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Lighter evenings and Spring sunshine – hooray! We arrive in British Summertime on 27 March and welcome you to the April edition of the Bourne Scene to boot. April is awash with holidays and celebrations, starting with Mother’s Day on the 3rd, Good Friday on the 22nd, Easter Bank Holiday Monday on 25th and of course the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th.

Doors Windows Soffits & Facias Conservatories

We have a lovely feature on the Royal Wedding, including Kate Middleton fashion you can emulate (pages 42 & 43). There are many local Easter events (page 36) and gigs and shows (page 37). In Peterborough, The Broadway Theatre has reopened and we have a chance for you to win tickets to see Keith Jack from the BBC Series Any Dream Will Do (page 37). Local history this month is about Morton Church. Are you involved with your local parish church? Would you like to see your church in the Scene magazine? Get in touch with Naomi on 01780 783613 or With so many features this month including Health & Beauty, Motoring, The Garden Scene, Interiors and Travel you really must pull up a chair (in the garden on a beautiful Spring day!) and give yourself some ‘Scene time’. We are also online, so have a look through our website and you can read current and past editions and share them with friends and family, including the new Wedding Scene magazine too!

Heidi x 2

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Bourne U3A.

Local business continues to expand

On 18th April 2011 the Corn Exchange Meeting will take on a special significance in that it will mark the 10th anniversary of the formation of Bourne U3A. It was on 27th March 2001 that Margaret Shepherd opened a meeting in the Baxter Room at Wake House to welcome those interested in the new organisation, a satellite of Stamford U3A. Such was the interest that many people had to be turned away and a new venue found for subsequent meetings. The association, just like Topsy “Jest grewd an’ grewd” – the membership now exceeds 360.

Devonports Kitchens & Bathrooms can celebrate its latest success with the expansion of the locally based business, as it welcomes its newest member of staff, trainee fitter, Lewis Hall and also experienced fitter Steve Threadgill. A second team of fitters allows Stephen & Sarah Devonport to continue to grow the business and meet the increased demand from local homeowners wanting to improve their kitchens and bathrooms.

New and prospective members are always welcome at our meetings and we have a team of dedicated “Meeters & Greeters” to welcome them. Full details of Bourne U3A may be obtained from Membership Secretary Val Palmer on 01778-394998 or by e-mailing

Get your running shoes on for the annual Langtoft 10k Road Run & 3k Fun Run on Sunday 1 May 2011. The races are organised by a group of volunteers, and all proceeds are donated to community projects within Langtoft Village.


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The Bunny Bop Easter Egg Trail is a two mile sponsored walk around Thurlby village, Bourne. The trail will have hidden treasures along the way for your little bunnies to count up and have the chance to win an extra special Easter prize! All mummy and daddy bunnies are invited too take part and when we arrive back there will be craft stalls, fun and games and more prizes to be won! So get signed up today for a Bouncy Bunny Bop Easter! Please contact Hannah on 01476 591010 Fundraising for St Barnabas is about enjoying yourself whilst raising money for a local cause. If you have ever thought about doing something for charity, call the fundraising office where we offer to work alongside you with press releases and the printing of posters, raffle tickets, programmes, and media contacts. Go on give the fundraising office a ring on 01522 540300.

Stephen has over ten years experience in the kitchen and bathroom industry and brings his desire to be able to offer customers tailored solutions, with quality products and fitting. The showroom opened in July 2009 and brings Wentworth kitchens to South Lincolnshire. These kitchens are made to order by skilled craftsmen and all offer a 10 year guarantee providing each customer with peace of mind for present and future. Whether you are looking for an entire new bath or shower room or a smaller change such as a radiator or mirror, Devonports can help you. Devonports are also part of the local community through the sponsorship of the Under 9’s Deeping Rangers Football team. The showroom can be found in Deeping St James, open six days a week from Monday to Saturday from 10am – 5pm.

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Road Safety awareness boost

Image: Peterborough Evening Telegraph

A recent presentation of a cheque to the Deepings School has secured a future for promoting road safety education to local teenagers. The family of Beth Markwick, presented the cheque for £10,222 raised through a series of charity gigs following Beth’s death in June 2010 when the car she was travelling in overturned. A series of gigs were held locally under the banner of the Beth Markwick Remembrance Tour. Local thrash metal band. The More I See, played at gigs in Stamford, Peterborough and Deeping, including Beth’s older brother Drew, bass player, and former Prodigy guitarist Gizz Butt. A memorial bench was unveiled at the cheque presentation, located at the school.


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Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

NAIL CARE DO’S &DON’TS Do Wear Rubber Gloves

Nails are extremely porous, if exposed to water for too long they will weaken, bend and break.

Beautiful nails at your finger tips

Nailicious By Milly

T: 07758 251499 E:

Gift Vouchers Available

Beautiful nails at your fingertips all in the comfort of your home

gel nails gel polish nail art manicures foil nail artwraps eye lash extensions 8

April 2011 | Email:

The shape of your nails can lead to them becoming weaker or splitting. A cross between a squared nail and an oval one is called ‘squoval’ and is perfect for shorter nails – practical yet chic. Square off the top and then gently soften the edges. Spring colours; Nudes, pastels, pinks and splashes of vibrant orange

Do Use Cuticle Oil Daily

Massage cuticle oil into and around your cuticles every day to help promote and stimulate good, strong nails growth.

Do Wear Base Coat

Always, always, always use a base coat if you are going to wear nail polish. This will help avoid staining, provide a smoother base and save you money as you won’t use as much. Avoid products that have formaldehyde or toluene.

Don’t File Wet Nails

Nails will absorb a surprising amount of water and will then be weaker. Try to avoid emery boards and never ever use metal ones – they will split your nails! Invest in a crystal or glass file as these last a lifetime.

Don’t Use Your Nails As Tools

Keep your nails and hands looking lovely; take a minute to get the right tool for the job and avoid sacrificing your nails!

Latest Clinique Products

New Bottom Lash Mascara £10 – especially designed to get definition on everybottom lash.

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Eating out guide

Health & Beauty

Fishy Foot Spa

Garra rufa (also known as Dr Fish) are an exotic fresh water fish found naturally in the warm springs of Turkey where locals have been using this method of dead skin removal for years, helping with skin disorders such as psoriasis. It is scientifically proven that the Garra rufa fish are very effective at helping to improve the skin. While removing the dead skin from your feet by gently nibbling (don’t worry they have no teeth!), the fish secrete Diathanol which is an enzyme well known to improve the regeneration of skin cells. The fish are also very therapeutic gently gliding over


Avoid Fried, cheesy or creamy appetizers.

Vegetable-based soups, steamed seafood or fresh juice. Whole grain or rye breads without butter.

Limit your bread consumption by asking your waiter to remove the basket from your table.

Salad dressing on the side

Avocado Green! Home made Face Mask Avocado & Honey

your skin. Most people find the Garra rufa produce a pleasurable Avocado is perfect soothing massage sensation! for dry or mature Serenity in Bourne skin and through care for all clients the winter our skin by checking their feet and washed by has dried out with a member of staff the cosy central before every heating on! treatment. Avocado oil is rich To ensure a high standard of hygiene in essential fatty acids, vitamins and for both our clients minerals. Honey is incredibly nourishing and our fish, all and anti-inflammatory so helps with clients have their sensitive skin. feet checked and washed before treatment. The tanks have two separate UV filtration systems and filter the water Mash 1 avocado with a 3-4 times in a 15 tablespoon of honey and smear evenly minute session, so each client has over the face. Leave for 15 minutes and fresh clean water. rinse off with warm water.

Make your Own Mask

Serenity Fish Spa Offer: Come along with a friend and receive £5.00 off

your total bill, if you both have a 15 (£10) or 35 (£20) minute session.Offer ends 30.4.11. Terms and conditions apply. (See page 8)


Health & Beauty

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High fat extras like cheese, bacon, and mayonnaise based salads High Fat Fried, sautéed, batter dipped, creamed, cream sauce, cheese sauce, marinated in oil, special sauce, crispy

Low Fat - Steamed, baked, roasted, boiled, wine sauce, grilled, stir-fried poached

Main course Fish and poultry

Dessert Fresh fruit or sorbet

Tips for Success

Main course

• Have an apple or glass of water before leaving for the restaurant to curb your appetite. • Alcohol may stimulate your appetite. Limit your consumption. • Have your waiter remove your plate as soon as you are finished.

Ask for your meal to be served without butter, sour cream or cheese topping and order sauces on the side.

Dessert Large, cream based desserts – if you can’t resist, share a portion! A fresh start to the day An unhealthy start to the day can mean the rest of the day follows suit. By having a healthy breakfast,such as a smoothie, your metabolic rate is stimulated which will help burn the fat you have stored. Concentration levels can also be boosted, so it’s a good often for children before school.

How To Make: 100g pineapple juice or quarter of a pineapple 1 apple 100ml low fat milk Place everything into a blender and blend until smooth

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Health & Beauty The ‘Hypno band’ Could Change Your Life Forever! The ‘hypno band’ could change your life forever – imagine having the results usually achieved by having surgical band fitted but not having to go through surgery, and spending thousands of pounds! Gastric band surgery is not for everyone – usually the surgery is only carried out on people classified as ‘clinically obese’ and with a high body mass index (BMI). A surgical band works by reducing the size of the stomach and therefore you eat smaller portions and still feel full. Through this method it is possible to loose weight easily. The surgical method does have draw backs however, it is very costly, typically £4-6,000 and of course you will need to go through a surgical procedure. What if you could have all the benefits of surgical gastric band, without the surgery or the cost? Well now you can! By using the hypno-band hypnotherapy system, we create a state of mind where you actually have a gastric fitted! You will eat smaller portions and feel full. The hypno-band system is a long term solution to your weight problem. The process uses hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural techniques to help you achieve your ideal weight – and stay there!. Normally 4 or 5 sessions are required and before beginning the process a full assessment will be carried out.

Health & Beauty

The hypno-band procedure is extremely relaxing and pleasurable, there are no side effects associated with undergoing this procedure, the hypno-band system is perfectly safe. If you are overweight and really wan and are committed to loosing weight then you should be suitable – the only exception would be if there is a physiological reason for your weight problems or, if you are a taking certain medications. The key to success is “you” – no weight loss system will work unless you are committed to loosing weight.You must be prepared to change your eating habits and lifestyle. If you are totally serious about loosing weight the it will certainly work for you. The hypnoband system provides you with the tools and the ability to loose weight and maintain a healthier body. *If you are not clinically overweight, hypnotherapy can still help you to achieve your goals. With 2 other proven therapeutic processes, call for more details or to book your FREE INITIAL CONSULTAION. Lorraine Lester: M.I.A.P.H/ NLP master practitioner - 01733 241137 hypno-band™ licensed practitioner. www.peterborough-hypnotherapy.

Remove the cause of problems rather than just controlling the sympton


FREE Initial Consultation Call NOW on 01733 241137



Consulting Rooms at: Deeping Community Centre, Douglas Road, Market Deeping.

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In The Garden

April in the garden by Joseph Whitehead

“April weather, rain and sunshine both together”. A fickle month where weather is concerned, pleasantly warm of late but anything’s possible. Busy, busy in the garden, plants are growing; seeds need sowing and frustratingly, weeds already need hoeing!

Ornamental garden

• Feed roses with a proprietary rose fertiliser. Spray fortnightly with a seaweed based foliar feed, containing sequestered iron. • Prune spring flowered shrubs like Chaenomeles and Forsythia immediately after flowering.

• On warm days open the vents in the glass house. Watch out for pests like aphids, red spider mite, and mealy bug that can quickly multiply. A tell tale sign on the leaves is black sooty mould growing on sap secreted by these tricky suckers! Soft soap sprays, systemic insecticides, or biological controls will help.

Design service available. References available upon request, full portfolio Fully insured.

Mark Goldspink Over 25 years experience M: 07860575447 15 Eastend, Langtoft, PE6 9LP


April 2011 | Email:

Kitchen garden planting & preparation • Plant second early potatoes in the first half of the month • Sow in modules or pots: Autumn/ Winter cabbages, calabrese, late sprouts, courgettes and squashes, cauliflowers, early runner beans and early sweetcorn. • Direct in the ground: french beans, carrots, mid season peas and broad beans, salads and beetroot. • Keep some potted strawberry plants in the glass house or cold frame for an early crop, to improve fruit setting hand pollinate with a paint brush transferring pollen from flower to flower.

• Prune back hard the stems of Cornus and Salix grown for their winter colour as the newest growth is the brightest.

All aspects of carpentry & Joinery work undertaken and finished to the highest standard.

In The Garden

Naked Beauty A profusion of beautiful pink flowers born on naked stems, makes the Judas tree a unique and most wonderful addition to the spring garden if you have the space. A small tree 10-15m, requiring full sun and good drainage.

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Flooring Think about the volume of traffic and how


much cleaning will be required when considering which flooring to choose. If you are having carpet make sure you get a hardwearing, stain resistant one with good underlay. You don’t have to choose a dark carpet, just make sure you have the facility for people to wipe their feet properly before they enter. If you are opting for a wooden or tiled floor, a non-slip door mat is essential and remember, only use a runner if it is necessary and there are no tripping hazards.

Function Next regard the function of the area - have

Make an entrance By Sue Hessom

We welcome our family and friends into our homes through the hallway. As it’s the first internal part of our home that they see it’s important that it gives the right impression. Too many people neglect this space with the excuse - ‘its just a walkthrough’. It might be just a walkthrough, but a badly designed hallway can leave your home feeling unwelcome, no matter what design surprises you may have hidden behind closed doors. Hallways come in various shapes and sizes and can be one of the hardest areas to decorate successfully, so give your design ideas some serious thought and do some research. Once you have an idea of the image you want to achieve, stand at your front door to visualise exactly how you are going to create your look.

Colours Remember that there are no rules when it comes to decorating your home, so don’t be afraid to inject some of your personality into your hall area. Many people still choose white walls to help keep the space light and airy, but with high traffic volume the walls can soon start to look shabby and dirty, so only opt for white walls if you are happy to maintain them. Instead, why not consider painting the hallway two colours - one dark, one light. Paint all the walls that are left facing; light, and all the right facing ones; dark - this will not only add visual interest but will help to create a feeling of warmth and open space. If you are adamant in having wallpaper in your hallway, why not try something different? Find a wallpaper that reflects you and put it on the stair wall only. Then add some framed pieces of the wallpaper to the opposite wall - not only will this will look fantastic but the overall effect will not be too heavy.


April 2011 | Email:

you got room for furniture or storage items? Consider this carefully as the last thing you want is for people to struggle getting in or out of your home. Console tables can look nice in a hallway and are functional for displaying fresh flowers and storing post and keys - just make sure your purchase the right size and don’t go too big. If you are struggling to find one that meets your needs, why not consider making one yourself? Likewise, if you want coats and shoes to be stored search the internet for some clever storage solutions - there are plenty out there that are multi-functional and take up minimal space.

Finishing Touches Accessories should always complement your

décor. Mirrors are brilliant for reflecting natural light and will help any area look wider. Display some unusual pieces of art to get people talking, or use black and white photographs in the same finished frames; or a themed display of pictures to generate an area of interest. Finally, think about the small finishing touches that will complete your look and help create that wow factor - replace boring white plastic light switches and plug sockets with trendy silver ones. And if you can’t afford to update your radiator, either paint it or consider purchasing a radiator cover.

Lighting If you have natural light coming into the hall-

way, try not to block it out. Think about your window coverings and try to keep them to a minimum. However, if you like the idea of heavy curtains, design it so they can be pulled back during the day to let the light flood in. If you have no natural light, consider replacing full wooden internal doors with half glass ones - you will be surprised at the difference it makes. If you have a high ceiling then don‘t be afraid to showcase a stunning chandelier. If not, think about adding spot lights to the ceiling and stairs, or use a couple of strategically placed lamps to add an array of artificial light.

Whether you are selling, letting or simply wanting to update your home contact Sue for an informal chat. Tidy Interiors Tel 01476 564035 | Mob 0754 061 2143 Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Family & Craft Netmums is a unique local network for mums and dads offering parenting information, activity ideas as well as local boards to network in your local area.

Spring Storage

Spring is a natural time to get those cupboards cleared, winter boots packed away and windows flung to let in some fresh bulb scented air. A clean slate and great storage solutions can give us all a lift. From simple baskets, to mid range shelving these could work for you. Small stair baskets mean all those bites and pieces get taken upstairs in one go! Gorgeous felt style baskets can be tailored to your room style, so whilst they are practical, they look stylish too. Shelving can be coupled with baskets, or kept open if you’re a tidy person! The under stairs cupboard area can be a bit of a dumping ground. Only keep the essentials – be ruthless and make a decision to reduce, reuse and recycle!

V&A Events are passionate about promoting local 100% Handmade Art, Design and Crafts with events taking place in the Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire areas. Victoria’s love for crafting started with her first Saturday job working in a local craft and gift shop for a princely sum of £10 a day! Amy has loved art, design and crafting since a young ago and studied for a BA (Hons) in Design at Nottingham. Since graduating, she has gone on to study to become a secondary school teacher, teaching textiles at Stamford High School. Local fairs are planned already through to November across the local area whilst local exhibitors also feature on the new V&A Events website


April 2011 | Email:

Family & Craft

Internet Safety For You And Your Family ZIP IT

Keep your personal Stuff private and think about what you say and do online.


Block people who send nasty messages and don’t open unknown links and attachments.


Flag up with someone you trust if anything upsets you or if someone asks to meet you offline. (ONE Opinion Survey, You can help young people use the internet safely and we have brought you some guidlines from the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS)

Easter Egg Heads A little trip down memory lane with Cress Egg Heads – I bet you can smell that cress just from a school day memory!

Useful online sites for ideas and tips, with local stores for friendly advice • • • • •

Candle making This is a more unusual craft for you but one that once you have perfected it, can provide you with the source of many gifts for friends and family. Try making the candles in some vintage tea cups (not Mum or Granny’s best ones of course) – go for a root around at a car boot or charity shop. To receive our instructions, free, on candle making, email, We will email you back with the details. Or visit Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011



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Harvesting The Earth’s Natural Energy This is a genuine opportunity to:

Why is now a good time to install solar panels?

Benefit from solar powered savings by installing solar PV panels on the roof of your premises

Get an 11-14%*, index linked, return on your investment Reduce your overheads Generate electricity for your home & business Improve energy savings and work towards becoming more energy independent

Lark Energy’s experienced team ready to help you Lark Energy headquarters

Improve your corporate social responsibility status

*investment returns not guaranteed, see web site for more details 24

April 2011 | Email:

You can then use this energy yourself, saving you the costs of buying that energy from an energy company and export any unused energy back to the national grid for which you will receive an additional payment. The tariffs have been set at levels to provide you with a return on your investment of around 11-14%* over the expected lifetime of the technology - far higher than current interest rates from any high street bank or building society! The prices paid for the electricity your solar panels generate are guaranteed for 25 years and index linked to allow for inflation.

Generate an additional income

Visit our new specialist solar PV web site:

The government’s Feed in Tariff guarantees that energy companies will pay you for electricity you produce from renewable energy technologies.

Speak to Lark Energy

your local specialist Visit or call us on 01778 391550 Lark Energy, Larkfleet House, Falcon Way,Bourne, Lincolnshire, PE10 0FF Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Freya North’s Top 3 Reads For Mothers Day

Author of 10 bestselling novels and winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year, Freya’s 11th novel, Chances, is published on March 31st

Cut out - keep until you need a plumber

MUM KNOWS BEST by M and J Hanks Square Peg, 3rd March 2011, £8.99 There’s a big market for these type of books – the Dangerous Book For Boys being the most famous. What I loved about this book is that it’s full of down-to-earth helpful hints. It’s the sort of book I keep in the loo but once you dip in, you find yourself absorbed for hours. In our lives, where we assume we have to buy a gadget or gimmick for every task, this book is a wonderful and useful reminder that there’s a better, cheaper and more practical alternative. Every domestic dilemma is catered for with no-nonsense instructions. Stained mugs or cups? Rub in a little kitchen salt with water. Dirty microwave? Pop in several lemon slices in a bowl of water and cook on high for a few minutes. A great spring clean read!

THE WORLD ACCORDING TO LUBKA by LAURIE GRAHAM. Quercus, £7.99 Laurie Graham is one of my favourite authors – and greatly underrated. My mum and I often read her books at the same time. Graham is an author with a huge heart, a brilliant turn of phrase razor sharp wit – and she always finds fascinating subjects whether fictitious or historical (Gone With The Windsors – a fictitious diary set around the time of the Abdication – is one of my all time favourite books). This is her most recent novel and it’s gorgeous – both tender yet laugh-out-loud. It’s a wonderful, funny, warm tale of the friendship between women, whatever their age. Read it while your mum reads her copy.

NEW BEGINNINGS by FERN BRITTON HarperCollins 17th March 2011, £12.99 This is Fern’s debut novel and she takes as her theme the dilemma of how to have a career but also be a good mother. Her likeable heroine, Christie Lynch, is a journalist and single mother of two when she gets a lucky break – an appearance on a daytime TV talk show, the fabulously named Tart Talk. Spotted by a successful talent agent, Christie’s life changes in an instant when she lands a high-profile presenting job. Written with warmth, insight and humour, the book charts Christie’s journey as a mother and career woman – and the choices and the sacrifices she must make will ring true for many readers.


April 2011 | Email:

The Watertons new lunchtime menu available

Planning Applications Building Regulations Extensions/New Builds/Refurbs All Architectural works undertaken Free Advice & Quotes Call Alex Calvert 01778 349 472 or 07766 656363

Monday-Saturday 12-2 Sunday 12-3 In addition to A la Carte menu


Waterton’s Full English Breakfast £6.95 Grilled kipper with mustard butter, grilled tomato and a parsley salad £6.95

Toasted sandwiches and baguettes Offering a selection of toasted sandwiches and baguettes from £5.50

Light Lunches

Lincolnshire sausages with champ mash and onion gravy £7.95 Smoked haddock Stovie with a grain mustard sauce £6.95 Hand carved ham, egg and chips £6.95 Bistro style 2 egg omelette served with chips and watercress salad £5.95 Hot smoked mackerel with potato salad, lemon and watercress £6.95

Waterton Favourites

Beer battered haddock fillet simply served with our tartar sauce, lemon dressed watercress salad, lemon wedge and chips £10.00 28 day dry aged Sirloin steak with a grilled tomato, watercress salad, hand cut chips and a red wine sauce £14.95 The Waterton Arms | 68 Church Street | Deeping St James | PE6 8HD Tel: 01778 342219 Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Fun 2 Dance Dates for your diary hers Day 3rd April Motto avoid book early ent disappointm

eorges Day 23rd April SttrG uly British dishes

watch out for r menu on ou

yal 29th April ThraeteRo ith us, w leb ce ng


details to follow

An evening of Ballroom & Sequence Dancing with organist Robert Davies

Saturday 14th May

7.30pm - 11pm Coronation Hall, Market Deeping Ploughmans, Raffle, Licensed Bar £12 per person Tickets to be purchased by 30th April 2011

Bourne Classes

Bourne Abbey Church Hall, Church Walk, Bourne

Afternoon Tea Dance (Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month) General Ballroom & Sequence Dancing in a fun and friendly atmosphere - 2-4pm £3 per person

General Dancing with Sequence Tuition Every Tuesday Evening 7.30pm – 9.30pm - £5 per person

Deeping Classes Sunday social evening every 2nd Sunday of the month General Ballroom & Sequence Dancing 7.30pm – 10.30pm - £5 per person Coronation Hall, Halfleet, Market Deeping

Contact Cheryl 01733 359450 or 07961 486933

atertons 27-30th May TheFeW ival st First Beer Residen t

Ales – Real Ale s on at all t imes * Sharp s Doom bar * Timot hy * Charle Taylor Landlo s r * Oakh Wells Bombar d am Ale d ie r s JHB est Ales x 2 Ever Changing Gu e above 5%) al ng (one being a stro

Popular Quiz Night every Wednesday night – Free To Enter – 9pm Start The Waterton Arms | 68 Church Street | Deeping St James | PE6 8HD Tel: 01778 342219


April 2011 | Email:

Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Honeymooners have long found the Caribbean the perfect destination for them, mixing romance and beautiful beaches with activity.The islands also continue to grow in popularity with those seeking an idyllic venue where they can tie the knot with a quality wedding in the Caribbean (with the honeymoon obviously included) often working out to be far cheaper than a UK wedding. Accommodation options are also varied across the islands with some islands offering more sophistication than others. The main / larger islands in the Caribbean, such as Barbados, St Lucia, Jamaica and Antigua, provide the whole spectrum of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Choose from world-class resorts offering a whole host of activities, boutique hotels perfect for romance, family orientated resorts with kid’s clubs etc, exclusive bolt-holes and self-catered luxury villas (although chefs can be supplied if required!!) Many of the resorts offer the opportunity to go “all-inclusive” which helps with budgeting, whilst some are simply on a bed & breakfast basis to allow for exploration of the islands cuisine.

The Caribbean – Idyllic gems in the sun!! The Caribbean is an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays, scattered like bright, sun-drenched jewels in the Caribbean Sea. Clichés about the Caribbean abound, and they are all true.These islands really are picture perfect with palm-backed white beaches, crystal clear azure waters and year round sunshine. What’s more, the people are friendly and welcoming and the pace of life is laid-back and relaxed. And, whether your heaven is five-star nothing with ice in a deckchair, full-on adventure in the jungle or somewhere in between, you’re looking at the right destination.


The Caribbean Islands are scattered in volcanic arcs (island chains): the Greater Antilles, Lesser Antilles (including the Leeward Antilles) and the Bahamas. You can generally see neighbouring islands over the sea from your own. However, April 2011 | Email:

each Caribbean Island has its own individual history, culture and flavour. There are destinations to suit couples, groups and families and there is plenty to do, from trying out water sports to relaxing on beaches, and from climbing volcanic peaks to wildlife watching in the jungle. Some islands reveal French influence, others Latin, Dutch or English. Want lively and well developed sophistication? Or perhaps you would rather be immersed in a strong, traditional culture of music and dance? Whether you want sport, sailing, nature, scuba diving, culture, lush mountains, amazing wildlife or simply a pristine beach, you’ll find it in the Caribbean sunshine.

Whatever you crave from a holiday, the Caribbean is likely to have it all and more! Inspirational Travel are experts in the provision of tailor-made holidays to the Caribbean and will be happy to discuss your ideal itinerary with you to create your dream holiday.

Call us on

01780 784380,

drop us a line at info@inspirational-travel. or call into the office: Inspirational Travel, The Old School House, Great North Road, Wittering, Peterborough, PE8 6BX.

Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Most garages are internal dumping grounds Put your garage to real use convert it to a room you will use everyday • • • • •

Home gym Home cinema Playroom Games room Family room

• • • • •

Dining room Office Studio Bedroom Annex

FREE quotation and site survey

Costs from only £5000! Work can be completed within 7 days All work guaranteed Complies with local building regulations 90% of conversions do not need planning permission All building control and planning (if required) dealt with in-house Increase your property value by adding living space

Order now and receive a free 8 x 6 shed to store your possessions from the garage.

Want a dentist white Smile? £199

For you can have Professional Tooth Whitening (including an oral assessment to ensure suitability)


*offer available until end of April 2011*

“A Smile for your future!”

T: 01733 314131 D: 01733 343237 F: 01733 560663 W:


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After Lucy Chessor Practice Manager SpaDental 3rd Floor Market Chambers Cathedral Square Peterborough PE1 1XW Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011




The DS3 is also packed with technology to further entertain and assist the driver. For portable music players, the car can be kitted out with auxiliary, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. MyWay, Citroën’s integrated widescreen colour satellite navigation system, can be specified - and for excellent acoustic performance, a new eight-speaker Hi-Fi system creates a rich audio experience in the cabin. The Citroën DS3 is a great alternative to other ‘premium’ small cars like the Mini, Fiat 500 and Alfa Romeo MiTo. It is also competitively priced, starting at just £12,100 for the petrol VTi 95hp DSign, rising to £16,300 for the top-of-therange petrol THP 150hp and diesel HDi 110hp DSport models. The DS3 certainly doesn’t look like any other car on the road today – so if you’re in the market for a supermini, and being noticed is on the agenda, then this charismatic


DS3 DSport 1.6i 16V 150 It’s great to feel 17 years old again. That’s how I felt driving the Citroën DS3 – and it’s no bad thing because it shows that the French offering is a fun, funky and lively motor. All good things as far as I’m concerned.

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Motoring Writer

Citroën could be for you!

FACTS • • • •

Max speed: 133 mph 0-62 mph: 7.3 secs Combined mpg: 42.2 Engine layout: 1598cc 4 cylinder 16v petrol

• • • •

Max. power (bhp): 155 at 6000 rpm Max. torque (lb.ft): 177 at 1400 rpm CO2: 155 g/km Price: £16,300 OTR

PROS ‘N’ CONS • • • •

Fun √ Performance√ Grip √ Road noise intrudes X

The 1.6i 16v 150 sport version, on test here, was a blast to drive. It rips up the black stuff with aggression and grips corners with ease. Its 17 inch alloy wheels let some road rumble into the cabin at speed and the interior is a bit cramped, but it’s no big deal, because the DS3 delivers such an engaging drive that you forget all about the niggles. However, the DS3 isn’t all about being a boy-racer. The car delivers a sophisticated and comfortable ride, and quality is evident inside and out. On the ever important safety front, the Citroën DS3 has a five star Euro NCAP rating for occupant protection; high levels of standard safety equipment include six airbags, a reinforced body structure and two IsoFix child seat anchorage points.

“The car delivers a sophisticated and

comfortable ride, and quality is evident inside and out

One of the best aspects of the compact Citroën is that it redefines ‘bespoke’ motoring with an unrivalled choice of personalisation options - to reflect each driver’s individual performance, style and technology preferences. That means no DS3 need ever be the same, thanks to the array of different option combinations available. Customers can specify exterior and interior colour variations, materials, finishes, trims and equipment - even the key fob is tailored to the driver’s chosen body or roof colour. So, the Citroën can be masculine and sporty or feminine and chic. My test car was in sport red and onyx black with ‘urban-tribe’ roof graphics, white wheels and a personalised number plate spelling out ‘BOY’. That was enough to satisfy me that I was in a more male oriented car!

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Whats On The Ringstone Players present two performances of Daisy Pulls it Off by Denise Deegan Friday, 13th May 2011 at 7.30 pm Saturday, 14th May 2011 at 7.30 pm Edenham Village Hall Tickets: £8 (includes fish & chips supper) from Spice of Life Health Food shop in the Burghley Centre, Bourne. WHO’s WHO’s exciting live performances with Townshend’s leaping and Daltrey’s microphone whirling antics have received incredible reactions across the UK, Europe and beyond. But it’s not just about the theatrics; WHO’s WHO is widely recognised and respected by their

Easter Fun

Easter Egg Trail

Whats On musical their interpretation of the original sound is widely regarded as the best (and closest) that anyone will ever get to evoke the feeling and energy of The Who at their peak!

plants and shrubs, many of whom specialise in ‘hard to find’ varieties. Normal park admission charges apply. The fair is open from 10am to 4pm.

Bourne Corn Exchange Saturday 14th May 2011 @ 8pm £10 advance / £12 on the door / Under 16’s £5 Box Office 0782 803 2241 Plant Fair Sunday 24 April Grimsthorpe Castle. This is the 10th year that small nurseries have brought their range of plants to sell at the Castle. There will be over 20 stalls selling a variety of

Children’s Easter Activities

Clare Cottage, Helpston Starting on Tuesday 12 April, 2pm – 3.30pm For children aged between 7 and 12 years. Easter bonnet making, spring planting and egg hunt. 01733 253330

Belton House, Grantham 01476 566116 Good Friday, Easter Saturday & Easter Sunday: 12:30pm to 5pm Easter Monday: 11am to 3.30pm Trails on Saturday & Sunday from 10.30am – 4pm Adult £9.95 Children (over 4 yrs) £5.93 30 April - Peterborough Greyhound Stadium - Choice of 6 or 10 miles - Entry fee £15


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JOSEPH IS COMING…. AND IT’S KEITH! When producer/director Bill Kenwright brings his renowned production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR Tickets from £12-£25 DREAMCOAT to theatre PETERBOROUGH across the UK, audiences BROADWAY will undoubtedly recognize THEATRE the young man in the 0844 850 0 850 leading role…

12 – 16 April 12 /13/14 - 7.30pm 13 & 15 - 2.30pm 15 – 5pm & 8pm 16 – 1pm & 5pm

KEITH JACK was one of the most popular finalists in the hit BBC series Any Dream Will Do. This colourful retelling of the biblical story about Joseph, his eleven brothers and the coat of many colours sings out to young and old alike with a score which is wall to wall hits including Close Every Door and Any Dream Will Do.

TICKET GIVEAWAY We have two family tickets for Scene readers to see Keith as Joseph on Tuesday 12 April at the 7.30pm show – email and title your email JOSEPH. Two lucky winners will be notified by 6 April 2011, Alternatively, post your details to Naomi Hand, Scene Marketing, The Old School House, Wittering PE8 6BX, marking the entry clearly as JOSEPH.

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Morton Church

Morton is both a village and parish about two miles north of Bourne.The parish includes the hamlet of Hanthorpe (also called Harmthorpe). The parish covers about 4,850 acres of land that is typical Fenland marsh.The name Morton is from the Old English Mor+tun, meaning “Farmstead on the moor or marsh”. In the 1086 Doomsday Book, the village was named as Mortun. Over the years the village has also been known as Morton-by-Bourne and Morton-Cum-Hanthorpe. St John the Baptist Church was built in the 14th & 15th centuries but parts of the church date back to an earlier building built in the 12th century. The total area of Morton and Hanthorpe in 1911 was listed as 4849 acres and had a population of 839 people. The village church of St John the Baptist stands next to the Five Bells, which has been a hostelry for at least two centuries but it has not been a business on its own account until recent years. In 1842, it was listed in local records as both a farm and a public house. The Church tower is a prominent landmark in the Fenland

Painting By: Peter West

Local History

countryside, its tall pinnacles and hideous gargoyles rising from the heart of the crossshaped church. The door is handsome, very architectural and studded with nails and the interior is impressive with a grand vista of arches and pillars from the early 14th century, while beyond is the vaulted tower with arches into the nave, chancel and transepts. For five centuries, the tower has stood as a monument to Christianity in this part of Lincolnshire and now it is illuminated at night and can be seen from several miles away, a beacon of faith in a flat and sometimes featureless landscape. The south and west facing walls of the tower were refurbished in 1999 at a cost of over £30,000. It included re-pointing and replacing windows and stone which had been eroded by 600 years of weather but as with all country churches, there is still much maintenance work required to keep the fabric of this building in good order for future generations.

Interesting Points - The Anglican parish church is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. - The church seats 400. - The parish registers go back to 1549, but the Bishop’s transcripts go back to 1541.


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Get Fit whilst you walk in a new pair of Fitflops IT’S the footwear that’s been catching the eye of celebrities, TV, magazines and newspapers – and it’s available literally on your doorstep. Since Fitflops were launched almost four years ago they’ve received rave reviews from millions of satisfied customers – and they’ve also attracted the attention of day-time TV queens Oprah Winfrey and Lorraine Kelly, no less, as well as GMTV and BBC Breakfast! Respected publications like She, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Own and Vogue, plus national newspapers the Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Sun and Observer have also ensured we have been able to ‘read all about it’! So it’s no wonder that the footwear sensation that is Fitflops has sold over six million pairs of sandals worldwide since the launch in May 2007 – but you don’t have to travel the world to find a pair. Fitting specialists North Shoes, at 18 North Street, Bourne, have a wide choice in a range of colours and store owner James North knows that, as the summer approaches, Fitflops will be in huge demand. James, who also owns Footprints in Peterborough, says: “Fitflops are unbelievably popular and we’re one of only two outlets locally who stock them.They fly off the shelves as soon as th ey come in!” So, what makes Fitflops such hot property? Well, in addition to being stylish footwear, they have a unique design that’s been proven to help tone you as you walk – and some people have also reported relief from such problems as chronic back pain and sciatica. Fitflops are the result of a collaboration between Bliss Spa


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Finance New Tax Year Brings Greater Flexibility in Retirement

Local Business

founder and former personal trainer Marcia Kilgore and London South Bank University biomechanists Dr David Cook and Darren James. Over two-and-a-half years of research they developed unique Microwobbleboard™ technology that helps tone and tighten leg muscles as you walk. Independent tests have shown this can increase leg and bottom muscle activity by up to 30% and absorb up to 20% more shock than normal shoes. The result is a workout while you walk and, as Fitflops realign the impact of each stride you take, wearers have also noticed they help lessen back, pelvis and knee stress. They can make a fashion statement, too, with head-turning styles featuring in Fitflops’ sandals, shoes and clogs for women this summer. And it doesn’t end there – later in the year, when our thoughts turn to autumn and winter, you’ll find Fitflops have a range of boots to catch the eye. And with sandals, shoes and clogs available for men, boys and girls, too, there’s no reason why the whole family can’t put its best foot forward! To find out more about Fitflops, or to get expert advice on footwear, go to North Shoes – their staff are trained by the Society of Shoe Fitters. The store is open six days a week – from 9am-5pm, MondaySaturday. You can also order online at

We could soon be enjoying greater financial flexibility in retirement thanks to draft legislation released by the UK Treasury. From 6 April 2011, individuals will no longer be forced to buy an annuity with the proceeds of their personal pension scheme at any age. Instead, they will continue to have the options to save it or move to a drawdown (unsecured pension) arrangement in which their pension is left invested and money is taken directly from that pot. The increase in flexibility will end a compulsory purchase system which was introduced by the previous government. Increasing life expectancy and the fact that older people are working longer, coupled with the current environment of low interest rates and therefore poor annuity rates was making their original 75-year cut-off appear a little draconian. (That cut off has now been reset to 77 to give time for this legislation to be

finalised.) The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) welcomed the additional flexibility, though they do believe that the new rules will most likely benefit those with larger pension pots. Indeed, many people are still likely to choose an annuity simply to fix their income expectations and enable them to plan frequently without fully assessing their options. More fundamentally, however, the NAPF warned that most people are simply not saving enough into their pension schemes. We are all now living longer, so if you are coming up to retirement your really should consult a professional advisor to discuss the range of options available to you. Call us today for your free initial consultation 01778 342291.

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Feature - Royal Wedding

Feature - Royal Wedding

St. Andrews Dress

The Royal Wedding 2011

Kate and William’s return to St. Andrews University late in February once again raised the fashion stakes. She appeared in an outfit apparently ‘from her wardrobe’, i.e. not bought specially for the occasion. Her instinctive knack for choosing what flatters her was once again apparent and consisted of a red pencil skirt, a red jacket flaring at the waist and a black turtle-neck, which may be less flattering for the bigger-bust, but can be adapted with a black scoop-neck vest or black blouse. If you aren’t a massive fan of your legs, a short skirt may not be your first choice; instead, opt for a below-the-knee pencil skirt which will hug at all the right places and give you a slimmer figure.

By Charlotte Chorley

A copy of Kate’s skirt can be found in a variety of colours in Marks and Spencer, Next and River Island, whilst a similar jacket can also be spotted in Marks and Spencer.

The Wedding Dress London? Paris? New York? Or Milan? No, sorry, none of these. Undoubtedly, the biggest fashion event of the year is the Royal Wedding and so far, all eyes have been on the attire of one Kate (or Catherine as we are supposed to call her) Middleton, our future Queen. You may not be marrying the heir to the throne, but you too can afford her effortless elegance – and at a fraction of the price. So, without further ado, here is how to copy Kate...

The Engagement Dress

Given her fondness for the creations of Danielle Issa Helayel, the Brazilian-born designer, it was little surprise that she chose an Issa dress for the public announcement of her engagement. This style would suit most women regardless of age, weight or height. The long, or mid-length, sleeves will hide any upper arm concerns, and the demure flared skirt sits just above the knee meaning it’s not too frumpy or too sexy. Meanwhile, the deep V-neck flatters the bust, and the ruching around the waist creates that desirable hourglass shape. from a label called Ingenue or Marks and Spencer.


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The real question, though, is who will be designing the dress of the century that is sure to be replicated for many years to come.Yvonne Yorke, the Huffington Post ‘s royal contributor, has revealed that Middleton’s wedding dress is now a work in progress, and is being created inside Buckingham Palace. There’s indication that Catherine has gone for a young, ‘little-known’, British designer, but for now, it’s a mystery. The world will get their first full view of the spectacular dress when the bride alights from the carriage at Westminster Abbey. I can’t wait!

The Royal Wedding in this area 29 April The Golden Pheasant in Etton ‘Royal Garden Party’ 01733 252387 Crowland Street Party North Street From 3pm

Castle Bytham Recreation Field off Glen Road Royal Wedding Picnic From 12.30pm 30 April Abbey Church, Bourne 2-5pm Royal Wedding Tea Party Wear your best wedding outfit!

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Dog Hosting with Barking Mad Many hosts with Barking Mad have previously been dog owners. If you have missed that companionship from having a pet, but you can’t commit the time to have your own dog, then maybe becoming a host for Barking Mad is the answer.

Local Home From Home Pet Care Your dog’s daily routine for feeding and walks maintained by our hosts Local hosts in your area Suitable for dogs with a wide range of needs Remember, it’s their holiday too Loving home environment with very special hosts Established 4 years Keeping you informed about your dog’s holiday Bourne | Deeping | Stamford | Rutland | Spalding Kerry Wells - Barking Mad Tel: 01775 720382 Email: Website:


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Not only can you have a visiting companion, but you can address that niggling need for more exercise and get out into the beautiful countryside surrounding you. Worried the dog might need more exercise than you can manage? Don’t be concerned; you will be matched with a suitable dog for your sake and theirs. Contact Kerry Wells now on 01775 720382 to discuss hosting in more detail.

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