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THE ACRES PROJECT Check out what we've been up to and what's to come!

WHAT'S GOING ON THIS SUMMER? The ACRES Project is making a lot of changes this summer, and we couldn’t be more excited! Check out what we’re up to, and what to keep an eye out for with our new programs coming up! FEATURED STORIES IN THIS ISSUE:

Our Current Programs Client Highlight Upcoming Programs you Cannot Miss!

OUR CURRENT PROGRAMS: DAY PROGRAM: Through our Day Program we provide a space where our


clients can learn, socialize,

The State College High School

and build friendships. Within

Group (SCASD) aims to facilitate

this program, our goal is to

learning in areas such as self-

have clients participate with

advocacy and work-readiness,

peers and staff while learning

while promoting social

life skills such as laundry,

communication skills among

cooking, cleaning, and more! We are also including a unit on safety concerning social media safety, as well as safety in the home or in public.

peers. Self-advocacy goals focus on teaching individuals with disabilities to make their own decisions, advocate for their needs, and understand


themselves and their disability

Our Work-Based Learning

while workplace-readiness goals

program aims to increase

focus on providing these

individual’s job-readiness and

individuals skills and behaviors

work appropriate behaviors.

to obtain and maintain

Work experiences are supervised, with the goal of encouraging the individual toward more independent work. We are currently working on revamping this program in order to better serve our clients and foster more positive relationships with companies we work with, and companies we hope to work with in the future!

competitive, integrated employment.

Client Highlight: A special activity we have incorporated into our Day Program itinerary to facilitate socialization is having a “Star Student” each week plan to teach the group about one of his or her interests or talents and make a snack or craft with the group. The purpose of this is to allow each client to get an opportunity to lead the group in an activity they choose and share their interests! Meet our first “Star Student” Kathryn! Kathryn enjoys cooking and baking so she chose to make funfetti cake with her peers. She became ‘head chef’ and took charge in delegating tasks to each of her peers to get her cake from the box to the oven! And boy oh boy was it tasty! Next, Kathryn taught the group about knitting, one of her favorite hobbies! Kathryn learned how to knit from her neighbor and showed us a blanket she is working on. Kathryn not only knows how to knit a blanket, but also scarves and hats! She demonstrated how to knit and what it looks like once you complete a new row! Awesome job, Kathryn! We have also been working on making bracelets for our upcoming Woodstock Benefit Concert! Check out the beautiful bracelets Arnie made (pictured to the left)! Way to Go Arnie!

Upcoming Programs You Cannot Miss! : GET YOUR MOVE ON!






This group is designed for

Each of these groups are geared

children in 3rd through 5th

toward encouraging friendships

grade to encourage

and socialization among girls or

outdoor movement,

boys with similar interests and

sensory play,

experiences. This group aims to

communication and team

provide a safe and encouraging


environment for individuals to

The cost is $5 per session,

participate in socialization

starting Saturday June 8,

activities and foster feelings of

and every Saturday

support and understanding

through July (note: day of

among peers.

the week is projected to

These are free groups, with the

change) from 10am- 11am.

Girls Group will meet starting Tuesday June 25, and Tuesdays

Don't forget to buy your tickets for Woodstock! A benefit concert hosted by State Theater, produced by Liz & James Grove Get out your bellbottoms and flower crowns - it's bound to be a groovy night!

Contact The ACRES Project for


after through July from 3pm -



4:30pm. Boys Group will meet



starting Thursday June 27, and

The ACRES Summer

Thursdays after through July

Improv Group is inspired

from 3pm - 4:30pm.


by our successful ACRES Exceptional Theater this

All Programs will be held at The

past spring! We will be

ACRES Project, located at 2400

engaging in

Bernel Road, State College PA

improvisational games and acting activities aimed at

You can RSVP to:

strengthening self-

Becca Stroschein

confidence and social


communication skills in a


fun and encouraging

Megan McGrath



This is a free group starting Wednesday June 5, and Wednesdays after that through July, from 4pm5pm.


Reserve a spot today!

theacresproject@ gmail.com (814) 424-7636

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The ACRES Project Newsletter -- May 2019  

The ACRES Project is making a lot of changes this summer, and we couldn’t be more excited! Check out what we’re up to, and what to keep an e...

The ACRES Project Newsletter -- May 2019  

The ACRES Project is making a lot of changes this summer, and we couldn’t be more excited! Check out what we’re up to, and what to keep an e...