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September 6, 2012

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Funny faces of VSU!

- OPiniOnS: “9/11: forever a lasting image”

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Check out Von Kennedy’s follow up to Hurricane Issac!

Check out the slideshow of photos from CAB’s Totes and Trucker Hats event online!

- FEATURES: “Apple readies new devices” - SPORTS: “VSU football fired up for home opener Saturday”

Today at VSU BoArd GAME nIGHt - 8 p.m. in the library room 1480, natural High is hosting a night of board game and snacks. for more information, call 259-5111 or email LoVE, LoSS And WHAt I WorE the VSU theatre & dance will perform the show at 7:30 p.m. More information can be found in the preview on the features page. Contact director H. duke Guthrie at with any questions. ALPHA PHI oMEGA rUSH there’s a meet and greet and ice cream social at 7:25 p.m. in Centennial Hall room 130 East. GAtEKEEPEr trAInInG - Gwen Williams presents at 4-5 p.m. in the Counseling Center Conference room, Powell Hall East, second floor. Contact Brenda Johnson for more details at 3335940. VotEr rEGIStrAtIon drIVE register to vote, change your voting precinct and pick up information about the upcoming election from 12-3 p.m. on the Pedestrian Mall.

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Afternoon T-Storms

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Afternoon T-Storms

91 H 72 L

Crosswalk safety:

Keeping safe on VSU streets Students encouraged to obey traffic rules Ritsuki Miyazaki S tA f f W r I t E r

the VSUPd are concerned about crosswalk safety again. "Last year, we had several students receive jay-walking tickets from the city of Valdosta for not crossing properly,” russell Mast, vice president for Student Affairs and dean of Students, said. “I'm really hoping that students will walk on the lane all the time even when the walk sign is up." there are eight crosswalks around main campus, and several of them are high-traffic areas for both pedestrians and motorists. "there are several busy crosswalks, but the one that really worries me is the crosswalk on Brookwood drive in front of the fine Arts building,” Sgt. Heidi Bertsch said. “this crosswalk doesn't have caution lights and since it's a four-lane road, it tends to get busy sometimes during 7 to 9 and 3 to 5 p.m. when people go to school and work.”

According to Bertsch, the problem is that students are not paying attention as they cross the street. "You must look for your surrounding before crossing, and don’t go across with your phone in your hands,” Bertsch said. "the busiest crosswalk would be the one on north oak Street in front of the Student Union. But that one is actually really safe because it goes with a light as long as students use it properly." the VSUPd are requesting that the city setup more caution lights on crosswalks around campus. Brookwood is top of that list. But even where caution lights are clearly visible, pedestrians still cut across diagonally. "I usually cross on the crosswalk, but sometimes I do walk diagonally only if the walk sign is up,” Crystal floyd, senior middle grades education major, said. “It’s just quicker to walk diagonally than walk all the way down to the crosswalk, then cross." on the other hand, students feel a little nervous to cross even when the caution light is up. "they hardly ever change to walk and the drivers ignore the walkers," floyd said. the VSUPd encourage both pedestrians and drivers to pay attention to their surroundings whenever possible.

Graphic by Joe Adgie

The Rules of cRossing coRRecTly Pedestrians Don’t walk in front of moving cars. (Duh!)

Continue through green lights. Don’t cross diagonally.

If hand sign in blinking, don’t start crossing!

Most importantly, BE CAREFUL! Source:

ATL band rocks union 4G LTE comes

to Valdosta area Amber Smith EdItor-In-CHIEf

88 H 72 L

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Last Week Poll Results What are you doing for Labor Day?


Going to the beach.


Did You Know? VSU used to be an all-woman’s college! In 1922, the institution’s name was changed to Georgia State Woman’s College at Valdosta. The Board of Regent’s changed the school to a coeducational facility in 1950 and the name was changed to Valdosta State College.

When turning right on red, come to a stop and check for any pedestrians crossing either way.

WALK when the sign says so.

Scattered T-Storms

Cooking out.

Yield for pedestrians in the street. (Frogger is NOT REAL!)

Yield to cars if not in a crosswalk.


Wearing white, because 67 % I’m a rebel.


Amanda Usher/ THE SPECTATOR Visiting from Atlanta, Ga., The Scott Little Band performed in the Student Union Theater Wednesday night thanks to CAB sponsoring this event. The group memebers consist of (from left) lead singer and guitarrist Scott Little, drummer colin blakely and bass guitarrist Charles Gaston.

As the city of Valdosta grows, so does the amount of technology available to its residents. Verizon Wireless introduced 4G LtE to Valdosta and the surrounding areas on August 16. “for Valdosta State students and the Valdosta community, Verizon Wireless’ 4G LtE allows them to surf the Web, stream music and video, quickly access overthe-air applications, and stay in touch with family and friends at speeds up to 10 times faster than before,” Kate Jay, Verizon’s public relations manager for the Georgia/Alabama region, said. “for example, you can now upload a 10MB PowerPoint presentation in 10 seconds [or] download a song in four seconds or upload a picture in six seconds.” “for the business community, LtE gives employees the ability to work at significantly faster speeds and improved responsiveness, increasing productivity and

the opportunity to get work done where their business takes them,” she said. “What used to tie employees to their offices, they are now able to do wirelessly with 4G LtE.” tyler Morgan, a sophomore communication sciences and disorders major, is a Verizon customer who is very excited about the service upgrade. She says that everything about her service is better, from web surfing to sending and receiving text messages. Morgan did say that if Verizon were to revoke 4G capabilities, she would move to another carrier. there has been some confusion about the benefits of the upgrade. “the ‘G’ in 3G and 4G stands for its generation of the mobile technology,” Jay said. “4G is the fourth generation of wireless network technology. the 2G and 3G networks were each an improvement, but 4G is a huge leap forward, bringing exponentially faster speeds and vastly greater S e e 4 G LT E , P a g e 2

Resumé help offered again Stephen Cavallaro A S S t. o P I n I o n S EdItor

Career Services cannot offer you a job, but it is here to help you get one. the office teaches students and alumni how to market themselves to potential employers. due to popularity and success, Career Services has decided once again to host resume walkins. this service aids students through the challenging process of developing a resume. the resumé acts as the prospective employee’s key to

success. the document is a clear and precise advertisement of one’s skills and aspirations. “the resumé is the first introduction the employer receives of the candidate,” Crystal Goode, career counselor, said. “the stronger more tailored a resume is, the more effective it is at elevating the candidate to the next level.” A career counselor works oneon-one with the student during the resume critique. the counselor then distinguishes the weak areas of the resumé and instructs the student on proper revisions. the session allows the student to reform and evaluate themselves and their achievements.


new U Even

Emphasis is placed on structure and content. Students learn to include powerful descriptions of former experience, and maintain recent and relevant information. Interested students can participate on tuesdays from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Wednesdays from 9-11 a.m. and thursdays from 3-5 p.m. Career Services is devoted to developing and preparing students for the future. the tentative staff focuses on the importance of preparation when striving to find and receive job offers. Students are encouraged to know what type of job they are searching for prior to visiting the

office; yet, the well-trained staff provides counseling to assist students with decision making and to help students decide on a major or assess their interests. the department offers career development seminars, job listings, resume critiques and online mock interviews using InterviewStream to prep students and immerse them into the professional environment. “Job searching is more than simply responding to ads,” Kevin taylor, associate director, said. “Here at career services, we prepare students for the interview, setting career goals and creating back-up plans.” the tragic state of the economy discourages the new genera-


new U Odd

tion of career-bound individuals. While jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to find, employers are adamantly searching for an ideal workforce. “Jobs exist, even if you do not directly see listings,” taylor, said. A little effort and some determination assist students, who utilize the resources at their disposal, to reach great heights. “the person most qualified, is not always the one to receive the job,” Goode, said. Information and updates are accessible through the department and from their twitter page (@VSUCareerHelp).

CYaN MaGeNTa Page 2 | vsusPectator.coM

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Home sweet home:

Boomerang generation moves home Quentin Fottrell MCT To Rep. Paul Ryan, college students forced to move back in with parents are the poster children for the bad economy. But from a personal finance perspective, experts say returning home can be a triumph. “College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life,” Ryan said at the Republican National Convention last week. It’s a growing trend: There are more adult Americans age 34 or younger sleeping in their childhood bedrooms now than at any other time in the past 30 years, studies show. Nearly one-quarter of those ages 20 to 34 were living at home between 2007 and 2009, up from 17-percent in 1980, according to a study released this month by Zhenchao Qian of Ohio State University. The rate is closer to one-third for 25 to 34-year-olds, Kim Parker, the lead researcher on another recent survey, “The Boomerang Generation,” said. But just because more young adults are moving in with their parents doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

Andi Cooper, 31, a communications specialist from Ridgeland, Miss. who recently moved in with her parents, said people shouldn’t feel sorry for her. “I’m extremely happy,” Cooper said. And she’s not alone. Some 78-percent of those surveyed in the Pew study say they’re satisfied with their living arrangements and 77-percent feel upbeat about their future finances. “If there’s supposed to be a stigma attached to living with parents through one’s late 20s or early 30s, today’s boomerang generation didn’t get that memo,” Parker said. It may also be part of a larger cultural shift. People are also getting married later in life and flying the coop later, Qian says. To be sure, many young adults are living with their parents strictly because of joblessness, low wages or high housing costs. About one-third of 25 to 34year-olds said they moved back or never left because of the economy, the Pew report found. These results are up from 11-percent in 1980. But there’s a silver lining, too. Nearly half of these young adults say they have paid rent to their parents instead of to some anonymous landlord, and 89-per-

cent said they have helped with household expenses, the report found. And many college graduates in their 30s, who still live at home to save money, say they’re glad they avoided buying a home at the peak of the market.

“ If there’s supposed to be a stigma attached to living with Mom and Dad through one’s late 20s or early 30s, today’s boomerang generation didn’t get that memo.” - Kim ParKer Lead researcher on “the Boomerang generation”

Cooper said she has a lot of friends who bought homes in their 30s, before 2008, and are now unable to sell them because they have negative equity. Despite having a graduate degree in Wildlife Science and a well-paid job, Cooper said she never even considered buying a house. “I definitely feel blessed to

have dodged that bullet,” Cooper said. Moving back in with one’s parents may even make sense for those who can afford a place of their own, others say. “Living at home promotes saving,” said Sheldon Garon, a professor of history at Princeton University and author of “Beyond Our Means: Why America Spends While the World Saves.” Garon said it could help students pay off the $1 trillion they now owe in student loans. “There has been a staggering increase in student debt in the last few years,” Garon said. “It may make a lot of sense for young people to trim their costs.” On a personal note, college graduates also reap the benefits of having two mature roommates who can give them valuable advice about planning their future. Qian said this is a critical time for many young people. Case in point: Jennifer Marcus, 26, a public-relations executive and television blogger, works in New York and moved back to her childhood home in New Jersey last September. “They gave me emotional support after a really tough breakup,” Marcus said. “I also switched jobs this year and my parents were monumental in helping me with that decision.”

sePteMBer 6, 2012

4G LTE Continued from Page 1 bandwidth.” According to Jay, “There are many wireless technologies called ‘4G,’ which has caused confusion in the space. 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the most advanced wireless network technology available, and Verizon is currently the leader, offering more 4G LTE coverage than all other competitors’ networks combined.” Amba Nobles, a sophomore biology major, has an iPhone 4S from Sprint. While the phone itself is 4G capable, Sprint does not offer 4G in the Valdosta area. Nobles is not happy about this situation. “I don’t know if the Sprint tower is down or what but I can’t send messages,” she said. “Calls get dropped; my phone just doesn’t work.” However, some customers from other carriers don’t mind the upgrade. Meme James, a sophomore

undecided major, has an iPhone 4 from Sprint. Even though Valdosta now has 4G service with Verizon, James is sticking with Sprint partly because she has a contract with the company and partly because she has no interest in 4G. Another new feature the company is has brought to Valdosta is HomeFusion Broadband. “HomeFusion Broadband is a residential Internet solution that uses Verizon's 4G LTE network to bring reliable, high-speed Internet service to customers with limited broadband options,” Jay said. “It offers a cost-effective, reliable alternative for data connectivity in Valdosta and surrounding areas. Using the Verizon 4G LTE network, HomeFusion Broadband provides connectivity for a wide range of devices, including computers and gaming consoles.” For more information about Verizon coverage and services, check out the company’s webpage at

Upcoming events VSU student Deborah Stone received a $1,000 educational scholarship grant with the Georgia Commission on Women’s Georgia Woman of the Year Committee. sept. 11, 8:45 a.m. The City of Valdosta is hosting a 9-11 Remembrance Ceremony. Valdosta Fire Station #1, 106 S. Oak Street Public is invited to attend. For more information, contact Public Information Officer Sementha Matthews at 259-3548. sept. 11, 7:30 p.m. Big Little River by Tom Baird Student Union Theatre Hosted by Blazer Gardens

sept. 15 Parking permits from the 20112012 school year will expire. Don’t be caught with expired permits, you will be issued a citation from VSUPD. A zero account balance is required before VSU employees can renew their permits. To renew your permit online, go to, or go to the Parking and Transportation department.

Check the front page side-rail for what’s happening today at VSU!

Valencia Williams / The SPeCTaTor

Artist Jeff Mandel (pictured left) came to VSU and drew caricatures of attendees of the CAB event Totes and Trucker Hat Toons that was held in Palms Quad, August 30 from 59 p.m. Darrell Boner (pictured above), graduate mass media major, poses with his new tote bag, with a caricature of himself drawn on it.

Happy ‘Tator Day! Let’s talk about Campus Kindness How often do you pass by someone who needs help? It’s time to bring kindness back to the

VSU campus! Ways to get involved: 1) Shout out a random act of kindness on campus to @vsuspectator with the hash tag #VSUkind. We’ll run the top 5 in the paper! 2) Accept one of our challenges in the paper each

week. Email your story to for a chance to have it featured here! 3) Read about students or organizations giving a helping hand on campus or in the community!


150± Investment Properties

Valdosta, GA Tuesday -:- September 25th -:- 2:00 p.m.

Police Briefs

Sale Site: James H. Rainwater Center, 1 Meeting Place, Valdosta, GA

august 30 A phone was stolen from the game room in the Student Union.

Selling ABSOLUTE, No Minimums, No Reserves!

Residential & Commercial Income Producing Real Estate

august 31 A black Diamondback mountain bike was stolen from Reade Hall on the Georgia side. september 3 A bike was stolen from under the breezeway at the University Center.

Strong Tenant Base with Valdosta MSA, Valdosta State University & Moody Air Force Base

september 4 A phone was stolen from Pattterson Hall. A wallet and cell phone are missing. They were last seen in Odum Library.

For Details Visit

Online Bidding Available 2% Broker Participation

Rowell Auctions, Inc. | 800-323-8388 A MarkNet Alliance Member GAL AU-C002594 • 10% Buyer’s Premium

The Spectator prints free classifieds for students of Valdosta state University only. These must be no more than 40 words, or a $8.00 charge will apply. classifieds for faculty, staff, student organizations,studentowned businesses and the general public cost $8.00 for up to 40 words. Ads should be sent to The Spectator or delivered to our office in 1238 Hopper Hall. The deadline is Monday at 5 p.m. If payment applies, it should be

The Classifieds

submitted in a sealed envelope at the time the ad is placed. Ads must be accompanied by the name and phone number of the person submitting the ad. Ads must be resubmitted each week, as necessary. The Spectator address is: 1500 n. Patterson st.,Valdosta, ga 31698 The Spectator reserves the right to reject any classified ad. All ads are subject to standard editing procedures.The Spectator is

not responsible for ads submitted under false pretenses or for mistakes due to a submitted error. The categories for classifieds include: For Sale, Wanted, Roommates and Help Wanted.


For Rent

The Spectator is looking for Cartoonists, writers, graphic artists, photographers, & assistant editors. Contact Amber at, Aimee @

Pregnant? Now what? Answers at

Options Now A Life Choice Clinic

~ Pregnancy Testing ~ Limited Ultrasounds ~ Confidential & at no cost



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september 6, 2o12

Our point of view...

9/11: Forever a lasting image this tuesday, people will go about doing what they normally do on this ordinary day. Sadly, many of them will go the entire day without taking a second to reflect on what happened 11 years ago. You’re probably recalling where you were when you heard the tragic news. It feels like yesterday when my 4th grade elementary school teacher Miss. Harlan interrupted class to inform a credulous group of kids, including myself, that something terrible had happened. Some students were checked out of school immediately, not understanding why, while others stayed to spend the rest of the day watching a collective group of shocked teachers crowd around a television set. the events that took place in new York and

Washington, d.c. weren’t disturbing to me until I came home after school to find my mother, a new York native, glaring at the television set holding back her tears. Since I was still pretty young, I couldn’t fully grasp the severity of the situation, but her tears quickly helped me realize. the truth is, 9/11 has changed a lot, from the way we board airplanes at the airport to grown terrorist stereotypes against those of middle-eastern decent. america’s sense of security has been shaken since the al Qaeda led attacks, but since then, the people of this nation have done what they do best: Stand together through adversity. although we all wish the bravery shown by americans in response could have been initiated

on a happier note, it reminds us why we praise the red, white and blue. the men and women, from police and fire departments who lost their lives in the act of heroism, either run-

In memorial l 246

on airplanes l 125 Pentagon l 2,603 NYC, towers and ground l 24 Missing ning inside the collapsing skyscrapers or lifting trapped victims from destruction, are impossible to forget. Unity is what has kept this great nation together

not just through 9/11 but other afflictions in our long history including Hurricane Katrina and pearl Harbor. osama Bin Laden is finally gone, giving americans closure; however, his death could never avenge the lives of children, parents, or spouses lost that day. Speaking on behalf of the editorial staff, we aren’t asking you to grieve or mourn but simply to reflect. this anniversary is about the 3,000 victims lost on that ordinary morning 11 years ago and about the ones who don’t forget to honor them. God Bless america. the city of Valdosta will host a remembrance ceremony on Sept. 11 at 8:45 a.m.


This editorial was written by Eric Jackson ( and it expresses the general opinion of the editorial staff.

GOP: A confused party William Garrett S ta F F W r I t e r

It is clear that the republican party of today is not the same party it was when it was under the leadership of abraham Lincoln. as a party that prides itself on its involvement in the abolitionist movement as well as the women’s suffrage movement, the republicans have since lost the values upon which they were founded and claim to stand. the republicans displayed bigotry disguised as religious principles, racial baiting under the tone of welfare and male superiority by hindering women’s rights during the republican national convention last week. First, there was a call for a smaller government--but somehow the smaller government that the republicans call for can come into your home and regulate your life on every major social issue. Hypocritical? Indeed. Second, the party hammered away at the current welfare system, while ignoring the fact that welfare is the main way that we help the poor in this country.

Last, the party was clearly bent on the idea of women not being able to have an abortion under any circumstance. the party should have taken a cue from former Gop presidential hopeful Herman cain and focused on the message of jobs, jobs, jobs. Instead, we got lies, lies, lies, and a party that further separated itself from minority groups-- which leads to a bigger problem than just the convention. the republican party is to blame for its own disconnect with many groups of this country and I’ll explain why. conservatives have alienated the votes of minorities by suppressing certain groups’ rights and making others out to be a target while embracing the saying “all of Us are equal” --as they headline on now we all know that the republican party has not been a champion in the movement of presenting the case of us all being equal. It is also the republican party who voted against the paycheck Fairness act, which would have ensured that women are paid the same amount as their male coun-

terparts. do you want to know how many republican senators voted in favor of this act? Zero! You read that right. Zero! the republican party also opposes abortion under all circumstances. that’s right. a group of men sitting around telling women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. ridiculous? I know. these things may throw you off a little bit if you’re familiar with, which displays the party’s platform and states that, “republicans believe individuals, not government, can make the best decisions; all people are entitled to equal rights, and decisions are best made close to home.” I guess that values only apply when the republicans feel like enacting them. It almost seems as if the republicans are trying to stick to the stereotype as being the old white man’s party, which is why president obama led Mitt romney in african american votes (94 percent to 0 percent), Latino votes (by a 2-to-1 margin), voters under 35-years-old (52 percent to 41 percent) and women (51 percent to 41 percent) ac-

cording to a nBc/WSJ poll. the republican party is not just a party of social beliefs, but it’s a party with infamous oneline statements found offensive by many-- not to mention a party with leaders who refer to the current president as “the food stamp president” as newt Gingrich often does, or jokes about president obama’s birth certificate as Mitt romney recently did. Ha Ha-- I missed the joke. Furthermore, it’s a party with a leader who doesn’t want to make black people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money as Santorum stated while running for president. Santorum insists that he said “blah people,” but there isn’t a person alive who can locate a single “blah person” on this earth. I’ll spare you the pain of reading any more idiotic statements that has plagued this party for some time now and end by saying that I believe the values of the republican party are not the values that they claim to possess. It’s a shame that the party’s most prominent leaders are the ones who are in direct contradiction to the values upon which the party was founded.

People Poll: What is your biggest pet peeve? Alex Bell senior speech pathology major “When I hold the door for a lady and she doesn’t say ‘thank you’.”

Ashton Odoe junior accounting major “people always being late.”

Americans suffer from amnesia Alex Thomas S p e c t at o r correSpondent

When I watch elected officials and political pundits from across the nation comment on issues facing americans today, I become convinced that we, as americans, have selective amnesia. From national issues such as immigration or welfare reform, to state issues like the Hope Scholarship and education reform, I witness people take a po-

sition and more often than not refuse to acknowledge other viewpoints. this only hurts the process of creating legislation that can effectively address these issues. Before someone refers to welfare programs as handouts or takes a “pro-family” or pro-life position in regard to gay marriage and abortion, one should remember the history and underlying problems to these issues. For example, is there irony in the fact that some of the most conservative, abstinence professing, pro-life states in the South have

the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation? Some would answer with a resounding “yes”, but I tend to focus more on why these unwanted pregnancies occur. When people ask me about my thoughts on gay marriage and whether I believe it’s a civil right, I think of how it was only a mere 45 years ago when the state of Virginia did not allow interracial marriages. this might sound absurd or distant to our generation, but it probably sounds very real to our parents and grandparents.

Raves of the week

We also forget who actually funds the Hope Scholarship. I’m far from being an expert on the subject, but I don’t see many upper-class Georgians preoccupying themselves with buying Georgia Lottery tickets every week. Yet, with the new changes to Hope, this is exactly who benefits from the scholarship the most--partly due to our broken public education system. Let’s stop forgetting the how, why and history behind our issues and focus on providing viable solutions.

“I don’t like people who waste class time. I pay my money to be here just like you do.”

Courtney Bryller senior biology major “people who talk about things that they don’t really know.”

Ahkeymah Valliom freshman computer science major

Rant of Rants of the the Week Week

“people that are indecisive.”

“there is nothing to do here. the stuff I can do doesn’t work with my time schedule.” Gisele Greaux, junior, international business major

“I love the Mass Media program. It’s hands on and interactive.” Olivia Steen, junior, mass media major “I like the security. I feel safe in my surroundings.” Tobias Smith, senior, criminal justicemajor

“the construction is really annoying. they need to hurry up and finished.” Arianna Bryant, junior, mass media major

“I love the speed of the new chic-Fil-a.” Dominique Love, senior, mathematics major

“We need more healthy choices on campus.” Dericka Sims, junior, marketing major

“I like the new buildings, they are very professional.” Marquis Robinson, senior, history major

“I don’t like how different organizations are being treated on campus.” Sharay Thompson, senior, communication sciences disorder major

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Angelina Isakbaev grad student communications science disorder major “When people don’t say what they mean.”

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Apple readies new device t

his week has some new devices announced. Valve is in the hardware business and Apple has confirmed rumors! to start off, the launch date and price of the Nintendo Wii U may have been leaked! the nextgen console is rumored to launch Nov. 11 with three different bundles. these bundles had no other details other than the prices of $249, $299 and $349. Nintendo will officially reveal more details for the console on Sept. 13. Valve has posted job offerings for a hardware development team for its popular PC gaming service, Steam. Valve said it was, “frustrated by the lack of innovation in the computer hardware space, so we’re jumping in.” No other details were given. this week, Wal-Mart tested out a new app called “Scan & Go.” this app would allow a customer to scan items in store with an iPhone and then pay at

the self-check-out register instead of having to scan the items there. Best Buy, target and Lowe’s are working with an app development company to create the same product. this would save these companies millions of dollars.

Acer, a popular PC and tablet maker, is now interested in making Windows 8 and Android phones. they reported that six phones are in the works. Leaked images and video have surfaced about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 phone-- the Lon-

don. this phone is not expected to arrive until 2013, but it has a full touch screen, removable battery, dual-core processor, 1GB of rAM, 16GB memory and an 8megapixel camera. Google has half-way announced that a 3G model of the popular tablet, the Nexus 7, is coming in about six weeks. Asus is reported to already have revamped the production of the devices. Apple finally announced the event for a new device. the new device will be revealed Sept. 12. i say “new” device because it is expected that the iPhone 5 will be revealed, but also new iPods and possibly the iPad Mini. A Vietnamese tech site might have its hands on the new standard earphones for future iPhones. these fit in your ear the same but have speakers on the side of the earbud. it could also be that this is a third-party

um, sweet chili, spicy ranch and so on. Also on the menu are chicken fingers, fried shrimp, burgers, boneless wings, grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken finger sandwiches, salads, cheese sticks, fried pickles, bananas foster bites and onion rings. this menu should look familiar for those who used to enjoy Wing Zone. i walked into Blazin Wingz with little expectations. they were new, so i knew that it wouldn’t be busy and there wouldn’t be a long line. i also wasn’t expecting it to be as good as Wing Zone or its competition deli house further down North Ashley St. Blazin Wingz makes up for the lack of decoration with its people skills. i was greeted by a cashier who politely answered my every question and didn’t rush me when i took my time to figure out what i wanted. due to my stomach attacking me and repeating the words “Eat! Eat!” i decided to order the 10 piece original wings,

which came with fries. the 5 piece and the 7 piece are the only other two wing choices that automatically come with Mon.-Fri.: 4 p.m. - Midnight fries. Fries need to be Sat.: 11 a.m. - Midnight added on to other wing amounts for $1.99 (regu11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Sun.: lar) or $3.99 (jumbo). i’m not a fan of its Call 229-253-WING (9464) prices. A 10 piece original (half Cajun, half for delivery. A $10 minimum medium) with fries, was order is necessary for deliv$9.99. including tax, my ery. There is a $1.50 delivery order came out to be $10.69. fee. that’s without a drink, mind you! Not only do they have Wing Zone’s space but vorite flavors are. the large size of the wings their prices, as well. surprised me. i must say after the While waiting for my food first bite, i was quite pleased. and listening to the music that they had playing, i noticed a sign Both the Cajun and medium wings had my mouth watering that read: “My name is Ben and for more. my weakness is hot honey garlic. i give Blazin Wingz 4 out of 5 Become an addict at Blazin due to the prices. But if you’re Wingz.” like me and freaked out when i found the sign to be creative Wing Zone closed, don’t worryand personable. it makes the cusBlazin Wings is here to save the tomers interested and makes day! them think about what their fa-

spec tech with Steven Setser

accessory, but we will find out next week. Nokia also showed off the new Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 phones. the Lumia 920 looks like the Lumia 900 that launched a few months ago but now in better colors. it has a better hd display, Windows Phone 8 oS, a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, NFC, wireless charging and an 8-megapixel rear camera that has some interesting features. the camera can take clear images during low light or while your hand is shaking. it also has augmented reality in the camera. When you hold the camera up to a building, it will tell you what building it is. it can also tell you if some of your friends are inside the structure. the Lumia 820 is a mid-range phone. it does most of the things the 920 does but not as well.

Blazin Wingz replaces Wing Zone Amanda Usher Photo Editor

After resorting to other options because Wing Zone closed, it pleases me to say that the allnew Blazin Wingz has stepped up to the plate and replaced the once loved fast-food restaurant on 2910 North Ashley St. When i first discovered that Wing Zone closed, my heart stopped and my mouth dropped because i didn’t know where i would get my weekly dose of hot wings. After visiting Blazin Wingz for the first time on tuesday, i think i may have found a new wing spot. Blazin Wingz opened its doors Aug. 27 with the potential to make a name for itself in the food industry. With 25 various sauces, ranging from nuclear to spicy lemon pepper, this eatery has an extended flavor menu. other sauces include Cajun, garlic parmesan, honey teriyaki, honey mustard, honey BBQ, hot, medi-

Hours of Operation

September 6, 2012

Question of the Week Do you like the standard ear buds that come with an Apple device? E-mail your answers to or post a comment on



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September 6, 2012


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VSU football fired up for home opener Saturday Eric Jackson S P O rT S E D I TO r

When quarterback Graham Craig laces his cleats Saturday he will have big shoes to fill. The Valdosta State football team hosts Fort Valley State this Saturday, looking to bounce back from its season opener (2824) loss to Saginaw Valley State last weekend in Michigan. VSU will be without a few of their weapons this week including starting quarterback Cayden Cochran. After separating his shoulder on his 24-yard touchdown run, Cochran was replaced with Craig in the second half of last week’s contest. The sophomore Murray State transfer,who went 12 for 19 with a late touchdown pass, finishing with 183 passing yards, has been named the starter. “He understands what we’re trying to do and he understands our system,� said Head Coach David Dean. “I feel comfortable with him this week. He’s a smart kid, he works hard. You would like to have your starter, but, if you don’t have your starter, he’s a good one to have.� Senior linebacker Chas Matthews also will be out while wide receiver Griffin rolle is expected to return. Blazers won’t get a break on their tough 2012 schedule against the Wildcats, who upset nationally ranked Delta State Statesmen (31-23) last week. The frustrating loss marked

AFCA Coaches Poll Divison II Top 25 1.Pittsburg State 2.Northeastern State 3.Northwest Missouri State 4.Midwestern State 5.Wayne State 6.Colorado State-Pueblo 7.Grand Valley State 8.Winston-Salem State 9.Abliene Christian 10.Christian 11.Kutztown 12.New Haven 13.West Alabama 14.Missouri Western State 15.Washburn 16.Albany State 17.Humboldlt State 18.Saginaw Valley State 19.Bloomsburg 20.Valdosta State 21.Ouachita Baptist 22.Delta State 23.Indiana 24.Texas A&M 25.Hillsdale

the first time since 1990 the Blazers have dropped four games in a row, dating back to the three consecutive losses in the final three games of last season. Unlike Division I football, VSU is still able to achieve their goals for this season because SVSU was non-region and nonconference game. The Blazers are aware that the 2004 national championship team suffered a similar late game loss in their first game too. “That’s motivation really,� said senior cornerback Matt Pierce. “It just shows that it’s the first game and it hurts, but at the same time the season isn’t over.

As long as we keep that mind and stay focused we’ll be straight.� Pierce, who was responsible for one of the four forced turnovers last week, will likely be lined up against All-SIAC wide receiver Christopher Slaughter. Slaughter led the Wildcats with 72 receiving yards and a touchdown in their upset over DSU. VSU will be up against another savvy quarterback this week, senior Antonio Henton. The secondary, after having a poor performance against SVSU, knows exactly what needs to be done to slow down the aggressive Wildcat offense. �High intensity on every single snap, making sure we don’t take any snaps for granted,� Pierce said. “If we get up at any point make sure we don’t let them hang around. Just take it to them making a real competitive contest.� FVSU is looking to start its season with two straight win over Gulf South Conference teams while VSU is avoiding its first region loss of the year. “I think more than anything their ready to go back out and play again,� Coach Dean said. “I think they feel like they left something out on that field.This is going to be a heck of a challenge for us. I’m more interested right now in how we respond. It’s not who were playing-- it’s how are we going to respond when we go out there.�

Freshmen duo sparks VSU Eric Jackson S P O rT S E D I TO r

A little freshman firepower might just be what the Valdosta State volleyball team needs to jump into the discussion as legitimate contenders to win the Gulf South Conference. True freshmen Nikki McDaniel and Kelsey Kovar have made the list of the conference’s top newcomers and will grace the opportunity to prove themselves through the course of the long season. McDaniel started her college career impressively last weekend with a team high 45 kills to lead the Blazers undefeated through the tournament. Kovar finished the tourney with 18 kills and 16 digs in her college debut. “They’re a big part of what we do especially with the nature of their position,� Coach Sia Poyer said. “In volleyball you got to have good outside hitters. Nikki and Kelsey are very competitive young ladies. The talent is there, they’re still young. I’m counting on them a lot.� The VSU volleyball team has never won the GSC tournament but is looking to make this a special season. The young and talented hitters have begun looking up to the seniors, especially fellow outside hitter Katie Onushko.

The All-American is atop of the outside hitter position on the team. The freshmen duo, who played in all 14 sets last weekend, has already begun making their case known that they should be out on the floor despite their age or experience. McDaniel, a Deland, Fla., native, was named the 2011 NewsJournal Player of the Year and voted as one of the top 20 volleyball players in central Florida. As far as her high school career goes, she left Deland High setting new school records, leading her team all the way to the Class 8A semifinals match in her final season, and now leaves that all behind accepting her role as the newbie. “I get along with everybody really well,� McDaniel said. “I’m just excited to play and contribute to the team.� Korvar, the other only true freshmen, has traveled over a thousand miles to wear the red and black. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, she’s very excited to make a name for herself bringing all the skills she has learned in the white north to South Georgia. A former member of the Ontario Volleyball Association regional Team, she earned the chance to compete in the Ontario Summer Games a couple years ago. Similar to McDaniel they’re both coming off outstanding

high school careers. Kovar and McDaniel credit coach Poyer for making the transition a smooth process and wholeheartedly trust him with the future of their careers. “He’s really chill and knows how to have fun but when he wants to get something done, he knows how to get it done,� Kovar said. “I think we have a real good chance winning conference.� The Blazers have taken the right step in doing so now (4-0) to begin their 2012 campaign. Onushko and Tauiliili are still expected to be the anchors for the Blazers, yet the team could ultimately be more dynamic if team members can have relief from time to time with help of the skilled freshmen pair and improving sophomore middle blocker Destiny Berry. VSU now travels to Boca raton, Fla., to compete in the Lynn Invitational. This is the Blazers last tournament before they come home to start their tough conference schedule where they’ll be looking to prove themselves as one of the conference’s best. “Talent wise we got it,� Coach Poyer said. “I’ve been really happy with them. The good thing is they know our goals. They know what it takes and the sacrifices. Our goal is to play quality volleyball.�

 • Ěľ  ‘‘Ž  ĆŹ   † „ ƒ ‘ —   ‡   ‡  ” – ›   ƒ     Ͳͳ   Í´ Íł  

U D %   – V ‡ W   U •– › ” R S ‹ 6 • �  ‡ � W V– Š ” � ‹  H   % •  

‡ ‡ ‡ ƒ ‰ Â? ” ƒ   –  Čˆ ‘


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YELLOW BLACK September 6, 2012

Club team spotlight: Rugby Kellen Rhone s p o rt s w r i t e r

David Lacy / The Spectator Arielle Sabina’s corner kick led to Leanne Bishop’s goal that was enough for Blazers 1-0 victory over Coker last Friday.

Blazers ready to hit the road against Delta State Ace Espenshied s p o rt s w r i t e r

After a victory over Coker last week, the Lady Blazers soccer team has a tough test with a long road trip ahead and the added pressure of the first conference game against Delta state on Friday. Last year, the Blazers escaped with a 1-0 victory over Delta state. However, they had home field advantage in a mid-season game. this year is a different story. thursday they will travel 10-12 hours and hope to work out any early season kinks in this crucial Gulf south Conference opener. this week at practice the Blazers look to improve on last week’s performance against Coker when they out-shot them 28-2 (19 shots on goal) but only one managed to find the net, making the final score 1-0. Coach Melissa Heinz is focusing on addressing this problem before Friday.

“we created really well to get into shooting opportunities, but that final shot needed to be better,” Coach Heinz said. Leanne Bishop, sophomore mid-fielder, had the lone goal in last week’s game, and when asked what she could do to make an impact Friday, Bishop put it simply, “score.” with the way the defense played against Coker, any lead certainly looks like a big one. the Blazers are not satisfied with last week’s game and are focused on Delta state, will not be fazed by the long road trip ahead of them. “there is that extra element of a long 10 to 12 hour trip, so i think that’s going to be a little bit [taxing], but nothing that should give them a reason to do anything but win,” Coach Heinz said. Forward rebecca Miller was very active in last week’s game with 6 shots, 5 on goal and an assist. preparing for a long road trip can be stressful, but Miller knows what it takes to acclimate for kickoff.

the VsU rugby team hopes to put its club on the map this season, beginning with its first game against Georgia College on saturday at 2 p.m. when facing Division i schools, team captain and rugby club founder Derick Howard has been leading the club since fall 2010. “we’re in our second full fall season, and our second matrix season will be in the spring,” Howard said. Howard credits Austin Grant and Liam Gillis, who are both starters, with helping him get the club started as well as travis Bird who helped build the club. As a club, the members usually coach themselves. Howard coaches the forwards with the secretary of the club, ellis

spratlin. Austin Grant and Jonathan Murtaugh coach the backs. the rugby club will play against Auburn, Florida state, Georgia College and Georgia southern in the upcoming season. Howard doesn’t seem worried about playing against Division i schools and has much confidence in his team. “we’d really want to go undefeated,” Howard said. “we think we can do it.” He also talks about a loss last year that he believes won’t happen again due to his team’s more experienced players. “we’ve been beat by FsU pretty bad in the past. Now, i think we’ve got enough experience to at least do pretty well.” with a roster of around 30-40 players, the rugby club seems to get stronger every year with experience. As seniors leave the team and graduate, freshman

“Get your body to not feel sluggish by remembering why we are on these road trips, and really take things seriously” Miller said. “Focus on why we are there because it’s going to be the whole team together for fourdays,” Last year in Gulf south Conference games the Lady Blazers went 5-1-1. Getting that first conference “w” is always important, but the team treats it as something much greater than that. “we just want to prove who VsU is and not have a dip [in performance], because we have a lot of sophomores” Miller said.”we want to prove the sophomore slump wrong and start off our season with confidence,” As theBlazers begin road conference play in their second season, they want it to be with the earned respect of the opposition. with a dominant-looking defense, an opportunity-creating offense and a team with something to prove, Delta state should expect nothing less.


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join with anticipation. “one of my friends told me [VsU] had a rugby team, and we used to play in high school,” said one of the rugby club’s new members,Corey ingles. “i want to play for the school.” the club plays in the Georgia rugby Union (GrU) which is part of UsA rugby south, which helps set the schedule for games during the season. even though the club is just officially starting their second full fall season, it hs been able to win tournaments such as the shamrock and the 1st Annual Blazin 7s. Howard aims even higher for his goals this year. “our big overall goal is to go through the matrix season undefeated in the spring,” Howard said. “Hopefully we’ll go to the national championship.”

The Spectator Print Edition 9-6-12  

Print edition for the Spectator, 9/6/12.

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