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Feature December 2010

Column by Victoria Sandolo

Whether you’re lighting a menorah or decorating a tree, the holiday season is all about getting together with friends and family, which can be easy to dress for using the right trends. When deciding what to wear to a holiday party, it is important to know how fancy the social event will be. For example, at a family dinner party, jeans and a festive top is fine, while at a formal event, a dress is more appropriate. Holiday dresses can be hard to find last minute, so when looking for inspiration for your holiday outfit, designer Pucci’s Fall 2010 Ready to Wear (RTW) collection has the perfect combination of color and texture to make you stand out from the rest. The Italian designer Emilio Pucci, known as the “Prince of Patterns,” was an overnight success in 1947 with just one of his designs in Harper’s Bazaar magazine. When the issue came out, people around the world demanded Pucci’s label, and he became a fashion power-

house. When Emilio died in 1992, his daughter Laudomia took over his empire and continues to follow in her father’s footsteps, designing and making sure Emilio’s stunning patterns and motifs are incorporated. In the label’s new collection, gleaming sequins, feathers, and dark velvet are all used to show that different is brilliant. In look one, Pucci puts together a dress with different elements such as shiny, navy sequined fabric with thin dark feathers up the sleeves. The detail makes the dress sound tacky, but Pucci does not overdo the feathers or the pattern, which keeps the dress tasteful and shows why the label is known for its undeniably eccentric patterns. Another thing about this dress that makes it suitable for a holiday party is the cut of the neckline. There are two subtle cuts down the side that make the model look like she’s wearing a necklace, when in fact it’s just the shape of her dress. Since the dress is very short and meant to be worn with heels (which usually make dresses appear shorter), Pucci didn’t let the

Game Break Column by David Katz

This month, I decided to take a look at the new series of Windows 7 Smartphones. In general, I consider most Smartphones to be a waste of money, because even with the high data fees, you still get very limited functionality. I’m going to focus this review on the operating system, rather than the hardware, as there are multiple models by different brands of the Windows phone. The one I examined most closely was the Samsung Focus. In terms of menu navigation, the Windows phone isn’t terribly different from other mobile operating systems, though I did like the interactive squares displaying new messages, e-mails, and social networking posts. In terms of applications, the Windows phones are somewhat lacking at the moment. While there are only around 1,000 Windows phone apps, Android has over 100,000 and the iPhone has around 300,000. Another missing piece of functionality is the ability to multitask with third party applications. For example, you can’t browse the Internet while listening to a radio application. I found the first party Windows apps to be the best. In particular, I thought Microsoft did a great job of transferring Microsoft Office to a mobile interface. While it is severely limited in functionality compared to a computer, the display was readable and the keyboard worked very well...

dress show any cleavage, which balances with the dress being very short. (Note: dresses or any articles of clothing that overexpose your body are never cute and just take away the from the beauty of what you are wearing.) In another look, Pucci uses velvet material for his dress (velvet is the material of the season since it is only to be worn during the cold winter months), but the cut of the dress is what makes it unique. The big trend for this season has been one-shoulder dresses because they are the perfect amount of “risqué” without revealing too much. Pucci’s one shoulder dress is shown again in a dark navy which is in style for the holidays. Many people wear Christmas colors during the holiday season; however, red and green together are actually very unflattering and should be kept on the Christmas tree. Instead, wearing a darker version of each color separately always works (meaning a wine red, not bright red). But, if you’re not into colors, a solid black or ivory white dress is great for the holidays and any occasion as well.

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RUNWAY STYLES Designer Pucci’s Ready to Wear collection has you covered this holday season. With calendars full of social events, it’s important to have a holiday dress ready for any affair. Like Pucci’s collection, dark colors and shiny patterns are in style, but only when worn in a tasteful, not tacky,

Hungry Vikings

Column by Seamus Ronan & Jake Levensohn

It was a chilly Thursday evening as the Hungry Vikings made their way from the Landmark Square parking garage onto Atlantic Street to our intended destination. We had heard of a new all-you-can-eat sushi bar, and with our stomachs empty, a faithful crew surrounding us, and a desire for sushi, “X” marked the spot—Sushi X II, that is. We walked into a calm, quiet restaurant. There were tables for two as well as cushioned booths for larger parties and a bar for the lonesome traveler. As we sat down, the waitress explained the rules of Sushi X II. There is a normal menu, with various Asian cuisine dishes such as sashimi, teriyaki and of course, sushi. However, as we like to say as Hungry Vikings, go big or go home. We had come for the $19.99 all-you-can-eat meal. There is a catch to this seemingly amazing deal, however. As the menu warns, “Order all you want, but eat all you order. Please do not waste food.” At Sushi X II, patrons who do not finish all that they have ordered are charged extra. As a table, we filled out pieces of paper with what we wanted to eat, gave the forms to the waitress, and in a few minutes we were presented with a variety of appetizers for round one of our Asian adventure...

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way. If instead you prefer a plain dress, you can still make it special by adding lots of jewelry and accessories. Remember: clothes sell fast around the holidays, so make sure to shop early!

Pretty Girl Swag Column by Kristina Goodrich

Monkey see, monkey do. Peer pressure is something that we all come across in our lives, especially in adolescence. Don’t believe me? Peer pressure is around every corner: you want to wear what your friends wear and do whatever your friends do, regardless of whether or not you know what it means. The desire to “fit in” takes away from being yourself and having originality. For example, many students run around saying, “Taylor Gang or die,” but if you ask them what it means, they couldn’t tell you. Taylor Gang is Whiz Khalifa’s crew or clique, and the name originated from his crew always sporting Chuck Taylor sneakers. Many of the people who say “Taylor Gang or die” have never even listened to a Whiz Khalifa song in their lives; they just say the phrase to go with the flow. Peer pressure takes away from the individual. When people do things just because others are doing them, it makes them not only unoriginal but also followers who are incapable of thinking for themselves. Peer pressure has many effects on teens. It can lead to unhealthy habits and deadly addictions such as smoking and drinking as well as drug abuse. Besides forcing people to try things that they are uncomfortable with, peer pressure can lead to trouble that could potentially put you behind bars. Peer pressure often puts its victims at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people...


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