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Best Way to Spend a Day I was trained how to shop from the day I could sit up in a shopping cart. My mother worked long hours as an ER nurse and couldn’t sit still. She refused to spend her days off in front of the television. So, off to the stores we would go, mostly just to browse; I remember my mom saying over and over, “we’re just looking.”


We would usually walk the mall or a furniture store. At times, we would attend local craft bazaars where we would visit my grandma and aunt selling their recent creations. I have to admit, the craft bazaars were my favorite. I would search out the booths that had handmade doll cloths, starting with my grandma’s. She would always let me pick an outfit. Most of my dolls were handmade with love, not mass produced. When the Cabbage Patch craze came about, my mom didn’t stand in long lines to get one. Instead, she had my grandma make me one. I named her Jenna.

4 Colors Worth Sharing

When I reached my teen years, shopping was taken to a different level. My mom worked a lot and I was a typical teenager with my ear to the phone gossiping with friends. Shopping gave us the opportunity to catch up and reconnect. There wasn’t always much to say, but just being with her, doing what we loved, made it special. My favorite days were when we would go to Jacobson’s. They carried the largest selection of the Coca-Cola clothing line. By now, you could say I was a shopaholic like my mother. To be honest though, what I enjoyed most wasn’t lucking out with a new purchase, but it was having lunch in Jacobson’s Café (their cheddar soup was the best). My mom passed away almost eight years ago, before she could meet my baby girl, Abigail. I know she would be so proud of Abby’s shopping abilities. A year ago, when Abby turned three, I realized I had met my match. We were shopping the mall, just browsing while I was researching AdArt’s latest work in windows. After many hours, my feet were telling me it was time to go home. Abby, on the other hand, said to me, “Mom, we didn’t shop all of the stores yet.” When I asked if she was tired, she said, “I could shop all day Mommy.” Uh-oh, I’m in trouble! Abby and I shop almost every weekend like my mom and I did. The time we have together is precious and I’m grateful for brick and mortar stores. I could not get these memories with my daughter by staring at a computer screen shopping online. I am old-fashioned. I need to touch and feel. I need to see the displays and how the mannequins are dressed. I need the dressing room to try it on. Besides, I would rather sit in a café after a few hours of shopping to have a conversation with my little girl than be disconnected at home with technology surrounding us. Get out and shop, it’s the best way to spend a day.

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AnnMarie Krol SVP, Director of Visual & Marketing


What We’re Pinning

Thanks to everyone who came out to our AdArt Speakeasy Party Bus Event during GlobalShop! We enjoyed going back to the 1920s and seeing some of Al Capone’s old spots around Downtown Chicago.

Looking for some inspiration? Want to see color used in unique ways? Check out our Pinterest page for all of this and more! Our boards include Design Tips, Things We Love, Make Your Mark and Animals That Get Noticed.

Animals That Get Noticed

Make Your Mark Texture & Colors


Baby Window Display Sailboat display brought to life with fabric that is stuffed with batting to give it plush dimension

True Religion Windows Windows showcasing latex digital printing on canvas with real wood mounted to prints


COLORS WORTH SHARING We know whether you are designing high-end fashion or printing graphics and signage, green is not just green. Choosing the right shade of a color can be the difference between good and great execution. Our Creative Team has researched and compiled the hottest colors for Fall 2013. Super-foods, particularly aรงai berries and grapes, inspired this palette. These fruits have been popular in recent nutrition trends.

PMS 7524C PMS 187 C PMS 4995 C

PINK MAROON The normally bold shade of red has been influenced by pink and brown shades to create a more sophisticated, fall-friendly tone. 4

PMS 4995C PMS 668 C PMS 7666 C PMS 229 C PMS 7449 C


This palette is inspired by the popular 1970’s shade of teal, but adapted for current fall and winter trends.

PMS 7693 C PMS 7545 C PMS 7701 C

MYSTIC BLUE These washed-out blues are inspired by the known side of the ocean, the sky and space. This palette offers a variation of neutral colors.

PMS 447 C PMS Black 3 C PMS 326 C PMS 5523 C

NEO-TEAL These bold colors are inspired by the need for balance with reality and imagination in our lives.

PMS 5477 C PMS 624 C PMS 439 C PMS 387 C PMS 7472 C PMS 710 C PMS 7685 C


FOREST GREEN Forest Green is inspired by luscious greens found in nature, often perceived as calming. These colors play into nature- and tribal-inspired designs. Sources: The Ultra Bright


IDEAS WORTH SHARING Spring just began but many in the retail industry already have fall on the mind. Our Creative Team designed some retail concepts, based on fall color and design trends, to inspire your store environments. Just one more way AdArt is helping you go beyond the ink.


Actual crayons mounted to clear PETG hanging ring


LAYERED TREE Mylar mounted to cardstock

BACK TO THE BOOKS The beginning of fall means that kids across America are headed back to school. Catch their attention with this Back to the Books window concept. This display features layers of glossy, matte and earthy elements. THE INSPIRATION Combining contrasting surfaces to deliver color and high-gloss color applications are a popular trend for 2013. The use of mylars, plexi and gloss inks are the perfect way to do this. Pairing these materials is sure to make your displays shine this season.

Sources: The Ultra Bright

Multiple layers of leaves, clouds and books printed on foamcore

Apples and ribbon header printed on the back of PETG providing a high-gloss finish

Paper-backed wood veneer mounted to foamcore Š2013 The AdArt Company. All Rights Reserved.


SHARE YOUR STORY l. er new schoo irst day at h It’s Sally’s f rvous and p but feel ne She can’t hel n the hall wanders dow e sh s a d te exci . After a few er classroom looking for h s Spencer’s, finds it—Mis minutes, she e notices the she enters, sh s A . 4 10 m Roo “Welcome the right with chalkboard on ite chalk. ribbled in wh sc ” ts en ud Back St Spencer’s, es meet Miss ey ’s lly a S t, iles, Nex pewriter, sm from her ty who pauses kes her lly slowly ma a S . er h s et and gre om as she ck of the ro a b e th to y a wa e sits, takes pty desk. Sh spots an em and smiles. deep breath


Back2 School SALE



Use your store windows to tell a story that shoppers can visualize. Shoppers can imagine themselves back in the classroom and the feelings of excitement as a new school year begins.


Custom abacus made out of wood, dowel rods and painted wooden beads. The frame at the top allows for changing out messaging for different promotions.


. ol year begin Let the scho


Wooden ruler printed on paper-backed wood veneer


Real erasers tied together with twine to create a hanging mobile


s t n e d u

rtS Sho


Chalkboard frames produced out of real wood. Inside the frame is a rigid panel with printed chalkboard ink for stores to hand write a back to school message with chalk.

s hort Storie

Stacked books produced out of styrofoam wrapped with printed cardstock

A corrugate, engineered structure in the shape of an old style typewriter. Letter keys printed on foamcore and attached to white corrugate tubing. Some letters have motors attached within the typewriter structure, animating the keys in an up/down motion. Produce larger-than-life to have a show-stopper display in your windows during back to school.

Motors attached to create an up/down movement within the display

Š2013 The AdArt Company. All Rights Reserved.



METAL SALE Hung with actual rope

These hanging signs use contrasting materials to convey color. The wooden background can be created using wood, wood veneer or printed FalconboardÂŽ. The letters can be created using a textured metallic substrate with silver or copper tones.

THE INSPIRATION The use of contrasting materials was seen in several pieces during The Armory Show 2013 contemporary art show. Contrasting substrates not only offer color, but also offer a unique touch-and-feel experience. Sources: The Ultra Bright

Layered, painted wood base or falconboard printed with wood texture Dimensional styrofoam letters painted in metallic finish or metallic laminates mounted to the face of the letter


Š2013 The AdArt Company. All Rights Reserved.



This display features rugged, farmhouse-inspired crates juxtaposed with high-fashion accessories. Our team loved the idea of these rugged crates being used to display chic heels or purses. These crates serve as a very functional, creative display and can be hung on the wall or stacked on the floor. You can also adapt them to match your color palette and position them horizontally or vertically.


Wooden crates with backs printed with fall colors

Pairing juxtaposing elements together is a popular retail trend for 2013. Chain Store Age explained this trend as “merchandising rubber bracelets with Jimmy Choo Shoes.” These crates offer a perfect juxtaposing element to mix with chic footwear or accessories.

Sources: Chain Store Age, The Ultra Bright

©2013 The AdArt Company. All Rights Reserved.




Fall is a time to play in the crisp golden leaves and enjoy the cooler weather. We were inspired by fond memories of those times for this window concept. Celebrate fall with leaves made from a printed plaid pattern on textured foamcore. Easily hang them around your store or in your windows.

Leaf window decal printed with fall colors and patterns and the center is knocked out to display mannequins and merchandise

Textured foamcore

Earthy colors, plaids and tartans 12



NATURE Nature plays off our desires for wilderness adventures and an escape of daily responsibilities. This theme offers a refined, adapted functionality of exploration gear and apparel. According to Fashion Snoops, it draws on military, nature, rider and Scottish Highland influences. Nature features plaid patterns, earthy colors and fabrics like lace, leather, tweed and suede. It also has tribal-influenced variations that feature geometric patterns, faux fur, earth tones and masculine designs.


Transparent leaves printed with vein pattern on clear PETG Diecut hanging leaves printed on textured foamcore

©2013 The AdArt Company. All Rights Reserved.

Futuristic will be seen primarily in sportswear designs and is “minimalist in detailing, but exaggerated in silhouette,” according to Fashion Snoops. Futuristic features high necklines, peplums, color blocking, strong shoulders for women and tailoring for men. Expect to see high-tech fabrics with metallic gold and silver finishes as well as mesh, sequins, sci-fi elements and galaxy prints.

Sources: Fashion Snoops, We Connect Fashion




This Halloween-themed concept uses embroidery hoops as a creative element. Your message can be printed directly to fabrics like canvas or poplin and placed into the hoops. We also applied geometric patterns to the fabric for added texture. The spider and webs are printed on clear PETG and attached to the back side of the hoops. THE INSPIRATION We’ve already seen geometric patterns make a statement in women’s fashion within the last year. Look for them to make an even bigger splash this Fall, especially in 70’s- and tribal-inspired designs.

Embroidery rings

Sources: We Connect Fashion

Fabric with geometric patterns


©2013 The AdArt Company. All Rights Reserved.

WHOOO Dimensional owl created with multiple layers of corrugate material. The back layer is printed with a colorful feather pattern. Add some real feathers on top for added texture and dimension.



Actual feathers


This creative broom concept is the perfect addition to any fall window, turning your mannequins into fancy witches.

Dual-layered craft bags printed and shredded then cinched at the top with twine around an actual birch branch Tweed flag with stitched fabric letters Š2013 The AdArt Company. All Rights Reserved.


CASE STUDIES Tilly’s Boys and Girls Permanent Wayfinding Display Tilly’s needed to create a wayfinding system to identify their boys and girls merchandise. The display needed to sit on tables without utilizing a lot of space. AdArt’s Creative team designed a 4-foot custom metal stand that allowed for bolting faux wooden planks. The planks were made of Falconboard with a digitally printed wooden texture. “GIRLS” and “BOYS” were routered out of Falconboard with a white-washed digitally printed wooden texture. Tilly’s loved the design and rolled them out to all of their stores in Q1 of 2013. AdArt assembled all of the displays, so when they arrived to stores they were ready to go with no additional assembly required.

Our Patented Pole Wrap Two years ago, RedBull challenged us to create a display that would attach to poles outside, but look more modern than the standard coroplast zip-tied signs. From that request came the 3D indoor/outdoor pole wrap. This patented design was unique for a few reasons. The internal patented structure allowed RedBull to mass produce one size display that would accommodate different widths of poles (from 2 inches to 12 inches). The display fully wrapped the pole using styrene and withstood winds up to 70mph. RedBull did a test of 400 units throughout California and Florida. They immediately saw results and quickly started adding more in different markets. To date, AdArt has produced over 27,000 pole wraps for RedBull and they can be seen across the US, with the largest quantities found in California, Texas, New York and Florida.


Watch our pole wrap video tutorial

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And we’re ready to take it on with our new Durst Rho 500R digital press. Prints up to 16 feet! Contact your Sales Rep for samples.

To see our latest work,

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The new super-wide Durst Rho 500R provides the best speed and productivity of any grand format press. It has the ability to print on any rolled media, including textiles and mesh, up to 16 feet wide. No message is too big for these kinds of capabilities.

FEATURES Billboards

Up to 16 feet roll width 600 dpi resolution 6-color capability with white ink option Operates up to three rolls simultaneously

QUALITY & FLEXIBILITY Durst’s Quadro 30D Array nozzle technology ensures straight lines and high-density solid colors. It also eliminates banding with smooth tone transitions. Even point-of-sale graphics with small text achieve incredible saturation and sharpness.

Nozzle technology eliminates banding

Fleet Graphics

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