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October 2012

briefs Math curriculum undergoes change Train Station parking to be relocated

The Stamford Train Station serves as a major form of transportation for workers, travelers, and students alike. The current building used for parking at the station is falling apart and cannot be fixed. The Department of Transportation feels that it is necessary to rebuild it, which seems impossible on a 35 million dollar budget. In the interest of the budget, they have called upon private developers to help fund this major project. Once finished, this new parking building will include an extensive amount of additional amenities such as concierge services, retail, and residential housing. However, the new building could be up to a quarter mile away from the station and could take as long as 3 years to construct. “When new projects are being built they should be more convenient, not less. It not only puts a strain on those trying to use the train for personal use but also on those trying to commute to work everyday,” senior Marco Socci said.

Interact Club hosts annual Blood Drive On October 12, the Interact Club sponsored the annual Blood Drive in the freshman gym. Students over the age of 17 were given the opportunity to donate blood to aid those who need transfusions. This year, student participants donated 47 pints of blood, which was 7 more pints than the club’s target. “The blood drive is important to the Interact club because it lets students know of the importance of donating one of the most tangible things a person can give,” Interact advisor Mrs. Berkeley said. “It’s a great feeling to know that as high school students, we are able to help out almost 150 people when they really need it,” Interact vice-president Brain Pollack said. Laura Felenstein and Jason Gallant / News Editors

Casey Benzaken Reporter

In most high schools, students take geometry the year after they take Algebra 1, and then move on to Algebra 2 for the following year. However, for the past three years, this process has been reversed at Westhill. Students who took Algebra 1 in middle school were automatically enrolled into Algebra 2. The next year, students were expected to take geometry. This year, the schedule was switched back to taking geometry before Algebra 2. This change was made in order to regulate math schedules in all the high schools in Stamford. Currently, Westhill and Stamford High have the same progression from geometry to Algebra 2, which keeps the schools moving at similar paces. The switch has received various responses, especially among teachers. Many agree that taking geometry first is a more appropriate approach because the material is easier. “I think that it is better for incoming freshman to take geometry first. Moving from middle school to high school is a big change for many students. Since the content for geometry is significantly easier, it makes sense for students to take the simpler class before moving on to more difficult work,” Algebra 2 teacher Mr. Sarkar said.

Current geometry teachers are more reluctant towards the new order of classes. The pace at which they must teach now is slower than that of previous years due to the younger students. Some areas also have to be taught to freshmen who don’t have a background in Algebra 2. “I can’t cover as much [material] this year. The new freshmen don’t have the Algebra 2 skills that the sophomores have. Therefore, I have to reteach things like radicals and factoring,” geometry teacher Mrs. Malagisi said. Students also tend to have different views on the topic. Many sophomores are frustrated with this change. They feel that their learning will be restricted due to the limited knowledge of the freshmen. Some sophomores look at it a different way. “I’m glad I took Algebra 2 last year because it makes geometry easy,” sophomore Jake Bautista said. The pre-calculus teachers also benefit from the switch. Students who take Algebra 2 first tend to forget some of the material. Thus, pre-calculus teachers have to spend a lot of time reviewing content before they can move on to new material. Since students will now be taking Algebra 2 after geometry, review time will be shortened. The positive and negative impacts of this new change are

Laura Rey / Photo Manager

MATH SWITCH UP A geometry teacher instructs a class of freshman. Originally, students were supposed to learn Geometry after taking Algebra 1, but a recent curriculum change reversed the plan. almost equal. Both teachers and students hope that the reordering of math classes will be beneficial in the long run and will help students perform better in all levels

of math. “The change has pros and cons that go along with it. However, the new order is probably permament.” Math Department Head Mr. Capriotti said.

Homecoming game moved to morning Michelle Grant Staff Writer

The homecoming game is a way for both students and alumni to celebrate school spirit. As the Westhill homecoming football game against Stamford High approaches, students become more and more frustrated that the date has been changed from the night of November 21 to Thanksgiving morning. Generally, the game alternates between the two schools’ stadiums every year. Usually games played at Westhill have been in the morning, and games at Stamford High have been at night, mainly because

Stamford High has lights at their stadium. Last year, the game was played at Westhill’s football stadium on Thanksgiving morning, so many

giving morning at Stamford High School. The date of the football game was officially changed by Stamford High School’s athletic director and

As the Westhill homecoming football game against Stamford High approaches, students become more and more frustrated that the date has been changed from the night of Wednesday, November 21 to Thanksgiving morning. students were looking forward to attending a night game this year. To many students’ dismay, the game is now scheduled to be held Thanks-

longtime coach, James Moriarty, though it was not technically his decision. “I officially changed the date, but the decision was brought

[up for] the athletic council to decide to change the date. The change was made to reach out to more alumni to commemorate and celebrate Boyle Stadium,” Moriarty said. While many people are upset about the change of date for the game, Stamford High is planning to take advantage of the morning game. Prior to the game there will be a mini breakfast held so that alumni can get together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Boyle Stadium. The extra money raised will go to constructing an athletic website. “It is a good decision because they can raise more funds and brings about a bigger crowd.” Moriarty said.

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