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Sensuous Woman by World of Sensuality Our Inaugural Issue! Exclusively Featuring Andre Bitro

April 2012

Sensuous Woman

By World Of Sensuality Welcome to the first edition of Sensuous Woman! This new publication will focus exclusively on the beauty, elegance and sensuality of Woman. When creating this initial edition, it became quite clear there was one amazing artist that truly captured the essence of our goal. André Bitro is a native of Portugal . He is truly amazing. His style is extremely clean and uncluttered, thereby allowing us to totally focus on his models. Elegance and superb clean lines are the hallmark of his work. The female form cannot be better captured or displayed. I think you will agree, his photographs are great art. To see more of André Bitro’s work you can visit his Facebook page, Future editions of Sensuous Woman will endeavor to present many aspects of women; beautiful, irreverent, sexy, elegant, erotic, but for now, please enjoy our inaugural edition and the artistry of André Bitro. DMR Publisher/Editor, Sensuous Woman April 2012

In Nature...

With Props...

Simply Elegantly Beautiful...

“My dear, to live sensuously is to live!” R.

Sensuous Woman