T Venue: Stack Park Ballybunion Ballydonoghue B v Beale

Brendan Boyle Junior Cup

McCarthy Financial Services Listowel

Semi Final - Saturday 3rd December @2pm E.T

Brosna B v Duagh B – Venue: Castleisland Desmonds

Brendan Boyle Junior Cup

McCarthy Financial Services Listowel

Saturday 3rd December @ 2pm E.T Venue Ballyduff

Semi Final: Ballyduff B v Ballylongford B

Brendan Boyle Junior Cup

McCarthy Financial Services Listowel

Final: Sunday 11th December @ 2pm E.T. Venue:T.B.C

Novice Cup Final

Saturday 10th December @ 2pm E.T. Venue: O Rahilly Park Ballylongford Clounmacon v Knockanure

Well done to the Cadette Basketball squad who today won the South West Region at U16. The team defeated Villiers in the semi final and after a battle defeated Tarbert Comprehensive 50-30. This is the schools first win at Boys Cadette level - adding to the girls numerous titles over the years. The boys now progress to the All Ireland League Playoffs after Christmas and are awaiting a date for the All Ireland Cup Semi Final where they will play a talented Mullingar side.

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Listowel Celtic under 8 Boys who played LB Rovers at the weekend Listowel Celtic’s under 7 boys in action at the weekend against LB Rovers



Supplied & Planted. Call Eoin on 086 1681401


Suitable for flower beds. €15 for 8x4 trailer load. Delivery can be arranged. Call 087 1946973



Queries to 087 1723014. Text or phone now





We are servicing North Kerry & Beyond for over 40 Years! All pipes freed and advice given on Faulty Tanks. Call John Hartnett on 087 6718909


Curiosity Shop, 39 Main Street, Castleisland V92 CFR6. Call 087 4586136


Visit our showroom by appointment. Call Paul Morkan on 086 8328384


Driveways, Tarmacadam driveways and yards, con crete, stone chips, kerbs, groundwork and planthire Contact Denis Lynch on 086 3584956



Qualified and experienced Teacher of French. Exam focused. Contact 0879027195


Interior / Exterior. Kitchens hand painted or sprayed. New builds sprayed. Call Mike on 086 3125140


French & German 1:1 & Groups

Grammar Intensives, Exam paper-focussed, Exam mindset, Higher & Ordinary, Junior - Leaving & in between, French / German as extra subject, Online, Expert coach. Call Juliet: 087 351 9889


Give a second life to your old furniture. 3 The Paddocks, Listowel. Call 087 9913838


House cleaning got too much fro you? Leave it to us, experienced cleaners for over 15 years. No job too big or too small. You can trust us to leave your house clean and fresh. Free estimates available. Minimum call-out fee of €40, which includes 2 hours of cleaning. Call Sandra on 087 6277984



Payment on the day - 087 4166163


In family own home (18 month & 4 year old)

Listowel Area. 4 Days per week Monday – Thursday to cover the hours of 10am-4pm Own car is essential.

Please reply to: Box No. 4, The Advertiser, Bridge Road, Listowel or email: news@theadvertiser.ie


From Mid-February 2023. In Ballylongford area. For 9 month old, 4 days a week.

Please reply to: Box No. 1, The Advertiser, Bridge Road, Listowel or email: news@theadvertiser.ie

PART TIME WORK AVAILABLE ON A DAIRY FARM Near Listowel for a few days a week. Call 087 6533857


We are looking for host families to host Spanish stu dents from January the 11th for 5 weeks. The student group will attend St Michaels and the Presentation SS Listowel. One student per family payment of €1000 For further information please contact 0877431373. Closing date Dec 10th



“I’m afraid his words carry no weight at all, they are a waste of his breath.” This was my friend’s summing up of a debate she had recently listened to....a waste of breath.

It got me thinking. We’ve been breathing from the moment we emerged from our mother’s womb. Breath is life. As a bible believing Christian l love Genesis 2:7 which tells me “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”

Our life comes straight from God. And at the point of death that same breath will return to God as we’re told in Ecclesiastes 12:7. ”Then the dust will return to the earth and the spirit will re turn to God who gave it.”

Holy scripture also reveals in Psalm 33:6 that God spoke the world into existence. “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made,their starry host by the breath of His mouth.”

This tells us that God breathed the words that made the universe. We also need to breathe in order to say what we want. We cannot speak without breathing. That may be very obvious!! But it also tells me that I need to be careful about what I waste my breath on!!!!!

This brings me to the Word of God. The power of God’s Word is limitless. God has given us the incredible privilege of speaking His Word with be lieving hearts and believing lips. What an honour for us!

God wants us to speak His Word over problems and difficulties in our lives to help us. That’s why He gave us His Word. In Jeremiah 23:28 God urges us “Let the one who has My Word speak it faithfully.” We need to speak it. In John 6:63 God tells us how effective His Word is “The Words that l speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life.”

And again in Isaiah 55:11 God assures us that His Word always achieves His will. “So is My Word that goes out from My mouth, it will not re turn to Me empty but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

There are no greater words than those spoken by our Heavenly Father. And they are for our benefit. If you require any further information please con tact LCF at 087 9529907

Le grá, Bridie (Dillon) Hartney

He comes to die in order to save, and he is so humble sweet and loveable”


St. Martha, I resort to thee and to thy petition and faith. I offer up to thee this light which I shall burn every Tuesday for nine Tuesdays. Comfort me in all my difficulties through the great favour thou didst enjoy when Our Saviour lodged in thy house. I beseech thee to have definite pity in regard to the favour I ask (Mention favour). Intercede for my family that we may always be provided for in all our necessities.

I ask thee St. Martha to overcome the dragon which thou didst cast at thy feet.

Say one Our Father and three Hail Marys with a lighted candle every Tuesday and the above prayer made known with the intentions of spreading de votion to St. Martha.

This miraculous Saint grants every thing before the Tuesdays are ended. No matter how difficult. Grateful Thanks. M.C.


Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked many favours.

This time I ask you this special one, (mention fa vour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour not mine. Amen.

Say this prayer three times for three days and your favour will be granted. Never been known to fail. Must promise publication of prayer. C.D.

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The St. Pio Prayer Group will meet on Friday 2nd December in St. Mary’s Church Listowel. Programme for 2nd December 2022: 6.45pm: Confessions while the Rosary is being said 7pm: Mass, Sermon and Benediction All are welcome. - Focus on St. Pio preparing for Christmas - Quotation from St. Pio “Who cannot see the dear little infant of Beth lehem in the event for which we are preparing? Who cannot see his incomparable love for souls?
Happy Christmas and Thanks
The Old Tyme Bulldog is sweet, friendly and loyal.
This breed gets along with children and other pets. An excellent cam panion for adults and children. Please call for more information 0871215006
SUNDAY AFTERNOON DANCE At The GAA Hall, Glenflesk, Killarney V93 PR28. Sunday 4th December with The P.J. Murrihy Band. Dancing from 3pm to 5.30pm. For info call 087 9735113
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