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Do you think Leadership has done much better than previous years? “Yeah, most of the events were more organized, they were fun and creative than before.”


March 11, 2014

Leadership amazes students From the amazing pep rally to new projects, Leadership goes above everyone’s expectation

— Trinh Hoang sophomore

“I think they’ve done a lot more and have spread school spirit all through out the year.” — Sayeema Hoque junior

“Yeah they have got more events planned this year, versus last year.” — Michael Darden senior

“It’s so much better than it was last year.” — Ibrahim Ahmad senior

From the upcoming Peach Fuzz event, which is a boys volleyball tournament, to the many different activities available at the pep rally, Leadership has gone above and beyond. In past years, Leadership was always known as the group of students who bring spirit to our school and organize the pep rallies. This year, Leadership has stepped up its game and made the pep rallies pretty bearable. Usually, whether it be inside or outside, everyone dreaded pep rallies because they didn’t have anything new or interesting. It was also the same repetitive activities that happened every year. This year, Leadership has not only started new activities, but made all of the old traditions much better. Pep rallies in the past mainly consisted of one person from each class singing or some students trying to pass through the relays. This year, the pep rallies have a much more fun vibe and made it so everyone is able to interact in the activities. “I think with a new sponsor and the new opportunities and ideas, we’ve been able to implement a lot of stuff. We tried not to have the same things that we have every year and changed a lot. We also tried to follow through with everything,” senior SGA president Melissa Pratt said. Homecoming week was amazing. Though some of it was ruined by the snow days, there were still very interesting spirit days. And I am pretty sure I was not the only one that walked into school on the day of our Homecoming game and was shocked by the amazing decorations and the amount of time all the Leadership students had put into it. All of the Leadership students were expected to come to school at 5 a.m., just to decorate for us. From the streamers to the balloons, the decorations were an amazing touch to the school and really made it feel like it was Homecoming. The teachers flash mob was also something that I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed and would’ve


BY SHAMAIM SYED Editorials Editor

A couple of leadership students pose with the boxes filled with toys to send to kids around the world living in poverty.

stayed longer to see more of. Something studnets also enjoyed during Homecoming week were the Homecoming T-shirts Leadership was selling. The “Crush the Cavs” T-shirts were to be worn during the Homecoming game and from the amount of students that wore it during the Homecoming game, it was easy to tell that the T-shirts were a success. “I loved how at the powderpuff game, the girls got these really cute shirts and the tiaras were amazing,” senior Jasmine Pringle said. Another one of the big projects Leadership did was Deck the Halls. It was a great way to get all

We tried not to have the same things that we have every year and changed a lot up. We also tried to follow through with everything. – Melissa Pratt

the clubs and classes to decorate the school and whoever won got money. It’s not only a great way to get everyone to decorate the school in holiday spirit, but what class or club wouldn’t mind some extra cash? Lets also not forget that if Leadership hadn’t taken over the Date for a Cure, we wouldn’t have had one and wouldn’t have been able to raise exactly $1,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And who could possibly forget that after so many years, Leadership is hosting the first ever spring dance. Through the years, most of the students really wanted a spring dance and it was never actually executed. Leadership, after so many years is finally actually listening to the rest of the student body and doing things that students would really enjoy and want. Some things we need to keep an eye on include the Peach Fuzz event and of course the spring pep rally. I really can’t wait to see what Leadership holds in the future. Every student needs to not only thank all of the Leadership students, but also the new teacher that has made all the new projects possible. Through all their hard long hours spent not only at school, but also outside of school, they have really outdone themselves. Every student should not only thank the Leadership students, but also appreciate all the work they do for us and for the school.

” How much is too much? Aside from connecting people, social media has also become an outlet for stalking people

“Yes, a lot because they are having more events like the spring dance and the peach fuzz.”

BY SHAMAIM SYED Editorials Editor

“Oh yeah totally, because of the new spring dance planned and all the decorations. They are much more creative this year.” — Abigail Belayneh senior


Whether it be a single 140 character tweet or that 90 picture album, we’ve all been in the situation where we say we will only take a peek. That tempting and tantalizing bit of information would only help us know the person just a little bit more. Hours later, we are sitting there going through posts from two years ago and learning about the ins and outs of everything we need to know about the victim. The rise of social media has not only connected us to our friends and family, but made us closer to those we want to get to know. Even though you may think it’s creepy, but somehow you will always no A student looks through another students Twitter profile and learns a lot of information about them through their tweets. matter what, end up stalkign someones Twitter through their Facebook statuses. what I like or don’t like, then to have someone know or Facebook. But obviously there has to be a limit. I am not in a way saying stalking someone is these things because they have done a background You can learn so much through a person’s 140 bad, its just a tad bit weird. check on me. More than likely I would not think character tweets and it’s crazy to know that the You should know the limit to which you are about how cute it is, instead I would undoubtably other person would have no idea of it. going and knowing when to stop. think you are a creep and move at least 100 feet But exactly how much is too much? According to Washington Coalition of Sexual away from you. Too much would be when you have gone through Assault Programs, cyberstalking is an actual Social media like Facebook and Twitter have some random persons favorites on Twitter and crime. Obviously, that is if you have gone to a major created this outlet for people who don’t even know learned everything they seemingly “like.” Too much extent and have taken things way too far. each other to learn everything about them. Though is meeting your “victim” at a party and knowing Yes, Twitter and Facebook are an outlet to a it may be good to some extent, I still think it is what they had tweeted moments before they met person’s life, but that doesn’t mean you should go something we need to learn to control and not use you, but they have absolutely no clue who you are. on ahead and learn things about someone else you it as a way to be creepy. Too much would also be seeing someone and talking have never met in your life. to them about things you have learned about them I would rather have someone question me about


— Suhad Sayyad senior

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