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What is In Transition? It’s a contest, but it is not your average

The third season’s cast of characters runs the gamut of

event—it’s all about choice. The way this contest works is

tranny skaters at a wide variety of spots, from Kentucky to

ten skaters decide on a single location where they want to

the UK. Experienced dudes like Kevin Kowalski, Sam Beckett,

skate—as long as it’s transitional terrain, anything goes—and

Ben Nordberg, Charlie Blair, and Jack Fardell; youthfully

they film a part there that will be featured on The Berrics.

enthusiastic guys like Tristan Rennie, Trey Wood, Willy

The endgame is to develop a kind of psychic bond with

Lara, and CJ Collins; and the ageless, always enjoyable,

the filmer and just get creative on every curved surface of their park of choice. A winner is decided by YOU with an online vote.

Louie Barletta. These guys all spent three to seven days of solid skate time at their chosen locations and gave it all they had. In the end there will only be one winner, so choose wisely—it ain’t gonna be easy.


The Skateboard Mag 155  

Before you ask about the septuple-set Barcelona rail on the cover: yes, Dominick Walker grinded the whole thing. This kinked monstrosity set...

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