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Just doodle it


The Westword thought it

would be interesting to feature one of students’ favorite pastimes: doodling. We put up fliers asking students to submit their doodles. Here are the most creative drawings and sketches that we received.

Michelle Yang, ’13

Joao De Leon, ’11

Michelle Chen, ’13

Julia Busto, ’12

Emma Hart, ’12

Eric Dorissaint, ’11

Wilfred Del Cid, ’14

Danilo Machado, ’12

Amanda Barkin, ’11

Kiersten Andrulevich, ’11

Melanie Alswanger & Julia Vizioli, ’14

Stefano Riccobene, ’12

Rachna Mehta, ’12

Charulat Bharathi, ’12

Julie Cebo, ’11

Carlo Teo, ’11

Jaclyn Conte, ’14

Jessica Thibault, ’12

The first artificial Christmas trees were made of goose feathers that were dyed green. ‘Hanukkah’ can be spelled correctly seventeen different ways.


39 Julie Cebo, ’11 Jessica Thibault, ’12JaclynConte,’14 Amanda Barkin, ’11JoaoDeLeon,’11 Rachna Mehta, ’12 Danilo Machado, ’12 Stefano Ricco...

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