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Located in Modica, the chocolate is as baroque as the town’s architecture. It is rich, dramatic, unabashedly opulent and unique • L’Antica Dolceria Bonajuto is legendary • Founder Francesco Bonajuto established a small patisserie and dessert shop in 1880 • The wooden-panelled shop still makes heavenly chocolate in true old style • The grainy, brittle chocolate is produced using an ancient technique in which the cocoa is cold-pressed with sugar granules and flavoured with chili, coffee, cinnamon, ginger, orange essence, pistachio, or vanilla - the lack of heat allows the full aroma of the cocoa to be conserved without the addition of fats • The nougat is sensational • Don’t miss ‘mpanatigghi’ (empanadas filled with meat and chocolate) • The shop is like a mini-museum, with detailed pictures of the chocolate-making process and big grindstones with distinctly Latin American designs

exclusively • Her bonbons include silky truffles, crunchy pralines and soft caramels that are hand-moulded, and occasionally brushed with real specks of edible 24-karat gold or stencilled • She presents Belgian and French style fillings in amazing sweet and savoury combinations • Her signature piece, La Dolce Grapefruit, is a blend of grapefruit and caramel in a hard chocolate shell. Other unique flavors include Havana Heat, a chocolate blended with habanero peppers, and Les Nymphes, a blend of litchi pate de fruit and litchi ganache • Coukos continually adds new flavours, like the Japanese cuisine-inspired Kimono Collection, which features shiso lime and adzuki bean ganaches and soy-miso caramel • The Mysteries of Love collection is insanely delicious. There’s a passion fruit and cardamom caramel, a sea salted espresso and dark chocolate caramel, a pear caramel, a 72% Venezuelan ganache, a single malt scotch and a raspberry ganache




New York, United States

Paris, France

Dark chocolate squares infused with coffee, Chinese jasmine tea or Tequila with lemon • They’re desserts and digestifs all in one • The wooden gift boxes are beautifully done • The chocolates are displayed as small works of art

CHOCOLAT MODERNE New York, United States

Joan Coukos is one of America’s most exciting chocolate innovators • She creates a line of visually stunning confections, emphasizing dark chocolate and a modern flavour palate • The chocolate is soft, silky, and seductive. Rich, novel, and dreamy • Uses Valrhona chocolate

Distinctive boxed collections, hand-painted and sculptural truffles, and innovative flavors are all essential elements in Christopher Norman Chocolates • All the chocolates are hand-made with precious ingredients from around the world • The creative and distinctive ganaches with seasonal flavors like tamarind caramel and spicy apricot • A distinguished artist gives each chocolate design and taste a superbly artistic flair • Several of the designs feature images of the artist John Down’s paintings transferred onto handpainted chocolate tiles that beautifully top the truffles, such as the Japanese-inspired Luxury Tea Collection - chocolate truffles infused with Lapsang Souchong, rose, mango and green tea - or, the Mosaic Tile Box, where rich colours are


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