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此次旅行最大的挑战就是要把计划都提 前,我们要在早上就找到能去的地方,这 样我们就不会在白天浪费时间来找spot, 这通常也意味着在结束了一整天的滑板后 回到酒店,又要开始寻找spot的任务了。 我们经常空手而归,但是有一次我们就偶 然发现了市中心的这根杆子,Max也是在 第二天很快就征服了它。 D O W N T O W N Z H E N G Z H O U

MAX COULING. 50-50 TRANSFER. The biggest challenge on this trip was staying ahead of ourselves, trying to always have somewhere to go in the morning so we didn’t waste daylight hours looking for spots. This usually meant arriving back at the hotel after skating all day then heading back out on spot hunting missions. We usually returned empty handed, but on one mission we chanced upon this downtown rail, which Max made quick work of the following day.


The Skateboard Mag 155  

Before you ask about the septuple-set Barcelona rail on the cover: yes, Dominick Walker grinded the whole thing. This kinked monstrosity set...

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