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October 2012


Technology addiction, iPhone edition irresistible to the vast majority of Westhill students. “I can do pretty much everything I need to do right on my phone. I can call, text, e-mail and [satisfy] entertainment purposes all on one device,” senior Monique Souza said. The fact that a single electronic device can manage a person’s texts, calls, photos, music, e-mail, and Internet accounts, plus all of those fun apps like “Words with Friends” or “Draw Something,” is amazing and undeniably tempting to teenagers. With such a device in a student’s back pocket, it is not surprising that students are growing distracted by it. During class, it is not uncommon to see a nearby student hiding his or her iPhone underneath the desk to text a friend or check Facebook. Freshman Bristy Yorbano is aware that her iPhone causes her to become distracted from schoolwork, and tries her best to use it only when she has breaks. “I try not to use it during serious classes that I may be struggling in, like math or science,”

Laura Rey

Most used iPhone apps:

Photo Manager

Facebook: 29% Twitter: 27% Instagram: 25% Snapchat: 13% Other: 6%

Laura Rey / Photo Manager

Everyday on your way to school, you go through a mental checklist to make sure nothing was forgotten at home. What is number one on your list? The one object that you, and the rest of society, cannot seem to live without: your cell phone. Chances are that if you own an iPhone, you can’t go anywhere without the comforting metal gadget resting in your pocket. It’s alright; you’re not the only one. High school students that also own an iPhone are just as addicted as you are. The newly released iPhone 5 ensures that this trend is not going to disappear anytime soon. It is hard to imagine walking down the hallway, sitting in class, or eating lunch without seeing Apple’s famous iPhone. Wherever you turn, you are likely to find someone on his or her iPhone using the plethora of apps that the device has to offer. With all of its apps, such as “Snapchat” and “Instagram,” this phone is

Yorbano said. “It’s constantly a problem, less so than previous years, but still present,” AP Psychology teacher Ms. Taylor, said. An iPhone user herself, Ms. Taylor understands that it is second nature to check your phone, but keeps her phone off for the entire school day. She admits to being addicted to “Words with Friends,” texting more than she talks, and checking Facebook like it’s her job, but never during school. Teenagers are often drawn towards innovative, cool and popular technological advances. This Apple product is a prime example of such a technological advance, at an affordable price. The iPhone 5, starting at only $199, includes everything and anything a teenager could want out of a smartphone. For example, its eight-megapixel camera surpasses most other cellphone cameras. It is equipped with autofocus, flash and basic photo editing tools. However, the iPhone doesn’t mention one thing in the instruction manual: how distracting it can be to students.

Poll conducted by Becca Shaulson & Kelly Suasnavas. Out of 100 students polled.

From Runway to Hallway Column by Steph Thaler

It’s time to move your white pants to the back of your closet! We all love our summer wardrobes, but sadly, as Labor Day weekend passed us by, it also means new fashion. Now, how exactly do you transform those summer cropped tops into the perfect fall outfit? It’s really quite simple. Just know the trends and make sure you dress for the appropriate weather. Fall is one of the hardest seasons to dress for because the weather and temperature are constantly changing. It is important not only to know the trends, but also to know what the weather will be like. The mood for fall is adult and polished, with embellishments, geometric prints, and rich colors. Many designers are capturing the extremism of wit, color, and imaginative spirit. To transfer fashion trends from the runway to your wardrobe is simple. Many

designers use classic fall colors such as blacks, browns, and reds to create their collections. You can never go wrong with a black top, dark colored jeans, and gold jewelry. Another big fashion statement is gold accents. Many stores will sell gold accented garments, so don’t be afraid to switch up your look! Also, many brands have incorporated metal details into garments, such as metal tipped collars on shirts. Stores will be displaying a lot of patterned pieces this fall. Whether it’s cheetah print or geometric shapes, it’s a big trend! To wear this look properly, sport a printed pant with a neutral top. If you really want to step up your look, try combining two patterned pieces. One of my personal favorite looks of fall is military. From combat boots to oversized army jackets, you can never go wrong

with this trend. A great look for this season would be a pair of combat boots, ripped jeans, and an army green or black top. If you really want to, you can throw a leather jacket on top to finish the look. One look that will never go out of style is basic black. It is a timeless color and can transfer through all the seasons. Although black can seem dark, with the right styling, it’s easy to wear. If you want to wear black, contrast it with a brighter color. For example if you’re wearing a black dress, don’t be afraid to wear bright heels to add a pop of color. If you’re trying to wear black more informally, you can wear a black sweater with printed pants and basic black boots. With the change of seasons comes a change of trends. With this in mind, give it your all when it comes to changing up your look! & Steph Thaler / Contributed Photo & Columnist

TRENDING NOW Some of autumn’s biggest trends can be found both on the runways and in stores. At left, a Gucci model walks down the runway in printed pants and a blouse. At right, there is a spin of these printed pants and boots with metal accents.