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OVERVIEW Liverpool is a well-established soccer league that has very high brand recognition in the international sports market. The brand carries a legacy so strong that their fanbase, the Kopites, are regarded as one of the most loyal fans in the world. The Liverpool FC brand is regarded as one of the most beloved sports brands in the world and their fans offer unlimited support. In order to spread this legacy, Liverpool will create its own brand launch in America. This campaign will have a span of one year and start in January. The main concept for this campaign lies in the statement “My Blood Runs Red.” This simple concept stems from the research of the psychology of a fan. Being a fan of something dates back to primitive times when people would cheer on the brave warriors who represented their tribes in battles. To incorporate this same idea to fans in the U.S., Liverpool must position themselves as the team filled with passion so U.S. audiences can become fans and cheer them on. The words “My Blood Runs Red” is a powerful statement which embodies the emotions and attitudes that make up a Liverpool fan. It is also has strong associations with the idea of life, strength, power, and unity - all the elements that make up the Liverpool brand. The concept intends to bring out a positive yet intense message of passion for the audience. Blood is a similarity which we all share biologically therefore this concept emphasizes that Liverpool is a team that everyone can support. The campaign’s ultimate goal is to create community driven by passion for the team. The Liverpool US brand must become a lovemark for its audience, which will translate into loyalty beyond reason. The launch of the Liverpool US team will be in Miami. Although the launch will be in Miami, this will be a nationwide campaign with a main focus on the launch city and also Portland, Cleveland, Houston, and San Diego. The rational behind the cities for the campaign launch comes from the analysis of U.S. cities with the worst sports teams. Miami was ranked #1 as the worst city for sports and the four cities followed. These cities are also in regions of the U.S. which have very high hispanic populations who already love watching the sport, therefore they will be able to create a sphere of influence. Launching the team in these six cities and making Miami the Liverpool US headquarters will be a smart choice because the sports fans in these cities need a new team to attach their dedication and attention towards. By tapping into this blue ocean market for the locations, the Liverpool US team will have more success with their launch and induction into American sports. The target audience for this campaign will be males ages 18-34 who are sports enthusiasts. They will be segmented into three subgroups: College mates(18-22 years), Young professionals (23-28), and Established professionals (29-34).



(Social Media Savvy Brand Enthusiasts) 18-22: Males who are still in college. Financially dependent on their parents so they will have a little extra disposable income for things like tickets to sporting events. They have a strong social media presence so will be able to become a brand advocate for Liverpool through those sites. They may or may not be dating a romantic partner.

(Passionate Entry Level Professionals) 23-28: College educated males who are in the very beginning of their chosen career path. Financially independent from their parents and due to their entry level positions, most likely do not have a lot of disposable income. Although they do not have a lot of financial income, they are still passionate about sports and their extra money goes to sporting events and alcohol. It is likely they have a serious romantic partner. Due to this situation, they have less commitments than the other two segments, this is because they no longer have class to worry about like the first segment, or a family like the last.

(Fervent Professionals and Family Men) 29-34: College educated males who are more secure in their careers. They will have more disposable income based on their job. They continue to be passionate about sports so a portion of their extra income goes to sporting events. It is likely they have a wife or life partner. This can lead to bringing their spouse/ partner to the events thus creating a new fan. This can lead to a family love of the team if the couple chooses to have children in the future, if they don’t already have one already. 3

OBJECTIVES • Launch Liverpool brand in U.S. (Focus on Miami, Portland, Cleveland, Houston, and San Diego) • Increase viewership of games (at Arena and on TV) • Create a fanbase for the team

STRATEGY • Incorporate Liverpool experience into American market • Create an opportunity to experience the brand by connecting it back to its British roots • Create a platform for audiences to interact within the Liverpool community • Position the team as a symbol of passion

MESSAGING Liverpool is a brand that exudes intensity that is contagious to the fans that support them. By using the tagline “my blood runs red,” that intensity is personified through the use of blood lines.


TACTICS Telephone Photobooth (See pg. 19) • • • • • •

Outdoor interactive installation using a vintage red phonebooth positioned in Miami Photobooth Screen Play :15 second promo for team on screen before they can take photo Participants can take photos using the camera on screen and Instagram the photo This will use the Instagram app They will have the option to post it on their Twitter. The LP Instagram will be programed into the device, the participant has to provide their Twitter handle + follow LFC in order to retrieve their photos. They will have the option to tweet their photos from the LFC Instagram account. EX - LPinsta: Thanks for taking a photo with us @user123 Here’s your snapshot [twitpic taken with Instagram] • Instagram will feature a special “red” filter for the photos • Photo will contain the LP logo on the bottom right corner & be featured on LP web site so users can see their photos and others’ photos

Bloodlines Social Watching App (See pg. 18) • App for iPhone and Android • watch the game while talking with other viewers about the game • Create a game out of the experience (ex: have people watch and make ‘bets’ on how many goals they would get...etc)

Print Advertisements (See pg. 11-14) • The concept behind the print ads is that the Liverpool brand is a condition that is present in all fans. This is an extension of our campaign’s core message, “my blood runs red.” The redness runs so deep that it has become a metaphorical condition that one cannot shake for the rest of their lives. While this seems extreme, the intensity of the Liverpool brand is showcased. • The main visual of the ad is person revealing his or her “mark.” The Liverpool logo represents a birthmark that they all share, which emphasizes the community aspect of the brand. The copy of the ad shows a statistic about being affected with the Liverpool condition.

Flashmob Soccer Match in High-traffic Areas • The flash mob will begin with the blow of a loud whistle to draw the crowd’s attention to a central location. Then at the sound of a buzzer, two soccer teams will take the “field.” The field will be drawn out prior to the flash soccer game in chalk as not to disturb the concrete permanently. • As the soccer teams take the field, a team of four people will bring out two goals. This is to give the


appearance of the game being built right in front of the onlookers’ eyes. Another group of people will carry out a set of bleachers for the onlookers to sit on. There will also be actors from the flash mob who will sit in the stands wearing Liverpool apparel. • The game will then begin. One team will be representing Liverpool and the other will represent another no name team. As the game goes on, Liverpool will be predetermined to win, which will cause the fans that are acting in the stands to become more and more excited. • This will create excitement for the onlookers and they will also begin to cheer for Liverpool. At the end of the game a banner will appear that says. “Our Blood Runs Red, Does Yours?” with the website address.

Partnerships with American Red Cross to Promote Blood Drive (See pg. 16-17) • American Red Cross staff will be in LP uniforms collecting blood for the organization while also creating exposure for the team. • A national tour of the US with stops in major cities to promote the team and the organization. • The tour will be on a red double decker bus as red is a key color in the campaign and the double decker bus reminds people that the team is originally from England. • This partnership will benefit both parties because it will show that the team gives back to the community, while The Red Cross has the opportunity to gain publicity from an up and coming brand.

Interactive Floor Billboards (See pg. 15) • Provides a digital yet hands-on experience with the brand by letting audiences “play” the sport. There will be a projected image of the Liverpool soccer field on open spaces in downtown outside bars and nightclubs. The interactive projectors have motion sensors so the audience has the opportunity to play a short game before the billboard revealing the Liverpool logo and tagline.

Design Elements (See pg. 10-11) • Logo : The redesigned logo represents the brand in a modern light while also keeping the Liverpool icon alive. This simplistic logo is a cleaner version of Liverpool’s traditional logo and will be the main symbol of the campaign. The concept of “My Blood Runs Red” is illustrated through the new logo with the clean-cut streaks. It is a simple yet eye-catching logo that will be a recognizable icon for the Liverpool brand across the U.S. • Uniforms : The design of the new uniforms are heavily influenced by the new logo. The streaks of red from the logo are transplanted into the uniform and made into stripes. The traditional red uniforms are given a makeover into a much simpler and clean-cut design. The uniforms are unique and will be successful in capturing the essence of the brand.


MEASUREMENT Measurement • • • • •

Attendance to Games Viewership of games Interaction and following on social media Sales of merchandise Traffic to Website

Measurement tools • • • • •


Google Analytics tracking of Instagram Website and Liverpool Website Use Radian6 to track social media interactions Track Nielsen television ratings Track ticket sales for home games Track amount of blood donated via the Liverpool partnership














Divergent Strikers  

Finalists for The Ad Club and George P. Johnson Experience Marketing's #IveGotGame Student Brand Experience Competition. From Emerson Colleg...

Divergent Strikers  

Finalists for The Ad Club and George P. Johnson Experience Marketing's #IveGotGame Student Brand Experience Competition. From Emerson Colleg...