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THE ACRES PROJECT Check out what we've been up to and what's to come!

WHAT'S GOING ON THIS SUMMER? This month we say "Goodbye" to the majority of our staffers and have our final days of our programs until September! However, we finished off the summer strong and ended with a


'bang!' Check out all that we've been up to and the amazing strides our clients took this month!

What We've Been Up To Summer Highlights Introducing "ACRES Of Opportunity" Client Highlights Goodbye To Our Staff See You In September!

WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO: WORK-BASED LEARNING PROGRAM: added a few new clients to it's repertoire this month & they are demonstrating amazing growth already - in such a short time! We are so proud of them & cannot wait to see how they continue to grow & achieve! We have also welcomed Playa Bowls to the incredible list of employers we work with! We are so grateful to all the employers we work with & the opportunities we are able to provide our clients because of them!

DAY PROGRAM: focused this month on topics including hygiene, understanding relationships, emotional awareness, & coping skills. Chris shared with us about his experiences working at Weis & his promotion to head cart guy, Arnie & Elliot taught us "If You're Happy and You Know It" to teach us how emotions look & feel physically, Caleb taught us about his knowledge of public transportation, & at the end of the program, the whole group taught us about two topics they learned during this


program: fire safety & police

was an exciting new opportunity

officer safety! Everyone did

for ACRES to serve a younger

such an amazing job & the

population! We played tons of

teachers were so proud of

games & really got our blood

how well each & every

pumping with scavenger hunts, red

participant demonstrated

rover races, & badminton, to name

their learning!

a few! We hope to make even more new friends next time & have even


more fun!

GROUP: had an awesome month full of games &


activities to promote bonding!

much fun this month practicing

We built marshmallow

some familiar games & some new

catapults, an enclosure to

activities, enhancing our skills

drop an egg off the deck in

while laughing & working together!

without breaking, & various

At the end of this program we even

word games or physical

had members of Happy Valley

activities! Even though this

Improv to work with us and teach

group is ending for the

us some new activities while letting

summer, we're sure these

us demonstrate our new skills!

boys will continue their friendships beyond this experience!


this summer was so amazing - check out some of our favorite pictures from our programs!

INTRODUCING: "ACRES OF OPPORTUNITY" a new-and-improved work program After taking a deeper look at our work program, ACRES decided that in order to better serve our clients, create stronger relationships with the employers we partner with, & expand our reach in the community, we needed to revamp & expand this program! Thus, the "ACRES Of Opportunity" program was created! The "ACRES Of Opportunity" program includes over 60 new documents to ensure our program is not only effective but measurable, informational, & motivational for all parties involved in this program! We have established a curriculum for our development phase to ensure all our clients learn the same core job-skills & are prepared for the work placement! Additionally, we have created documents for writing measurable goals for our clients & encourage continued success, as well as evaluations for the client/ employee, employer, & job coach to ensure optimal success for the client/ employee in the workplace! Finally, we have created an exit plan with potential avenues to explore for our clients pending the end of their work experiences, so that they feel prepared to take their next steps toward an independent work placement!

Our goal for this program is to provide meaningful work experiences to our clients who might not otherwise have had the opportunity. This experience is meant to teach & facilitate job skills necessary for an independent work experience, with additional supports (in the form of a job coach) in place to assist the individual while he or she is learning. This experience provides our clients the opportunity to learn & establish job skills in an authentic work setting & develop a relationship with a potential employer. Not only does this program provide great opportunities for our clients, but also for the employers we work with and the community of Centre County! When our clients are out working in the community, they are spreading awareness of individuals with autism & the strengths & abilities they possess! This awareness, in turn, leads to acceptance for those on the autism spectrum & acknowledgement of the qualities of these individuals that make them truly unique & impactful in our society! If you or your child is interested in learning more about job-readiness and participate in a workplacement experience, please do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about what makes our "ACRES Of Opportunity" program so unique & -- we predict -meaningful in our client's workreadiness experiences!


MEET MARIAH! During Day Program, Arnie & Elliot taught us how to match emotions like happy, sad, tired, angry, & excited can be expressed with our bodies. They did a great job singing the song "If You're Happy And You Know It" & performing the actions associated with each emotion!


For our final meeting of Day Program, Caleb & Andrew discussed the topics of fire & police safety. They worked together as a team to recap information they learned earlier in the summer & created a great lesson involving a discussion lesson, role play, and an evacuation drill from two different locations in the house!

Mariah is our newest client on a work-placement & doing an amazing job so far at Playa Bowls State College! She is working very hard & learning a lot! Mariah has a knack for customer service & has learned skills including blending, measuring, topping, & serving fruit bowls! Check out this beautiful bowl she made!

GOODBYE TO OUR STAFF: As many of our staffers are saying "goodbye" and moving to the next chapters in their lives, we want to share with you their plans for the future and wish them well!

MEGAN will be attending The University of North Carolina in Greensboro for a masters degree in Speech and Language Pathology!

KIRSTEN will be attending East Strasbourg University for a maters degree in Speech and Language Pathology!

RACHEL will be moving to Pittsburgh to work with The Boys & Girls Club overseeing child-mentor matches!

CASEY will be completing a masters program online for Occupational Therapy!

Thank you to each and every one of our staffers for their efforts this summer and we wish you the best in your future endeavors!

SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER! ACRES will be taking a brief hiatus for the month of August to regroup & prepare for an exciting school year! Programs coming back in September include:

DAY PROGRAM Returning Mondays &


Wednesdays 11:00am -

Returning early September;


dates and times TBD

An Exciting Note About Day Program: This Fall,

Contact The ACRES

The ACRES Project will be partnering with Penn State


professor & researcher Dr.

Returning early November;

David McNaughten, on a

dates and times TBD

study concerning how the

Project for more information!


use of Video Visual Scene Displays (a form of Augmentative & Alternative


Communication) can


impact various skills and

Upon client interest & request

abilities of the individuals we work with. For more information, please contact Rebecca Stroschein at becca@acresproject.org

theacresproject@gmail. com

(814) 424-7636

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The ACRES Project Newsletter: July 2019  

This month, The ACRES Project said goodbye to the majority of our staffers and wrapped up our programs until September! However, we finished...

The ACRES Project Newsletter: July 2019  

This month, The ACRES Project said goodbye to the majority of our staffers and wrapped up our programs until September! However, we finished...