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uglia, Italy’s most southeastern region, is a magnificent and unspoilt area. It is a land of extraordinary colours, starting with the rich red earth, to the green of the olive trees and vineyards, and contrasting with the gleaming white farmhouses and the blue sea. With its marvellous weather, glorious beaches, fascinating cities steeped in history, seductively wild landscape, wonderful food and wine and ancient culture, the area has long been a magnet for Italians from the north. The architecture in Puglia is diverse in the extreme. There are Moorish-influenced buildings, Baroque churches, whitewashed Greek-like villages, and traditional northern 6

Italian tenements with elegant brass doors and Romanesque arches. With more than 800 kilometres of Adriatic and Ionian coastline, the longest of any Italian region, Puglia boasts some of the cleanest beaches in all of the Mediterranean. The summers are long and hot, spring and autumn are gloriously warm and the winters mild. The rainfall is the lowest in Italy. The microclimate produces some of Italy’s tastiest food, and the region yields more wine and olive oil than any other in Italy. The food is invariably organic, with plenty of locally produced pasta, vegetables, cheeses, meats

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