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SPORTS December 2010

Calling the shots


Savo reflects on favorite refereeing moments Justin Nuzzi

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Physical education teacher Mr. Savo has refereed women’s basketball games for over 20 years. He has refereed games at the college level, and within the next few years, he plans to referee in the NBA. Because of these unique goals and accomplishments, The Westword sat down with Mr. Savo to hear about his experiences. The Westword: What do you enjoy most about refereeing? Mr. Savo: I enjoy meeting other people and athletes and seeing the different levels of athletes. TW: What are your most memorable moments refereeing?

MS: Two of my most memorable moments are my first NCAA Division III regional finals game. I had the number one and two teams in the country. It was held at Bowdoin College. My other most memorable moment was reffing a game at UConn with over 15,000 people. TW: How often do you referee? MS: I ref as much as three to five nights per week. TW: Do you referee in the nearby area? MS: I ref now in the Northeast, but in the past I have reffed games from Chicago to Maine to Miami. TW: What made you want to start refereeing? MS: When I played in high school our coach made us ref younger kids. It taught us to not talk back

and yell at the refs. TW: What are some of the schools that you remember refereeing most? MS: [Sometimes it’s a challenge] getting to games, [because of] snow storms, ice storms. A lot of

because you had to be there [has been memorable]. TW: Have you received any awards or recognition? MS: I have been nominated to ref the league playoffs, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals and these

“I have been nominated to ref the league playoffs, quarterfinals, semifinals, or finals and these games would allow the teams to advance to the NCAA tournament.” —Mr. Savo

those games stick out, [such as] driving to St. Johns in New York on a Friday and driving to Pittsburgh in the snow. Also, not being able to get flights because of the weather and being forced to drive

games would allow the teams to advance to the NCAA tournament. TW: Who do you think is the best team that you have refereed? MS: UConn. I had them six times the year they went undefeated at

35-0. TW: What was the biggest rival game you have refereed? MS: Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC), St. Pete versus Rider. Both of the coaches hated each other, and the players hated each other. You always had Harvard and Dartmouth, which is a big rivalry also. TW: Did you ever have to eject players or coaches? MS: I have never ejected a player or a coach, but I have given them technical fouls. TW: Do you teach or evaluate other officials? MS: When we go to camps we evaluate officials, and during games we evaluate each other as well.

Gymnastics team leaps into the competition

The gymnastics team is preparing for its winter season. Its first match will take place on January 10 against Nonnewaug. The team is planning to improve its 1-7 record with more experienced competitors and a strong group of incoming freshmen.

Amanda Barkin / Photo Editor