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SUPPLEMENT February 2011

Trash talking:

Students and faculty comment on school cleanliness

Students do not pick up after themselves here at Westhill, but they are so quick to complain. Would you write on the furniture at your house? This is supposed to be another home for us students. —Sha’Ron Turner, ’12

“Students don’t have respect for classrooms. They’ll throw paper balls and put gum under the desks because it doesn’t belong to them, but it’s not their house.”­ —Maddy Staiano, ’12 “Westhill is filthy, especially the bathrooms because people never flush. I think it’s the students’ fault; we need cleaner students.” —Gaby Parada, ’13 “I think that some parts of Westhill are pretty clean. But sometimes at the end of the day [the hallways can look] really bad. In order to change this, I wouldn’t hang so many flyers on the walls, because they usually just end up on the floor.” —Leisha Logan, ’12 “I think Westhill is clean. But then again, I can’t smell anything.” —math teacher Mr. Capriotti “I feel that this school has a serious problem with regard to cleanliness. People in this school constantly do childish acts such as messing up school bathrooms and not recycling and throwing garbage out.” —Joshua Lesser, ’12

“I think this facility is dated, and it just breeds filth. The biggest problem is that our school is too large, with not enough staff members here to clean it.” —English teacher Ms. Anderson “Some days, I could compare it to a garbage dump because of people spitting and throwing food on the ground.” —Shantel Taffe, ’14 “I think that custodians do a good job of keeping the hallways clean.” —Shareef Twal, ’11 “Janitors and the school staff do a good job on taking care of it. Students don’t take care of it themselves.” —history teacher Mr. Petrone “[Westhill] isn’t so bad. It is better than last year when kids would be eating in the stairways and then leaving their garbage there.” —Spanish teacher Mrs. Costa Weller “It’s the students’ fault because they don’t take care of [Westhill]. They write all over the walls and leave stuff everywhere, and then they complain it’s dirty.” —Kathleen Abouzeide, ’12 “I think Westhill needs more [custodians], and we should stop kids from leaving the cafeteria with food.” —Jacob Lewis, ’14 “Keeping a facility this large and this populated clean is always a struggle. It makes me sad that many of our students do not do their part to do the daily upkeep.” ­—Principal Ms. Figluizzi

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“I think that custodians do a good job of keeping the hallways clean.” —Shareef Twal, ’11 “I think Westhill is clean. But then again, I can’...