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For this issue we set out to pick some brains with thought-provoking questions. We formulated each query through a painstaking process of watching James Lipton on YouTube. Favorite curse word? In. Questions about acting? Out. “Inside The Actor’s Studio” is the high-water mark for putting people on the spot, but we didn’t want it to seem like these skaters were staring down the barrel of a loaded question. Rather, we aimed to rifle off a full clip of open-ended full metal Liptons—see if any of them hit the target. A classic question that yielded instant gold: What are your three favorite movies? Sounds pretty basic, but think about it and try to choose just three. It’s hard, right? Well, not for Brandon Biebel—he doesn’t watch movies. (He doesn’t need to. He’s living in his own blockbuster, and loving every frame.) Interestingly, this question was answered sincerely across the board, with a total of 35 movies ranked at the top of the collective top-three list. It’s unclear whether anything can be gleaned from someone’s list of favorite movies, but one thing is clear: Martin Scorsese is the big winner in this group. With three of his movies appearing at the top of these lists, and two of the films (Casino and Goodfellas) getting multiple votes, Marty is clearly still a big deal in the mean streets.


The Skateboard Mag 158  

We're calling it "The Interview Issue," but The Skateboard Mag #158 could also be considered an eye-popping photo issue. Get a load of these...

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