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Westword 2012-2013 Staff October 2012


Editor-in-Chief Samantha McNichols Associate Editor Nicole Frederick Managing Editors Peter Dawson, Will Hart, Tara Sarkar Photo Manager Laura Rey Ombudsman Naomi Sabbah News Editors Laura Felenstein, Jason Gallent, Rhett Hoskinson Viewpoint Editors Jamie Eimbinder, Jonathan Pollack Feature Editors Jenna Polidoro, Emily Yamron Las Noticias Editors Lorena Fernandez, Ximena Jimenez, Arturo Leinez Supplement Editors Mackenzie Eisen, Lauren Schechter Limelight Editors Dana Gordon, Lauren Wilson Express Editors Emily Beresford, Natalie Olshan Special Report Editors Bradley Darling, Giovanni Menacho Scatterbrain Editors Morgan Berman, Caterina Mannella Sports Editors Joely Mass, Connor Matheny, Emily Skaug Creative Designers Stephanie Hausman, Sarah Shattuck Photo Editors Alex Cooney, Kelly Lang, Sara Mandel, Shaina Shaulson, Monika Znosko Head Illustrator Sydney Olshan Illustrators Ashley Berland, Jaclyn Conte, Jessica Freedman, Ava Marsh, Rony Aguiriano Online Editor-in-Chief Claire Howlett Online Managing Editors Ross Alter, Zoë DePreta Online Media Manger Naina Batra

Verification Managers Julia Arditti, Andrew Wallen Copy Mangers Michelle DelMazio, Andrew Krowitz Copy Editors Nicole Ambrosecchio, Amanda Cutler, Liam Daly, Josh Greenberg, Rachel Katz, Ariel Kobliner, Michelle Menacho, Ethan Peikes, Grace Sullivan Las Noticias Copy Editor Gabrielle Frieser Distribution Manager Jesse Koretz Head Pollster Christiana Provenzano Pollsters Taylor Bernatchez, Richard Greenbaum, Colin Morgan, Becca Shaulson, Kelly Suasnavas, Matt Winters Reporters Pedro Argueta, Casey Benzaken, Alexandra Cali, Stephanie Carde, Mcgill Dumay, Nicole Dupuis, Leshan Fang, Lana Foglio, Kristina Goodrich, Casiano Hamer, Elizabeth Louis, Eliana Shaulson, Joe Schlessinger, Natalie Skigen, Nicole Smina Sports Reporters Ross Levensohn, Nicole Pellicano, Chris Polidoro, Andrew Schwartz, Kelly Tanacea Photographers Melanie Alswanger, Lexi Boutsikoudis, Jhislanie Dorsainvil, Fatima Jumaralli, Mahnoor Khan, Rachael Klein, Hannah Kriftcher, Kim Lang, Mickey Sottile Sports Photographers Eliza Engel, Ryan Story Business Manager Luis Kumanduri Fundraising Manager Brendan Wolfe Professional Consultant Dave Ruden Co-Advisers Mr. von Wahlde, Mr. Wooley Online Editors Lindsay Alter, Arya Bhalla, Sophie Handler, Annie Morelli, Branden Palacios, Julia Zimmerman

Westhill High School 125 Roxbury Road Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 977-4894

What’s inside

3 Pro/Con rotating 9 Viewpoint schedule Editorial School rules and privileg12 es debated amongst student body Feature Westhill welcomes 14 Assistant Principal Mr. Wax Report 2012 Presidential 18 Special Election section Supplement Choose your own 21 adventure: Viking Edition Noticias La Nueva Normal: 29 Las Accion Diferida Westhill’s own 31 Limelight seamstress: Sarah Lederman Express Artist of the Month: Tomas 37 Pinto Leit Snapchat takes 38 Scatterbrain control of students’ lives Footbal team improves to 42 Sports 4-2 with four games left to play News Students restricted from changing classes

Editorial Policy The Westword will be guided in the publication of material by a concern for truth, human decency, and human benefit. It is published during the school year by the late night staff, along with the Journalism and Communications classes. Letters to the Editor, advertising requests, comments, criticism, or suggestions are always welcome. The views expressed in Viewpoint and on the Op-Ed page may not necessarily represent the opinions of The Westword.

Editorial Board consists of Ross Alter, Morgan Berman, Peter Dawson, Zoë DePreta, Mackenzie Eisen, Nicole Frederick, Jason Gallent, Will Hart, Claire Howlett, Arturo Leinez, Samantha McNichols, Jonathan Pollack, Naomi Sabbah, Tara Sarkar, Julia Zimmerman, Mr. von Wahlde, and Mr. Wooley. The editorial can be found on page 12. Announcements Congratulations to... Ms. Treado, Mr. Bertone, and Mrs. Grant on their recent marriages.

If you have an announcement you would like published, please send us an email at westwordwhs@


Cacti spotted in the courtyard:

It seems as though the Agri-Science program has lost track of some of their plants. Be careful where you sit when you are eating lunch in the courtyard, or you might get hurt.

Gerald Morgan / Photo Manager

Front cover photos by Laura Rey / Photo Manager Front cover design by Steph Hausman & Sarah Shattuck / Creative Designers Back cover photos by Ryan Story & Grace Sullivan / Sports Photographer & Copy Editor

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