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Fabulous Foodie Inspirations Here we serve up gourmet food, nifty tools, and stylish tableware for the ultimate dinner party The Whisk(e)y Lover set from Teroforma is a must-have for any whisky connoisseur. It includes two gorgeous mouth-blown tumblers and a bag of six whisky stones. Designed at complementary angles, the elegant glasses boast a perfect mix of craft, tradition and timeless elegance. Handcrafted by the master glass-blowers of Rogaska Glassworks, one of the finest crystal producers in the world (established in 1665) and designed by Thea Mehl. The included whisky stones, designed by Andrew Hellman, will chill but not dilute your most cherished whisky or Scotch. Made from natural soapstone by the craftsmen of Vermont Soapstone, the oldest soapstone workshop in the United States. The set makes entertaining at home a decadent experience. For the gourmet in all of us, these beautifully packaged, intensely flavourful salts by The Spice Lab are outstanding additions to your kitchen. The Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler Collections offer some of the best tasting, hard-to-find salts in the world. Stylishly packaged in test tubes and reclaimed wood bases, each set comes with eleven uniquely flavoured salts. Flavours and aromas include Murray River Pink Sea Salt, Indian Black Kala Namak Mineral Salt and Hawaiian Red Clay Alaea Sea Salt. From upscale dinner parties to backyard barbecues, these products will definitely leave a lasting impression. Timeless and versatile, long-wearing and functional, this elegant piece of cookware from Staub is a must-have in every kitchen.Their 196

signature piece, the cocotte, also known as a Dutch oven, is a cast iron stewpot used by fine chefs around the world. Perfect for slow cooking hearty stews, casseroles and soups as well as braising and roasting meat and poultry. The secret of the Staub cocotte is the innovative lid. It has self-basting spikes on the inside, creating a continuous “rainfall� effect of the juices during cooking ensuring the food stays moist and full of flavours. This is home cooking at its finest. An intense green tea from Japan, matcha is used in traditional tea ceremonies, a formalized and elegant affair. Blend 100 by Breakaway Matcha, founded by celebrity chef Eric Gower, is quite possibly the finest tea in the world. Transcendent, velvety, creamy, almost chewy, full of complex and enchanting flavours, and so delightfully wakeful - this is the sublime world of artisanal matcha. Unlike other teas, matcha is not steeped; it is frothed and consumed whole, which gives it the mouthfeel of espresso. It is also the most antioxidant-rich substance on the planet, mainly because the green tea leaves are consumed, not discarded. The long, subtly astringent finish is not unlike a great Burgundy. Breakaway Matcha is my new obsession, the ultimate sensory experience. Danish designed, sleek and sculptural, the Sting jug from Herstal brings an elegant feel to stylish living. Strikingly designed for being on display, this water jug is truly a piece of modern art.

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