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I am thrilled to bring you this issue of CONNECT with Us, featuring news and information about the exciting opening of the preK-8 Independent Jewish Academy. Please share this issue with anyone who would benefit from knowing about this wonderful school community.

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Comments and thoughts are welcome. Gerri Chizeck, Head of School or 410-764-1867

Opening for the 2013-14 school year, The Independent Jewish Academy of Baltimore is a day school offering an excellent, innovative academic program with an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and classes for the gifted and creatively talented. Our Judaic curriculum and policies transcend denominations—we are a school in which students study and experience a variety of religious, cultural, individual and communal expressions of Jewish living.

Personalized learning for student empowerment From an early age, students are empowered to make choices and participate in the development of their personal plan for learning. They work both in groups and individually to identify their personal strengths and challenges.

Students and faculty engage in a learning process that empowers each learner and inspires growth. Leadership experiences, public speaking and venues for self expression create confident graduates who go on to be leaders in their future pursuits.

“Our students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and resources to respond intelligently, compassionately, and responsibly to the challenges of living in a rapidly changing world.”

preK-8th grade

STEM + Arts = STEAM 21st century Curriculum

STEM is an emphasis in education in which science, math and engineering, and the use of technology are central to the educational experience. It signifies a rich approach to learning which inspires problem solving and critical thinking, and project based learning across subject areas.

creativity, and learning, bringing greater meaning and memorable experiences to each school day. Learning another language promotes brain development and prepares students to work in our global world where a second language is essential. Hebrew is taught at all grade levels and Spanish is offered to middle school students.

In 2013-14, our middle school students will enjoy a 1:1 iPad program and increased access to technology. An Edmodo technology platform across subject matter will promote personalized learning. A faculty preK-8 STEM Coordinator will organize and oversee STEM education and teach intermediate and middle school students STEM becomes STEAM with the addition of the Arts into our cross curricular program. Visual art, music and dramatic arts all enhance students enjoyment,

Personal Choice in Jewish Practice Pluralism, community and transdenominational are all words which describe the Independent Academy. Students and parents come from diverse backgrounds, and the school promotes respect, acknowledges differences, and fosters growth. Clergy and teachers from Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative, Modern Orthodox and nondenominational backgrounds are in-

vited to participate in the life of the school. Interfaith families and those who are non- affiliated are welcome– the bottom line is that all practices are honored. School policies reflect the notion of “Personal Choice in Jewish Practice.” Each family’s customs and rituals are valued, and the diversity of our student body is celebrated. In areas such as kashrut and ritual wear, families

have the opportunity to choose their children’s practices without mandates or judgment. Our commitment to pluralism guides our practices and religious celebrations. Open and inclusive prayer services, Kabbalat Shabbat and holiday observances connect the children to the stories, songs, and values of Judaism.

The Academy Flourishes with Communal Support As a new school, community support is both welcomed and essential. Like every growing independent Jewish day school, we rely on donations from our parents, grandparents, graduates, and friends who share our progressive values and commitment to academic excellence. Your contributions make a difference and reach out from the classroom to the family and the community at large. Your donations of money, items or time are an investment in education that imparts a lifelong love of learning and Jewish values to a new generation.

Email Gerri Chizeck at or call 410-764-1867 to find out more about making your financial contribution to The Academy.

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