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Writing Center adapts to new schedule

October 2012


Good Month Bad Month

Column by Rachel Nuzzi and Jonathan Pollack

Rachael Klein / Photographer

JUST A FEW CORRECTIONS Seniors working in the Writing Center correct papers that peers have submitted for critiquing. The Writing Center is looking for more participation as it adjusts to the rotating schedule. er Mrs. Brown said. Bingham said. Richard Greenbaum The problem of fewer student To make up for schedule-related Pollster conferences arose with the establish- problems, the Writing Center has ment of the rotating schedule this teamed up with the English departFor the past five years, the Writ- year. The day-to-day changing lunch ment to get more students involved. ing Center has assisted students with waves are particularly inconvenient Over the next few weeks, the seniors a variety of writing assignments. Pa- for the Writing Center. Now that stu- plan to visit multiple English classes pers can be dropped off for overnight dents eat lunch at a different time ev- to introduce the Writing Center and corrections, or a face-to-face meeting ery day, scheduling meetings is more help with some fun writing activities. can be arranged for a more in-depth difficult for the members, as well as Many English teachers are offering assessment of an essay. However, the the users. The weekly hours have extra credit, as well as extra time on new school year has brought some been changed as well; this year, the assignments, to students who use the challenges for the Writing Center. Writing Center is only open for walk- Writing Center. The rotating schedule makes it much in sessions on “F” schedule days. “I highly encourage all of my harder to access this service, causing These two factors lead to one major students to [use] the Writing Center. the number of scheduled conferences problem: fewer students are coming The seniors in the class are like perto decline. in for face-to-face meetings. sonal editors to the school, and stuIn previous years, the Writing Although drop-offs are the most dents should take advantage [of] this Center was open three days a week convenient option for users of the opportunity,” English teacher Mr. during lunch. Students could drop writing center, it is simply not the Pinsince said. off papers or go over an essay with a same as a conference. While dropAlthough the Writing Center knowledgeable senior, one-on-one. offs are quick and helpful, a personal has encountered several problems “Many kids are nervous about conference is the only way to utilize this year, the seniors in the class are writing. The idea that getting help the full benefits of the Writing Cen- determined to continue helping stufrom another student can be less in- ter. dents school-wide with all of their timidating is a major aspect of the “When you meet with someone writing needs. Their service is vital Writing Center. The Writing Center one-on-one, you can explain what to the school as a whole and their efis a no fear zone that is open to the they have to do with the essay,” forts have proved that no scheduling entire school,” Writing Center teach- senior Writing Center student CC change will stop them.

Good month for...

Bad month for...

Liam Neeson’s Taken 2 Many people have been dying to see this action and suspense filled movie. In a short time it has already climbed to the top of the charts, making over $49 million in its opening weekend alone. Internationally, the movie beat the original Taken within the first two weeks. Not even new releases Sinister and Pitch Perfect could beat this movie. Way to go Liam Neeson!

West Nile virus Recently, there has been a West Nile virus outbreak due to infected mosquitoes. There hasn’t been a reported outbreak this bad since 1999. Medical observers haven’t figured out an exact treatment, but they’re hoping to come across one soon. Symptoms of this virus include fever, headaches, body aches, fatigue, and skin rash. Let’s hope this virus stays away.

Party City It’s only weeks away from one of the most exciting holidays of the year, Halloween. It’s that time of year when everyone is scrambling to plan what they want to dress up as this year, and chances are that the party store will be packed with people searching for that perfect costume to wear once and never wear again. If you’re planning on paying a visit, you better go soon. Otherwise, there’s going to be a long line at the costume register. Trick or treat!

Referees and Umpires Professional referees have had a rough time making the right calls. Major League Baseball umpires falsely called an infield fly on a pop up that went 70 feet into the outfield during the Braves vs. Cardinals wild card game. In the National Football League, the three-week stint of the replacement referees ended in a blown call on the final play of the Packers vs. Seahawks game. Better luck next time, referees.

Apple Two major products were recently released by Apple. First, Apple introduced the new iPhone 5, which is lighter, longer, and faster than any iPhone before it. Along with the iPhone 5 came the iOS 6, the new software update for all iPhones that includes new maps, a Passport application, and various other upgrades.

Big Bird The beloved yellow bird from Sesame Street is in danger of coming off the air. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a budget plan that includes a complete cut to PBS’s funding, which is used to fund Sesame Street, even though PBS only accounts for 0.01 percent of government spending.

Ava Marsh & Jaclyn Conte / Illustrators