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REVIEW Bestselling author Freya North tells us what books she’ll be giving this Christmas.



by Matt Haig Canongate

by Dave Roberts bantam press



Matt Haig is a clever, witty and hugely original storyteller.

You don’t have to be a bloke and you don’t have to like football

Winner of this year’s TV Book Club “Best Read”, this is the

to love this book. Dave Roberts relocates to the USA and his

story of a very ordinary family from the outside. Teenagers.

wife tells him his 1,134 football programmes aren’t coming with.

Dodgy uncles. The usual. However, behind the suburban

He can take just 32. As he begins the task of choosing which,

front door, the dinner parties and Radio 4, it’s a different

memories abound – his youthful football obsession, crushes on

matter. They’re vampires. This book has perhaps the best

disinterested girls, rubbish jobs and trying to impress skinheads.

shoutline I’ve ever seen on a cover – and it sums up the story

One final programme is added to his collection – one that he

brilliantly: “Families: They’re a bloody nightmare…”

thought he’d never say, one which means more to him than all the rest. A funny, touching tale of a man’s life and loves.



by Cleveland Amory Corgi £6.99

by Tamara Cohen Doubleday £12.99

One snowy Christmas Eve, down a New York alley, the author

“Never have an affair with someone who has less to lose than

and the cat first met. Polar Bear, as he called him, was at

you.” When I read that on the cover, I knew I was in for a page-

death’s door. Cleveland Amory preferred dogs. The story

turner of a read. This is Tamar’s first novel – and it’s brilliant

follows their first year together – an unlikely pair: a stroppy

in that compelling, car-crash way. Clive has been Sally’s lover

stray cat and a curmudgeonly old bloke. Never twee, the

for 5 years. He promised he’d leave his wife for her. He lied.

relationship is recounted in funny and touching prose. Amory

Written in the present tense, in the first person, sometimes funny,

was a distinguished journalist, satirist and novelist – and

sometimes dark, it charts Sally’s desperation, delusion – and

when he died, he was buried next to Polar Bear.

revenge. Gripping. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…!

WORLD BOOK NIGHT Deadlines close 31 Dec 2011 if you want to become a World Book Night giver


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