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| June 2011


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Welcome Welcome to the June edition of the Bourne Scene! With the glorious late Spring weather, it may seem like we’ve had Summer already. Our gardens have flourished and in some cases flowered too early. Nothing can be done to halt this; enjoy it and nurture it. Keeping our plants watered through the dry spells can be as simple as getting the garden hose out; consider though a water butt or two, dish water and methods to prevent the borders drying out so quickly. See page 16 for some more tips. Beauty is all about simple steps to prepare and care for your skin as the short sleeves appear from the wardrobe. (pages 9 & 10). The Lincolnshire County Show is gearing up and we have two family tickets to giveaway this month, (pages 20 & 21). Out and about, there are lots of events going on (pages 36 & 37) and locally Bourne Woods offers a lovely retreat (pages 40 & 41). So enjoy the outdoors and if you get stuck indoors because of a summer shower, grab a book recommended by Freya North on (page 26).

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Evening Dinner at Harley’s Diner – Naomi Hand

Harleys Diner in Market Deeping is a popular venue for a morning coffee, a cooked breakfast, lunch with friends or a snack in the afternoon. Added to this, owner Richard Swinscoe has introduced extended opening hours, through to the evening. I recently went for an evening meal at Harleys, with my husband, and we were both thoroughly impressed. The starters all looked tempting, but we decided on the seared field mushrooms served on char grilled bread with a garlic butter & rocket and also the tempura king prawns with a sweet chilli sauce – both wonderfully cooked and presented, but we both agreed the mushrooms were outstanding; soft and with a perfect amount of garlic butter. For the main course, I chose the monkfish with sweet chilli, noodles and

oriental vegetables. This was tender, with the noodles just right and not sticky. As if the mushroom starter had not impressed us enough, the Thai beef curry with jasmine rice and homemade prawn cracker outdid it; tender beef, sauce that was thick enough to stay on the meat and rice infused with a subtle flavour of jasmine. Desserts of Oero cheesecake & Key Lime pie rounded off the meal beautifully. We enjoyed Barefoot Pinot Grigio (California) with the meal and found all the portions of food were perfect for an evening meal. The service was excellent and everything about the meal would mean a repeat visit is on the cards very soon! Two courses £12/person Three courses £15/person, inc. a bottle of wine (wine offer Tues - Thurs)

Harley’s Diner - 3 Market Gate, Market Deeping 01778 346952 Open until 10pm, Tuesday - Saturday

‘Lights, Camera, Fashion!’ St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice has teamed up with New Look, The Wildcats Theatre School, New College Stamford and Aquila Photographer to put on a show of Fashion delights for the people of Stamford. With High street fashion from New Look appearing down the catwalk you will get to see the latest fashion trends for your little dots up to plus sizes all at an affordable price! Modelled by the Wild Cat Theatre School students this will be a show to watch with dancing fun and character to show their audience! New College Stamford Diploma Students are sewing away ready to showcase their final year designs based on the theme of ‘Culture’. With artistic flare, unique designs, these outfits are not to be missed! Indulgence Stalls will also be there for you to treat yourself with something extra special.


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Springfields support the Royal British Legion The Royal British Legion has been named as the official Charity of the Year for 2011/12 for Springfields Outlet Centre, Spalding, following a successful 2010/11 where visitors help raise £7,310 for Help for Heroes – the highest ever tally for a charity at Springfields.

collection tins in stores and official merchandise available to buy at the Springfields Information Point, with all proceeds going to the Legion. Items will include pin badges, brooches, mugs, t-shirts and wristbands.

The Legion is the major voice for service and ex-service people throughout the year. It campaigns and lobbies on a wide range of issues, including mental and physical health, housing and homelessness, employment, community and adult care, disability, skills development and debt. Its aim is to continuously improve the welfare and support provided for veterans, serving personnel and their dependants of all ages.

As well as financial donations, people’s time is also important to the Legion especially around Remembrance tide from 29 October until 13 November. If you’d like to give some time to the Legion you can sign up in the Springfields Information Point or call Peter on 01406 373669.

Visitors to Springfields will be able to donate to the Legion every day, as there will be

For further information on Springfields visit: or

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Deepings Raft Race Sunday 7th August 2011

Worcester Bosch demonstration lorry will be at the annual Deeping Show on the 4th & 5th June This year The Rotary Club of the Deepings are pleased to announce that they will be running the 2011 Deepings Raft Race. As the Race has become traditional and important in the calendar of The Deepings, Rotary has stepped in as the organiser to ensure the continuation and success of the event. This year’s Race will be held on Sunday 7th August 2011 and preceded as usual by a Raft Race Dance on Friday 5th August 2011. Such an exciting challenge for Deepings Rotary is possible with help and support both before the race day and on the day. The weekend is set to be highly successful, continuing the local fundraising activities.


June 2011 | Email:

Come and talk to Worcester Bosch technical experts about your heating/ renewable projects. Stuart Brearley from Deeping Gas will also be on hand to discuss any of your requirements. Telephone: 01780 783613 | June 2011


Health & Beauty

The Beauty Spot

Health & Beauty

For all your Luxury Beauty Treatments

Get ready for summer with this advert receive 10% off your first treatment booking ! Offer Valid until August 31st 2011. cialising Relaxing Facials Now spe NE. Pure N Waxing and Brazilian Waxing in ARBO incare Swiss Sk e-up Manicure / Pedicure k and Ma ts. Eyelash/brow tinting Produc Make-up for weddings & special occasions

Body Shop Tea Tree Black head Eliminating Scrub

Hen Pamper Parties , in the luxury of your own home! Sunnyside House, 1 Pimpernel Walk , Elsea Park, Bourne . PE10 0FL . Please contact Jane Rawlinson on Mob 07772 474330

Nailicious By Milly

Body Shop Lip Scuff

Beautiful nails at your fingertips all in the comfort of your home

gel nails gel polish nail art manicures foil nail artwraps eye lash extensions T: 07758 251499 E:

Gift Vouchers Available 8

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Remove the cause of problems rather than just controlling the sympton

FREE Initial Consultation Call NOW on

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Health & Beauty


Health & Beauty

I’m sure that you have had heard lots of conflicting exercise tips over the years, about the best way to train, so it is time to shed some light on some fitness myths floating around in the fitness world.

Myth 1

If you want to reduce the size of your hips, backside or stomach, then you should exercise that area

Unfortunately body fat is reduced from all over the body and not a specific area.You maybe making things worse in some cases, by exercising that zone (i.e. squats will add size to your backside). Body fat will generally burn from the inside first and then finally hit those hard to get areas, which typically are the first places to gain.You need to ensure that you combine weights, cardio and nutrition.

Myth 2 Lots of running, cycling, x-training and rowing is the key to losing body fat (all known as Cardio)

This Months Beauty Products Continued...

Well done if you are committed to all this, but too much will have a negative affect on your overall physique. Basically too much cardio will eventually put your body into a calorie deficit and then start to use your muscles for an energy source - NOT GOOD! You will then start to lose your definition and tone. Muscle is metabolically active and burns more calories at rest. Try to combine a toning session with short bursts of cardio to preserve muscle.

Myth 3

The best way to lose body fat is to eat very little calories Whilst reducing your calories intake steadily will enhance weight loss, decreasing the calorie intake drastically will make your body revert to starvation mode. Survival in this instance is the body’s number 1 priority which means holding onto your fat stores. Regular frequent snacks and meals are the key to success. Better to lose a little often,than to often not lose a little. 10

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Health & Beauty

Why, if hypnosis is such a valuable tool, has it been neglected by the medical profession for so long?... This was asked in 1951 in ‘Concepts of Hypnosis’. Luckily over the last 60 years the medical profession have began to change their viewpoint on hypnosis & hypnotherapy. It’s taken a long time to get where we are now, and some people still think that by swinging a pocket watch or by a click of the fingers people can ‘go under’ and be controlled!!...nothing could be further from the truth!! Hypnosis was recorded as a religious rite in the temples of Iris, Nature Goddess of the Nile; Egyptologists have copied numerous engravings showing worshippers in poses unmistakably characteristic of hypnotic trance. A Greek engraving (928B.C) shows Chiron, renowned physician of his time placing his pupil Aesculapius under hypnosis – in fact, the word hypnosis comes from the Greek word ‘Hypnos’ meaning sleep! From every country, from every period of history, we find documentation attesting to the practice of hypnosis....from Frederick Anton Mesmer in 1773 (from where we get the phrase to be mesmerised) to Dr James Braid, a prominent Manchester surgeon, who is the father of scientific evaluation of hypnotism around 1840’s; Professor Charcot, the neurologist became enthralled in the late 1800’s at his Academy in France. A complete historical presentation of hypnosis would take volumes, suffice to say that Charcot found hypnosis at a crucial point in history and rescued it from an almost certain grave....The rest they say is history. Hypnotism is finally shrugging off the undeservedly poor reputation created by apparent mystical powers of stage hypnotists....people are more educated now and can find out for themselves how powerful the technique really is.


Health & Beauty

The History of Hypnotism

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Achieve the smile you have always wanted Gain confidence and look years younger

Yes, I know, it’s a bold statement to make but read on and I will explain what I mean by proving an altered state of awareness, we have all experienced this state before...watching TV and find yourself ‘staring into space’, when you have been driving and realise you cannot remember the last few miles of the journey, becoming so absorbed in something that you lose all trace of time. These, are all examples of an altered state of awareness.

WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?... .As you progress through life, experiences are gathered, mostly these are good, on occasions something maybe upsetting or even so horrific that you ‘lock away’ the experience, the unconscious mind protecting you. Consciously you may have no recollection of the event, but your unconscious memory keeps it stored. Then sooner or later something happens which causes the unconscious mind to react. Hypnotherapy can be used to resolve any of these problems, annoyances or irritations. Using hypnotherapy I can help you with: Anxiety issues, stress, fears & phobias, unwanted habits, weight control, self esteem, depression, stop smoking, IBS, Childbirth, pain, exams, public speaking, sports hypnosis and many more. Contact me now. Lorraine Lester D.Psych. Psychoanalytical Therapist/Clinical Hypnotherapist to arrange your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION 01733 241 137 Consulting room based at Market Deeping Community Centre.

One visit.. . One hour.. . One White Smile! Professional Teeth Whitening for only £149

B Zero

(Bleach Free) Whitening


Now Available, Call for details...

01780 789878 to book - Discounts for Group Bookings and Bridal Packages

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Home & Garden

Home & Garden

The rain in Spain, hasn’t made it here... As I write this Britain is in the grips of drought, looking at the grass you could mistakenly think its August! With the unusually warm weather plants are romping away and quickly getting stressed through lack of water, so here are some tips to help your garden cope. • • • • • • • • • •

Mulch plant roots with any well rotted organic matter to conserve moisture. Add water retaining granules to container composts. Raise the height of the cut on your lawns. Hoe off any competing weeds. Bath and washing up water can be used on the garden, except on fruit and veg. Early morning and evening is best for watering. Spray over foliage when watering. Make saucer shaped dips around new plantings to avoid run off. Invest in some water butts to catch the precious rain when it comes! Sink pots near the roots of thirsty vegetables like squashes and courgettes, and fill up daily.

All aspects of Carpentry & Joinery work undertaken and finished to the highest standard. Design service available. References available upon request, full portfolio Fully insured.

Mark Goldspink

Over 25 years experience T:01778 341687 | M: 07860575447 18 Eastend, Langtoft, PE6 9LP


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Summer’s here! Hooray Summer is here! With the threat of late frosts over, roll out your bedding, line out your runner beans, dust off the deck chairs and pour out the Pimms!

Plant focus on Roses Roses, that most quintessential English flower, its heavenly fragrance and beautiful blooms bringing joy to any garden. But wait, Oh no! Green bugs, black blotches, my roses what am I to do? Well never fear, ‘Garden scene is here’; here’s my quick guide to perfect roses. • Black spot, mildew and aphids are the main problems you will encounter, treat when seen with a proprietary product from the garden centre. Healthy plants will fight off pest and diseases much more readily, so give your Roses a fortnightly foliar feed, spray the foliage with a seaweed based product with extra iron. • Good fertility is key so feed with a slow release rose fertiliser once in April and again at the end of June. • Ideally roses prefer a sunny position, sheltered from strong winds. • Avoid planting roses on a site where roses have been recently planted before. • Use a good deep mulch of well rotted organic matter to seal in moisture. • Dead head regularly to keep the flowers coming. • At the end of the year rake up and remove fallen rose leaves. • Roses are best planted in late Autumn/early winter, fork a bucket of compost into the planting hole and plant so the bud union is 2.5cm below the soil. by Joseph Whitehead

Telephone: 01780 783613 | June 2011


Refurbish or Replace your Kitchen

Home & Garden

Home & Garden

Replacing an existing kitchen is one of the most expensive and disruptive tasks that you can undertake. Before you make the decision to rip everything out and start again, there are a couple of things to consider: – • Are you currently in your forever home? • Does you current kitchen work? • What budget do you realistically have?


If you are not in your forever home and plan to sell your property within the next couple of years, consider if replacing your existing kitchen is worth the expense, time and effort. If your current layout works and the cabinet carcasses are still in good working order then why go to the heartache of replacing them? You can achieve a completely new look simply by updating some of the existing fittings. Not only will this be considerably cheaper but the work will be completed within a shorter time frame, with a lot less disruption. Start by calculating what budget you have to spend as this will help determine the level of improvements you can afford to make.You can gain a total new look by stripping the kitchen back to the bare carcass and replacing all fittings. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, don’t worry, consider what combination of changes will give you the best results; a fresh new colour on the walls and ceiling, new handles on the cabinet doors and some trendy new tiles can help to transform a dated look.


June 2011 | Email:

If you opt for a full refurbishment consider using a local kitchen refurbishment company who will complete the work for you. However, if you are happy to take on the challenge yourself make sure that you do the following: • • • • • •

Measure all of your current kitchen doors, side panels and kickboards and then measure them again Make sure you can purchase replacements of the same size, check the positioning of the hinges Think about door handles and what style is required to ensure the new ones do not obstruct anything If you are replacing your worktop, check for joints and know where they are positioned If you are replacing any appliances, spend time measuring to ensure your replacement items will fit safely and securely Any gas appliances need to be disconnected and fitted by a registered gas fitter

Whatever you can afford, it might not give you the dream kitchen you were hoping for, but it will certainly help to make your home more presentable when the time comes to put your house on the market. Just remember when choosing your colours and design the kitchen is one of the major selling points so don’t put potential buyers off by opting for something too bizarre!

Replace If you are fortunate enough to be in your forever home the first thing to consider is what you want from your kitchen. Will the space allow for your design dream? If not, it may be worth considering a revamp rather than a replacement. However, if the space allows for a complete new design start by making a wish list of all the things you would like from your kitchen, this could be anything from somewhere to entertain, to having a built in wine rack. Write everything down, no matter how unachievable you think it might be. Next consider what budget you have. Plans never quite go to plan so make sure you have a little extra cash in reserve, just in case.

Once you have set your budget and agreed on the expectations from your new kitchen, it is time to think about the layout, design and colour. Remember that you don’t want to be changing your kitchen again anytime soon, so spend time shopping around looking for styles and designs that you like. Once you have an idea of style and colour, get your kitchen designed by a professional – many of the DIY stores offer free design and planning. They will come out to your home and talk to you about your expectations. Go through your wish list – but be aware you may have to compromise. They will take measurements and note where the current services are located and provide you with a printed plan. Whether you use the company or go elsewhere is up to you, however, unless you are a craftsman by trade, it is advisable to get your kitchen fitted by professionals. Like anything in this world, you get what you pay for, but if you give time to research your dream kitchen thoroughly, you will find some excellent value for money out there.

Whether you are selling, letting or simply wanting to update your home contact Sue for an informal chat. Tidy Interiors - Tel 01476 564035 | Mob 0754 061 2143 Telephone: 01780 783613 | June 2011


Family & Craft

County’s big day out promises more than ever

Ticket giveaway

Family & Craft

Here’s your chance to win a fantastic Family Ticket worth £40 to this year’s Lincolnshire Show. We have TWO to give way, and each one admits 2 adults and up to 3 children for one day of the Show.

Question: Where abouts would you find the Knights of the Damned at this year’s Show? Email by Tuesday 14 June with your contact details and quoting Lincs Show

The two-day Lincolnshire Show is overflowing with attractions for the whole family and organisers promise that it will be even bigger and better than ever. For at this 127th Show, there are more family attractions, more delicious foods from local producers, more schools taking part in the big Challenge and more sports to try out. There are also more new attractions - like Express Eventing and the Scruffts crossbreed pooch competition. Medieval jousting stunt team, the Knights of the Damned, return with a promise of more excitement when they perform on both days of the Show in the Isuzu Countryside Arena. Leader Justin Pearson is fresh back from performing stunts for blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean IV and the troupe includes two local riders, Rob and James Pavey, both 21 and just qualifying as stuntmen. This year’s Sports Zone is doubled in size and in the run up to the 2012 Olympics, it will feature a chance to try out almost all the Olympic sports with appearances from Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls from the county. This year is a real first for dog lovers. For the first time dogs will be allowed to join in the fun at the Show as long as they are on a lead, and owners can also leave them with a special doggy-crèche being run by local animal charity, Jerry Green Dog Rescue.


Potato planting with the children • A major new attraction - Express Eventing; a mini version of top class equestrian eventing • The Select Lincolnshire and Tastes of Lincolnshire Food Court will feature a special Lincolnshire producer and supplier section this year, with a mouth-watering selection of local produce and some great homemade recipe demonstrations. • In the Greenhouse, a range of companies will be explaining how to live a more sustainable lifestyle with technologies that include solar power, biomass, wind turbines, ground source heat pumps and rain water harvesting. • And for the shopper, there will be more than 600 stands to visit, including the boutique style shopping on The Mews avenue featuring everything from bespoke kitchens to handmade pearl bracelets.

You don’t need a allotment or large space in the garden to grow potatoes. Bags or sacks are ideal and fun for the kids too! You can buy a kit from the garden centres which includes a few bags and the tubers (see potatoes). • In each bag, place five tubers on top of 15-20cm of good quality compost. Then cover with a further 10cm of compost. • As the shoots start to appear through the compost, add most compost on top to keep the potato covered. Repeat this until the compost is a few centimetres below the top of the bag. • Keep the soil moist, but not saturated. There are many varieties available now, but if you’re growing in just a few bags then the first earlies may suit you best. They are best harvested in small quantities & eaten straight away.

Super easy Playdough recipe:

• • • • •

1/2 cup of salt 1 cup of flour 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar 1 tablespoon of oil 1 cup of boiling water mixed food colouring

It’s all taking place at the Lincolnshire Showground, Grange de Lings on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd June 2011.

For alternative colouring, try glitter, leave some fruit teabags in the hot water for a natural colour.

8am to 6pm each day. Ticket hotline 0845 2305171

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and then mix vigorously with the hot water. Store in tubs or food bags to keep it soft. | Twitter: @lincsshow June 2011 | Email:

Telephone: 01780 783613 | June 2011


THE GARDEN OF Contemporary sculpture in an historic setting. On entering the Sculpture Garden visitors are welcomed by a mixed array of trees and shrubs for all seasons, many framed with an evergreen backdrop of common laurel. These shrubs form a major structural element within the gardens, forming archways and external rooms where discreetly hidden sculptures can be found. Annual exhibitions of sculptures run from April to October along with permanent pieces, which can be viewed all the year round, including the grass maze designed by Peter Randall Page which gives fun to the young and old.

Garden of Surprises Features The Copper Tree Fountain

Opening times The Gardens are open daily from 19th March to 30th October from 11am to 5pm. The last admission is at 4.30pm.

The Mirror Tree The Water House Can you fill the water column? The Three Fountains The Paddling Pool The Caesars’ Heads The Longitude Dial Convex and Concave Mirrors

The gardens will be closed for four days from 1st-4th September during the Burghley Horse Trials. Festival of surprises 30th July-12th Aug 2011 admission charges House and Gardens Gardens of Surprise Only Adults £13.50 £7.80 Children (3-15 years) £6.70 £5.00 Seniors/Students £12.00 £6.50 Family (2 adults and 2 children) £35.00 £24.00 Audio guide £2.50

The Dark Moss House Neptune’s grotto The Emperors Triumph The Transforming Obelisks Merrelles in the Theatron Water Curtain.

Events @ Burghley 29 May - 26 June A Burghley Season Photography Exhibition Saturday 11th June Bjorn Again are back! Saturday 9th July Battle Proms Concert


June 2011

Saturday 30th July Friday 12th August Festival of Surprises | Email: Children’s workshops

Telephone: 01780 783613 | June 2011


Author of 10 bestselling novels and winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year, Freya’s 11th novel, Chances, is available now.

Theory of Music Tuition

Riding high in the bestseller charts with her new novel, Chances, author Freya North tells us what she’ll be reading this month.

Grades 1-5 ABRSM

THE PERFECT PICNIC by Hilda Leyel Square Peg £9.99 Everyone’s heard of Mrs Beeton… yet many foodies and top chefs credit Hilda Leyel’s recipes as their inspiration to cook. Born in 1880, she wrote The Perfect Picnic in 1936 but it’s as relevant now as it was then: inventive recipes championing local, seasonal ingredients. Mrs Leyel promoted our traditional

favourites like raised pies and crusty egg mayonnaise sandwiches – but inspired a little refinement. Spiced plum cake and salted almonds is a fine example of her cooking where retro meets modern. Heading in to picnic season, this is a lovely book to read - where recipes are delicious yet practical. So dust down your wicker basket, shake out an old run – and off you go!

LONDON UNDER by Peter Ackroyd Chatto & Windus, £12.99

THE PILE OF STUFF AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS by Christina Hopkinson Hodder & Stoughton £12.99

Peter Ackroyd’s previous books London: The Biography and Thames: Sacred River have quite rightly won various awards and sold in the zillions. You really don’t have to be a Londoner, or even a city-dweller to be captivated by them. Now, with all the zeal and eloquence of a passionate tour guide, Ackroyd takes the reader deep under the city – somewhere he astutely describes as “a second earth… it elicits sensations of wonder and of terror. It partakes of myth and dream in equal measure.” The book is fantastically atmospheric – digging deep into what goes on underground when an age-old city lies above it.

I met journalist and fellow author Christina Hopkinson recently and liked her enormously, partly because her life seemed even more chaotic than mine. I love the title of her new novel – and was delighted to find the content of the book just as entertaining yet insightful too. Mary Gilmour, the heroine, senses her life is going down a plug hole clogged with cornflakes and Play-Doh. She works part time, housework appears to be a second, full time job and she finds she has no time for her sons or husband Joel. She hatches a plan – star charts worked for her children so she designs the equivalent for husband, Joel. And she gives him 6 months to redeem himself. Essentially, the novel is a love story - You’ll laugh, you’ll nod – and you’ll feel a bit better of your own pile of stuff at the bottom of your stairs.


June 2011 | Email:

Weekly/Fortnightly/Intensive tuition 01778 345215 / 07837 556442 Planning Applications Building Regulations Extensions/New Builds/Refurbs All Architectural works undertaken Free Advice & Quotes Call Alex Calvert 01778 349 472 or 07766 656363

Dates for your diary

27 – 30 May

r Waterton Bee Festival es over ‘Offering 30 real al n they’re the weekend. Whe !’ gone, they’re gone ic Featuring live mus year anniversary Celebrate the 1st ms under new of The Waterton Ar t! em manag en

Residen t

Ales – Real Ale s on at all t imes * Sharp s Doom bar * Timot hy * Charle Taylor Landlo s r * Oakh Wells Bombar d am Ale d ie r s JHB est Ales x 2 Ever Changing Gu e above 5%) al ng (one being a stro

Popular Quiz Night every Wednesday night – Free To Enter – 9pm Start The Waterton Arms | 68 Church Street | Deeping St James | PE6 8HD Tel: 01778 342219 Telephone: 01780 783613 | June 2011


Bountiful Botswana

Now Accessible For More Budget Conscious Travellers

17% of the land mass is dedicated to game reserves, and as MD, Steve Daykin points out, if you want to see nature in its most uncompromised state, Botswana is greatly suited.“With a population of only 1.3m, Botswana provides ultimate escapism, offering a break from the concrete jungle and a chance to connect with all the fruits of nature. With its magnificent range of different ecosystems and abundance of wildlife and birdlife, Botswana is simply stunning, and now accessible for all”. For those with a tad more cash to spare, Botswana can be combined with visits to many of the highlights of the surrounding regions – maybe visit the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls or chic Cape Town or spend some idyllic beach time on the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius or Mozambique. Inspirational Travel tailor-make itineraries to cater for varying durations and budgets.

Traditionally a holiday destination that thrived on high yield and low impact tourism, Botswana isn’t famed for attracting the more budget conscious traveller. All that is set to change with a new series of affordable itineraries created by local travel company, Inspirational Travel.


Botswana’s key tourist destinations, during peak season, have asked as much as USD $1,200 per person per night (approx £750.00). Inspirational Travel, however, are now offering safaris starting at just £1,200 per person. Managing Director, Steve Daykin explains; “Botswana is a fabulous place to visit, but previously this hasn’t been possible for many individuals and families due to excessive pricing. Now, what with the economy forcing purse strings to tighten, holidays to Botswana have become seemingly beyond reach. However, we have worked diligently with our strategic partners to design exciting, affordable itineraries to suit those travelling on a more modest budget”. June 2011 | Email:

Inspirational Travel has created a range of exciting safari itineraries of varying lengths and start with their 4-night “Affordable Botswana” safari with prices from just £1,200 per person. The itinerary includes 2-nights in the Okavango Delta at Kanana Camp and 2-nights in Moremi Game Reserve at Okuti Camp. The price of £1,200 includes shared accommodation, flights within Botswana, game activities, all meals and drinks, laundry service, park entrance fees and departure taxes. Botswana is a vast land of contrasting flora and fauna. The country is landlocked between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia and is covered by savannah scrub and the dry, arid Kalahari sands, which are then broken by the breathtaking Okavango Delta, the saltpans of Makgadikgadi and the swamps and flood plains of the Chobe River. Collectively these areas constitute a range of eco-systems unparalleled in Africa and are abundant in bird, plant and wildlife.

Contact Inspirational Travel on

01780 784380 Telephone: 01780 783613 | June 2011


Most garages are internal dumping grounds Put your garage to real use convert it to a room you will use everyday • • • • •

Home gym Home cinema Playroom Games room Family room

• • • • •

Dining room Office Studio Bedroom Annex

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Archway are small, long established business based in Peterborough. Offering a wide range of professional home improvement services.

Plumbing & Heating Full Bathroom & Ensuite Refurbishments Call now for a free no Construction obligation quotation Electrical T: 0845 388 7815 Renewable Energies (Peterborough based) We always give a fair and competitive quotation on all our work. We back this up with a 2 year guarantee on workmanship. E: W:


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Motoring But back to the fundamental running costs of the car; Hyundai has developed three e xceptionally efficient engines which power the ix20: a 1.4-litre with 90PS in both petrol and diesel, and a125PS petrol mated to an automatic transmission. Hyundai expects its new ‘U2’ common-rail diesel engine to be the most popular choice among British buyers looking for exceptional economy. The U2 engines use high-pressure common rail injection, electronically-controlled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to ensure they meet Euro V emissions regulations. What’s more, fitted with Integrated Stop-Start technology and a six-speed manual gearbox, the 1.4 CRDi Style version of the ix20, on test here, records CO2 emissions of just 114g/

However, Hyundai is doing its bit to help ease the cost of everyday motoring by producing the thrifty new ix20. The latest model to join the South Korean company’s ‘i-range’ line-up of vehicles has the style of a supermini, the space of Doctor Who’s TARDIS and the economy of a city car. Every manual model features Intelligent Stop & Go technology, low rollingresistance Continental tyres and an Alternator Management System (AMS), giving it the lowest emissions and fuel consumption in the class. In fact the ix20 is so fuel efficient it can actually better or match the figures for rivals’ city cars. Made at Hyundai’s newest European plant in Nošovice, Czech Republic, the ix20 is essentially a compact MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) with a healthy dose of fashion and functionality. It is not, in my opinion, good-looking but it


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km and returns an average fuel economy of 65.7mpg. These class-leading figures will bring reduced motoring costs through lower road fund licence costs as well as saving pounds at the pumps. Ok, by their very nature, MPVs, large or small, are never exhilarating to drive, and the ix20 is no exception. But the car is impressive in so many other respects. It is roomy, tremendously economical, it has a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, it has 20,000-mile service intervals and comes with Hyundai’s five-year unlimited-mileage warranty, plus five years of roadside assistance and free vehicle health checks. Phew! By my reckoning all that makes the ix20 ideal for anyone looking for a cost-effective, practical, modern day motor.

does have a chic sporty profile, which sets it apart from the boxy ‘minivan’ image typically associated with other MPVs. Inside, the ix20 is firmly screwed together and matches the spirited design of the exterior. The wellappointed cabin features a height adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning, six airbags, active head restraints, radio/CD audio system with six speakers, plus CD, MP3 and USB-/AUX-/ iPOD-input capabilities. More importantly, the car provides excellent legroom and headroom in the front and rear. It is also very easy to achieve a comfortable driving position. And once on the move, the ix20 delivers an alert and supple ride, even over the most pothole ravaged roads. That is no surprise though because the car is the first in Hyundai’s history to be extensively tested on the worst of British roads. Telephone: 01780 783613 | June 2011


Whats On

18 June, 6pm – 8pm

Mid Summer Garden Party


Kite Festival Sunday 12th June

Ferry Meadows: starts 10.00am SAT NAV REF: PE2 5UU

A packed programme to include, Stafford Wallace’s Indian Fighters. Adrenaline Head power kites Dark Star AND Team Spectrum with sychronised 2 line flying French Connection kite stacks. Bryan Beasley trick flying Essex Kite Flyers. STACK Rokkaku Challenge

Competitions - Sales - Children’s Workshop - Free-flying Area


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Get a team together and make a splash at the Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival!

Peterborough on Sunday 19th June 2011 - so don’t miss this opportunity to be part of it! To take part, all you need to do is raise a team of up to 17 people (squads can be larger) and you will be ready to ‘race the dragon’! All the dragon boats, qualified helms and racing equipment are provided, each team gets a minimum of three races and no previous experience is necessary, just plenty of team spirit and enthusiasm!

Lolham Mill, West Deeping By kind permission of Mrs Peter Sillars Tickets £7.50

20 June 1.30pm for 2.15pm start

Bourne U3A meeting Entertainment by Judy Theobold; former editor on Lincolnshire Life and latterly hosting her own programme on Radio Lincs.Full details may be obtained from membership secretary Val Palmer on 01778-394998 or by e-mailing

Whats On

Now in its 13th spectacular year, the Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival is proving as popular as ever, as companies, organisations and clubs from across the city and surrounding area, sign up what they hope will be winning teams. This much celebrated annual event returns to the Embankment in

To make sure your company, club or group of friends is on the start line in June, call Gable Events on 01780 470 718 or visit peterborough.

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Maxey House Retirement Home Wins 5 Star Food Hygiene Award 2011 Maxey House is a beautiful Georgian House set in landscaped gardens that has been tastefully converted to provide professional care for its residents. We are independently owned and have been operating in the care home business for over 25 year and continue to offer an excellent standard of care catering to a variety of needs. The sole proprietor, Laura Levin, is involved in the day to day running of the home along with the excellent staff of which some have been with the home for over ten loyal years. The entertainment program offers a variety of events which include music, craft afternoons, quizzes and games. We currently have vacancies and all rooms available have been updated and decorated. Maxey House continues to welcome new residents to the home so should anyone wish to come and view the rooms, no appointment is necessary, or contact us on the number below. Maxey House Residential Home | 88, Lincoln Rd | Deeping Gate | PE6 9BA | 01778 342244


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Things to do

Bourne Woods: Getting Closer to Nature Now that spring is here, it is time to get those walking boots out and enjoy some of the breathtaking flora and fauna that are waiting to be found at the Bourne Woods, a place which makes up part of the larger Kesteven Forest and was once part of the ancient Brunswald Forest. Since 1926, the area has been owned by the Forestry Commission who continuously work at re-generating the site which is said to comprise of approximately 400 acres of land. Located just outside of Bourne (roughly ½ mile), off the A151, everyone will be able to appreciate a place that has a very lengthy and distinctive history which offers a couple of different walks (if you are feeling adventurous), but there is also the opportunity to simply sit back and revel in the wonders of nature whilst having a quiet family picnic.

The Age of Bourne Woods With Bourne Woods, the views and relaxing atmosphere have and continue to make this a great place to visit and it really is a great way of enjoying a natural and historic setting. According to an entry made in the Doomsday Book, it was recorded that the site has housed woodland since 1086.

A visit to Bourne Woods is an ideal option for people of all ages and fitness abilities, because there is a good of activities from. Aselection visit to Bourne Woodstoischoose an ideal

Things to do

option for people of all ages and fitness These include: track is abilities, becauseCycling there is- the a good referred to the Lincolnshire selection of as activities to chooseCycle from.Route and this runs through the woods (from north to south) with Cycling a distance These include: - themeasuring track is in at approximately 5 kilometres. referred to as the Lincolnshire Cycle Route and this runs through the woods Walking is another popular (from north to south) with aactivity distancewith visitors and asinthere are specific trails measuring at approximately 5 kilo-available (more information on the walks can be found below), this is great for those who enjoy a small or longer stroll. With the lengthy tracks, horse riding is another pastime which can be done within the woods.


Flora / Fauna When it comes to visiting any woodland location, a lot of people actually go to view some of the flora and fauna that are known to reside in the area and with Bourne Woods, there are plenty of animals and plants to find, which could be a fun activity for all ages. These are just some of the possibilities: Fallow and Muntjac Deer Nightingales Hawthorn Hazel These are just a few things to look for, but if you do pay a visit to the woods then you will realise there are plenty of different plants that grow there. For a better idea of what you can expect to see, the Friends of Bourne Woods website will help you learn more.

If you are interesting in going for a walk in the woods, you will be pleased to know that there are two different trails to choose from. by Clare Stubbs These are known as the Nightingale Trail and the Larch Walk. As the name suggests, the Nightingale Trail has been aptly called this because of the large numbers of nightingales known to inhabit the woods. This walk starts from the car park and it will take you past a number of key features, including the beautiful ponds and a sculpture which is known as the “Shelter Skelter“. If you are interested in this particular trail then you will find the route is clearly indicated with orange markers. If you are going to be visiting the woods with young children then the Larch Walk might be an ideal choice. Like with the Nightingale Trail, it begins from the car park and will take you past a children’s playground. There are plenty of different plants to view on this walk and you may even see a few sculptures.


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Port Poached Pear & Stilton Tart – Serves 6

102 Church Street Market Deeping

Stilton cheese is traditionally matched with port and is often paired with pears. This recipe combines the three elements for a warm starter. Most of the work can be done ahead, with just 15 minutes cooking prior to serving.

Ingredients 3 Conference Pears (the firm flesh holds together well during poaching) I 300 ml Port A Pinch of Mixed Spice | 200 gm Blue Stilton | 6 Rounds of Puff Pastry 12cm diameter (home-made if you have the afternoon spare or bought is fine) | 1 Egg, beaten You will need a flat baking tray with non-stick liner, a sharp paring knife and a pastry brush.

The day before :1. Peel, then top & tail the pears and cut in half down the middle. Hollow out the core then trim the pointy end and any sharp edges until the pear resembles the shape of a coracle (a small round boat). 2. Put the pears into a saucepan just big enough to fit the 6 halves in a single layer, then cover with the port. (Top up with water if the pears aren’t quite covered). 3. Add the spice then simmer very gently, with the lid on, until the pears are soft but not floppy. (Approx 30 mins) 4. Allow the pears to cool, then refrigerate (still in the port) overnight.


Can you afford to live to 100? It has long been accepted that improvements in medicine, lifestyle and an understanding of the effects which habits such as smoking can have on our health means life expectancy is increasing. Future generations will enjoy much longer and healthier lives on average than their predecessors. However, figures released in April 2011 by the Department of Work & Pensions illustrate rather accurately exactly what that means. These figures suggest, of the under 16s already alive today, over a quarter are going to reach the age of 100 – and already, the average new-born female is going to live to over 90. As Steve Webb, Minister for Pensions, commented at the time, this means that


millions of people will spend over a third of their life in retirement. However, as the DWP were quick to point out, this news also coincides with a period during which pension savings are in serious decline. An ageing population is putting our welfare system under significant pressure as more people need not only pension income but also healthcare, incapacity support and help within the home.You can therefore have no expectation that your State Pension will provide anything other than a safety cushion when the time comes. If your retirement plans include holidays, visiting relatives and treating yourself on occasion, then it is time to take action on your pension, call us on 01778 342291 and we will guide you.

On the day:5. 6. 7.


Preheat the oven to 190C and warm the baking tray. Score a smaller circle in the pastry rounds big enough to contain the pear (this allows the pastry to rise around the edge without dislodging the pear) and brush the outer ring with beaten egg. Take the hot tray from the oven. Lay down the pastry rounds and place a pear half (rounded side down) on each. Pop a big lump of stilton into the hollow, then bake on the top shelf for 15 minutes until the stilton has melted and the pastry is golden brown. Serve immediately.

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104 Church Street | Market Deeping | Peterborough | PE6 8AL | Tel: 01778 342291 or 01778 341490 | Email: Tancreds LTD are authorised & regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Reg No: 472792

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Local Home From Home Pet Care Your dog’s daily routine for feeding and walks maintained by our hosts Local hosts in your area Suitable for dogs with a wide range of needs Remember, it’s their holiday too Cosy, loving home environment with very special hosts Established 4 years Keeping you informed about your dog’s holiday Bourne | Deeping | Stamford | Rutland | Spalding Kerry Wells - Barking Mad Tel: 01775 720382 Email: Website:


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Exotic Pet Refuge Open Days 26th June 2011 31st July 2011 4th Sept 2011 16th Oct 2011 Open days run from 10.00am to 5.00pm. Entry costs just £5 for Adults, and £3 for children. 01778 345923 Station Road, Deeping St James

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Technician Required.. Are you looking for a new challenge? Snowbrite Teeth Whitening have had a huge response to their new business since its launch in January 2011 and are now looking to expand. Would you like to train as a technician? You must be flexible with regards to your working hours as could include evenings/weekends and have your own transport.You must enjoy meeting people and have superb customer service skills. Full training/qualifications will be given to the successful applicant. Please email in the first instance your CV and any details about yourself to:

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Of azing fe r


3 Co m x ns 3m er E va dw to a r ÂŁ5 ry in dian 99 c b or 5 I ase Vi nc & cto VA ele ria t ct n ric s

Live Out Your Imagination

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Bourne Woods Community Fashion Show Deepings Raft Race 2011 Chester’s Recipe, Harley’s Diner Health | Beauty | Gardening | Books | Motoring...


Bourne Woods Community Fashion Show Deepings Raft Race 2011 Chester’s Recipe, Harley’s Diner Health | Beauty | Gardening | Books | Motoring...