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April 2012

A Day in the LIFE Our Tribe in Photos

StL GAYborhoods A 24-hour Snapshot

1 Out of 10 MGA Kirby Kolby Exclusive

Complimentary Copy

April, 2012


Although I’m a writer at heart, I’ve always been drawn to the art of photography. I discovered in my teens the power of the medium and devoured the stirring coffee table books “A Day in the Life of America” (1986) and “A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union” (1987). In both equally brilliant offerings, a cadre of professional photographers spanned out across the respective countries to capture a day in the life of the cold war foes. The end result was a timeless record of the human condition. So when Advocate magazine rebranded the concept two years ago for “A Day in the Life of Gay America,” I immediately made a note to localize the concept for St. Louis’ LGBT community. Accordingly – welcome to the first ever “A Day in the Life of Gay St. Louis: The LGBT Tribe in Pictures.” Our inaugural class of amateur photographers set about to capture the everyday to the extraordinary and offer a snapshot of St. Louis’ queer community. Also in this issue catch my interview with Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby. The legendary female impersonator will be on hand at the 39th Miss Gay Missouri America Pageant at SoCo Club in Columbia, April 26-28. We would like to wish the very best of luck to our contestants - Miss Spirit of St. Louis 2012 Michelle McCausland and First Alternate Adria Andrews. Break a heel and give ‘em hell! A.J. Bockelman’s Political VOICE will be returning in May, but there’s plenty to enjoy this issue from Cocktail of the Month and GAYborhoods to the all new “Q Guide” - check back over the next several issues as the latter evolves into a fashion and style must read. Happy Spring!

Colin Murphy, Executive Editor

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April, 2012

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Volume 13, Issue 4

On the COVER: Vital VOICE staffers pause at sunset

on Feb. 25th to mark “A Day in the Life of Gay St. Louis: The LGBT Tribe in Pictures.” Photography by Darin Slyman.

The Vital VOICE Team

Darin Slyman Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

Colin Murphy Executive Editor/Senior Writer Matt Jamieson Writer



Jeff Kapfer Art Director Leon Braxton/Dieta Pepsi Executive Assistant /On Air Hostess


Jimmy Lesch Director of PR/Communications Janae Johnson Business Assistant


Photography: Alex Galindo, Tim Brenner, Colin Murphy, Cameron Harrol, Shelly Buchanan, Betty Neeley, Jeffrey Brodzinski, Janae Johnson, Jimmy Lesch & Matt Jamieson

Advisory Board

William A. Donius, Thom Halter, Colin Murphy, Jay Perez, Pam Schneider, Kellie Trivers, Sharon Tucci.


Vital VOICE Magazine. 4579 Laclede Ave #268. Saint Louis, MO 63108 314.256.1196

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8. Online 11. Miss Gay America 2012. 15. A Day in The Life of Gay St. Louis. 22. From Movie Palace to Floating Palace. 27. The Q Guide. 30. A Day in the GAYborhood. 33. Cocktail of the Month. 34. Dishin’ With Dieta. 36. Thought Revolution. 38. Playdates. 40. Scene & Styling.

Vital VOICE is printed on recycled newspaper and uses soy ink for a 100% recyclable product.

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April, 2012


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Centro Models “Remodeled”

On February 15th, St. Louis based modeling agency Centro Models was featured on the CW network’s new hit show, “Remodeled”. The gay favorite centers around famous modeling agent, Paul Fisher - who, along with his team, are on a quest to create “The Network.” - a group of modeling agencies throughout the U.S. that Paul has taken under his wing. Cameron Harral interviews the New Faces Director of Centro Models, Amy Sommerville to chat about The Network, “Remodeled” and Centro Model’s future.

Review: “8” Comes to L.A.

Matt Jamieson reviews Dustin Lance Black’s marriage equality play “8” which made its West Coast debut with a star-studded, single performance in Los Angeles. Despite the attempts of the defendants of California’s Proposition 8 to make the video recordings private, Black got around the injunction, successfully requesting court transcripts of the trial in the 9th Circuit Court. The Oscarwinning screenwriter wrote a one-act 90-minute play based on the proceedings, and set around the closing arguments of the initial Perry v. Schwarzenegger case.

O’Brien Wins Mr. Mo. Leather 2012

Gateway City native and Rolla resident Scott O’Brien took home the title of Mr. Missouri Leather 2012 on March 3 at JJ’s Clubhouse - StL. Columbia’s Chris (Crisco) Schiefer and St. Louis’ Rick Hulvey were First and Second Runner Up, respectively. Sponsored by Gateway Motorcycle Club since 1983, contestants were judged in the categories of Interview, Cruise Wear, Physique & Personality, Formal Wear - as well as on delivery of a short speech to the crowd.

Montague Honored at OUTLaw Conference

TransHaven founder and Executive Director Robyn Carolyn Montague was presented the “Advocate for Equality Award” on March 3 at the Washington University School of Law - St. Louis OUTLaw Conference. An omnipresent activist, Montague was honored as a 2011 ICON by Vital VOICE.

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April, 2012 | 9

10 | April, 2012

1 O ut of 10 Ain’t Bad! A LOOK INTO LGBT LIFE - PAST & PRESENT

Miss Gay America 2012 Kirby Kolby - Missouri Bound!

Written by Colin Murphy – Senior Writer/Editor Photography by Curtis Brown & Colin Murphy


fter an 11 year absence from competition, female impersonation legend Kirby Kolby seized the moment to turn her “Sunset Boulevard” into a Broadway finale at last fall’s Miss Gay America Pageant. Kirby’s Norma Desmond was spoton—haunting, beautiful, revolting—a truly insane seductress. The veteran flailed before the audience as the curtain rose to reveal a full set of Victorian furniture complete with an actual grand staircase for the siren to descend.

“This time I’m staying, I’m staying for good – I’ll be back where I was born to be. With one look, I’ll be me!” she pantomimed, her hands pausing before the iconic Miss Gay America marquee. The room was on notice. The North Carolina native (also known as Mark Smith) will be making his Missouri debut as the reigning “Symbol of Excellence” at the 39th Miss Gay Missouri America Pageant, April 26-28 at SoCo Club in Columbia – followed by a Bastille StL performance on April 30 at 9p.m. MGM is the second oldest preliminary to the storied female impersonation pageant – the oldest franchise of its kind. | 11

How did you get your start in female impersonation? At the ripe age of 19, while attending college, my best friend and I got up the courage to attend our first gay bar. While we were standing like two scared mice by the bar, the music changed and people began leaving the dance floor. Then an emcee announced, “Welcome to the stage, Miss Darlene Duncan.” I watched in amazement as a costumed, dancing “woman” pranced around the stage and lip synced to a song. My friend made the comment that he didn’t understand what was going on. I replied, “That’s a man. And if he can do it, I know I can do it.” Quickly thereafter, I began going to every show possible and made friends with the entertainers. I went out for the first time in drag on Halloween 1989, and began doing talent shows soon thereafter. The rest is history. Talk about your competitive journey at MGA? My first year of competition at Miss Gay America was in 1995 when Kerri Nichols won. I was Miss North Carolina America at the time. I wound up winning Sportswear in my group, on-stage question final night, and placing 6th overall. I left feeling accomplished, and knowing that I could become Miss Gay America, if I worked hard enough. I subsequently went back 4 more times, with moderate success, holding the positions of 3rd, 1st, and 2nd Alternate. However, the crown always eluded me. I concluded that it just wasn’t meant to be, so I decided to stop competing. Even though I didn’t compete, I still remained active in the system by serving as a judge, mentor, advisor and dresser to many contestants. After helping and watching one of my best friends (Coti Collins) become Miss Gay America 2011, I knew that the dream had never died and that I wanted to give it another shot. Luckily, after 11 long years, I captured the title on my return to the Miss Gay America stage. Who inspired you as an illusionist? So many entertainers have inspired or influenced me over the years that the list is too long to name them all. I tend to try and find something inspiring in all entertainers, and I still learn things even today. Some of the notable ones who have changed the way I viewed female impersonation are firstly Tiffany Bonet. She was the first big name entertainer who told me that she saw potential in me and encouraged me to become a better entertainer. The second would be Victoria “Porkchop” Parker who taught me that 12 | April, 2012

drag could be a business and a lucrative career, if managed correctly. And third would be Tommie Ross who showed me that no matter how long you are in the business, that professionalism and class will always win out. How important is it to nurture the next generation of entertainers? I think it’s extremely important to nurture the next generation of entertainers to keep this wonderful art form alive and thriving. However, the problem that I see more and more is that well established entertainers are making it really easy for the newbies, by doing everything for them and not teaching them to do it for themselves. It is so easy to access drag now. Everything is at your fingertips. You can get on eBay and order styled wigs, padding, costumes and even music mixes. Then you can look on YouTube at makeup tutorials and find out how to do your face. My advice to new entertainers is to draw inspiration from the ones who have came before you, but to make sure that you develop your own persona and character. Also, it is crucial to learn the fundamentals of drag and how to be self sufficient. It will carry you a long way in this business. What was the catalyst for your returning to competition? I knew that the dream of being Miss Gay America never really died. Even though I told myself that it had and I led myself to believe that I had moved on from it, the dream was always in the back of my mind. I often thought about what it would be like or what I would present if I went back, however I just never acted upon it. My friend, Coti Collins came to me back in 2005 and asked for my help with her preparations for Miss Gay America. I became Coti’s dresser for many years, before watching him finally win the title. That night as I watched the crown being placed upon his head, I knew that my own destiny was yet to be realized, and that I would be returning to the Miss Gay America stage. Can you appreciate the win more so now than if you’d won in your 20s? Most definitely!!! I appreciate so many things more so now than I did when I was in my 20’s. I look at things a lot differently and cherish things that I once took for granted. As I reflect on my previous years of competition, I have realized that initially I wanted to be Miss Gay America for all the wrong reasons. I thought it would validate me as an entertainer. I thought it would help further my career in

female impersonation. I thought it would make me a national name in the world of drag. All those reasons were selfish on my part. What I have come to know now is that being Miss Gay America is not for the individual alone, but for the betterment of the pageant as a whole. It is to carry on the legacy of the former Miss Gay Americas, while adding your own uniqueness and touch to your reign. It is to inspire others. Not only the entertainers who hope to one day wear the crown, but people in general to strive to reach for their own personal goals and dreams, whatever they may be. Missouri, along with North Carolina, Texas and Arkansas has one of the longest legacies and largest followings - talk about the importance of these storied state franchises on their local gay communities? I remember when I was first introduced to the Miss Gay North Carolina pageant back in 1989. I was very naive and clueless about the importance of it all. As I sat in the audience and watched the competition, not only did I pay attention to what was happening onstage, but also to what was going on around me. I saw people come together from across the entire state for this one special event. I saw a unity and bond that was so strong, it was a bit overwhelming for a 20 year old from the sticks of NC. I feel that the importance of these franchises, in their respective states, is to serve as a way of bringing the communities together. Whether someone is a fan of drag or not, you can’t help but see the unity that flourishes and the rich history that each of the contests has brought to the gay communities. Any last words for your Missouri fans? I just want to say that I’m super excited to visit the great state of Missouri for the Miss Gay Missouri pageant, and also for Miss Tri States to be held later this year. I am no stranger to your beautiful state, and it holds a special place in my heart since I am former Miss Midwest, having been crowned in Kansas City. I know that your state has a rich history in female impersonation, and there are some exceptional, gifted and talented entertainers who have made their mark on not only Miss Gay America, but female impersonation as a whole. I look forward to spending time in your wonderful state, and doing my best to entertain you. I hope that you’ll take time to come to the pageant, and please come say hello, if you see me around. v

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Featuring: Green Jobs Fair · Diverse, local cuisine 377M PMS Entertainment on three stages · Hands-on educational activities & demonstrations · 200+ vendors/exhibitors showcasing green products & services · All Species & Superhero Parade at 12noon - costumes encouraged!

HEROES FOR THE PLANET: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Actions FOREST PARK on the MUNY GROUNDS Sunday, April 22, 2012, 11am-6pm

sponsered by | 21

22 | April, 2012



Movie Floating Palace Palace Written by Colin Murphy – Senior Writer/Editor Photography by Fox Events

The Fabulous Fox is an experience in opulence. Even a rock concert takes on a special feel when surrounded by the Siamese-Byzantine splendor of the renovated 1929 Movie Palace turned Theatre. But the South Grand institution is taking luxury to an entirely different level as it summons the spirit of the R.M.S. Titanic. The ill-fated ocean liner, which sank a century ago, will be commemorated around town during Titanic Centennial Weekend, April 13-15. The observance culminates on April 14th at The Fabulous Fox Theatre for a once-in-a-lifetime recreation of the “Last Dinner on the Titanic.” The event will be one of the most authentic, large-scale presentations of its kind this Centennial year. This unique event is made possible by the partnership between the Fox Theatre and L’Ecole Culinaire, two St. Louis organizations which have combined their expertise

in theatre production and food production to create an unforgettable evening.

The Titanic has been the subject of fascination for a century. In 1912 the White Star Line’s Titanic was the largest man-made object ever to travel, with the height of an eleven-story building and 883 feet in length (1/6 of a mile in length). The story of the “unsinkable” ship on its maiden voyage has been immortalized in blockbuster films, a Broadway musical, and in numerous documentaries and books. “Today we seem to have a renewed fascination with the Edwardian Age,” noted Mary Strauss, Edwardian enthusiast and co-owner of the Fox Theatre. “Look at the popularity of the PBS hit Downton Abbey, a television show that illustrates that grand period in history in which the main characters are greatly impacted by the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. We’re anticipating very high interest in all of our Titanic Centennial Weekend events.”

“The Last Dinner on the Titanic” will take place with guests seated on the stage of the Fabulous Fox Theatre. The Fox will recreate the ambience of the dining room aboard the Titanic against the backdrop of a starry night. Guests are encouraged to come in period dress and upon arrival will receive a first class boarding pass telling them which passenger they represent. Additionally, actors will share tales of the ship and life in the Edwardian Age as they play the parts of notable passengers and crew such as Captain Edward John Smith, Benjamin Guggenheim, John Jacob Astor, and the ‘Unsinkable’ Molly Brown. A team of chefs has spent the past four months researching the August Escoffier-style meal and searching for natural and organic ingredients to exactly replicate the sumptuous eleven courses. Over the fourhour dinner servers in period attire will re-enact the military precision of Russian service. | 23

24 | April, 2012

“The Last Dinner on the Titanic” on Saturday, April 14 is one of three commemorative events taking place in St. Louis. On Friday, April 13 at the Missouri History Museum the public is invited to Edwardian cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, an exhibit of Titanic artifacts, and a screening of the 1958 film “A Night to Remember.” On Sunday, April 15 the public can enjoy a Titanic-inspired champagne brunch, based on an actual Titanic breakfast menu at the Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park. The three events range in price from $10 to $500, so everyone can “step back in time” and experience the history, fashion, food and music of the elegant Edwardian Era. All proceeds from the Last Dinner will benefit the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation. Travel packages are available, with hotel accommodations at the newly renovated, historic landmark The Cheshire. For more information about the Titanic Centennial weekend call: 314-657-5033 or visit Tickets for all events and accommodations are also available through Metrotix at 314-534-1111 or | 25

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graduation parties | private events | rehearsal dinners

HAPPY HOUR Mon-Fri 2-6pm LATE NIGHT DINING Our kitchen is open to last call every night! 308 N. Euclid Avenue | St. Louis, MO 63108 314.367.1200 26 | April, 2012


e d i u G Spring Fashion Written by Cameron Harrol Photography by Cameron Harrol Spring is here, and the number one dilemma for many is… “What to Wear?” It’s not cold enough for big bulky coats and sweaters, but it’s not time to break out the shorts and flip flops. Whether you’re a fashion forward man or a newcomer to this fashion thing and what to look stylish and in season this spring,Vital VOICE has you covered. 2012 Spring Fashion trends for men are all about being bold, yet sophisticated and nautical. The look is all about colorful plaids, tough work shirts, and yes, the time piece (watch) is back! Want to be the guy in the office that stands out from your co-workers on Monday? Or the cool, casual guy hanging out with your friends in the Grove? Or maybe you want to be the guy that stands out at the house party, with people asking all night “where did you get your shoes?“. Well to help us, help you, we’ve traveled over to Morris Fashions in the CWE to put together a few looks.

Moris Fashions

26 Maryland Plaza. Saint Louis, MO 63108 314.361.6800 | 27

{Look 1} Every man should have a pair of fitted dark denim in their closet. A well fitting pair of dark denim works well dressed up or dressed down. For this look we chose a pink, purple, and grey plaid shirt to go with our denim. Because the shirt is plaid, it allows these colors to appear subtle and not over powering. A pair of low quarter sneakers and a watch completes this look.

28 | April, 2012

{Look 2} Let’s face it. In the spring we still get those cool days and nights when we need to be a little more covered. For this look we chose a dark khaki color pair of denim. A blue, charcoal and green plaid shirt brings out the slight hint of green in the denim. A charcoal cardigan that looks like a tailored blazer and a pair of rugged boots adds a contrast that helps pull this look off.

{Look 3} Just because you’re at work, doesn’t mean you cant look fly and professional. Give the white button down a rest this spring and opt for some color. We took a crisp, light purple shirt and paired it with a pair of light weight grey slacks. Although we‘re having fun, rules still apply. Make sure your belt and shoes match. And in this case, a purple, pink, and grey tie really does tie this look together. | 29

A Day in the GAYborhood Written by Matt Jamieson Photography by Alex Galindo

The LGBT community of St. Louis would be nothing without our GAYborhoods – safe havens to call our own. Four neighborhoods in particular hold special meaning for us at different times of the day.

30 | April, 2012

The Grove - 12:00 a.m.

Soulard - 6:00 a.m.

While the rest of St. Louis sleeps off their nights out, the atmosphere in Soulard is alive and kicking. Billie’s Diner is bustling with morning diners looking to fill their faces with food, drinks and gossip. People laugh, talk and reminisce all while they start their day with the classic diner-style food that has made the diner a neighborhood staple.

The clock strikes midnight, but the night is FAR from over. In The Grove, everything is alive and bustling. People go to and from bars - Novak’s, Erney’s 32, Just John’s, Rehab, Attitudes, Atomic Cowboy and more. It’s a cavalcade as people go in one door and out another. Peek your head into any bar, and each one is packed. The heart of the community is here - alive, thriving and dancing and drinking the night away!

Central West End - 12:00 p.m.

The day continues on in full swing on Maryland Avenue in the Central West End. People come and go - walking onto other destinations, some stopping in at Left Bank Books, or the Schlafly branch of the St. Louis Public Library. It’s quiet, but in the Central West End - everyone’s hustling and bustling along like it’s another busy day.

South Grand - 5:00 p.m.

As the sun sets over St. Louis and day turns to night, the heart of the community begins to come out to play on South Grand. At MoKaBee’s, people come and go with their coffee, others stay - taking sips while working on projects, or talking about meetings or events for the community. A few doors down, it’s dinnertime at City Diner...or breakfast if it strikes your fancy. The night is young, and just getting started down here - where the movers and shakers roam. | 31

32 | April, 2012


OF THE MONTH A Lush’s Guide to the Best Libations in Town.

The April Shower Written by Matt Jamieson Photography by Matt Jamieson Spring is here, and to usher winter out, we wanted something very reminiscent of spring. Our friends at Absolutli Goosed have mixed together the perfect cocktail for us this month - the April Shower. It starts off with one and a half ounces of Pinnacle cotton candy vodka, half an ounce of blue curacao and a splash of sour mix and cream. Once shaken and poured, we topped it off with a marshmallow Peep as a little nod to the Easter holiday. But you should definitely take advantage of Absolutli’s olive bar to top this off. The finished product is a blue mix - light and fluffy, reminiscent of a light spring shower bringing flowers to bloom. Absolutli Goosed 3196 S. Grand Blvd. 314-771-9300 | 33

o bster has tt and lo s y sa o h W n rels. – I we Hey Squirro re? Not men classic. That’s a f w b h a be hig it to an Americ ches married c N Cheese! Yes, bbit us. lo u a ‘ right – M there and it’s fa aven with it e h k in – I too and you’re 30-minutesieta delight. another D

Lobster Alfredo 7 Cheese Mac ‘N Cheese

Total Time: 30 minutes


• 3 green onions, cho pped • 2 cups shredded Colby Jack cheese • 2 cups 6-cheese Italian cheese • 2 tbsp chopped onion s • 1 lb Penne Rigato pa sta • 2 tbsp unsalted butter • 15oz jar Bartoli Cre amy Garlic Alfredo sauce • 1 cup Half & Half

Serves: 6

• 8 oz button Mushroo ms, chopped • 2 tbsp Olive oil • 2 2lb Lobster tails • Salt/Pepper


1. On medium high heat, bring large stock pot filled with water to a rapid boil. Add generous amount of salt to water, add lobster tails. Cook until meat is tender and tail turns bright red (about 10 min) 2. While lobster is cooking, heat olive oil and butter in a large skillet on medium heat. Once oil/butter is hot, add mushrooms and onions. Cook until tender (about 5 min) 3. Add jar of alfredo sauce to mushroom/onion mixture, heat through. 4. Add Half & Half. (This will thin out your sauce.) 5. Add Colby & Italian cheeses to sauce, season to taste. 6. Drain lobster and set aside to cool (about 10 min) 7. Prepare pasta according to directions on package. Drain and add to skillet. 8. Harvest lobster meat from tails and chop into bite-size pieces. Add to skillet. Reserve one shell for serving vessel. 9. Spoon mac ‘n cheese into lobster tail to serve. Garnish with green onions. 10. OPTIONAL: Melt 2 tbsp butter and mix with Italian breadcrumbs, Colby and Italian cheeses, and green onions and top mac ‘n cheese. Place under broiler until cheese is melted and mac ‘n cheese bubbling. 34 | April, 2012







FOUR MUDDY PAWS 3.597” x 2.319” | 35

36 | April, 2012

Thought Revolution Written by Matt Jamieson. Photography by Tim Brenner

It all started with Steve Jobs. That’s how the wheel was put in motion for Bill Donius’s first book Thought Revolution: How to Unlock the Genius Within, which is being released this month on March 13. “I was interested in reading his biography, because clearly he has been perhaps the most successful innovator of the century,” Donius said. “What intrigued me was what he did, and how he tapped into intuition, that’s very hard to do. Patterns become very ingrained and become comfortable to us.” Thought Revolution details the methodology Donius used successfully over 12 years in both his personal and professional life to unlock right-brain creativity and intuitive thinking. “It helps people to think differently,” he said. “Specifically in areas in which they’re stuck in patterns, and don’t know how to resolve those.” At age 50, Donius concluded that while he had used intuitive writing successfully in his professional and personal life, he felt the need to help others in mainstream America think different. He conducted hundreds of interviews which proved to be an eyeopening “proof of concept” that resulted in writing Thought Revolution. He thinks the book will be especially helpful and relevant for the LGBT community. “We’re often times disadvantaged by the fact that we don’t have societal acceptance,” Donius said. “We’re operating at a deficit from square one, and I think this process is a way of unblocking things preventing us from the abilities and talents that is embedded within.” Regardless, Donius wants readers to get what they need from his book, no matter where they come from. “The reason I wrote the book was to try and share a methodology that worked for me, and I hope this can help other people too.” For more information on Donius’ book, visit v | 37


Welcome to the Play Dates section of Vital VOICE. Each month the VV team will select a number of signature events to keep on your radar. For a complete list of all vital happening in St. Louis log onto To submit your next event, simply email with event name, date, location and a 20-word description.

Kevin Kline Awards

The finest of St. Louis’ drama productions will be celebrated at the 7th annual Kevin Kline Awards. The event starts at 7 p.m. in the Browning Theater of the LorettoHilton Center, on the campus of Webster University. For more information, visit

Bring It On: The Musical

March 27-April 8 The Fabulous Fox Theatre, 527 N. Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO, 63103

Oh it’s about to be brought-en! Bring It On: The Musical, based on the 2000 cheerleader comedy film, cheers its way to the Fabulous Fox. See the spectacle, the comedy and the fantastically choreographed cheer sequences! Tickets range from $15 to $75, with performances Tuesday through Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 2 and 8 p.m, Sunday April 1 at 7:30 p.m. and April 8 at 2 p.m. For more information visit the Fox’s website:

Craft Alliance ARTrageous Baubles Ball

Friday, April 13, 6pm – 11pm The Palladium St. Louis / 1400 Park Place, St. Louis, MO 63104 Let’s Get ARTrageous! On Friday, April 13, join us for an unforgettable evening of fantastic jewelry and art at The Palladium for the Craft Alliance ARTrageous Baubles Ball. Fashion powerhouse Valerie Steele, the Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, will be our guest of honor for this year’s gala. Tickets range from $250 to $750. For more information, please visit or call 314.725.1177 ext 337. All proceeds of the event benefit CA’s exhibition, education and outreach programs.

GO! St. Louis Marathon & Family Fitness Weekend April 13-15 Chaifetz Arena, Forest Park, Soldier’s Memorial

Get pumped up with the GO! St. Louis Fitness Weekend. Things kick off Friday with the Health and Fitness Expo at the Chaifetz Arena on Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday will also see the family fitness events in Forest Park starting at 8 a.m., then the big marathon takes over downtown on Sunday starting at Soldiers’ Memorial at 7 a.m. For more information, visit Go! St. Louis’ website at

Earth Day Festival

April 22 Forest Park, Muny Grounds

Help celebrate Earth Day with the third-largest celebration in the country! The 23rd Annual St. Louis Earth Day Festival kicks off at 11 a.m., with plenty of opportunities to help you keep Mother Earth looking good for many years to come! For more information visit 38 | April, 2012


April 2 Loretto-Hilton Center, Browning Theater, 130 Edgar Rd., Webster Groves, MO, 63119





QFest April 22-26 The Tivoli Theatre, 6350 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO, 63130 The 5th annual QFest film festival returns to the Tivoli for four days of some of the best LGBTQ films in the business.. QFest uses the art of contemporary gay cinema to spotlight the diversity and inherent complexities of living an alternative lifestyle in today’s society. The event will feature an eclectic slate of contemporary LGBTQ-themed feature films, documentaries, and shorts. For more information, visit

David Sedaris April 25 Peabody Opera House, 1400 Market St., St. Louis, MO, 63103 The witty stylings of David Sedaris make their way to the Peabody Opera House for a one-night performance. He has been called a “rock star” among writers, and Sedaris’s high-brow writing has been featured in The New Yorker - taking a humorous look at his life and some of the major items in today’s news cycle. Tickets range from $35 to $55. For more information, visit the Peabody’s website at

Miss Gay Missouri, America 2012 April 26-28 SoCo Club, 128 E. Nifong Blvd, Columbia, MO, 65203 It all comes down to this! The top female illusionists in Missouri are competing for the crown in the 39th annual Miss Gay Missouri, America pageant in Columbia, Missouri. Look for an appearance by the reigning Miss Gay America, Kirby Kolby and our current reigning Miss Gay Missouri, Madison Elise. Tickets are $10 for the prelims and $15 for the final night. More information about Miss Gay Missouri can be found at

Florence + the Machine April 29 Peabody Opera House, 1400 Market St., St. Louis, MO, 63103 Florence Welsh and her band The Machine, fresh off their sophomore album “Ceremonials,” returns to St. Louis for a one-night performance at the newly refurbished Peabody Opera House at 7:30 p.m. Hope you got your tickets early - the concert is one of the hottest acts in town and sold out quickly. For more information, visit

Angels in America Part One – Millennium Approches April 12-14 ,26-28 May 10-12 Part Two – April 19-21 May 3-5 , 17-19 Stray Dog Theatre, 2336 Tennessee Ave, St. Louis MO One of the most remarkable and celebrated plays of our time. A work for the stage that is profoundly moving yet very funny, highly theatrical yet steeped in traditional literary values, and most of all deeply American in its attitudes and political concerns. A modern tale that mixes magical realism with political speeches, high comedy with painful tragedy, and stitches it all together with a daring sense of irony and a moral vision that demands respect and attention. To order tickets please call (314) 865-1995 | 39

Briefs It was a weekend of theater and fun during Briefs, A Festival of Lesbian and Gay Theatre. The seven short plays, co-produced by That Uppity Theatre Company and Vital VOICE, debuted during performances on Feb 24-26 at La Perla and were a hit with its audiences each night.

40 | April, 2012

Scene Styling

Hiro 609 LGBT Month Kickoff Party People came out in droves to support the launch of Hiro 609’s first LGBT month at Hiro 609 in the Delmar Loop on March 1. Partygoers were able to get their first taste of the “Dirty Dieta” - a special cocktail Hiro sold for the month of March, with $1 of the drink’s cost going to the LGBT Center of St. Louis and Southern Comfort matching every dollar donated. | 41

42 | April, 2012

More Music in the Morning Z107-7 is looking for the next great morning show. We want all of St. Louis to have a say in our selection. Watch and listen to some of the candidates at Tessa Hall will be hosting the Temporary Morning Show each weekday featuring a lot of great hit music.

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April, 2012

April 2012  

The DAY IN THE LIFE Issue - Vital VOICE Magazine - St. Louis, MO

April 2012  

The DAY IN THE LIFE Issue - Vital VOICE Magazine - St. Louis, MO