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Friday 22nd January 2021 Vol. 13 Issue 31


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with funding of €100,000 under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme. Cllr Michael Foley

Cllr Michael Foley said: “I would like to welcome the announcement of €100,000 in funding under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme for Ballybunion, which will go towards the provision of improved signage and parking capacity to improve visitor experience in the town. “Ballybunion is well renowned as a tourist destination with its golden beaches, panoramic views and world ranking golf links. This funding is good news for the town in these difficult times and when the situation improves will help the area generate economic activity by improved parking and signage by help making the town a more attractive place to visit and enjoy for welcomed visitors.” Cllr Foley concluded: “The Town and Village Renewal Scheme is funded by the Department of Rural and Community Development and administered through Kerry County Council in consultation with local communities. “Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys TD, on Friday January 8th, announced details of a further 147 towns and villages that will benefit from funding of over €15.4 million to help them adjust to Covid-19 restrictions. A total of €687,505 came to Kerry under the scheme, funding 6 project throughout the County which is hugely beneficial to those involved.”


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Students from Tarbert Comprehensive School who have qualified for the final round of the Young Scientist Competition which runs from the 6th-9th Jan. We are very proud of their achievements and wish them luck in the next stage of the competition. • Magan Lynch & Cait Carmody with their project ‘How participation in extracurricular activities affects grades’ • Paul Murphy, Isabelle Fitzsimons & Dara Heaphy who are investigating the effects of the chemicals in Hand Sanitizer on our skin • Siblings Jim & Paula Eve Culhane who decided to research if rushes could be used as a new energy source for heating homes

Megan Lynch & Cait Carmody-How participation in extracurricular activities affects grades

Siblings Jim & Paula Eve Culhane-Rushes, a new energy source for heating homes

Paul Murphy, Isabelle Fitzsimons & Dara Heaphy- The effects of the chemicals in Hand Sanitizer on our skin



Submissions are now being invited for the Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year Award 2021. This award is for the best novel by an Irish author published between 1st February 2020 and 1st February 2021 with a prize of €15,000 for the winning author. The adjudicators for this year’s Award are: Canadian Born novelist and writer Rachel Cusk and UK novelist, poet and critic Richard Skinner. Frank Hayes representing sponsor Kerry Group Ltd commented: We are pleased to continue our sponsorship of the prestigious Kerry Group Irish Novel of the Year Award. Having celebrated 25 years of the Award in 2020, this much sought-after literary award continues to support Ireland’s proud literary heritage and international reputation. Winner of the 2020 Award was presented to Edna O’Brien for her novel Girl. A short-list of 5 novels will be announced in March 2021 and the Winner will be presented with their prize at the Opening Ceremony of Listowel Writers’ Week Literary Festival on Wednesday the 2nd June 2021. Speaking about the Award, Festival Chairperson, Catherine Moylan stated: We are delighted to launch this prestigious award for Irish Novel of the Year. It is now in its 26th year of celebration and as always, we are especially grateful to our kind sponsors, Kerry Group Ltd for their ongoing sponsorship and support for this important international literary award. The Closing Date for receipt of submissions to Listowel Writers’ Week is Monday 1st February 2021.


Michael O’Connell - Gay Project: “I’m afraid that I might say the wrong thing and hurt someone’s feelings”. This is what a teacher recently said to me when they called to get information to support their LGBTI+ student (and with 1 in 10 estimated to be LGBT+, there’s likely 2-3 in most classes). This sentiment echoes what I’ve heard time and time again from parents/guardians, therapists, lecturers, social workers, youth and community workers, and countless others who interact with LGBTI+ people daily. And It goes without saying that the vast majority of people are entirely well meaning and simply need a hand wrapping their heads around something which seems new to them. Other questions are things like: “what does LGBTI+ mean?”, “What if I can’t remember all of the letters or I get them mixed up?” Well, there’s merit in having basic literacy in a subject for anyone who works with people and there’s plenty of training available from agencies like the Gay Project to help - more about that later. However, it’s important not to get too bogged down on language and terminologies. The key is to remember that someone’s lived experience is a lot more important. The real task of being inclusive, respectful and caring of all people with various identities is to make a deliberate effort to challenge our own prejudices and acknowledge that we can always do better. So what does that look like when it’s at home? Well, there are some simple steps we can all take everyday. The first is to understand that identities and orientations have been evolving and changing for as long as people have been around. So, it’s easier to understand when you see people’s identity as being on a spectrum, rather than either being one fixed thing or another fixed thing. People are far more complex than that and diversity is something we can all celebrate. When I deliver training on the ABC’s of LGBT and more substantial personal and professional development trainings, I explain that there isn’t just straight people and gay people, there’s countless sexual orientations such as bisexual (being attracted to two genders) and asexual (not experiencing sexual attraction at all) to name just a few. And the same can be said for gender identities. Thus, when we understand that identity is more than just two polarised positions, it gets easier to understand how the LGBTI+ acronym is changing and evolving over time. There’s plenty of ways you can show your support in your agency, workplace, school etc. Those include displaying a rainbow flag in a prominent location in your classroom, office, hallway, include LGBTI+ themes in your classes or workshops and celebrate your local Kerry Pride week when it comes around. If a client or student comes out to you, it’s okay to ask them about their lived experience to help you support them but asking them to educate you on the subject should be avoided as that would only cause distress. Finally one of the best things you can do is get your staff trained professionally; for more information you can reach out to the Gay Project for training gayproject.ie or email community@gayproject.ie.

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CAROLINE’S DÓTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS CAROLINE’S POD OF POSITIVITY Welcome to our weekly column and the start of a New Year. While I personally do not like to make New Year’s resolutions, I do however like to set little goals and plans, and for the month of January that little goal was all around the word ‘Positivity’ and how when faced with challenges and obstacles, positivity was going to be our word for the month and the rest of the year! Staying positive and having positive thoughts allows us to keep a healthy mindset and helps us to enjoy our life a little easier in our day-to-day chores & activities. Gratitude also comes from having a healthy mindset, and whatever our circumstances may be, we can all find something within our lives to be grateful for. Try this week to think and write down in your diary or gratitude journal three things you are grateful for in your life – right now in this very moment, or on each morning you awake or at night before you drift off to sleep. Remember – it is just three things! As an advocate for dóTerra essential oils I have the knowledge as well as all the positive feedback from many of my customers on how the oils can support the Body, the Mind, and the Mood. Invoking feelings of well-being is just as important as having a healthy diet and exercise routine in your life, and dóTerra’s Adaptiv, Balance and Lavender essential oils can assist us with those feelings of Wellness. These oils can be used in three different ways: Topically – applying them on to our skin with or without a carrier oil. Aromatically – by placing a two to three drops into a cold-water diffuser and diffusing these oils in our homes, classrooms, offices, salons or places of work and business. And the third way, Internally – by adding them to your favourite food, waters or drinks, or simply by taking one drop under the tongue daily. The oils are a natural solution to care for our needs and our Family’s health needs and they can support us in many of the following that we experience from time to time, such as: Anxiety Issues, Digestive Support, Sleep Assist, Muscle Care, Stress Buster, Depression, Grief, Energy Boost, Skin Support, Immunity Boost, Allergy Assist and so much more. Over the last year and using the oils in our home, they have not only helped and changed our mindset and mood, but have also helped many others like you, who need the support of something natural for the Body. So, staying in our Pod of Positivity, I encourage you to incorporate that positive vibe into your life and home, and remember to take things nice and easy, while leaning on your dóTerra essential oils. You are all doing a wonderful job! Until next time, I leave you with our thought for the week, ‘With Positivity, go Confidently in the direction of your Dreams, and Live the Life you have always Imagined’. Caroline X - Tel: 087 292 1292


The North Kerry Abandoned Railway Line Committee (NKARLC) has confirmed that progress on the North Kerry Greenway is on track. The agreement between landowners, householders and Kerry County Council has been honoured to date and the expectations set out at the planning stage continue to be met. Following close collaboration, the finer details of the project were established, and accommodation works are now at an advanced stage. Underpasses, overpasses, bridges, fencing, screening and drainage are examples of the key infrastructure included in the plan. These will ensure that health and safety precautions are maintained to the highest possible standard for householders living along the line, landowners farming the adjacent lands and the general public availing of this state-of-the-art amenity. Funding for completion of the project is assured. This information is for the benefit of the people of Listowel and its hinterland. We are all looking forward to the opportunities the Greenway will create and the socioeconomic boost it will generate. Committee Members • • • • • •



Minister for Education and Kerry TD Norma Foley has this week welcomed the announcement that a significant level of funding will be made available for nine key tourism projects across Kerry. The finance is provided under the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme which aims to provide assistance for the development, promotion and maintenance of outdoor amenities such as trails, walkways, cycleways and blueways. The 2020 Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme, provides individual grants of up to €20,000 for small scale maintenance, promotion and marketing projects. Minister Foley said: “I am delighted that this funding will help maintain and create recreation and facilities in local Kerry communities which is key to the tourism industry. “It is vital that we support the development of such projects in 2021 as tourism in the Kerry region was so badly affected by the pandemic and will take some time to recover.” In total nine key tourism projects have been awarded substantial sums under the scheme. Those in the North Kerry area are: • The erection of picnic set and information signage at Lixnaw Integrated Constructed Wetland, Lixnaw, Co. Kerry: €20,000 • Development works for the cliff walk assessment project, Cliff Road, Ballybunion: €20,000 • Remediation works to prevent further deterioration of the steps at Ballyheigue Beach, Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry: €20,000

NEW YEAR, NEW TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Munster Technological University Formally Established

On 1st January 2021 Ireland’s newest technological university is established; Munster Technological University (MTU). The consortium of Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and Institute of Technology Tralee (ITT) was designated as a technological university earlier this year. MTU is a multicampus technological university, contributing to the region through the provision of academic programmes that support student development and opportunities, education and research. MTU has an extensive and impressive regional footprint with six campuses across the South‑West region in Cork and Kerry, and a student body of 18,000. For Cork, it will be the first university to be established since UCC in 1845. MTU is the first university to be established in Kerry. Speaking on January 1st Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science Simon Harris TD said: “The establishment of only the second technological university in the State, the first outside the capital, is another important milestone for higher education in Ireland and, in particular, for the South West. From today, the new Munster Technological University will start its journey and drive access, excellence, and regional development. It will strengthen the links with businesses in the country and the community, all of which will greatly enrich and enhance the South West.” Mr Bob Savage Chair of MTU’s Governing Body welcomed the formal establishment of the technological university and the opportunities Munster Technological University creates for the region: “Today marks an historic day for the future of higher education in Ireland. MTU has the potential to be ground-breaking for the South-West region by providing a new, flexible teaching and learning framework to students that is informed by research and offers opportunities for students to pursue diverse programmes across the range of levels. I now extend my best wishes to our collective staff, students, and stakeholders who have been instrumental in bringing us to this day”. Also welcoming the inauguration of the new technological university President of Munster Technological University Professor Maggie Cusack said: “This is an auspicious day for the region with the formation of Munster Technological University that will benefit students, staff, and stakeholders for generations to come. The positive regional benefits will be paralleled with global impact from our research and innovation as we maximise the opportunities afforded MTU by the Irish Research Council and through Horizon Europe and the Green Deal”.

Denis Stack, Listowel (Spokesperson) Monty Falvey, Abbeydorney John Fitzmaurice, Listowel John O Connor, Kilmorna Seán McCarthy, Kilmorna John Moloney, Kilmorna

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Welcome to San Rita Wellness weekly column… Welcome to San Rita Wellness weekly column Happy new year to all our readers.

At this stage Christmas is well and truly over…or is it? It’s well proven that it can take a while for people to get back into the healthy habits. This year especially we are hearing of many people who are holding on to Christmas a little bit longer by not taking down the Christmas tree etc to help keep them motivated and in good spirits. That’s all well and good if it works for the right reasons, but it may have other implications also. For example, it may influence your food choices, your ability in being more active etc. So if you want to make a fresh start and want to feel better and see the difference, it’s important to maybe shift your mindset in a way that will motivate you in developing a healthier lifestyle. Over the years we have seen a lot of our San Rita Wellness members losing weight for many different reasons like an occasion coming up such as a wedding, communion, confirmation or a holiday. However in the times we are all now going through these kind of things are unlikely to happen or more uncertain to happen. So now it’s time to shift our mindset, and focus on how making lifestyle changes can benefit us in other ways such as better health and wellbeing, which can lead to long term sustainable weight loss. Watching shows like Operation Transformation and following our San Rita Wellness plan both have common messages about the value of good health and wellbeing. Being guided how to eat healthier, being more active and keeping ourselves in a positive headspace are key to building lifelong helpful habits. EAT HEALTHY: Whether its 3 main meals or 5 smaller meals it doesn’t matter once you feel satisfied and getting a healthy nutritional balance. When we talk about healthy nutritional balance it’s all about not having too much of one thing and not enough of the other. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day as by skipping breakfast has it’s implications… eg. feeling weak, poor concentration and the impulse to pick for the rest of the day. Lunches can get boring if you keep having the same old thing, but as it’s the meal that has to carry you until dinner time we would encourage you to include carbs to help you feel fuller for longer. Dinner is probably one of the easiest meals to get in variety such as carbs, veg and protein. The golden rule is your plate should mentally be divided in 3 ie. 1/2 veg,1/4 carb and 1/4 protein. BEING ACTIVE: We all know we should be active but that can sometimes be easier said than done. Doing something you enjoy rather than doing something you think you “should” be doing is the key to sticking with physical activity. WELL BEING: What we think determines how we feel and how we feel determines what we do! It’s important that we make time out of our day for ourselves and do something that we will benefit from. Many of you may have a lot going on at home now between working online or/ and home schooling so setting aside 20 minutes or so to do something nice is important for your wellbeing. So, all in all losing weight for an occasion may have worked in the past, but if we want to look good, be healthy and live longer we need to eat healthy, be active and take care of our wellbeing. Our San Rita Wellness ethos is “Eat well, Feel well, Live Well” For extra support and for weekly accountability check us out on Facebook San Rita Wellness or sanritawellness.ie for details of our “At Home Service” or our “One to One Service” Give us a call on 087 6718377 or 087 1012174 Until next week Sandra and Rita


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BALLYLONGFORD CHURCH ARRANGEMENTS It is unfortunate, but we are once again back to full level 5 Covid 19 Restrictions until January 31st at least. Therefore, masses at St Michael the Archangel Church in Ballylongford and St Mary’s Church in Asdee will continue on being celebrated privately behind closed doors by Rev. Fr. Michael Hussey P.P. These new restrictions will once again prevent him from having a congregation at his daily or Weekend Masses in any of our two churches in the Parish. Masses will be celebrated privately on Tuesday evening, Friday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning in St Michael’s and on Thursday and Sunday morning’s in St Mary’s. Regarding other religious services such as funerals, unfortunately the attendance at funeral masses and burials will again be severely restricted to a maximum of 10 people only. Weddings may take place but no more than 6 people may attend a Wedding ceremony. Both St. Michael’s Church and St Mary’s Churches will remain open each day for private prayer, but will close at 6pm daily. Mass Streaming: If you wish to watch Masses on the Internet, Masses will be live streamed from St Mary’s Church in Tarbert can now be viewed online just go to the Church website which is stmarystarbert.com Vigil mass can be viewed on Saturday evenings is at 6pm and Sunday at 11.30am. Masses are streamed live from St John’s Church Ballybunion by going to St John’s church Ballybunion Facebook page Mass times are Saturday evening at 7pm and on Sunday at 11.30am you can watch any of these masses on your phone, tablet, computer or smart T.V. Parish Envelopes & Priest Salary Envelopes may be dropped into the presbytery letter box or handed in at the Parish Office. Parish Envelopes for 2021: This year, owing to Covid Regulations, we will not be able to deliver the parish envelopes to the houses. The boxes can be collected from the back of the church where they are arranged by townlands. Please note that as there is a new supplier of the envelopes, the numbers will be different to other years. If you cannot find your box, please leave your name and townland in the sacristy or the parish office. The boxes for Clounamon and Tullahinell are in St. Mary’s, Asdee. Parish Collections: Week Ending December 20th €810, Christmas Collection €2,740 Weekending December 27th €580. Your contributions are very greatly appreciated thank you. Feast Days: This Wednesday January 6th is the east of the Epiphany of the Lord, where we celebrate the visit of the wise men from the East, led by the star, to adore the baby Jesus. And also of course it is Women’s Christmas or Nollaig na mBan. Sunday next is the Feast pf the Baptism of the Lord, whereby Jesus is baptized by John in the River Jordan and from where he begins his public life. BEING NEIGHBOURLY Please be vigilant during this uncertain time and check on neighbours daily (at least) during these cold mornings, days, evenings and nights as the cold snap and this virus is most dangerous right now. Please remember to be extra vigilant as to the welfare of our elderly neighbours or indeed somebody living alone in these very trying times check to make sure they are warm and have food to eat and that they are in good health. PLEASE STAY SAFE AND ENSURE OUR NEIGHBOURS ARE SAFE. BEREAVEMENT We offer our deepest sympathies to the family of Alan Fitzell of Glencullare, Tarbert who sadly passed unexpectedly from our midsts on Thursday 24th December last. One of life’s true gentlemen Alan was a much respected kind and friendly gentleman who was friends with everybody not alone in Tarbert or Ballylongford but indeed further afield. A very highly skilled man, he had a great pair of hands and was a wonderful obliging man, who helped so many. He had worked in Tarbert Power Station since it was built, having retired some time back. He loved the water and enjoyed nothing better than out on his boat during the fine weather. He had built a boat in recent years from scratch and was very proud of his achievement as was many a sea-fearing person that witnessed and saw the finished job. To his family of wife Margaret, sons Nigel and Brian, daughters in law Rachel and June, brother Louis, sister Hazel, grandchildren, brothers in law, sisters in law, nephews, nieces, cousins, extended family, relatives, and a large circle of friends we extend our deepest sympathies at this sad time. A private family Service took place on Sunday last 27th December in St. Brendan’s Church, Tarbert with interment immediately afterwards in St. Brendan’s church grounds. May His Gentle Soul Rest Peacefully. BREAVEMENT The Community was again plunged into sadness and grief on Monday 14th December last on learning of the sad and unexpected passing of William O’ Carroll R.I.P. of Pulleen, Tarbert. Known to everybody more affectionately as Bill, he passed peacefully in the wonderful care of the staff at the Muckross Ward of Kerry University Hospital. He was a very quiet, very honest and very loveable man who had a kind word and salute for everybody he met and talked with. Born in 1953 he was the son of the late Michael and Margaret O’ Carroll R.I.P. He was educated at nearby Reenturk National School from where he received his First Holy


Communion and Confirmation. After finishing his Primary education, he went on to study at James Dore’s Secondary School in Glin. In the 70’s after finishing his secondary education, he went on to work in the construction site of Tarbert Generating Station where he spent many years. When the construction work finished Bill took up the running of the family farm in Pulleen where he successfully worked the farm for many years. Bill was a very intelligent man and could converse very openly on any topic of conversation; he had a great passion for all sports but particularly football and was very knowledgeable on the local, county and National scene. Despite being born in the parish of Tarbert, Bill had a huge circle of friends in both communities and indeed further afield, who are all shocked as to his unexpected passing. Sadly, Bill’s health deteriorated in recent times and spent a short period in Lystoll Nursing home prior to his passing in Kerry University Hospital on Monday last. To his heartbroken family of sisters Mary and Rosario, brothers Dick and Michael, sister-in-law, Ann, nieces Aisling and Niamh, family relatives, good and kind neighbours, and huge circle friends we extend our deepest sympathies at this very sad time for you. In accordance with HSE guidelines and in the interest of public health, a strictly private Requiem Mass and burial took place on Wednesday last 16th of December at 11.30 am in St. Mary’s Church, Tarbert, with burial afterwards in Lislaughtin Abbey. May His Gentle Soul Rest In Peace. Footnote: The family would like to thank the staff of Lystoll Lodge Nursing Home, and the staff of Muckross Ward, UHK for their care and kindness to Bill O’RAHILLY’S GAA CLUB Weekly Lotto Draw January 2nd @GAA Hall Jackpot €11,000. Numbers Drawn 5, 15, 28, 29. No winner. Lucky Dips €20 Patrick Holly Asdee, Anne Marie Donovan Ballyline, Sean Lynch Online, Bridget & Ger O’Connor Listowel. 3 Free Lotto Tickets Sarah Murphy William St., Listowel. Tickets can be purchased from our sellers at Heaphy’s Centra and online on our Facebook page.Thank you for your support. Ballylongford GAA Club AGM will take place on Friday 29th January 2021. Due to Covid19 and following public health guidelines we are unable to hold our AGM as normal. This year an AGM day will take place. Minutes of previous AGM, Chairman’s Address, Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report will be available to all club members before AGM day and if you wish these documents please contact Club Secretary Caroline O Connor by email: secretary.ballylongford.kerry@gaa.ie All Motions and Nominations for officer roles or Management to be emailed to Secretary.ballylongford.kerry@gaa.ie before Friday 15th January 2021. Correspondence after this date will not be considered. All questions on the AGM documents will be answered by email within 10days after the AGM day. Results of motions and items of any other business will be dealt with by the Executive Committee and emailed within 14days of AGM day. On AGM day the Executive Committee will elect the officers for 2021. If anyone has any queries please contact Secretary Caroline O Connor 0879107553. We hope to be back in the playing field soon and stay safe everyone. KITTY DESERVES REWARD Sincerest Congratulations to Kitty McElligott of Pulleen who received her Kerry Hero Award from Radio Kerry recently. Patrick Lynch Tarbert and Deidre Finucane Ballylongford nominated Kitty for this very popular and most deserving award, which was first introduced by Radio Kerry in 2019. The Award is designed to honour individuals and groups that have shown outstanding courage, vision and leadership in their locality and in Kerry. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone in Kerry. Covid19 has affected every aspect of our lives. We have lost loved ones, jobs and missed sports, family and cultural events. All of this year’s winners made us especially proud to be from Kerry and as 2020 comes to a close, Radio Kerry and Fexco honoured them, through the Kerry Heroes of 2020 Awards last week. Kitty who is in her 80’s has always been a powerhouse to the people of Tarbert, Ballylongford, Listowel and indeed all parishes throughout North Kerry and the Covid 19 lockdown did not deter her from her fundraising efforts which she has worked so hard for, on behalf of so many different deserving groups. Among her many causes that she has worked so hard for include fundraising for Bereaved Families, The Ard Churam Day Centre in Listowel, The Alzheimer’s respite day care centre, The Good Friday Soup Kitchen in Tarbert and of course her marvellous work in Ballylongford as part of the Ballylongford Active Retirement group, The Bally Tidy Towns Group, The Local I.C.A. The Oyster Festival, The Parish Hall of which she is a guiding light and an extraordinary Volunteer whose efforts and hard work have been just rewarded by this wonderful accolade. Congratulations to you Kitty and your Family you richly deserve this Kerry Heroes Award for 2020. An extraordinary woman who does so much to help everybody else. INCLUSION OF ITEMS If you wish to submit items for inclusion in the Weekly notes please note that all items must be submitted by 8pm on Sunday evening prior to publication anything later will not guarantee that such items will appear. Items for inclusion can be emailed to either estuaryprint43@ gmail.com or estuarytrophies@gmail.com or contact Numbers (068) 43938 or 087 9528919.

BALLYDUFF LOTTO DRAW The results of the Ballyduff GAA Club weekly Lotto draw for Monday January 11th are as follows: The numbers drawn were 4, 6, 19 & 21. There was no winner of the €2050 Jackpot and the following won €50 each: Pádraig Boyle, Ballincrossig Michael & Mary Ashe, C/o Tom O’Sullivan, Coole Sennan & Eanna Leahy, Abbeydorney TV DRAW: Pat O’Carroll, Lacca (on line) Mary O’Sullivan & Maura, Ballyduff Pádraig Doyle, Meadow Lane The Lotto Draw continues on each Monday night at the Ballyduff GAA Clubhouse with €150 added to the Jackpot when it’s not won. Tickets at €2 each or 3 for €5 are available from the usual outlets. Please support and remember “if you are not in you can’t win’. You may also play the Lotto online at www.ballyduffgaa.com. The results of the Ballyduff GAA Club weekly Lotto draw for Monday January 4th are as follows: The numbers drawn were 3, 6, 21 & 28. There was no winner of the €1900 Jackpot and the following won €50 each: Noreen Leen, Tower Drive Tony Horgan, Lisselton John Enright, Clash, Causeway TV DRAW: Elizabeth Hussey, Ardoughter. Donie, Ann Sullivan & Tom Dalton, Ballyduff. David Enright, Ardoughter CHURCH NEWS All public Masses are cancelled until further notice. Sunday and Saturday vigils as well as daily Masses will be celebrated and may be accessed on the webcam or parish radio. DEATH The death took place of Catherine (Kit) Lenehan (née McCarthy), Bishopscourt, Ballyduff and Cedarwood Road, Glasnevin, Dublin and formerly of The Village, Ballyduff. A private family funeral took place in SS Peter’s & Paul’s Church, Ballyduff and burial was in Rahela Cemetery. Sympathy is extended to the family, relatives and friends of the above deceased. MASSES FOR THE WEEK Friday 7.00pm: Seamus, Gerald, John Pa, Brendan & Donal O’Neill Saturday 6.30pm: Mass in Causeway Sunday 11.00am: Group A Reader: Sunday January 24th – Daniel Mahony Parish Office: will remain closed during the present lockdown. However there will be a phone service (066)7148404 during normal hours 10.00am – 1.00pm. Instagram Youth Project: “Let us Dream” – the path to a better future”. Pope Francis invites us to dream of the future to see, chose and act to create a better future for all. What kind of future do you hope for and how will it be achieved? Choose from Art, Photography, Poetry or Video Clip(up to one minute). All entries to instagram@youth.dok or desbailey@dioceseofkerry.ie up to Sunday next January 24th for 16 to 30 years old. Entries will be posted on dioceseofkerry.ie during the week of the Diocesan Mission. Prizes for best entry in each category. More information from Des on (086)7364605. Diocesan Mission: begins on this Sunday January 24th and runs up to Friday January 29th. The Mission “Be Christ’s Joy” is an opportunity for people to gather in reflection and in prayer online and at home like the traditional Parish Mission. All are welcome to participate. We invite to REGISTER HERE on the diocesan website, dioceseofkerry.ie for the Mission and to please encourage others to do the same. On registration you will get an email each morning offering links to all the daily Mission activities. The Mission Booklet will be available in both Churches and online. LADY’S WALK AGM Lady’s Walk Hurling Club will hold its Annual General Meeting on this Friday January 22nd at 8.00pm. Due to current Covid-19 regulations it will be held online using Microsoft Teams. Any member who wishes to join the meeting can contact the club Chairman David Slattery on (086)3692642. An email address will be required for the link to be emailed to. BALLYDUFF GAA NEWS It is with regret that I have to report that littering has taken place in the GAA grounds close to the recycling bins. Some people bring their bottles, cans, etc in boxes and leave the boxes behind causing a mess. It is not the responsibility of the GAA Club to clean up and Kerry County Council personnel have had to attend twice recently to deal with this rubbish. This is a great facility but obviously some people don’t see it that way it may have to be removed and then everyone will be sorry. So please don’t litter and everyone will be happy

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TARBERT NOTES E-MAIL ADDRESS; notesplynch@outlook.com or tel Patrick Lynch at 068 36117 before 7pm Sunday. GREETINGS FROM ST PAUL, U.S.A. John and Mary Scanlon in St Paul, Minnesota sent New Year greetings to every- body in Tarbert. John was one of a family of 14 growing up in Tieraclea, Tarbert who literally came to school through the fields in the 1950’s. Like others of his family he emigrated at the age of 19 in 1964 to St Paul, Minnesota and has lived and worked there ever since. He writes ‘America is not the same country I came to in 1964. We now have a new President and the vaccine for the virus, so things are looking up. I will make an all- out effort to start my memoir this year’. That is one book we will look forward to reading. THE PAPERS Well done to Máireád Enright on a very incisive Opinion piece, on the Mother and Baby Homes Report, in the Irish Times last Saturday. Máiread is Reader in Feminist Legal Studied and Leverhulme Research Fellow at Birmingham Law School. Her central point was that while the’ adoptions were legal but that doesn’t make them right’. Máireád is daughter of Seamus and the late Margaret Enright of Main Street, Tarbert. Beir bua agus beannacht. BBF Fógra from Noelle; The Ballydonoghue Bardic Festival has been postponed due to Covid 19 and will take place later in the year as soon as it is safe to meet again. The deadline for the BBF Writing Competition has been extended to the 31 May. No better way for children and adults alike to fill their lockdown time. You can write a poem or story in English or Irish and submit it for competition either be email to ballybardfest@gmail.com or by post to BBF Competitions, Lisselton Post Office. Full details on how to enter are to be found on the website at ballybardfest.com. WINDOW ON THE PAST The Kerryman newspaper in its publication of 28 March 1955 reported on a meeting held in the Cinema, Tarbert to advance Tarbert’s claim to a proposed oil refinery. The meeting was called by Tarbert Development Association and was attended by public representatives and interested parties. The Chairman of the Association, Mr. J.D.’Connell stressed the natural advantages of Tarbert allowing for the biggest ships afloat to be able to berth at any stage of the tide and the vast amount of land available for development. Johnny O’Connor, TD, Clann na Poblachta, Paddy Finucane TD, Clann na Talmhan and Senator Jack Lynch, Fine Gael emphasised that Tarbert was within the congested districts area and a refinery would provide employment for the whole of North Kerry. They would bring this to the notice of the Industrial Development Association which provided substantial grants for such projects. M. L. O’Connell, Chairman of Kerry County Council and Councillors D. J. Moloney and E. J. Walsh of Fianna Fáil promised full support. End of report. Some 66 years later as we go into 2021 a Free Port, a zinc smelter, a trans-shipment port, a cruise ship terminal and an LNG terminal have all been proposed and turned into false dawns. Who now remembers the Sunday Press front page, all those years ago ‘Tarbert to be the Hong Kong of the West’.? Co-incidentally another Jerry O’Connell like his late father before him is to-day still campaigning for development of Tarbert and the Shannon estuary. Tarbert and North Kerry await the next episode in the long running saga. DEATHS The death took place of Christine Nicholson, née Power, of Doonard Upper, Tarbert and formerly of Shanagolden, County Limerick. Christine who was in her 80’s died at St Catherines Home, Newcastlewest on Tuesday 5 January having recently been transferred there from Oaklands Nursing Home, Listowel. Her Requiem Mass was celebrated by Fr Michael Hussey in St Mary’s Church, Tarbert on Thursday 7 January. Interment took place in St Mary’s New Cemetery and she was laid to rest beside her husband Norman who died in July 2018. Christine and her husband Norman who was a retired UK army pensioner purchased a house in Doonard, Tarbert some years ago and came to Tarbert to live out their retirement. Christine had a sister who predeceased her living also in Tarbert. Old age and infirmity obliged Norman and Christine to move to Oaklands Nursing Home where they lived in residential care for many years. Sympathy of the community is


extended to her nephews, nieces, relatives and friends. The death also took place of Michael (Mick) Barry of 15 Tieraclea Park, Tarbert and formerly of Tullamore, Ballybunion. Michael Barry who was aged 84 died at Kilcara Nursing Home, Duagh on Tuesday 5 January. His Requiem Funeral Mass was celebrated by Fr Sean Hanafin, Ballybunion in St Mary’s Church, Tarbert on Friday 8 January. His son and daughter Tim and Michelle read the Lessons while cantor Declan Downey sang the funeral hymns. Fr Sean in his eulogy traced Mick’s life, one of three football mad brothers attending Rahavannig National School. In later years he obtained employment at the ESB Power Station at Poolbeg in Dublin. He met Aileen Tully from Drogheda and they were married in Armagh in September 1971. They were almost 50 years married and had two children, Tim and Michelle. In the early 1980’s with the ESB recruiting staff for Tarbert power station they moved to Tarbert and lived in the ESB staff houses at Tieraclea Park, Tarbert. Mick continued working as a Dayworker up until his mandatory retirement. Mick was a great Kerry GAA supporter and took particular pride in Beale and Kerry players, Bomber Liston and Ogie Moran. Coming up to a Munster Final he would delight in giving you the inside track on the Cork team based on information he had from his brother Tom who was a Garda in Cork. In recent years his health deteriorated and he lived the past three years in Kilcara Nursing Home while his wife Aileen is in residential care in Newcastlewest. Following his funeral Mass burial took place In Killahenny Cemetery, Ballybunion. Michael was predeceased by his brother John. Sympathy of the community is extended to his wife Aileen, son Tim, daughter Michelle, son-in-law Ed, daughter-in-law Lorna, brother Tom, nephews, nieces, first cousin Michael Houlihan, Tarbert, extended family, ESB work colleagues, neighbours and friends. Both funerals were carried out by St Mary’s Funeral Home with their customary professional expertise and were live streamed on St Mary’s Church website with a maximum of 10 in attendance in accordance with Level 5 Health restrictions. Suaimhneas síoraí agus beannacht Dé le hanamacha na marbh go léir. The death took place of Alan Fitzell, Glencullare, Tarbert. Alan who was aged 79 died after a short illness at UHK, Tralee on Thursday 24 December. His funeral service, strictly private according to Covid 19 restrictions, was conducted by Rev Patrick Comerford, Askeaton on Sunday 27 December in St Brendan’s Church of Ireland, Tarbert and burial took place in the adjoining cemetery. A large congregation assembled at the Steeple Cross and there was a guard of honour made up of work colleagues from ESB Tarbert, Tarbert Historical Society and Saleen Boat Club, neighbours and friends. This was testimony to the esteem in which Alan and his family are held. Alan was born in Glencullare to William Frank Fitzell and Lillian Parkinson. He attended Kilnaughtin National School travelling in the school mini-bus operated by his father and mother. He later moved next door to St Ita’s College where he completed his secondary school education. In the early 1960’s he helped his father in the wiring of houses. In 1969 he joined the permanent staff of the ESB at Tarbert Generating Station. He was promoted to Unit Supervisor and served over 30 years at the Power Station. When he retired his multi-talented skills were in demand by neighbours and friends to do various plumbing and electrical work in houses across the parish. Proud of his Palatine heritage, he was for many years the caretaker and church warden of St Brendan’s Church. He and his wife Margaret were members of Tarbert Historical Society. In August 2014 they were involved with the Society in the publication of ‘St Brendan’s Church of Ireland 1814 -2014 a history to mark the Bi-Centennial of this iconic little Church. A quiet spoken, very popular and obliging member of the community, he will be sadly missed. Sympathy of the community to his wife Margaret, sons Nigel and Brian, daughters-in-law Rachel and June, brother Louis, sister Hazel, relatives, grandchildren, work colleagues, neighbours and friends. Sympathy of the community is also extended to John, Tom and Eddie Holly, Tarmons on the death of their first cousin, Edward Holly, Ballyfermot Dublin who died on Monday 14 December aged 78. Edward was the son of John Holly, Tarmons and Bridie Colbert. John who was blind from birth was a basket maker and skilled craftsman. He and his wife Bridie reared a family of 10 children in hard times in Dublin. The death also took place of Tom Brosnan, Coolagown, Listowel who died in the UK on 7 December and whose burial took place in Listowel on Monday 21 December. Sympathy to his sister Betty and brother-in-law Patrick Kelly, Chapel Street Tarbert and Kilrush, County Clare. Sympathy is further extended to Noel Brosnan, Daybreak, Main Street, Tarbert on the death of his uncle Maurice (Mossie) Brosnan, Listowel Road Ballybunion. Mossie was one of three brothers who owned and operated Brosnan’s Family Bakery, Ballybunion which served North Kerry and West Limerick for many years. Requiem Mass took place in Ballybunion and burial in Killahenny Cemetery on Thursday 24 December. Mossie’s son Billie is married to Breda O’Donovan, Glin to whom sympathy is extended

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We would appreciate any donation from home or from our diaspora abroad, no matter how big or how small. For that, we’d be eternally grateful. The go fund me page can be found under the following link Fundraiser by Ballybunion Community Forum : Ballybunion Community Forum Funding Appeal (gofundme.com)

BALLYBUNION SCOIL ÍOSAGÁIN Scoil Íosagáin, Church Road, Ballybunion would like to remind parents that they are now enrolling for 2021/22 school year and that the closing date for all new Junior Infants is Monday February 1st. Enrolment applications are available on the school website www.ballybunionprimary.ie or by email from Catherine at office@ballybunionprimary.ie. Principal Ita Walsh and her staff look forward to meeting all the new boys and girls. BALLYBUNION PHARMACY For regular and repeat prescriptions please phone ahead on 068 27437 to order your medication which will ensure that it is ready for you and reduce your waiting time in store. If you are elderly or unable to come to the chemiat please inform us and we will deliver to you. CAHILL’S SUPERVALU Is open from 7.30am to 9pm Sun to Thurs and 7.30am to 9.30pm Fri & Sat. We accept orders via phone for delivery around our community and for pick up. These orders can be placed on 068 27244 or email: svdeliveriesbb@gmail.com home deliveries are Mon to Sat. Please adhere to public health guidelines and advice before going to the shops or outdoors. CONDOLENCES Sincere condolences on behalf of the community to the family of Rodger Martin who died in Kent, UK, sympathies to his family here, to his sister in law Mary Martin, her daughters Angela, Barbara, Sandra & Noreen, her sons Liam & David and families.Also to the family of Anna O’Neill from Tullahinell, Ballylongford especially to her granddaughter Allie who runs Seaside. May they rest in peace. CREDIT UNION The Ballybunion Credit Union will open on Thursdays 9.30am to 12.30pm & 1.30pm to 3.30pm Fridays 9.30am to 12.30pm and 2.30pm to 6.00pm. The Listowel branch is open Mon to Fri. ST. JOHN’S CHURCH Celebration of Mass without parishioners is once again part of Covid 19 restrictions, but Mass will be celebrated and carried on Facebook live on St John’s Ballybunion page on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 10am, while the Vigil Mass will be at 7pm on Saturday and Sunday Morning’s mass will be at 11.30am. Although it is not the celebration of Mass where we are present and can listen together to God’s Word and approach the altar for communion, it does hold the connection with our local church and parish community. It may be helpful to light a candle and open a Bible as you connect online which may help in creating a prayer space for the prayer of the Mass. The Church is open for individual and family visitation which we encourage and welcome. While these Covid-19 restrictions are in place, it’s not possible to celebrate Baptisms but Weddings are allowed with six people attending, while Funerals are restricted again to 10 people as they were back in March. SAN RITA WELLNESS The good news is we will still be open to support you in every way with our “At Home Service”. This service is personal one to one and will keep you motivated, accountable and on track on your weight loss and wellness journey. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated. Please phone Sandra 087-6718 377 or Rita 087-1012 174 BALLYBUNION COMMUNITY FORUM FUNDING APPEAL Ballybunion Community Forum has organised a fundraising appeal to enable the Forum financially survive into the year 2021. For the past four years Ballybunion Community Forum has worked tirelessly to promote and market Ballybunion town in whatever way possible.


SEA & CLIFF RESCUE & CALOR GAS Ballybunion Sea & Cliff Rescue are hoping to get some well deserved funds thanks to Calor Gas Ireland and Buckley’s Filling station. In a bid to recover the thousands of empty gas cylinders that are scattered around the country in caravan parks, campsites and elsewhere, Calor Gas are donating to charity €3 for every small cylinder and €6 for every big cylinder returned. So, for every cylinder returned to Buckley’s in the coming weeks and months, our much-valued rescue service will receive a donation. POSITIONS AVAILABLE IN COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT We currently have a few vacancies available in the Ballybunion Community Employment Scheme. If you are interested in these jobs please contact Patsy on 068 27799 or email saothairnanabhann@gmail.com. This is a development opportunity, no experience necessary. Accredited training will be provided to support your career OFFICE/STUDY HUBS Are you tired of working from home, need some extra space away from your house? Need to get those students a study facility? Office/study hubs available for let. Socially distanced desk, broadband, PowerPoints, coffee making facilities, microwave, heating, lighting all included. Limited availability. Phone 068 27112 BALLYBUNION MEALS ON WHEELS The Ballybunion meals on wheels service will now be delivered 3 days a week. Tuesday’s, Wednesdays and Fridays. Anyone wishing to avail of the Friday delivery please contact Eileen Fogarty on 086 2234 965 or Con McCarthy on 087 418 4241. The areas covered are Ballybunion, Lisselton, Asdee and Ballylongford. The dinner will be delivered to your door by one of the men at the cost of €6 per meal O’GORMAN’S MEMORIAL VIDEO SERVICE O’Gorman’s Memorial Video Services provides a discreet and professional service for family and friends of loved ones capturing the funeral ceremony of the celebration of their loved one’s life. Please contact Michael or Mairead O’Gorman on 087-287-1202 or 087-749-7346 BALLYDONOGHUE BARDIC FESTIVAL The ballydonoghue Bardic Festival has sadly been postponed due to Covid 19 and will take place later in the year, just as soon as it is safe to meet again. Meanwhile, the deadline for the BBF writing competitions has been extended to May 31st. No better way for children and adults alike to fill their lockdown time, than to write a poem or story in English or Irish and submit it to the competitions, either by email to ballydbardfest@gmail.com or by post to BBF Competitions, Lisselton Post office. Full details of how to enter to be found on the website ballydbardfest.com BEALE GAA CLUB Beale Gaa Club are currently top of all the Kerry clubs in this challenge. The challenge runs until the 3rd March in conjunction with Operation Transformation. We need lots more people to sign up to get us to the top 10 in Munster. (We are currently lying 15th) There’s so many of us out walking anyway, you might like to clock up the kms for Beale. Download the app (my life) register and select Beale GAA. Any problems ring 086 3937654! Looking forward to seeing new members walking. BALLYBUNION NOTES If you would like to include anything in The Ballybunion Notes, please forward to email address below or send us a message to the Ballybunion Tourist Office Facebook page by 10am on Mondays Ballybuniontouristoffe@gmail.com

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www.dioceseofkerry.ie, on Saturday at 6 p.m. and on Sunday at 10 a.m.


CROTTA CLUB DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM As part of the future development of the Crotta Hurling club there will be a Microsoft teams meeting on Tuesday the 26th January at 8pm. We are asking all parents, coaches, committee members, volunteers and any other stakeholders to please try and attend if possible. If you would like to attend e-mail secretary.crottaoneill.kerry@gaa.ie , before Saturday the 23rd January.

Parish Office can be contacted by phone 066 4018996

Contact: moyvanenotes@gmail.com

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS DISPLAY A GREAT SUCCESS Mike and Noreen Murphy, Christmas lights display at their home in dromakee, Kilflynn, again this Christmas Fundraiser for the palliative care unit in University Hospital Kerry, this year it was a great success having raised the sum of 621.00 euro, They would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the collection box outside their home, all money raised was presented to the palliative care unit, on Monday 18th January 2021, they would also like to thank the following, Mike Parker, for publicising their fund raising through Facebook in the local media, their son in law, Brian Nammock, and grandchildren Caoimhe and Conor, who did a bucket collection outside their home, again a big thank you. CROTTA LOTTO RESULTS: The quest continues for a winner of the Big Crotta Hurling Club Jackpot of €19,000. Due to current Covid-19 guidelines, The Crotta Sports field, Dromakee, Kilflynn was the venue for the weekly lotto draw on Tuesday 19th January. The Four numbers drawn out of the drum by the Independent observer: Graham Harris, Clounsillagh, Lixnaw were 13,18,19 and 31. There was No winner of €19,000 Jackpot. Congratulations to the following who won €35 in the lucky dip draw: Sean Og Hannon, Glenballyma, Kilflynn, Rebecca Griffin, Ballinorig, Causeway and Helen Kennedy,Ardrahan,Ardfert. Due to level 5 Government restrictions The Next draw will take place at The Crotta sportsfield, Dromakee, Kilflynn, on Tuesday 26th January in compliance with Covid-19 restrictions. Note the cut off for entry to the €19,100 Jackpot draw (online or locally purchased) is 9:30pm on Monday 25th January. Tickets available 3 for €5 online visit www.crottagaa.club or this link https://play.clubforce.com/play_newa. asp?ll_id=427#Anchor or Herberts Village Store, Zam Zam Kabab, Foley Shop Lixnaw, Abbeydorney Post Office, Paddy Weir, Paud Tuomey or Mike Parker. Many thanks to all who contribute to our weekly Club Lotto. The Club cannot emphasise enough the importance of our members promoting the Club Lotto among family, friends and work colleagues. The Covid-19 restrictions have seriously hampered our fundraising and income. The Lotto is now the critical and only source of funds for the Club. We are appealing to all club members to promote our lotto at this time as we are in dire need of funds to keep our club afloat. ABBEYDORNEY PARISH - ST. BERNARD’S, ABBEYDORNEY - ST. MARY’S, KILFLYNN Masses and Intention for the week: Friday 22nd January at 10.00 a.m. Saturday 23rd January at 6.00 p.m. Sunday 24th January at 10.00 a.m. Nancy O’Connell, Lissereen No Masses in Kilflynn. No Public Masses from St. Bernard’s Church, Abbeydorney are streamed live on


Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10am to 1pm or by email: abbeydorney@dioceseofkerry.ie Go to Abbeydorney Parish and click on watch live Mass The Diocesan Mission begins next Sunday January 24th and runs to Friday 29th January. The Mission, Be Christ’s Joy, offers an opportunity for people to gather in reflection and in prayer, online and in the home. Like the traditional Parish Mission, all are welcome to participate. Register on the Diocesan Website: www.dioceseofkerry.ie, for the Mission and please encourage others to do the same. On registration you will get an email each morning of the Mission offering links to all the daily Mission Activities. The Mission booklet is available in both church porches and online on the diocesan website www.dioceseofkerry.ie. COVID-19 SUPPORT FOR OLDER PEOPLE ALONE Manage a national support line and additional supports for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Professional staff is available to answer queries and give advice and reassurance where necessary. The support line is open seven days a week, 8am - 8pm by calling 0818 222 024. ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Clothes Bank (located near the small gate at Crotta GAA grounds) is opened. We appreciate all donations and thank you for your continued generous support. Abbeydorney & Kilflynn St. Vincent De Paul Confidential number is 087 7086253 CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY St.Teresa’s National school, Kilflynn principal Mrs. Nora Falvey presented a cheque of €415 on Monday 21st December to Mrs. Aileen Diggins Clinical Nurse Manager in Palliative Care Inpatient Unit, Tralee, which the pupils, teachers and staff of the school raised through their Christmas Jumper Day. Well done all the pupils, staff and teachers. Santa and Mrs. Claus made a special visit to the school also on Monday. KERRY’S FIRST BABY BORN IN 2021 Fiadh Moloney became the first baby born in Kerry this year, when Fiadh arrived a little later than expected, at 3.04pm on New Year’s Day, weighing 9lbs and 11ozs to the delight of her parents, Caitriona and Ricky Moloney, Lisanearla, Abbeydorney, and a little sister for Eanna. Caitriona is a daughter of Eileen and Jimmy Walsh, Toureen, Kilflynn. Heartiest Congratulations and best wishes to Caitriona and Ricky, and to the very proud Grandparents Richard Moloney Lisanearla, Abbeydorney and Eileen and Jimmy Walsh. KILFLYNN NOTES Any items for inclusion in these notes should be with the writer before 12 Noon each Monday morning. Email to parkerspub@gmail.com or phone (066) 7135129/ (087) 9794541

2021 Another year and hopefully a better one than last year. On behalf of the committee of The Marian hall, the Bingo and the Blotto can I wish you all a Happy New Year. We are missing you and hoping that you are all safe and well. Don’t know when we will see you again but hopefully in the not too distant future. Stay Safe. MOYVANE GAA CLUB LOTTO There was no winner of the €9,300 Jackpot. Numbers drawn were 11, 19, 20, 29. Lucky Dips: €40.00 each: Philomena Molyneaux, Knocknaure. Emma Frazer and James Kennelly, Kilbaha. John Scanlon, Inchamore. Jack Hudson, Kilbaha. Jason, Ethan and Hannah May Walsh c/o M.Walsh. Thank you to Myles and Tracey Quinn of Streamside Stables for helping with the draw. Tickets are available online by following the link on Moyvane GAA Facebook Page along with Kennelly’s Homevalue Hardware, Holly’s Gala, Stack’s Butchers, Corridan’s Garage, Newtownsandes Co-op.You can also contact any

Committee Member. Current Jackpot is €9,400 and the draw will be held on Sunday, January 17, outdoors at Con Brosnan Park. As always thank you for your continued support. CLUB MEMBERSHIP: is now open for 2021, €40 for players and €20 for students and non players. Membership can be paid to any committee member. NATIONAL CLUB DRAW: Once again Moyvane GAA are selling tickets for the National Club Draw. Tickets are €10 and all proceeds will go to the players fund. More details will be on Moyvane GAA Facebook page in the coming days. Tickets can be purchased from the players or by ringing Club Chairman Micheal Walsh on 0879817883. MASSES FOR THE WEEK CHURCH OF THE ASSUMPTION, MOYVANE: Friday, January 15 Anniversary Mass at 7.30pm for Joan Mulvihill, Moher. Saturday, January 16 First anniversary Mass at 7.30pm for Jack Walsh, Moyvane North. Sunday, January 17 Mass at 11.00am for John & Catherine Scanlon, Leitrim West & their son Tom. CHURCH OF CORPUS CHRISTI, KNOCKANURE: Sunday, January 17 Mass at 9.30am for Michelle Foley, Kilmorna and her grandad Michael Keane

LIXNAW LIXNAW GAA Split the Bucket Draw: Congratulations to Mary McCarthy, the Post Office, Lixnaw lucky winner of €92. Next week’s draw will be held in the Post Office, Lixnaw next Friday night. Thanks for your continued support. The Lixnaw Hurling Club Lotto Draw 14th January 2021: Jackpot €4,700 winning numbers drawn were 2, 4, 6, 17. There was no jackpot winner. €20 winners were Dolores McElligott, Ballinagare, Mike Dennehy, Ballinclogher, Denis Griffin, C/o Foley’s Shop. Next draw will take place on Monday 18th January 2021 Jackpot will be €4,750. Lixnaw GAA club lotto is now available online and you can play from now up to 8.30pm on Monday to be in the next draw. Details available on the Lixnaw GAA facebook page. Sport field lights The Lixnaw Hurling Club will turn on the light in the sports field from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. ST MICHAEL’S CHURCH There are no public Masses taking place due to the Covid-19, this will be reviewed again at a later stage. The following are guidelines that have been issued: Public Mass is not permitted & churches may remain open for private worship. The Masses that have been booked and that will be booked will be celebrated by Fr. Anthony on the date scheduled. Monday 18th January for Delia Mannix, Ahabeg West; Wednesday 20th January for Ida McAuliffe, Ballinageragh; Friday 22nd January for Eamon Fitzmaurice, Ballinclogher; Saturday 23rd January for Patricia McAuliffe (née Carroll), Dublin and late of Ballyhennessy. PARISH OFFICE The Parish office is open from 11.00am – 2.00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make contact with the office by phone only, for now. Tel. no (066) 7132111 CHRISTMAS LIGHTS COMMITTEE The Christmas Lights Committee wish to thank the householders who supplied electricity free of charge for the lights, we are very grateful for their co-operation and kindness. We also want to thank the volunteers who erected and took down the lights regardless of cold and inclement weather. Where would we be without volunteers? Happy New Year to all. BEREAVEMENT The death recently occurred of Michael John Foley, Skyvalley, Taughmaconnell, Ballinasloe, Co. Roscommon and formally of Lixnaw. Sincere sympathy is extended to his sister Peggy, brother Jimmy and all the extended Foley family. May he rest in peace. The death recently occurred of Patricia (Patsy) McAuliffe (née O’Carroll), Finglas East, Dublin; formally of Ballyhennessy, Lixnaw and predeceased by her husband Dan. Sincere sympathy is extended to her sons: P.J., Frank, Malcolm, Dan; daughter Patricia and all the extended McAuliffe/O’Carroll families. May she rest in peace. ASTRO TURF PITCH & BALL WALL The Lixnaw Hurling Club intend to commence development of an Astro Turf Pitch & Ball Wall in 2021. This development will be of benefit to current players, both young and old, future players as well as the wider community. Further news about this project will be announced in the near future. BEREAVEMENT The death recently occurred of Sheila Bowler (née Lyons), Kiltomey, Lixnaw and formerly Mountcoal, Listowel. Sincere sympathy to her family: Peggy, Sheila, Tom, Bernie, Jimmy, Patricia, Esther, Geraldine, and all the extended Bowler families. May she rest in peace. CCÉ LEAC SNÁMHA Well, the news of the recent passing of dancer/teacher extraordinaire, Sheila Bowler, Kiltomey, Lixnaw evoked an air of sadness in our branch but also great memories and gratitude. Sheila was a member of our branch for over 30 years, passing on her knowledge and techniques with her humble disposition. She learned her steps by the then well-known Jerry Molyneaux and Willie Dinneen, Ballyduff, progressing to earn many Kerry championship medals as well as a Munster title. She cycled all over North Kerry and beyond passing on her dancing steps, teaching for 44 years in total. We are grateful for Sheila’s years of ensuring the passing on of our dance tradition in our branch and are proud that this tradition is still being taught in the Ceolann today by the Dennehy school of dancing. We offer our deepest sympathy to Sheila’s extended family, ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis.

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1st Class Coolard NS - Christmas Jumper Day in aid of St. Vincent de Paul

Junior & Senior Infants Coolard NS - Christmas Jumper Day in aid of St. Vincent de Paul

Johnny Griffin from Ballyheigue with his son Jamie enjoying his local beach on New Years Day. Photo Moss Joe Browne

Pat Herbert (centre) presenting awards to David and Jack Kennelly from Lisselton after Bomber Genie won the All Age Bitch Stake at Kilflynn. Photo Moss Joe Browne

Congratulations to Caoilinn Harte (9), Kilmorna Listowel on winning Kerry Hero Award in December

Barry O Leary, Listowel on his Confirmation last December. Photos by John Stack, Listowel

Jerry, Rory, Emily and Derek Galvin with ‘He’s No Trouble’ - the recent winner of The Roger Jones Memorial Derby Trial Stake at Newcastle West, which qualifies him for the National Meeting

Bridget Leen presenting the cup to Jerry McMahon after Doyounowhy won the Reserve Derby Trial Stake at the recent Kilflynn Coursing Meeting. Holding the dog is owner Lorraine Slattery with her dad Mike. Photo Moss Joe Browne

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Christmas Jumper Day at Coolard NS last December

The McKennas Niamh, Moss and Vincent from Lixnaw after Pennylane Wonder won the Denny Leen Memorial All Age Cup at Kilflynn while holding the dog is Evan O Connor from Ballyduff. Photo Moss Joe Browne

Patrick Pierse from Ballyduff is hoping to keep warm last Christmas after buying turf at the car boot sale in Tralee. Photo Moss Joe Browne

Ashleigh Neill with her mum Theresa celebrating her virtual graduation from Queen’s University Belfast on 16th December with a PhD in Finance. They are holding a picture of dad Michael who passed away shortly before Ashleigh commenced her studies in Queen’s. The picture was taken in the Arms Hotel

Three generations of the Houlihan family - Michael, his son William and grandson Michael Jr. from Ballyduff at the Kilflynn Coursing recently. Photo Moss Joe Browne

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As outdoor gatherings are restricted under current guidelines, ensure you exercise on your own or within your social bubble during these times of social distancing. Abide by public health guidelines for participant safety and ensure you adhere to the latest public health guidelines throughout the challenge.

Draw 4/1/21 - Numbers drawn 13-26-27-28 No Winner - Lucky Dips €20 - Cathal Dennehy, Duagh €20 - Declan Barret, Glin €20 - Robert Bunyan €20 - Mary Hickey, Ballygologue Park €20 - Eddie Joy, KCC

Beale GAA volunteers are available to help vulnerable people during these trying times. We provide non-emergency support for vulnerable people living locally who may need assistance with shopping, fuel, medicine etc, being collected and delivered. If you need assistance or know anybody who does, call or text John (087 7534393) or Bríd (087 6686027) or any officer of the club.

Draw 11/1/2021 - Numbers drawn: 11 - 12 - 22 - 31 €20 - Pat Griffin, Coolkeragh €20 - Denis Hickey, Ballygologue Park €20 - Brenda Hannon, 11 Luachra Road €20 - Teresa Holly €20 - Mucky and The Bear


Ladies Competitions: Ladies 14 Hole Competition – Tuesday 22nd December 2020 – Old Course 1st Margaret McAuliffe (15) 28pts

Draw 18/01/21 - Numbers Drawn 13-21-29-31 Jackpot not won - Lucky Dip Winners €20 - Eddie Joy, KCC €20 - Edith McGuire, Cluain Doire €20 - Marie Scanlon, Dromin €20 - Sadie O’Brien, Upper Clieveragh €20 - Maeve Holly, Tarbert Next Draw 25/01/21 - Jackpot €6,700


Lotto Draw for Friday 1st January 2021 took place in the clubhouse for a jackpot of 10,900 numbers drawn were 9, 24, 26, 29. There was no winner. The following people won 30 euro lucky dips: Beatrice and Mary Madden. Claire Fennell, Moybella. Geordie O’ Connor Glouria. Marie Lynch, Online. Catriona Madden, Online.The following won 3 free tickets: Fiona Enright, Online. Rita O’ Driscoll. Kerri Moriarty, Coolkeragh. Next jackpot will be 11,000 and will be held in the clubhouse on Friday the 5th February 2021.


Beale GAA wishes everyone a very happy and healthy 2021. In these trying times, we hope you all stay safe. Congrats to the winners in our Monster Xmas draw which took place at Super Valu just before Xmas. Many thanks to our sponsors and to everyone who supported our raffle. A big shout out to Cormac and Elaine in Super Valu for facilitating our ticket sales. The luck winners were: 1st prize: a hamper worth €500 sponsored by Cahill’s Supervalu – Gary Dowling, Doon. 2nd prize: a trailer load of turf sponsored by Fergus Stack – Nora Toomey, Doon Rd. 3rd prize: a 6-month voucher sponsored by Ballybunion Health and Leisure Centre – Anne Marie Jones, Doon Rd. 4th prize: a 3-month voucher sponsored by Ballybunion Health and Leisure Centre – Marion Shortt, Beale. 5th prize: a 3-month voucher sponsored by Ballybunion Health and Leisure Centre – Jim Cox, East End. 6th prize: a €100 voucher – Breid Griffin, Beale Hill. Wine and Chocolates - Darragh Daly, Owen Walsh, Eamonn Kissane, Jacqueline Crowe, Dermot O’Neill and Christina Kennelly. Beale GAA Club extend sympathies to Sgt Mick McCarthy and extended McCarthy family on the death of Mick’s mother. Go ndearna Dia trocaire ar a h-anam. Beale GAA Club is taking part in the GAA ‘Every Step Counts’ challenge as part of Ireland Lights Up. Current restrictions mean our annual walk is not taking place. However, from Wednesday,13th January, everyone is encouraged to get out walking or jogging regularly over the next 7 weeks, while, of course adhering to health guidelines. Simply download the MyLife App, join the Munster Challenge and the select Beale GAA to get started! To register on MyLife, you must be over 18 years of age. How to join the challenge? 1. Download the MyLife app from the App store or Google Play store. 2. Register your details. 3. Tap the Social tab. Select Challenges and click ‘Munster GAA – Every Step Counts’. Join Beale GAA! For any questions or technical support with the App, please see MyLife FAQ here or email support@mylife.irishlife.ie As outdoor gatherings may not take place under current restrictions, ensure you exercise on your own or within your social bubble during these times of social distancing. Abide by public health guidelines for participant safety and ensure you adhere to the latest public health guidelines throughout the challenge. Get active, Stay healthy and Stay safe! Beale GAA Club is planning to hold our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, January 30th, at 8 o’clock. Due to current restrictions, the meeting will be held by Zoom. Nominations for club officers and motions for the AGM to be submitted to the Secretary by January 23rd. Any member wishing to attend, please send your email address to Bríd before January 26th to prepare for meeting. Text 087 6686027 or email secretary. beale.kerry @gaa.ie. We are taking part in the GAA ‘Every Step Counts’ challenge as part of Ireland Lights Up over the next 7 weeks, while, of course adhering to health guidelines. Simply download the MyLife App, join the Munster Challenge and the select Beale GAA to get started!


Happy New Year: To all club members, everyone involved in the club and everyone who supports the weekly Gaa Draw. Thank you all for your continued support. Look after each other and stay safe during this difficult time. Hopefully in the near future we will be back to so kind of normal.


11 January - No winner of the jackpot of €4100. Numbers drawn 3,7,11,24. €50 Paddy Keane Scrahan €30 Pat Shanahan Foildarrig €20 Liz Gould €20 Fr Tom McMahon €20 Bernie Broderick Lisroe Sellers prize Paddy Keane Match 3 draw entrant Kay Mulvihill Moyvane. 18 January - No winner of the jackpot of €4200. Numbers drawn 7 17 27 32 €50 Pa Foley c/o Sheehy Insulation €30 Kieren Burke online €20 Ally Buckley Duagh €20 Eileen Dennehy Duagh €20 Tony Collins Lacca Sellers prize Kieran Quirke Match 3 entrant Angela Kelly NCW Thank you all for your continued support. Next weeks jackpot €4300.


14th Dec Draw: No winner of jackpot of €3900 Numbers drawn 12,21,25,28 Lucky dip winners as follows €50 Carmel Hudson Moyvane €30 Trish Sheehan Glin €20 Noel Fitzmaurice Clounmacon €20 Diarmuid Carmody Skehanerin Christmas draw prizes Yearly ticket Dominic Scanlon Listowel €50 Pa Daly Tralee €50 Mac fuel voucher Danny Donovan Listowel €30 Easons voucher Jeremy Fealy Bedford €30 Declan Murphy Lyreacrompane 31 Dec Draw: No winner of jackpot of €4100 Numbers drawn 5 , 12, 23, 27 Lucky dip winners as follows €50 Monty Leahy c/o Mike Corridan €30 The K Club €20 Ann Horgan co/ Mike Corridan 7th Jan Draw: No winner of jackpot of €4200 Numbers drawn 2, 4, 16, 31 Lucky dip winners as follows €50 Ciaran o Sullivan c/o john o Sullivan €30 Ann o Sullivan Currueragh Kilmorna €20 Ailish o Sullivan c/o John o Sullivan €20 Brendan moloney Derry Listowel.

14th Jan Draw: No winner of jackpot of €4300 Numbers drawn 1,7,14, 31 Lucky dip winners as follows €50 David Quinlan c/o John O’Sullivan €30 Mary Lyons Dromerin Listowel €20 Teresa Collins c/o Mike Corridan €20 Redmond Shine Dromin Green Listowel


20th Dec: No winner of the €9,000 Jackpot. Numbers drawn were 1, 3, 14, 22. Lucky Dips of €40.00 each: 1. Frances Leahy, Moyvane 2. Caroline Maune, Moyvane 3. Jacko O’ Connor, Lower Aughrim 4. Nicholas Kennelly, Knockanure 5. Maurice O’ Connor, Knocknagoshel We would like to thank Eileen Roche of The Village Grill for helping us with the draw tonight. 27th Dec: There was no winner of the €9,100 Jackpot. Numbers drawn were 4,14,24 and 27 Lucky Dips of €40.00 each: 1. Enda Galvin, Finuge 2.James Fogarty, Moyvane 3.Elieen Cronin, Mail Road Cross 4.Tony Fennell, Dooncaha Tarbert 5.Noreen Lynch (John), Woodgrove Moyvane We would like to thank Charlotte Quinn of Style Post for helping us with the draw tonight. 3rd Jan: There was no winner of the €9,200 Jackpot. Numbers drawn were 1,19,20 and 22 Lucky Dips of €40.00 each: 1.John M Holly, Ahanagran 2.Tom Roche, Glin Road 3.Nancy O’Connor, Direen 4.Mylie Kearney, Moyvane South 5.Micheal Fitzmaurice, Aughrim We would like to thank Denis Mulvihill of Mulvihill Motors Moyvane for helping us with the draw tonight. Club Membership: Membership is now open for 2021. €40 for players and €20 for Students and Non Players. Membership can be paid to any committee member. 10th Jan: There was no winner of the €9,300 Jackpot. Numbers drawn were 11,19,20 and 29 Lucky Dips of €40.00 each: 1.Philomena Molyneaux, Knocknaure 2.Emma Frazer and James Kennelly Kilbaha 3.John Scanlon, Inchamore 4.Jack Hudson, Kilbaha 5.Jason,Ethan and Hannah May Walsh c/o M.Walsh We would like to thank Myles and Tracey Quinn of Streamside Stables for helping us with the draw tonight. 17th Jan: There was no winner of the €9,400 Jackpot. Numbers drawn were 6,19,23 and 26 Lucky Dips of €40.00 each: 1.Cathrine Mulvihill, Adare 2.Pat & Ger Brosnan c/o M.Brosnan 3.Michelle Brosnan, Online 4.Sinead Hanrahan, Online 5.Aidan Keane, Moyvane We would like to thank Mike Lynch of Lynch Hackney for helping us with the draw tonight. Tickets are available Online by following the link on Moyvane GAA Facebook Page along with Kennelly’s Homevalue Hardware, Holly’s Gala, Stack’s Butchers, Corridan’s Garage, Newtownsandes Co-op.You can also contact any Committee Member. Current Jackpot is €9,500 and the draw will be held on Sunday, January 24th outdoors at Con Brosnan Park. As always thank you for your continued support. #UpTheBoro Club Membership: Membership is now open for 2021. €40 for players and €20 for Students and Non Players. Membership can be paid to any committee member. National Club Draw: Once again Moyvane GAA are selling tickets for the National Club Draw. Tickets are €10 and all proceeds will go to the players fund. More details will be on Moyvane GAA Facebook page in the coming days. Tickets can be purchased from the players or by ringing Club Chairman Micheal Walsh on 0879817883.

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Lotto - Saturday December 19th @ Gaa Hall Jackpot €10,900 - Numbers Drawn 5. 23. 26. 28 No Winner - Lucky Dips €20 Brendan Bambury online Kay Mulvihilĺ Moyvane Teresa Sheehy Clounamon Ruth Dowling C/o Rose Dowling 3 Free Tickets Carmel Mulvihilĺ c/o Eileen Fennell Tins of Biscuits Fiona Donoghue online William Fitzell Ballylongford Stephen Kennelly Ballymackessy Shane / Eimer / Cillian O’Sullivan c/o Noel Fennell

Saturday January 2nd - Jackpot €11,000 Numbers Drawn 5. 15. 28. 29. No winner. Lucky Dips €20 Patrick Holly Asdee Anne Marie Donovan Ballyline Sean Lynch Online Bridget & Ger O’Connor Listowel 3 Free Lotto Tickets Sarah Murphy William St.Listowel Saturday January 9th - Jackpot €11,050 Numbers Drawn 7. 9. 23. 32. No winner - Lucky Dips €20 Johnjoe Heaphey, Monaghan Elaine Keane, Online Breda Bardon, Bridge Street Connie & Mary McAuliffe, Loughill 3 Free Lotto Tickets: Shane, Eimear & Cillian O Sullivan, Ardfert Thank you for your support! In line with the recent Covid-19 regulations, we have decided to Suspend our weekly club lotto draw for the safety of our ticket sellers, their families and our supporters. Wishing everyone well in this difficult time and stay safe! Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased from any of our ticket sellers at Heaphy Centra or online at our Facebook page. AGM Ballylongford GAA Club AGM will take place on Friday 29th January 2021. Due to Covid19 and following public health guidelines we are unable to hold our AGM as normal. This year an AGM day will take place. Minutes of previous AGM, Chairman’s Address, Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report will be available to all club members before AGM day and if you wish these documents please contact Club Secretary Caroline O Connor by email: secretary.ballylongford.kerry@gaa.ie

All questions on the AGM documents will be answered by email within 10 days after the AGM day. Results of motions and items of any other business will be dealt with by the Executive Committee and emailed within 14 days of AGM day. On AGM day the Executive Committee will elect the officers for 2021. If anyone has any queries please contact Secretary Caroline O Connor 0879107553. We hope to be back in the playing field soon and stay safe.


GAA lotto draw results - Sunday 03 /01/2021 Jackpot €5,600 - No jackpot winner Numbers drawn were 01, 17, 23, 29 Lucky dip winners €30 David O Halloran Pallas €30 Eileen Somers The Gap €20 Ian Mahony €20 David Mc Auliffe Listowel Bottle of Whiskey, Mary Barry GAA lotto draw results - Sunday 10 /01/2021 Jackpot €5,700 - No jackpot winner Numbers drawn were 3,11,16,30. Lucky dip winners €30 Richard Laide & Robert Mc Cabe €30 Sinead Behan Rathea €20 Timmy Quilter Irremore €20 Shelia Enright Ballintobenigh Tralee Bottle of Whiskey, Ted Sweeney Rathea GAA lotto draw results - Sunday 17/01/2021 Jackpot €5,800 - No jackpot winner Numbers drawn were 12, 23, 25, 26. Lucky dip winners €30 Paud Twomey Gortcloghy Kilflynn €30 Tina Ahern Kilcummin €20 Clair Greaney Toornagehy €20 Eamon & Maura Whelan Mount Coal Bottle of Whiskey, Ann Wolfe Kilmorna. Tickets €2 each or 3 for €5 Next week’s draw at the Clubhouse Mountcoal, Jackpot €5,900 Tickets available at Kellys Six Crosses, from club officers and Lotto sellers or play online. Thank you for your continued support. Take Care and Stay Safe


Annual General Meeting; The AGM of Knocknagoshel GAA Club was held on Saturday 16th January 2021 and was well attended via zoom. The following officers were elected for 2021: President; Lar Hickey Vice Presidents; Micheal Walsh, Richie Walsh, Thomas O’Connor, Eamon Walsh, Dan Neligan, Sean Lyons and Paud Scanlon. Patron; Fr. David Gunn Chairperson; Dan Roche Vice Chairperson; Noel Brosnan Secretary; John O’Keeffe Assistant Secretary; Michael Murphy Treasurer; Anna Marie Curtin Assistant Treasurer; Kathleen Curtin Registrar; Michael Brosnan Children’s Officer; Liam Bell Club coaching /Games Coordinator; Shane O’Connell Development Officer; Dan Neligan Disciplinary/A.S.A.P. Officer; Der Keane Safety Officer; Danny Walshe Website Co-ordinator; Shane O’Connell County Board Delegate; Mike Murphy, North Kerry Board Delegate; Der Keane St. Kieran’s Delegate(s); Jack O’Connell, Noel Brosnan In the Secretary’s address John O’Keeffe outlined the improvements that have been made to the GAA grounds in the last 12 months and thanked Denis Nolan for his generous sponsorship. He added that it was a difficult year on and off the pitch with the North Kerry League and County Leagues not being completed due to Covid-19. Later in the year some competitive action recommenced and Knocknagoshel advanced to the Quarter Finals of both the Junior Championship and the North Kerry Championship. John thanked Kieran McAuliffe who sponsored training gear and all the local businesses that sponsored the club during the year. There was a huge community effort on 17th May when the GAA Club raised over €5,000 in one day in aid of Knocknagoshel Meals on Wheels. In his Chairmans address Dan Roche thanked the senior management team for their hard work over the last few years. He thanked all who helped out with lotto draws during the year, the businesses that have our lotto boxes and the great team of sellers. He paid tribute to the underage coaches and referees for all the great work that they do. A vote of sympathy was passed for Tom O’Connell, Christy Brosnan and all from the parish that passed away during the year.

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---------------------------HEDGING FOR SALE Supplied & Planted. Call Eoin on 086 1681401

Vax and go” is the buzzword from Ryanair on their TV adverts these days, encouraging us to look beyond the present pandemic. We are urged to look forward to a post covid19 era when we can safely travel once again. We now have the Pfizer BioNtech, the Moderna and the Oxford AstraZeneca approved vaccines already being rolled out. It is a testimony to the ingenuity of man so gifted by God to be able to come up with these vaccines for such awful diseases.

GOOD DRY TIMBER FOR SALE Call Eoin on 086 1681401 HEADFORD HEIFER FIRST CALVER FOR SALE In calf to pure bred Headford. Call 086 8682597


---------------------------------------------------DRIVEWAYS & GROUNDWORKS Driveways, Tarmacadam driveways and yards, concrete, stone chips, kerbs, groundwork and planthire Contact Denis Lynch on 086 3584956

CHILDMINDER AVAILABLE Lady available in the Listowel area to mind children. Can take and collect from school. Call 068 53535 FULLY QUALIFIED PAINTER AVAILABLE Interior & Exterior. Fitted kitchens painted to the colour of your choice. Also PVC windows painted. Call Mike on 086 3125140 FREELANCE CONSULTING ENGINEER One stop shop for planning, House, extension drawings & design, Commercial drawings, GPS surveys & Percolation tests Visit our website www.heritageconsulting.ie Phone Pól 0871325889


-------------------4 BED HOUSE TO RENT IN MOYVANE Call 086 3248799

--------------------------THIN, LAME AND MASTITIS COWS WANTED Payment on the day - 087 4166163

It couldn’t be clearer. Or else God is a liar. And Scripture assures me He is not.

PERSON WANTED (MALE OR FEMALE) TO HELP WITH CALF REARING DUTIES On a dairy farm in Duagh. Morning and evening time. This job will be starting from next week approx. Call 087 6533857

-------------------------------MUNSTER INTRODUCTIONS Start a new life, find that someone special. Friendship and romance. Tel 087 3694391

1Co 15:55-57 “Where, Death, is your victory? Where, Death, is your power to hurt?”..... (57) But thanks be to God who gives us the victory (over spiritual death)through our Lord Jesus Christ!

1 John 5:11 “This is the testimony. God has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has Life.”.

PART TIME FARM WORKER REQUIRED For North Kerry Dairy Farm. Flexible hours available. Call 086-2798053


Is there a vaccine that can help us with that? Because THAT journey is for eternity not just for a year or two. Whether we believe it or not, whether we like it or not this is a stark reality for all of us. As a bible believing Christian l draw all my comfort from from the wonderful,true Word of God. In the scriptures we read about the ultimate vaccine provided by God the Father through His son Jesus Christ, which gives immunity from spiritual death.

God guarantees me eternal life after my physical death if l trust in Jesus His Son and accept Him as Lord and Saviour of my life. His Word says in



However, l wonder what we have really learned from this world changing, life altering experience? The vaccine may well help in the eradication of covid 19 but , the reality is that even then, there are still many diseases that won’t be curable. And there is no immunity EVER to physical death. Ultimately, we are all only passing through this life for a time and someday we will all have to bid farewell to this planet and face our Maker.

Hebrews 6:18 tells me “God has given us both His promise and His oath, two things we can completely count on, for it is impossible for God to tell a lie. Now all those who flee to Him to save them ......can know without doubt that He will give them the salvation He has promised them.” Incidentally, who do you look to for salvation? Because again scripture answers this question when Peter said to Jesus “To whom shall we go Lord ? You alone have the words that give eternal life and we believe them and know that You are the Holy Son of God .” John 6:68



Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked many favours.

Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked many favours.

This time I ask you this special one, (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour not mine. Amen.

This time I ask you this special one, (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour not mine. Amen.

Say this prayer three times for three days and your favour will be granted. Never been known to fail. Must promise publication of prayer. B.C.

Say this prayer three times for three days and your favour will be granted. Never been known to fail. Must promise publication of prayer. D.H.

St. Expidite, you lay in rest. I come to you ask that this wish be granted (Mention your urgest request) Saint Expedite now that I ask you. Saint Expedite now what I want of you, this very second. Don’t waste another day. Grant me what I ask for. I know your power, I know you because of your work. I know you can help me. Do this for me and I will spread your name with love and honour so that it will be invoked again and again. Expedite this wish with speed, love, honour and goodness. Glory to you, Saint Expedite. M.K.

UNFAILING NOVENA TO ST. ANTHONY “Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints” O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures, made you worthy, when on earth, to possess miraculous powers. Miracles waited on your word, which you were ever ready to speak for those in trouble and anxiety. Encouraged by this thought, I implore you to obtain for me (request). The answer to my prayer may require a miracle, even so, you are the Saint of Miracles. O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the sweet Infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms; and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. Amen. In Thanksgiving. M.K.

PRAYER TO SAINT EXPEDITE Saint Expedite Noble Roman Youth Martyr, You who quickly bring things to pass, You who never delay, I come to you in need (clearly express what you want and as him to find a way to get it for you). Do this for me, Saint Expedite, and when it is accomplished, I will as rapidly reply for my part with an offering to you (state your vow of promise). Be quick, Saint Expedite! Grant my wish before your candle burns out, and I will glorify your name, amen. Thank you Saint Expedite for answering my request. I promised publication to spread you devotion for anyone in need. Say this prayer and your request will be granted. My request was granted. B.G.


Dear Heart of Jesus in the past I have asked many favours. This time I ask you this special one, (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your heart where your father sees it. Then in his merciful eyes it will become your own favour not mine. Amen. Say this prayer three times for three days and your favour will be granted. Never been known to fail. Must promise publication of prayer. M.W.

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year. Yours sincerely, Bridie (Dillon)Hartney

PRECIOUS MOTHER OF JESUS Mother of Devine Grace, You can find a way where there is no way, please hear my prayer and grant my request. Amen. W.L.


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