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“I’m less out in the boonies now… but I am in the boonies,” Washington’s Simon Bannerot said. In a recent chat with the Enumclaw (45 minutes southeast of Seattle) native, he says that he hasn’t been spending much time at home lately. Since he’s gotten a car and is free to go out to the greater Seattle area, most people in Enumclaw might not even realize that he still lives there anymore. Simon is fine with that, he’s got enough on his plate. With graduation and the deadline for the new Lakai full-length looming, sightings of Simon have now dwindled to a Bigfoot-level frequency. Simon first started skating at four years old—a hyperactive kid. “I could not sit still,” Simon says, “I’d have to go and do a backflip or something!” He would tag along with his sisters as they traveled to gymnastics meets all over the state. It was only a matter of time until he saw what was going down at the local skateparks, then the backflipping Bannerot’s interest was piqued and the rest is history. Once he started skating, he was on every single out-of-town gymnastics trip with his family, hitting park after park along the way. With some help from the “35th Ave” shop in Federal Way, the seventeen-year-old Am was picked up by Girl and Lakai after a couple of impromptu tryouts (Sam Smyth and company personally called him: “What’s up? We’re in town, do you wanna skate?”). His Girl Am announcement meant that he was officially joining the team of his local hero, Cory Kennedy. “Everyone from Seattle, that’s like the dude that everyone worships,” Simon says. “Meeting Cory was crazy! I was thinking, ‘I’ve watched your video parts but I cannot freak out right now!’” Simon is poised to graduate high school this year with his AA degree (thanks to a Running Start program), something that his Girl and Lakai mentors have urged him to follow through with—even if he is over it. He’d rather be out there getting it, but he’s sticking to the plan and taking short breaks to film in Boardslide. Los Angeles, California.

LA for the video instead. “Hopefully I’ll graduate and I’ll be stoked,” Simon says. “But if I’m not stoked when I’m done, then I’m gonna be so bummed!”

The Skateboard Mag 155  

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