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Since 1969, The Academy has delivered rich and rigorous academics in a warm and supportive environment. With small class sizes, our exceptional teachers develop an authentic love of learning and offer exciting opportunities for advanced academics from kindergarten through eighth grade.

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EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY Rigorous academic programs and small class sizes are the cornerstones of The Academy’s educational philosophy. The Academy employs expert teachers who emphasize advanced content above state standards for each grade level. Much of the curricular content is spiraled throughout the school year and across grade levels, resulting in an excellent foundation of subject mastery for our students. Because of the emphasis on deep and meaningful learning, students at The Academy are both prepared and motivated to meet intellectual challenges.

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OUR MISSION The Academy’s mission is to develop thoughtful, ambitious, and deep learners. We honor our students’ individuality while cultivating their sense of integrity, their respect for others, and their commitment to service in a global society.

OUR COMMUNITY You will find a warm, supportive family atmosphere at The Academy. Our community is diverse—ethnically, culturally, and socio-economically—and this range of ideas and experiences is celebrated at the school every day. Students get to know each other across age and background differences to build a tight community, and friendships are formed that last well beyond their years at The Academy.

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OUR CAMPUS The Academy is located in Berkeley, California, six blocks from the University of California, Berkeley campus. We are situated in a residential neighborhood within the Elmwood District, on a quiet tree-lined street. Our school is housed in a traditional Berkeley brown-shingle known as the “Edwards House,” designed by Ernest Coxhead in 1903. Over the years, the building has been seismically upgraded and remodeled while ensuring the ambiance, charm, and integrity of this beautiful historic building are preserved.

Lower School class size:




Beginning in Kindergarten, our skilled teachers utilize a dynamic interplay of the Socratic method, experiential, and social-emotional education in the classrooms. At The Academy, we believe that a small class and an expert teacher are key components ensuring that each student has their social and emotional needs validated and met, and that their intellectual horizons are continually expanded. With small class sizes, our teachers have the ability to assess each student’s understanding on a regular basis and to differentiate instruction accordingly.

Our Upper School is built on the evidence and belief that ages 11–14 represent a distinct developmental stage, commonly referred to as “early adolescence.” During these years a great deal of personal and intellectual growth takes place. These students have the potential to develop as engaged and thoughtful learners when led by dedicated and experienced teachers who have high expectations of them. We have found that Upper School students are ready for, crave, and delight in intellectual challenges. Our passionate teachers guide our students through their intellectual journeys in small classrooms that allow for the development and expression of individual ideas.

Each student in The Academy’s Lower School has six teachers—one homeroom teacher and five specialist teachers including, French, Art, Music, Science, and Physical Education.

Upper School class size: Each subject is taught by a specialist teacher, and Upper School students move from classroom to classroom in their pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. In addition to the traditional subjects—History, Math, English, and Science— Upper School students also gain exposure to Engineering, Coding, Art History and Studio Art, Latin, French, and Physical Education.

LIFE AFTER THE ACADEMY Graduates of The Academy are well prepared for advanced high school courses at a wide variety of schools. Our graduates are inquisitive and confident learners sought after by the most competitive high schools.


Selection of high schools attended by Academy graduates: College Preparatory School

Lick-Wilmerding High School

Head-Royce School

Maybeck High School

Bentley School

San Francisco University High School

Bishop O’Dowd High School Saint Mary’s School Marin Academy

Phillips Exeter Academy Public High Schools

Selection of colleges attended by Academy graduates: Harvard University

Occidental College

Yale University

University of Chicago

Stanford University

Pomona College

University of California, Berkeley

Harvey-Mudd College

Visit us online at For further information contact our admissions office: or 510.549.0605

THE ACADEMY 2722 Benvenue Ave. Berkeley, CA 94705 • Exceptional Academics • Small Class Sizes • Warm, Diverse, and Inclusive Community