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Campaign Introduction: We recognize that we are advertising for two different events: Liverpool FC (henceforth referred to as “the client”) playing for an American tour in the cities of Boston and Baltimore this summer and the opening of a permanent American stadium for the client. Bearing this in mind, we have chosen a two-pronged approach: a fast paced campaign to rapidly build hype for the summer tour and a slower moving campaign that builds off its hype for the opening of the stadium. We are also focusing on the mass market as we believe the client has a wide appeal. Summer Tour Campaign: The main thrust of our campaign for the summer tour is to create unique, tangible realworld events that will produce a significant media buzz and generate internet memes and viral videos that will be proliferated through social media outlets such as Facebook. The magnum opus of our events will be a Pamplona-inspired “Running of the Balls” through prolific city streets such as Commonwealth Avenue in Boston and Fifth Avenue in New York. This unique event will feature fans (in small groups at a time) chasing down soccer balls towards a goal with potential prizes for whoever kicks it over the finishing line. The streets and support staff will of course be covered in advertisements for the client. This will doubtlessly produce significant media buzz and, due to its bizarre nature, will ingrain itself in the memory of all who know of it. Other real-world events include flash mobs in transit hubs with people whose clothes provide information about the client. A third way we will build hype is by providing a series of progressive advertisements on billboards and other physical opportunities found throughout cities and within modes of public transportation (e.g. train cars). The first ad will feature a red background, the slogan “The British Are Coming”, and a time, date, and TV station for the tour. Each progressive ad will add an element along the lines of star players, soccer balls, and a stadium in the background. By staggering the full image, people will feel invested in the ad and, by extension, the game, as they have watched it progress. The full ad will be made public with a minimum of two weeks left until the first game. Though other ideas exist for how to promote the summer tour, we feel that these are our three most prominent ones. Stadium Opening Campaign: For the opening of the stadium, we believe the best way of attracting fans will be through the heavy use of celebrity endorsements. Through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, talk-shows, and other venues, celebrities who are fans of the client (such as Elvis Costello, Paul McCartney, and Angelina Jolie, to name a few) will be able to spread their enthusiasm for the sport towards their fans. Furthermore, we believe that by strategically placing the stadium in a Connecticut city, we will be able to attract regional fans by marketing the client as both a New York and New England sports franchise. Ideally, the city in question would be Stamford, Connecticut, which is easily accessed from New York on the MTA and from New England through I-95. The proximity to New York is key as that city is viewed as America’s “global city.” To draw appeal to the stadium opening, we will invite famous Liverpudlian acts such as (ideally) Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to perform a pre-game concert. There will also be a postgame party with Alist celebrities to attract media attention.



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All Flash Mobs Will be Posted on YouTube for Convenient Viewing and Easy Sharing !

Summer Tour

#NeverWalkA lone!

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