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10 Three?

Gamecock Win Would Tie Record Set in 1970 ON THE COVER: 2009 Carolina-Clemson game at Williams-Brice Stadium. Photo by Paul Collins.

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Schedule/Results Gameday Poster: USC vs. Clemson Opponent Preview: Clemson Opponent Roster: Clemson Senior Profile: Travian Robertson

State of Disunion Offers Details of Bitter Rivalry’s Recruit to Watch: Jody Fuller Win Over Clemson Would Put Gamecocks At All-Time High USC Roster, Coaches, Depth

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usc VS clemson

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usc VS clemson











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TICKETS AVAILABLE  AT: the  Time  Warner  Cable  Box  Office

sept. 10 AT GeorgiaH

and Columbia  Play  it  Again  Sports

w, 45-42

athens, GA.

w, 24-21 w, 21-3

columbia 2


oct. 0 1 vs auburnH

L, 16-13


oct. 0 8 vs kentuckyH

w, 54-3


oct. 1 5 AT mississippi St.H w, 14-12 starkville, miss.

oct. 2 9 AT tennesseeH

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nov. 0 5 AT arkansasH

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NOV. 19 VS the citadel



nov. 2 6 VS clemson

7:45 p.m.



H= SEC game * Not available at press time

usc VS clemson

usc VS clemson


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usc USC VS VS clemson CLEMSON

usc VS clemson


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usc USC VS VS clemson CLEMSON



usc VS clemson






USC’s Antonio Allen intercepts the ball during the 2010 rivalry game. Photo by Paul Collins.

Three? Gamecock Win Would Tie Record Set in 1970 B Y D AV I D C L O N I N G E R


his is how it should be. For the great majority of South Carolina’s 20 years as members of the Southeastern Conference, the SEC Championship Game has been barely more than a pipe dream. There have been a couple of close chances, but never enough consistent win-


ning to think that the Gamecocks would be going to Atlanta on a regular basis. That changed in 2010, when Steve Spurrier led his troops to the game for the first and only time. Returning many of the primary playmakers from that team in 2011, it was hoped for and

expected that USC could again be in Atlanta for another crack at another first — an SEC title. Barring a miracle akin to parting the Red Sea (a simply awful Kentucky team beating red-hot Georgia), the Gamecocks have been denied a repeat SEC East championship. (The Side Line went to press before the game.) As Spurrier said, the Bulldogs had to win seven straight SEC games after losing 45-42 to USC and hope for some USC losses in order to win the East. If they could do it, congratulations. The Bulldogs could, sucking some of the joy out of USC’s first 5-0 record against the SEC East and its first six-conference-win season since joining the SEC. And although it stung to know that there would be no chance this year to get back to Atlanta, it put the Gamecocks to a familiar

position. With no SEC championship game for USC on Dec. 3, it means the regular-season finale, on Saturday, is USC’s championship game. As it has every year for more than 100 years, USC’s season will be judged on the result of that one game. Lose to Clemson, and the season will be thought of as a failure despite the high number of overall wins. Win, and it’s a success, yet another milestone in a season full of them. The Gamecocks have not beaten the archrival Tigers in three straight years since 196870, years that also stand as the last time they won back-to-back games over Clemson. USC stands on the cusp of that achievement on Saturday, when the hated orange brethren from the Upstate invade Williams-Brice Stadium

usc VS clemson

Saturday is USC’s championship game. As it has every year for more than 100 years, USC’s season will be judged on the result of that one game. looking for a few cherries on what’s been a delicious treat of a year. The Tigers will play for the ACC championship next week and are looking to nab their first BCS bowl appearance. All that’s in the way is USC, playing for another win, another goal and the all-important bragging rights. It has been more than 1,000 days since Clemson last beat USC in football. The Gamecocks want to keep adding to that tally. “It’s kind of fun to talk about it, although maybe I wish we didn’t have to,” laughed Tommy Suggs, who quarterbacked those three USC teams from 1968-70 and never knew the sting of losing USC’s biggest game. “It is, to a degree, kind of amazing that over the course of the years, we haven’t been able to put three together on them [again]. Just been one of those crazy things in sports, I guess.” “It’s nice to be able to reminisce and be able to think about some accomplishments early in life,” he says. “We’re awful proud of it.” Suggs, the current color man for the Gamecocks’ radio team, remains a legend for being the last quarterback to go undefeated against Clemson, although it was when freshmen were ineligible to play varsity ball. Still, Suggs took his freshman football team to Clemson in 1967 and won then as well (freshman team records are not reflected in a varsity program’s overall record), technically going a sterling 4-0 against the Tigers and winning three times at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium (or the “borrowed” nickname of

usc VS clemson

Death Valley). Aside from that period of the rivalry, it’s mostly been all Clemson all the time. The Gamecocks won the first installment of the rivalry in 1896, then lost the next four games. The Tigers built a commanding 41-27 series lead through the 1974 season, a hefty but not impossible deficit to overcome. It seemed the Gamecocks were on the upswing in 1975, when another fabled USC signalcaller, Jeff Grantz, led a 56-20 rout of Clemson. Still the most points the Gamecocks have ever put up on the Tigers, it was a grand day for USC but the beginning of the end. Coaches and players on that Clemson team said that it would never happen again. From then through 2009, USC never won more than one game in a stretch against Clemson, and the Tigers stretched the rivalry lead so far that it might never be reversed (69-35-4). Steve Spurrier is the coach who finally led the Gamecocks to nab two consecutive wins again, upsetting a high-flying Tiger team that was about to play for the ACC title the next week in 2009. In 2010, a more talented Gamecock squad went to the Valley and thoroughly beat the Tigers 29-7, giving USC the long awaited twice-as-nice slogan it had been aching to use for 40 years. As in 2009, the Tigers are coming to Columbia with an exciting offense and a berth in the league title game next week. USC is coming into the game with a solid record but no other

game until late December or early January. Clemson might have the edge in talent, but the Gamecocks have the home field and the knowledge that they have won two straight over the Tigers, something no other Gamecock team has done in four decades. “Three!” has been the rallying cry since the preseason, even as bigger goals were planned. Those goals bit the dust when USC lost two SEC games. This one is still very much alive. Suggs said he wouldn’t be giving any motivational speeches to this year’s Gamecocks about winning three straight, because none of them were born the last time it was done and plenty of players have been there for two straight. It’s also not Spurrier’s

1967 win being a freshman win, not a varsity win). Clemson’s field general from 2002 to 2005, Whitehurst became as beloved in the Upstate as he was despised in Columbia. “As for the 4-0 record, I am very proud to be a part of that — not necessarily as some accomplishment that my name might be tied to, and not because of my learned and thorough distaste for Carolina football, but because I love Clemson,” Whitehurst wrote in the foreword to the just-released Classic Clashes of the Carolina-Clemson Football Rivalry: A State of Disunion. “I know the joy that was felt by the entire Clemson Nation the nights after those four victories. I also know those were some bad years to be a Gamecock fan.”

Clemson’s Sammy Watkins carries the ball against Georgia Tech on Oct. 29. Photo by Zachary Hanby. style, he said, to do that kind of thing, leaving it to the team’s upperclassmen to stress it. “The juniors have never lost to Clemson,” Suggs said. “They’ll probably be aware of it and maybe play a little bit harder.” The USC game means nothing to Clemson except breaking the two-year string and polishing a double digit-win season. Still, the Tigers will doubtless be ready to play, spurred by the words of one of their finest. Charlie Whitehurst is the only quarterback in rivalry history to win four games over the other team (due to Suggs’

Since Whitehurst completed his career, USC has beaten the Tigers three times and lost twice. It’s a run of success that has hardly ever happened and USC wants those good times to last. There’s only one way to do it. “They’ve had a remarkable year based on everything they have been faced with,” Suggs said. “They have just found a way to win, like our baseball team. This is the best coaching year [Spurrier] has ever had. Period.” It can get better, with one simple word. “Three.”


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A State of Disunion Offers Behind-the-Scenes Details from Bitter Rivalry B Y D AV I D C L O N I N G E R


he classic 1961 Sigma Nu prank, No Cigar Today, The Catch, The Push-Off, The Throwback and The Brawl are phrases that every follower of the South Carolina-Clemson football rivalry knows. In a grudge match that spans more than 100 years, those have been just some of the highlights and classic games of one of the country’s longest and most bitter gridiron battles. But what about what really happened in the hours after

usc VS clemson

USC’s victory in 1902, when a tense standoff between students from each school nearly erupted into bloodshed? Or what went on in 1946, when the savage killing of a live rooster before the game incited a slugfest that only stopped when the national anthem was played? The stories behind Big Thursday? How players from each team, after battling each other that evening, partied as friends afterward in the late 1980s? How the hours leading

USC’s Alshon Jeffrey scores a touchdown against Clemson in 2010. Photo by Paul Collins. up to the 2004 game were filled with a sense of bad tidings, that something terrible was about to happen? These are just some of the details and behind-the-scenes takes from a book just released on the subject. Classic Clashes of the Carolina-Clemson Football Rivalry: A State of Disunion, penned by Travis Haney and Larry Williams and published by The History Press in Charleston, is a must-read for anyone who has ever watched, read or heard about any installment of the Gamecocks-Tigers football series. Haney and Williams, who each covered the rivalry during their careers, bring you 20 chapters exploring the best stories and games from the annual Palmetto State showdown. Haney, former USC beat writer for Charleston’s Post & Courier (as well as the Augusta Chronicle and the Anderson Independent-Mail), got involved with the book after The History Press published his first book, Gamecock Glory, which detailed the run of USC’s baseball team to the 2010 national championship. Approached by the publisher to write a book on the football rivalry, Haney contacted Williams, another former USC and Clemson beat writer who currently writes for, Clemson’s outlet on the national network. “I was in Seneca at a signing, and I stopped back by through Clemson and ate with Larry,” Haney said. “I was kicking some

stuff around and out of nowhere, I said, ‘What would you think about writing a CarolinaClemson book with me? We can co-write it.’ He jumped right in.” “It took me like, half a second to say ‘yeah,’” Williams said. “It’s just an honor for me to do. Being around the rivalry and on both sides of it, I looked forward to researching it. It was fun.” Each author knew that they didn’t want to write simple game recaps, figuring those had already been discussed numerous times. They wanted the stories behind some of the most-remembered games, the underlying game-winning factors that might not be as widely known. Williams took the Clemson side and Haney took the USC side, each doing extensive research on microfilm to learn more about the rivalry’s first games and then contacting players to fill in the history of the games from the 1940s to the present. With forewords written by USC’s Tommy Suggs and Clemson’s Charlie Whitehurst, each a quarterback who never lost to the other team, readers get a sense from the beginning of the disdain that defines the rivalry. “The one thing that we circled back to over and over again was this kind of underlying tension,” Haney said. “Everybody’s living in the same state, the same cities and towns. It’s a healthy, bordering on unhealthy, competitive spirit, and it plays out in a lot of these games.” Haney had seen some of the


USC’s Cliff Matthews forces a Clemson fumble in 2010. Photo by Paul Collins. games during his career and read about several others, but he still had plenty to learn. Even Williams, a South Carolina native who had covered the rivalry from both sides, found plenty of new information. It was Williams’ idea to talk to the highway patrolman who was in charge of the other officers during the 2004 game that resulted in a nasty onfield brawl. Haney also spoke at length to current USC defensive

It’s not just about the game; it goes so much deeper into it. There are a lot of different parts to each of these chapters.” During a season in which USC and Clemson are each playing extremely well, the book provides an outstanding resource for fans. “We were trying to seize on the passion that South Carolina fans were having about the series and the way it’s gone lately,”

“Everybody’s living in the same state, the same cities and towns. It’s a healthy, bordering on unhealthy, competitive spirit, and it plays out in a lot of these games.” — Travis Haney head coach Ellis Johnson, who coached on both sides of the rivalry and is a close friend of current Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney. The details the two writers uncovered can be astounding even to the most die-hard USC or Clemson fan. While it was difficult for the authors to pick out a handful of games to focus on, Haney and Williams provide masterful recounts and previously unknown details of key games and the overall series that might have even former coaches shaking their heads. “We surveyed people who have been around the rivalry,” Williams said. “We gave them sort of our list of the first cut we had, and ran it by a lot of people.


Haney said. “We knew that we had that going for us. Clemson kind of pleasantly surprised us [with its winning season].” The book was just released to stores but it is readily available at, where you can order autographed copies from Haney or Williams for your USC or Clemson family or friends. The book came out just in time for Christmas — or more fittingly, just in time for Saturday’s next installment of the rivalry. “I learned a lot about it, and everybody has said that they’ve learned something new,” said Haney, who also has a sequel to Gamecock Glory in development. “That’s what we really set out to do.”

usc VS clemson

usc VS clemson

15 Recruit to Watch BY CHRIS CLARK

Wide Receiver Jody Fuller


outh Carolina’s coaching staff has a class of committed wide receivers that is ranked third in the country by The three-man class consists of a pair of Palmetto State prospects in four-star recruit Shaq Roland and three-star Kwinton Smith. The other member, North Carolinian Jody Fuller, committed to the Gamecocks over the summer. The 6-foot, 200-pounder from Sun Valley High School drew a rave review from his coach after he made his pledge to play college ball in Columbia. “As far as Jody’s playing ability, he’s truly been blessed by God himself,” Sun Valley coach Scott Stein told Gamecock Central. “He has very natural speed, very natural power … when he has the ball in his hands, special things

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Ht: 6’0” Wt: 200 lbs. 40: 4.48 secs Shuttle: 4.26 Vertical: 34 in. Class: 2012 (HS)

happen. Jody is a good blocker; he does all the things that you would expect out of a kid.” The four-star prospect drew offers from Arkansas, Clemson, Miami, Michigan, N.C. State,

Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia Tech and many others during the recruiting process. USC’s early efforts to secure him played a role in his commitment, as well as his comfort level with the coaching staff and program. “They were the first school to offer me,” Fuller told ESPN after announcing. “They just showed me so much love. Coach [Jay] Graham, Steve Spurrier Jr., they just made me feel at home from day one. I’m just so glad they’re the school I’m going to go play with.” Fuller was on campus recently making his official visit to Columbia. He gave that trip high marks. “It was good, I had fun,” he said. “Me and Kelvin Rainey [a USC tight end commitment] and Tyriq McCord [a four-star defensive lineman from Florida] and the safety from New Jersey, Elijah Shumate, all hung out. It was what I expected it to be, but better. “ Fuller says his verbal commitment to USC is still intact, but as he told Gamecock Central at the first of the month, he does want to

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take some visits to other schools. “Yeah, I’ve been planning on doing that,” he said. Arkansas, Illinois and Tennessee are the three programs Fuller has talked about visiting. Despite the fact that he may take some other visits, he says his pledge is still strong. “I’m still solid in my commitment,” he asserted. Scott Stein believes USC is not only getting a good player, but a good person. “All of the college coaches I talked to, I told them all the same thing,” Stein said. “I told them Jody is not going to end up being in a bar fight or a fight in a fraternity. That’s not what interests him. What interests him is being the best player in the country and working to be that. If anything gets in the way of that, he just doesn’t do it. At the high-school level, you have all kinds of different kids you can hang around with. He doesn’t hang around with bad kids. That’s not something he entertains. He definitely understands what his goal is.” 

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usc VS clemson

Win Over Clemson Would Put Gamecocks At All-Time High



ueled by a strong returning roster and almost unanimous media predictions of an SEC East championship, most Gamecock fans embraced extremely high expectations for this year’s team early in the season. Personnel drama quickly ensued as Stephen Garcia and Connor Shaw battled for the starting quarterback spot before Garcia’s highly publicized dismissal, followed by a string of devastating injuries to key players such as Heisman Trophy candidate Marcus Lattimore and defensive stud Antonio Allen. Despite continuing to win at an exceptional rate, one result of this exhausting drama has been an almost unprecedented plunge in the morale of the Gamecock nation, segments of which just can’t seem to find a way to be happy with having one of the best teams in college football. To these folks, winning close

usc VS clemson

games is as bad as losing; failing to win the SEC East (despite actually sweeping the division for the first time ever) is a complete bust; and having to punt more than once in a game is a sign of coaching ineptitude. The frustrating irony to the more dedicated fans is that as the whiners whine and abandon support based on their over-inflated expectations and sense of entitlement, the team itself is proving to be one of the most successful teams in the history of Gamecock football. A win over Clemson and a successful bowl appearance would, in fact, seal this status regardless of the margin of the victories and of which team represents the East in the SEC championship game this year. So, as it has been for 90 percent of USC’s history, the Palmetto State Championship is once again the most important game of the year, and in this case is possibly the big-

gest rivalry game ever. With both teams ranked and Carolina still within reach of its second-ever 10win season (or even its first 11-win year), this year’s Clemson game is an absolute dream for USC fans, who should revel in the opportunity not only to achieve an all-time level of excellence but also to ruin the Tigers’ dream season. Has there ever been a better year to win this game? Even had the Gamecocks beaten the Tigers in 1981 and successfully thwarted Clemson’s only national championship, that Carolina team still would likely have finished the year unranked with a mediocre 7-5 record. It would have been nice just to stop Clemson, but this time there is actually something still left to gain for USC. In fact, there are many things on the line beyond the possibility of a 10-win (or better) season. This includes a possible third straight victory in the series, a feat that has only been achieved by USC four times in the 108 games of the rivalry (spanning 115 years), with the last instance occurring more than 40 years ago, in 1970. The quality

of the Gamecocks’ post-season opportunities could also be upgraded by another win over a ranked team, perhaps sending USC to the traditionally respected Cotton Bowl rather than back to the mundane Outback or Chick-fil-A bowls. While conference championships are still important in today’s college football landscape, the success of a team’s season does not hinge on conference play alone. Playing in the SEC, widely acknowledged as the toughest conference in the country, it’s rare that any team can actually ride the top slot from start to finish in either division. With so much still at stake in USC’s wider world, the Gamecocks should be motivated to play their best this weekend. And for those who still don’t get it, this team’s best is among our best ever, even if it hasn’t been a golden road filled with shining stars who stand out individually. Anyone remember baseball season? It wasn’t that long ago. Keep up with Harley’s Side Line blog at and his Side Line column in the weekly edition of Free Times.


gamecocks roster

No. Name Pos. Hgt. Wgt. Cl. Hometown/High School/Last College

No. Name Pos. Hgt. Wgt. Cl. Hometown/High School/Last College

No. Name Pos. Hgt. Wgt. Cl. Hometown/High School/Last College

30 Corey Addison 26 Antonio Allen

20 68 31 88 67 45 99

Edward Muldrow Kyle Nunn Matt O’Brien Drew Owens Ronald Patrick Rodney Paulk Kelcy Quarles


6-3 6-6 6-0 6-5 6-1 6-0 6-4

190 295 188 241 302 242 271


48 42 94 51 4 9 10 49

Marcquis Roberts SPR Travian Robertson DT Corey Robinson DT Kenny Robinson FS Sheldon Royster FS Ace Sanders WR Cadarious Sanders CB Joey Scribner-Howard

6-0 6-4 6-8 5-9 5-11 5-7 6-0 P/K

218 303 350 178 187 175 184 6-0


11 14 71 89

Lamar Scruggs Connor Shaw Brandon Shell Corey Simmons


6-3 6-1 6-6 6-4

218 204 322 260


6 24 75 13 97 90 36 98

DeAngelo Smith Quin Smith Will Sport Seth Strickland J.T. Surratt Chaz Sutton D.J. Swearinger Devin Taylor


6-0 193 6-1 238 6-5 282 6-2 194 6-2 297 6-4 250 5-10 208 6-7 260


81 Rory Anderson 47 Landon Ard 3 Akeem Auguste 28 Eric Baker 43 4 34 32 16

Jacob Baker Jason Barnes Joshua Blue Reginald Bowens Payton Brady

80 K.J. Brent 74 Kaleb Broome 83 Zach Broome 3 40 60 50 7 1 12 7 48 18 58 87 72 44 95 52 23 85 61 57 85 78 43 5 9 93 29 15 96

Damiere Byrd Billy Byrne Terrence Campbell A.J. Cann Shon Carson Ahmad Christian Andrew Clifford Jadeveon Clowney Matt Coffee Cedrick Cooper Ryland Culbertson Justice Cunningham Kenny Davis Gerald Dixon Gerald Dixon, Jr. Phillip Dukes Bruce Ellington Patrick Fish Travis Ford Aldrick Fordham Riley Gallaher Cody Gibson Qua Gilchrist Stephon Gilmore Sharrod Golightly Deon Green Chaun Gresham Austin Hails Jamal Hall

27 59 70 34 35 24

Victor Hampton Coleman Harley Kyle Harris Mason Harris Ben Harvey Josh Hinch

21 91 6 1 33 8 77

DeVonte Holloman Walker Inabinet Melvin Ingram Alshon Jeffery Damario Jeffery Shamier Jeffery Byron Jerideau

55 10 21 15 86 25 39 8 76 19 92 41 31 82 62

T.J. Johnson Nick Jones Marcus Lattimore Jimmy Legree Blair Lowery Kadetrix Marcus Marty Markett Martay Mattox Mike Matulis Tanner McEvoy Byron McKnight Connor McLaurin Kenny Miles D.L. Moore Davis Moore


SS 6-0 204 RS SO Jacksonville, Fla./Andrew Jackson SPR 6-2 202 SR Ocala, Fla./Trinity Catholic/Fork Union Military TE 6-5 207 FR Powder Springs, Ga./McEachern P/K 5-10 175 FR Rock Hill, S.C./South Pointe CB 5-10 182 SR Hollywood, Fla./Chaminade-Madonna/Fork Union Military TB 6-0 208 RS JR Jacksonville, Fla./Edward H. White/Fork Union Military TB 5-9 191 RS JR Ridgeland, S.C./Thomas Heyward Academy WR 6-4 214 RS SR Charlotte, N.C./Independence TB 5-6 178 RS FR Tatum, S.C./Marlboro County LB 6-2 248 RS JR Holly Springs, N.C./Garner TE 6-3 226 RS JR Lincolnton, N.C./East Lincoln/Charleston Southern/Campbell WR 6-3 180 FR Waxhaw, N.C./Marvin Ridge OG 6-6 326 JR Aiken, S.C./Aiken/Georgia Military College WR 6-2 201 RS FR Richmond Hill, Ga./Richmond Hill/ Armstrong Atantic State WR 5-9 161 FR Sicklerville, N.J./Timber Creek FB 5-11 235 RS SO Palm Harbor, Fla./East Lake OG 6-3 296 RS SR Austell, Ga./South Cobb OG 6-3 299 RS FR Bamberg, S.C./Bamberg-Ehrhardt RB 5-8 190 FR Scranton, S.C./Lake City CB 5-10 182 FR Jacksonville, Fla./Trinity Christian QB 6-2 212 RS SO Tampa, Fla./Wharton DE 6-6 254 FR Rock Hill, S.C./South Pointe FB 5-11 230 SO Mary Esther, Fla./Fort Walton Beach LB 6-2 207 FR Lithonia, Ga./Lithonia OG 6-4 252 RS FR Laurens, S.C./Laurens Academy TE 6-3 265 JR Pageland, S.C./Central OG 6-3 318 RS JR Newberry, S.C./Newberry DE 6-2 271 FR Rock Hill, S.C./South Pointe DT 6-3 311 FR Rock Hill, S.C./Northwestern DT 6-3 300 FR Manning, S.C./Manning WR 5-9 197 RS FR Moncks Corner, S.C./Berkeley P 5-11 193 RS FR Shelby, N.C./Burns OC 6-3 278 RS SO Fork, S.C./Lake View/Coastal Carolina DE 6-3 274 JR Jamestown, S.C./Timberland WR 6-1 175 FR Apex, N.C./Garner OT 6-6 284 RS FR Tallahassee, Fla./Lincoln LB 6-1 244 RS JR Abbeville, S.C./Abbeville/Butler County CC CB 6-1 193 JR Rock Hill, S.C./South Pointe SS 5-10 185 RS FR Decatur, Ga./Southwest Dekalb DT 6-3 266 FR Windermere, Fla./Olympia LB 6-2 265 RS SO Auburn, Ga./Apalachee QB 6-2 215 FR Collinsville, Ill./Collinsville DE 6-2 216 RS SO Ladson, S.C./Fort Dorchester/Brevard College CB 5-10 187 RS FR Darlington, S.C./Darlington LS 6-2 265 FR Aiken, S.C./South Aiken OL 6-3 273 FR Silver Creek, Ga./Pepperell DE 6-3 208 FR Fort Oglethorpe, Ga./Ridgeland CB 5-9 176 FR Columbia, Md./Our Lady of Good Counsel TB 5-7 183 RS SR Knoxville, Tenn./Austin East/MidAmerica Nazarene SPR 6-2 232 JR Charlotte, N.C./South Pointe LS 5-10 199 RS JR Columbia, S.C./Hammond School DE 6-2 276 RS SR Hamlet, N.C./Richmond County WR 6-4 229 JR St. Matthews, S.C./Calhoun County LB 6-3 237 JR Columbia, S.C./Columbia WR 6-1 208 FR St. Matthews, S.C./Calhoun County DT 6-1 319 RS JR Green Pond, S.C./Colleton County/Fort Scott C.C. OC 6-5 316 RS JR Aynor, S.C./Aynor WR 5-9 188 RS FR Moore, S.C./Byrnes TB 6-0 232 SO Duncan, S.C./Byrnes CB 5-11 185 RS SO Beaufort, S.C./Beaufort WR 6-0 180 RS JR Irmo, S.C./Dutch Fork CB 6-1 183 FR Stone Mountain, Ga./Stephenson CB 5-10 162 RS SR York, S.C./York Comprehensive CB 6-1 192 FR Athens, Ga./Clarke Central OL 6-5 274 FR Boynton Beach, Fla./Park Vista QB 6-6 207 FR Hillsdale, N.J./Bergen Catholic DE 6-5 235 RS SR Laurinburg, N.C./Scotland County FB 6-0 227 RS FR Raleigh, N.C./Garner TB 5-10 193 RS JR Lawrenceville, Ga./Brookwood WR 6-4 203 RS JR Bowling Green, Ky./Bowling Green LS 6-0 216 RS SO Buford, Ga./Mill Creek/Emory & Henry

Game 11

17 73 17 12 22 11

Dylan Thompson Rokevious Watkins Angelo Watley C.C. Whitlock Brandon Wilds Brison Williams


6-3 213 6-4 340 6-1 225 5-10 178 6-1 223 5-10 206


Boiling Springs, S.C./Boiling Springs Fairburn, Ga./Creekside/Georgia Military Lawrenceville, Ga./Peachtree Ridge Chester, S.C./Chester Blythewood, S.C./Blythewood Warner Robins, Ga./Northside/Fork Union Military Norway, S.C./Orangeburg Prep/Columbia University Williston, S.C./Williston-Elko Jacksonville, Fla./First Coast Spartanburg, S.C./Gaffney/South Carolina State Laurinburg, N.C./Scotland County/North Carolina Sparks, MD/Hereford

Snellville, Ga./South Gwinnett Sumter, S.C./Sumter New Milford, N.J./Bergen Catholic 84 Mike Williamson P 6-1 188 RS SO Charlotte, N.C./Ardrey Kell Cocoa, Fla./Cocoa 46 Dalton Wilson FB 6-0 227 RS JR Columbia, S.C./Richland Northeast 54 Shaq Wilson LB 5-11 223 RS JR Hodges, S.C./Greenwood/Fork Union 40 Josh Woods FS 5-10 180 RS SO Military Powder Springs, Ga./McEachern 18 Jay Wooten P/K 6-3 204 RS SR Laurinburg, N.C./Scotland County 81 Adam Yates PK 6-1 213 RS JR Havelock, N.C./Havelock Hilton Head Island, S.C./Hilton Head Island Woodbridge, N.J./St. Peter’s Prep Bradenton, Fla./Manatee LaGrange, Ga./Troup County RS SR Irmo, S.C./Dutch Fork/CarsonSteve Spurrier - Head Coach Newman John Butler - Special Teams Coordinator Jacksonville Beach, Fla./Fletcher Shawn Elliott - Offensive Line/Running Game Coordinator Flowery Branch, Ga./Flowery Branch Craig Fitzgerald - Director of Football Strength & Conditioning Goose Creek, S.C./Goose Creek Jay Graham - Running Backs/Tight Ends Lawrenceville, Ga./Greater Atlanta Jeep Hunter - Safeties Christian Ellis Johnson - Asst. Head Coach/Asst. Coach - Defense/Linebackers Kingsland, Ga./Camden County Brad Lawing - Defensive Line Lenoir, N.C./Hibriten G.A. Mangus - Quarterbacks Milton, Fla./Pace Jamie Speronis - Director of Football Operations Laurens, S.C./Laurens Steve Spurrier Jr. - Receivers Winston-Salem, N.C./Parkland Lorenzo Ward - Defensive Coordinator/Cornerbacks Savannah, Ga./Jenkins/Fork Union Military Robbie Liles - Director of High School Relations Greenwood, S.C./Greenwood Scott Morgan - Recruiting Assistant DEPTH CHART Patrick Shine - Administrative Coordinator for Recruiting Beaufort, S.C./Beaufort




Game SOUTH CAROLINA GAME NOTES VS. THE CITADEL 11 depth DEPTH 6-4 229 JR-2L St. Matthews, S.C. 6-0 193 SO-SQ Kingsland, Ga. 6-3 218 SO-1L Jacksonville Beach, Fla.


19 Alshon Jeffery Ace Sanders 6 DeAngelo Smith 23 Bruce Ellington Scruggs Damiere Byrd OR 113 Lamar

6-4 JR-2L St. Matthews, 5-7 229 175 SO-1L Bradenton, Fla.S.C. 6-0 Ga. S.C. 5-9 193 197 SO-SQ FR-RS Kingsland, Moncks Corner, 6-3 5-9 218 161 SO-1L FR-HS Jacksonville Sicklerville,Beach, N.J. Fla.



9 Ace 10 NickSanders Jones 23 Ellington 82 Bruce D.L. Moore Byrd OR 34 Damiere Jason Barnes

5-7 5-9 175 188 SO-1L FR-RS Bradenton, Moore, S.C.Fla. 5-9 S.C. 6-4 197 203 FR-RS JR-2L Moncks Bowling Corner, Green, Ky. 5-9 N.J. 6-4 161 214 FR-HS SR-3L Sicklerville, Charlotte, N.C.



10 73 82 76 OR 4 50 73 70 76 55 50 61 70 60 55 67 61 76 60 78 67 87 76 81 78 14 87 17 12 81

Nick Jones Watkins Rokevious D.L. MikeMoore Matulis Jason Barnes A.J. Cann Rokevious Kyle HarrisWatkins Mike Matulis T.J. Johnson A.J. Cann Travis Ford Kyle Harris Terrence Campbell T.J. Johnson Ronald Patrick Travis Ford Mike Matulis Terrence Campbell Cody Gibson Ronald Patrick Justice Cunningham Mike Matulis Rory Anderson Cody Gibson Connor Shaw Justice Cunningham Dylan Thompson Andrew Clifford Rory Anderson

5-9 6-4 6-4 6-5 6-4 6-3 6-4 6-3 6-5 6-5 6-3 6-3 6-3 6-5 6-1 6-3 6-5 6-3 6-6 6-1 6-3 6-5 6-5 6-6 6-1 6-3 6-2 6-5

188 340 203 274 214 299 340 273 274 316 299 278 273 295 316 302 278 274 295 284 302 265 274 207 284 204 265 213 212 207


Moore, S.C. Fairburn, Ga. Bowling Boynton Green, Beach, Ky. Fla. Charlotte, N.C. Bamberg, S.C. Fairburn, Ga. Ga. Silver Creek, Boynton Beach, Fla. Aynor, S.C. Bamberg, Fork, S.C.S.C. Silver Creek, Ga. Austell, Ga. Aynor, Cocoa,S.C. Fla. Fork, S.C. Boynton Beach, Fla. Austell, Ga. Fla. Tallahassee, Cocoa, Fla. Pageland, S.C. Boynton Beach, Fla. Powder Springs, Ga. Tallahassee, Fla. Flowery Branch, Ga. Pageland, S.C. S.C. Boiling Springs, Tampa, Springs, Fla. Powder Ga.

Dalton Wilson Connor Shaw ConnorThompson McLaurin Dylan Andrew Clifford Brandon Wilds Dalton Wilson Kenny Miles Connor McLaurin Eric Baker

6-0 6-1 6-0 6-3 6-2 6-1 6-0 5-10 6-0

227 204 227 213 212 223 227 193 227 208


Williston,Branch, S.C. Ga. Flowery Raleigh,Springs, N.C. S.C. Boiling Tampa, Fla. Blythewood, S.C. Williston, S.C. Ga. Lawrenceville, Raleigh, N.C. Fla. Jacksonville,


1 Alshon Jeffery 6 DeAngelo Smith 11 Lamar Scruggs



46 14 41 17 12 22 46 31 41 28



22 Brandon Wilds 31 Kenny Miles 28 Eric Baker


18 Jay Wooten 6-3 204 SR-1L Laurinburg, N.C. 49 Joey Scribner-Howard 6-0 210 SR-SQ Irmo, S.C.


18 18 49 49 49 18 49 13 49 18


98 Devin Taylor 90 Chaz Sutton 92 Byron McKnight

6-7 260 JR-2L 6-4 250 SO-1L 6-5 235 SR-3L


98 42 Devin TravianTaylor Robertson 90 77 Chaz ByronSutton Jerideau 92 McKnight 97 Byron J.T. Surratt

Beaufort, S.C. Savannah, Ga. Laurinburg, N.C.

6-7 S.C. 6-4 260 303 JR-2L SR-3L Beaufort, Laurinburg, N.C. 6-4 Ga.S.C. 6-1 250 319 SO-1L JR-1L Savannah, Green Pond, 6-5 N.C.N.C. 6-2 235 297 SR-3L FR-RS Laurinburg, Winston-Salem,

42 99 77 57 97 6 997 57 54 6 OR 45 7 43

Travian Robertson Kelcy Quarles Byron AldrickJerideau Fordham J.T. Surratt Melvin Ingram Kelcy Quarles Jadeveon Clowney Aldrick Fordham Shaq Wilson Melvin RodneyIngram Paulk Jadeveon Clowney Qua Gilchrist

6-4 6-1 6-3 6-2 6-2 6-4 6-6 6-3 5-11 6-2 6-0 6-6 6-1

303 271 319 274 297 276 271 254 274 223 276 242 254 244


Laurinburg, Hodges, S.C.N.C. Green Pond, S.C. S.C. Jamestown, Winston-Salem, N.C. Hamlet, N.C. Hodges, Rock Hill,S.C. S.C. Jamestown, S.C. Jacksonville, Fla. Hamlet, N.C. Columbia, S.C. Rock Hill, S.C. Abbeville, S.C.

54 32 OR 45 24 43 26 32 33 OR 24 5 26 27 33 21 5 11 279

Shaq Wilson Reginald Bowens Rodney Paulk Quin Smith Qua Gilchrist Antonio Allen Reginald Bowens Damario Jeffery Quin Smith Stephon Gilmore Antonio Allen Victor Hampton Damario Jeffery DeVonte Holloman Stephon Gilmore Brison Williams Victor Hampton Sharrod Golightly

5-11 6-2 6-0 6-1 6-1 6-2 6-2 6-3 6-1 6-1 6-2 5-10 6-3 6-2 6-1 5-10 5-10

223 248 242 238 244 202 248 237 238 193 202 187 237 232 193 206 187 185


Jacksonville, Holly Springs,Fla. N.C. Columbia, Lenoir, N.C.S.C. Abbeville, S.C. Ocala, Fla. Holly Springs, Columbia, S.C.N.C. Lenoir, N.C. Rock Hill, S.C. Ocala, Fla. S.C. Darlington, Columbia, S.C. Charlotte, N.C. Rock Hill, S.C. Ga. Warner Robins, Darlington, Decatur, Ga.S.C.

21 36 11 15 9 12 36 39 15

DeVonte Holloman D.J. Swearinger Brison Jimmy Williams Legree Sharrod Golightly C.C. Whitlock D.J. MartySwearinger Markett Jimmy Legree

6-2 5-10 5-10 5-11 5-10 5-10 5-10 5-11

232 208 206 185 185 178 208 162 185


Charlotte, N.C. Greenwood, S.C. Warner Robins, Beaufort, S.C. Ga. Decatur, Ga. Chester, S.C. Greenwood, York, S.C. S.C. Beaufort, S.C.


12 C.C. Whitlock 39 Marty Markett

5-10 178 SR-3L 5-10 162 SR-1L

Chester, S.C. York, S.C.

23 Bruce Ellington OR 27 Victor Hampton 5 Stephon Gilmore

5-9 197 FR-RS 5-10 187 FR-RS 6-1 193 JR-2L

Moncks Corner, S.C. Darlington, S.C. Rock Hill, S.C.

239 OR 275 5 91 9 62 5

5-9 5-7 5-10 6-1 6-1 5-10 5-7 6-0 6-1

Moncks Corner, Bradenton, Fla. S.C. Darlington, S.C. Rock Hill, S.C. Rock Hill, S.C. Columbia, S.C. Bradenton, Buford, Ga.Fla. Rock Hill, S.C.

6-1 223 FR-HS Blythewood, S.C. 5-10 193 JR-2L Lawrenceville, Ga. 6-0 208 JR-2L Jacksonville, Fla.


2011 H

Jay Wooten 6-3 Jay JoeyWooten Scribner-Howard 6-3 6-0 Joey Scribner-Howard 6-0 Joey Scribner-Howard 6-0 Jay Wooten 6-3 Joey Scribner-Howard 6-0 Seth Strickland 6-2 Joey Scribner-Howard 6-0 Jay Wooten 6-3

204 204 210 210 210 204 210 194 210 204


Seth Strickland South13Carolina Football 6-2 194 JR-1L

2011 South Carolina Football



Laurinburg, N.C. Laurinburg, Irmo, S.C. N.C. Irmo, S.C. Irmo, S.C. Laurinburg, N.C. Irmo, S.C. Laurens, S.C. Irmo, S.C. Laurinburg, N.C. Laurens, S.C.


Bruce Ellington Ace Sanders Victor Hampton Stephon Gilmore Stephon Gilmore Walker Inabinet Ace Sanders Davis Moore Stephon Gilmore

91 Walker Inabinet 62 Davis Moore

197 175 187 193 193 199 175 216 193


5-10 199 JR-1L Columbia, S.C. 6-0 216 SO-SQ Buford, Ga.

usc VS clemson 15


From November 23rd through December 31st, from 6-10pm, Saluda Shoals Park will come alive in a blaze of more than a million sparkling lights. Holiday Lights on the River features over 400 themed, animated light displays on a two-mile loop of the park!

Enjoy the DAZZLING DANCING FOREST with its dancing lighted trees synchronized to classical and whimsical holiday music. See the three dimensional Victorian Village, Old Man Winter, the holiday classic Twelve Days of Christmas and much more, all in sparkling lights. WETLAND WONDERLAND WALKING TRAIL 6-10pm Take a stroll along the boardwalk through the WETLAND WONDERLAND WALKING TRAIL. Watch nature come to lif in sparkling lights. Fee:$1 per person, includes a hayride to the boardwalk. Holiday lights admission applies. WINTER WONDER RIDE-FRIDAY& SATURDAY NIGHTS ONLY NOV. 25-26, DEC. 2-3, 9-10, & 16-23 from 6-10pm Get ready for the slide of your life on the WINTER WONDER RIDE at Holiday Lights on the river. Zip through a series of lighted arches and experience downhill tubing without the snow on this 125 foot, exciting, fun-packed family ride. Tubes are provided. The WINTER WONDER RIDE is suitable for children and adults 42” and taller. If you are under the age of (4), you must be accompanied by your parents or guardian. Fee: $2 per slide with Holiday Lights admission. NIGHTS OF WONDER • DECEMBER 16-23 ONLY! 6-10pm

Join us December 16-23 only for NIGHTS OF WONDER and enjoy eight fun-filled evening of family activities. Take a ride on the Red-Nose Express hayride, or ride the Saluda Shoals ChooChoo. Enjoy a leisurely trip through the lights in a horse-drawn carriage. Concessions, crafts to make & take home, roasting marshmallows and a visit with Santa are additional highlights of the NIGHTS OF WONDER! Nominal fees ($1-$5) for concessions and activities apply. Holiday Lights on the River is a magical experience you won’t want to miss!

usc VS clemson



usc VS clemson

The Side Line: USC v. Clemson  

Gamecock gameday publication previewing South Carolina rivalry match between University of South Carolina and Clemson.

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