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When Dashawn’s age was still in the single-digits, he was just an Arizona kid who was in love with anything on wheels. If it looked like fun, he’d try it. Energetic and extremely enthusiastic, Dashawn was a pint-sized daredevil: he gouged his head open and had to get stitches; once, his mother jumped into a pool with her clothes on to save him from drowning. He was even locked up (in his parents’ garage) in an effort to rein him in—he called the cops himself to let him out. Dashawn was a bad boy, but he was a good kid. He’s always been open to trying new things and when it came to skateboarding, he discovered that he just loved the feeling of learning the tricks. He went on to hook up with the Homicide Skateboards crew, venturing farther from his Chandler Skatepark home base; he entered contests and filmed street parts, gaining a reputation for his consistency and enthusiastic approach. Dashawn’s contest history—though not really a reliable indicator of someone’s skateboarding—is particularly notable. When asked about his mindset when it comes to contests, he has a typically down-to-earth response: “I just focus on the fun, not the contest itself.” He’s used to pressure, so he just looks for any little opening where he can enjoy himself; Dashawn’s approach to contests is pure skateboarding, and a few years ago people really started to take notice. In 2014, when he won Element’s Make It Count Finals, things started to really take off; this year’s Tampa Am win sealed the deal. This past summer, in The Skateboard Mag’s issue 149—the “Next New Wave” issue—we featured Dashawn as someone to watch. The Berrics followed this up with a new part from Dashawn. Now, with the RADAR series, the world will see Dashawn’s next full video part, in which Dashawn vows to “keep it new.“ “I’m going to put stuff in this part that nobody thought I could do,” he says. As a reminder of his hell-raising ways, Dashawn adds, “Switch it up and not be predictable.”


The Skateboard Mag 155  

Before you ask about the septuple-set Barcelona rail on the cover: yes, Dominick Walker grinded the whole thing. This kinked monstrosity set...

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