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October 2012


You chose the standard academic track!

In order to graduate from Westhill, a student must complete and pass four years of English, three years of math, two years of science, and three years of social studies. In addition, students are required to complete one year of unified arts, one year of health, one year of physical education, and four years of an elective. For every full-year class that a students passes, five credits are accumulated, ultimately totaling to 100 credits.

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Many students decide to go above and beyond graduation requirements. The most common reasoning is that many colleges prefer to admit students who challenge themselves and take AP or Honors classes. These classes have a different weight placed on each grade. An “A” in an AP class would have a greater impact on your overall grade point average

than a regular College Preparatory (CP) class. An “A” in an AP class, Honors class, and CP class would be a 4.07, 4.05, and 4.0, respectively. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, a student is required to take three full years of social studies, two of which include Civics and US History. Students can opt out of taking Civics, replacing the course with AP US Government and Politics. Guidance Counselor Mrs.

Goodwin encourages her collegebound students to go above and beyond what they are expected to do. “The requirements are only a minimum of what you need to graduate. If a student wants to go to college, I encourage them to take [the most] rigorous and challenging courses that they could handle. Ultimately, a student is able to graduate with 140 credits, versus the 100 needed to graduate,” Goodwin said. Many students do not completely agree with Westhill’s class

requirements because they believe that they should focus on classes that will benefit them in their future endeavors. “I think students should be able to focus on the classes that they feel will be the most applicable to their future career. For instance, I wish I could focus more on the sciences and less on English because I want to be a doctor,” senior Noah Barr said. In addition to completing all classes, a student must pass the Connecticut Academic Perfor-

mance Test (CAPT). The CAPT tests Connecticut students in science, math, reading, and writing. If a student does not pass all of these sections their sophomore year, they are required to take them again junior year. Upon failing the test a second time around, students must take a CAPT class, in which they learn the material found on the test. After passing the CAPT or the CAPT class, a student is eligible to graduate from Westhill.

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