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Press Release 30th April 2012

Fax Number: 08) 6230 5294 Date: 21/05/12

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Virtual Assistant Invests in Professional Development and Business Growth at Online Convention “Since 2006, the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only can we attendees learn from experienced professionals, but we also have the chance to network with like-minded individuals from all around the globe,” says Renee Chapman, whose company specializes in Virtual Admin Services and Tender Submissions. Renee, a Virtual Assistant, will be attending the 7th Annual Online International Virtual Assistant Convention (, held this year in May, 2012, including a celebration of International Virtual Assistants Day on the 21st. Virtual Assisting is one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century, which is not surprising given the many cost-effective and time-saving benefits of using a VA. The list of tangible and non-tangible benefits associated with hiring a VA is extensive and virtually limitless. One of the greatest advantages to small businesses and entrepreneurs partnering with VA’s is the elimination of costs associated with providing employee benefits, paying taxes, purchasing furniture and equipment, and the additional costs often associated with training. As independent contractors and entrepreneurs, Virtual Assistants are responsible for paying their own benefits, insurance, taxes, and other associated costs. “A professional VA works from a fully-functional office and provides their own equipment, technologies, software, etc. VA’s are paid only for time spent on a task and utilize time-tracking software that records duration and billing information associated with the assignment,” shares Sharon Williams, OIVAC founder. In addition, professional VA’s bring already learned years of hands-on application with the newest Internet-based technologies that can improve business operations and keep owners on the cutting edge of innovation and potential business growth. It’s clear that small business owners can experience significant savings both in time, money, training and technology by partnering with a professional Virtual Assistant. Further, says Williams, “The 7th annual OIVAC is an event held completely online that offers educational seminars, workshops, an international exhibition and networking opportunities for aspiring and veteran VAs. It also allows VA’s to experience, first-hand, examples of how effective and efficient communication and use of technology can launch a practice.” Worldwide, thousands of office support providers have joined the ranks of work-from-home, fulltime, business owners. Renee originally conceived the idea for her business in July 2010. She then began her new career in order to become her own boss and have the flexibility to take control of her working life and personal life “By attending the OIVAC, I have access to industryrecognized experts, as well as a wealth of knowledge, experiences and information specifically crafted to benefit me and my business.”

About Online International Virtual Assistants Convention The OIVAC is an online, interactive, "live" virtual convention for Virtual Assistants interested in growing their practices and entering this new decade with a heightened level of expertise. For more information please visit the Web site at

For more information, please contact: Renee Chapman PO Box 528 Kununurra WA 6743 Ph: 0437 485 750 Fax: 08) 6230 5294


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