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It’s widely believed that when Billy Idol sang about “dancing with himself” he was making a reference to a private and possibly lewd act of self pleasure. It’s been confirmed that the Bruce Springsteen song “Dancing In The Dark” was about his frustration with writing a hit song. And it is an undisputed fact that the song “Sandstorm” by Darude is just awesome. If you took these three songs, balled them up, packed them into a cannon with Ben Raybourn and launched them all out onto a vert ramp it would look something like this. After being frustrated by a lack of skating, due to a very wet winter in the Pacific Northwest, Benny took matters into his own hands. A quick call to D-Block Skatepark—where they conveniently house a sick vert ramp and a disco ball in the same room—and the stage was set for an epic solo performance. We raided the CCS warehouse for anything that would glow and once we had enough things filled with green goo we made our way to the spot. After turning out all the lights besides the disco ball, a few party lasers, and anything that was glowing, Ben was dancing by himself in the dark, and the party was on.

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The Skateboard Mag 155  

Before you ask about the septuple-set Barcelona rail on the cover: yes, Dominick Walker grinded the whole thing. This kinked monstrosity set...

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