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Thea Telford Portfolio A showcase of some of my own personal Designs and Illustrations

Thea Telford - Illustration

With a combination of my imagination and inspiration taken from animals, plants, and the environment around me, I create playful illustrations which I turn into screen prints for fabric, paper, collage and much more‌ My Brighton- Screen Print

Hove Beach Huts- Screen Printed Cushions

Little Starfish

Discover -Screen Print and Collage

Thea Telford Portfolio Betty and Friends Open House

Betty & Friends – Springfield Road Crafty heaven awaits at Betty & Friends, part of the Beyond The Level trail. Betty Shek’s beautiful & colourful work with felt and vintage buttons sit cosily next to Thea Telford’s fanciful illustrations & Elizabeth Anne Norris’ modernist enamel jewellery in the unassuming townhouse near London Road station. A great opportunity to take a closer look at seasoned Etsy designer Betty’s work .

Private View Invitation Betty and Friends Open House 2012 Exhibiting 4 people’s work

Thea Telford Portfolio

Promotional Material for Ellsewhere -Mask Making Workshops Double Sided

Thea Telford Portfolio

Illustration and Article Design for the 2nd Edition of Charlotte Magazine - to be published via Issuu Double Page Spread

Thea Telford Portfolio ®

September 2012

What Literature can you order? • Nannytax advice sheets for nannies • Nannytax brochures • Nannyinsure leaflets Factsheet of the month: maternity pay and leave timeline Click Here


Employing a nanny is changing... Over the coming years the government are introducing two new schemes that will affect nanny employers: a new payroll reporting method called RTI and pension regulations. RTI will increase the amount of paperwork a nanny employer will have to do should they administer the payroll themselves and the pension regulation could increase the cost of employing a nanny, both of which adding more pressure to small employers such as nanny employers. Worringly this could also encourage more employers to pay their nanny cash in hand in order to avoid the extra cost and payroll administration. This comes at a time when HMRC and the government have pledged to crack down on employers of nannies who pay cash-in-hand as the new RTI scheme will enable HMRC to detect tax avoidance more easily.

What is RTI? RTI stands for Real Time Information. It will be introduced in April 2013 and will require the employer to file a return electronically (if they have the software) or manually each time they pay their nanny, so potentially an employer who pays their nanny weekly will have to submit a return once a week, 52 times a year. Those parents who use a payroll bureau such as Nannytax will not be affected as the bureau will automatically submit RTI for their clients.

Nannytax Marketing Team Agency Advice Line

0203 137 4402

Pension regulations The pension regulation will affect nanny employers from 2015/2016 onwards. Initially the contribution rate is 1% but this will rise to 2% in October 2017 and 3% from October 2018, furthermore if a nanny is on a net salary, employers could incur additional costs of up to 8%. Nannies can opt out of the pension scheme but the employer will have to keep paperwork to provide evidence that their employee has opted out. This will affect all nanny employers who pay their nanny more than £155 per week. Nannytax will support their clients with a pension scheme when this regulation comes into force for small employers.

Email: Nannytax PO Box 988 Brighton East Sussex BN1 3NT @nannytax1 /nannytaxpayroll

Copyright © 2012 Nannytax, All rights reserved. We send the Nannytax e-bulletin to agencies who have signed our agency agreement. We also send it out to those of you who have been receiving the e-bulletin in the past. The e-bulletin ensures that you are always kept up to date with changes in legislation or other news that are relevant to the nanny industry. Please accept our apologies if our newsletter is not of any interest to you. To opt out select ‘unsubscribe’ info@nannytax. .

Sharing a nanny made easy Families are finding nanny shares an affordable solution to their childcare dilemmas especially in the current economic climate and so it has become common for nannies to work for two or more families. It is not unusual for niggles to arise within a share situation so it is important to maintain the lines of communication. Similarly its a good idea for the family to work out holidays in advance for both families. To understand the payroll options for nannyshares Nannytax has put together an article on sharing made easy, click here.

Back to School Over recent years nannies have become the choice for many parents who require before and after school childcare. They are becoming one of the most requested placements (1) by agencies and so Nanntax has produced an article for parents. Click Here to read. Nannytax wages survey 2011

Nannytax Wages Survey 2012 is approaching and we would like to know if you would like to suggest any questions? This year the survey will be targeting both agencies and clients of Nannytax and Stafftax so if you have any ideas on the type of questions we should be asking contact the Marketing team on 0203 137 4402 or

Our little extra...Here at Nannytax one of our favourite office treats is Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies from BBC Food... All you need is someone to make them! Click here for the recipe

Payroll+ for parents and nannies

New Design and Layout for the Bi Monthly Agency EBulletin


Promotional Voucher Nannytax working with Eden Nannies/ Private Staff

Thea Telford Portfolio

Promotion and Delegate Reservation Form for the annual Chiltern College Nanny Conference

Thea Telford Portfolio

Adding value to your business

A big change to PAYE is on its way.

Will your business be ready?

HMRC to Introduce Real Time Information. . . What is it? . . . In April 2013 HMRC will introduce Real Time Information (RTI), a new scheme for all employers in the UK. Replacing the traditional ‘end-of-year return’ (P35 and P14) that employers must currently submit for each of their employees.

What does it require? . . . RTI requires employers to submit more regular ‘real time’ information of their employees’ gross pay deductions either on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on when the employee is being paid.

Who will it impact? . . . Effecting all employers nationwide, the new scheme will demand more payroll administration, not to mention more time to stay on top of legal obligations to avoid the regular penalties that will come into play.

Double sided Leaflet Produced to promote Payrole

Quarter Page Advert produced for a Magazine


A portfolio showing some of my design work.


A portfolio showing some of my design work.