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Library Central 2011- 2012 Full of surprises

Information on‌ Library services at Mid Cheshire College Books and other resources for your course Help to find the information and support you need to get top marks Never be afraid to ask a Librarian!

Library Central at Mid-Cheshire College Welcome! You can be sure of a warm welcome in our Libraries from all of the Library team. We are here to help you to find information from books, journals or online so that you can get the best marks you can. We can also help you to use any of the resources in the library. Please remember always bring your student card in with you - you may want to borrow something from the library

When? Hartford opening times Term time Monday & Tuesday 8.30am - 4.45pm

Wednesday & Thursday 8.30am - 7pm

Winsford Campus library opening times Term time Monday, Thursday & Friday 9am – 4pm

Tuesday & Wednesday 9am – 7pm

London Road opening times Term time Monday - Friday every morning 9 am till 12.45 pm Afternoons (not Tuesdays) 1.30 - 3pm

Friday 8.30am - 4.15pm

Hartford library is open every half term holiday, Easter and summer vacations. (Closed bank holidays). Please ask for details of the opening times

Never be afraid to ask a Librarian!

Where is Library Central? At Hartford the Library is on the top floor of the main block. Take the stairs from reception and follow the signs

The Learning Zone is on the first floor just along from the middle staircase

At Winsford Campus we are on the first floor, room 101 At London Road We are just inside the front door Students are welcome to use any of our libraries regardless of which campus they are based at

How? You can email us on

At Hartford our phone number is 01606 720646 At Winsford our phone number is 01606 720652

At London Road our phone number is 01606 334919 Also you can contact London

Road Library on email See also the London Road blog

So now to tell you a little bit about what we have for you‌

We have books. The Library has about 25000 books at Hartford, about 5000 at Winsford and about 2000 at London Road. The books are divided up so they support the courses being taught at each site.

Never be afraid to ask a Librarian!

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How do I find a book? Search our library catalogue from anywhere where you can access the internet (college, home, work etc). Available online @ If you can’t find what you want on the shelves please ask a member of staff who will be pleased to help you.

Books from other libraries If a book you need for research is at another site and you are unable to collect it, we may be able to arrange for it to be brought to your site for you.

Music and Sound We have a great range of music CDs, audio books and language tapes. You can borrow these free of charge. Most of these are at Hartford but can be sent to London road or Winsford on request.

Film and recordings We stock a range of DVDs for both entertainment and to support your learning. DVDs are held at all three campuses; some of these we have bought and some are recorded from the television. Again you can borrow these free of charge. These resources are here for your use - So if you think we are missing something, let us know!

Never be afraid to ask a Librarian!

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Borrowing You may

borrow up to 4 items at a time. (8 for Higher Education

students). You must bring your student ID card with the items you want to borrow to the issue desk. Most things can be borrowed for 3 weeks (2 weeks at London Road). A small number of the most popular books, all the journals, DVDs and CDs can only be borrowed for one week. If you need anything for a longer period you can renew them.

Renewals You may renew ONCE by email or phone (See contact information on page 3). Alternatively or you can bring them in to any library and renew them over the counter (No limit unless item is reserved for another user.)

Overdues A few days after an item goes overdue we will send you a letter to remind you to return the items you have on loan. Please be aware that we do charge fines for all overdue items. We don’t charge much, just 5p a day per item. But if you have several items overdue it quickly mounts up. Non- return of items will result in us contacting your Tutor and blocking your computer access

Back to the books‌ Factual books A majority of our books are factual and are bought to support the subjects being studied in college. Winsford and London Road have collections that reflect the subjects being taught there. London Road has fashion and photography books. Winsford has books mainly for care, health, education and uniformed public services. Hartford has a more general collection and a very large collection of art books.

Never be afraid to ask a Librarian!

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Fiction If you enjoy reading you are welcome to borrow from our fiction collections. We buy new books regularly and always welcome suggestions from students of what can be added to stock.

Children’s books We have a small children’s book collections at both Hartford and Winsford. So if you have a small person at home who loves books feel free to dip in to this collection.

Magazines and newspapers We have magazines and journals which we buy in for your subject and for your entertainment. The latest edition is kept as reference only, but back copies can be borrowed for one week.

Hartford has both national daily and weekly local newspapers, so do come in and read them. We subscribe to Infotrac, an online database, through which you can access all UK newspapers; some as far back as 1990.

E Books Copies of full text, online textbooks available 24/7 through the College intranet and the Library catalogue. Click on Ebrary to access, or the title of an E book on the catalogue.

Remember that the libraries are the only places in college where people can come and work quietly. So to allow other people to concentrate, please work quietly, turn your MP3 player down and switch your mobile on to silent. Thank you

Never be afraid to ask a Librarian!

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On to Computers… So you want to use a computer? Library Central has computers in all its centres. Normally computers are available on a first come first served basis. However you can reserve a computer in advance online for up to 3 hours a day. Go to to make a booking.

Please remember that the computers are provided for students to do their coursework. If you are not doing coursework and the centre is busy you will be asked to log off and free up a computer.

Please be aware that college staff are monitoring what you are doing on your computer!

How many are there?... The Library at Hartford has 20 bookable computers. (HE students can book 5 in the HE study room) The Learning Zone on the first floor at Hartford has 41 computers, 28 of which can be booked. Winsford Campus has 24 computers in the Library, 12 of which can be booked by students London Road has 8 drop in computers in the Library (Also available when the Librarian is not working).

The Learning Zone (First floor at Hartford) Opening hours for drop in computing (term time only) Monday – Thursday

9.00 – 4.45


9.00 – 4.15

Do come up to Hartford Library outside these hours or if all the computers are being used.

Never be afraid to ask a Librarian!

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How to log in‌ The log in box on the screen has two lines. Where you are asked for a name, type in the six digit number off your student ID card. For the password type in your postcode in lower case with no spaces.

Eg CW8 1LJ becomes cw81lj To make your account secure we recommend you change your password to something you can easily remember.

Do not tell anyone else your password. Everyone has to agree to the network acceptable use policy before they can proceed.

If you have any problems with your account, or think it might have been misused, go and see the IT Technicians.

What can you do on the computer?... Search the Library Catalogue, College Intranet, online databases or the Internet Use programs to prepare your work, print off and check your e mail Access your college e mail account – logon Download work and resources from Moodle

Online resources Click the Internet button and the College Intranet home page appears. From here you can get to Google, e mail, Moodle, online resources and you can also find out important information about other departments in College.

Never be afraid to ask a Librarian!

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Choose and click on an option in eLibrary to get to our online resources 24/7 that we buy in (some of these are very expensive!) e.g. Infotrac – newspaper and journal articles: ebrary – online books.

To use these resources from home you will need to ask Library staff for information

There are also links to a collection of recommended freely available online resources. Most of which are quality web sites.

You must check all facts carefully, particularly with any information you find on the Internet. Remember, anyone can put anything on the Internet!

Printing Every student gets a printer allowance of 300 pages free at the beginning of the academic year. (That’s 300 sheets of A4 black and white printing) If you use them up you will need to buy more! Ask the Library staff how to do this.

Colour printing is available over the counter

Hartford and Winsford bring your work to us on a memory stick or e mail it as an attachment to: At London Road, send your printing to the printer and the Library staff will print it out. We do charge 30p a sheet for this service and we can only print out in A4

Photocopying Colour or black and white copying can be done in all the libraries. (The Learning Zone is black and white only). At London Road and Winsford Campus you need to buy a photocopy card to make photocopies. The shop sells them at London Road and Reception sells them at Winsford.

It’s a different system at Hartford!

On the back of your student ID card there is a magnetic strip. You buy photocopy credits at the college shop, this is put on your student ID card and then you can swipe the card at any photocopier to copy.

Photocopying costs A4 A3 A4 A3

B&W B&W Colour Colour

Never be afraid to ask a Librarian!

3p 6p 15p 30p

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The Library Mid-Cheshire College Chester Road Hartford Northwich CW8 1LJ 01606 720646


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