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Stop talking rubbish and start talking change! Each year, British citizens throw away 28 million tonnes of rubbish from home. That’s the equivalent of half a million double decker buses! Over half of this waste can be recycled. Waste can’t always be recycled and certainly can’t be eliminated, but we can reduce its environmental impact and make more sustainable use of the waste we produce.

Want to feel good about your smile?

This is where the rule of three; reduce, reuse, and recycle comes into play. The first step is reducing the amount of waste you create. This in turn, can save you time and money. • Turn your heating down • Switch off lights and computer monitors when not in use. • Avoid excess packaging when choosing products or buy in bulk. After reducing the amount of rubbish, the next step is to reuse; • Reuse containers e.g. glass jars and margarine tubs for storage • Take your own reusable carrier bags when you shop • Buy products with recycled content e.g. recycled paper products • Shop in charity shops And finally... recycle; make something old into something new. • Take old books, clothing and household items to a recycling bank • Use various recycling services provide by the Council to dispose of bottles, cans, and paper • Compost food and garden waste • Choose products with recyclable packaging.

See if you can make some changes today!


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£199 you can have Professional Tooth Whitening (including an oral assessment to ensure suitability) *offer available until end of April 2011



“Get A DENTIST White Smile” T: 01733 314131 D: 01733 343237 F: 01733 560663 W:

Lucy Chessor Practice Manager SpaDental 3rd Floor Market Chambers Cathedral Square Peterborough PE1 1XW

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Visit Zula Beauty Sanctuary to clear your mind body and soul this March Introducing ‘Lash perfect’ eyelash extensions Long, thick semi-permanent eyelashes. Only


(for limited time only)

NEW - Tonight’s the Night! For people wanting that last minute tan. Wash off after just 2 hours for that beautiful golden look

20% off for all new clients (not in conjunction with any other offer)

Open Mon – Sat with late nights Tues, Wed and Thurs.


Lose Weight | Get Fit | Look Good Tone Up | Get Motivated Get Confident | Nutrition Advice Train Anywhere Fully Qualified Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer, Diploma in Personal Training, Active IQ NVQ Certificate in Gym Exercise & Fitness Instruction, Nutrition Adviser, Emergency First Aid, Fully Insured Level 3 Register of Exercise Professionals Premier Training Qualified 07801371628


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50% OFF (Offer Valid Until The End OF April)

Any Hair Dressing Service To New Clients, Non Members Welcome

Work Hard! Have Fun! Feel Great! 1-2-1 Training Programmes Designed for You! Fitness Assesments & Ongoing Reviews 1-2-1 Training & Unlimited Support Qualified Boxercise Instructor Weight Management Specialist Nutritional Advisor Lisa is a fully insured, First-Aid qualified REPS Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer M: 07715 001240 | E: www.


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Esporta Easter Activity Camps For children aged 5 to 15 years Monday 11th to Fri 15th, Monday 18th to Thursday 21st and Tuesday 26th April. Open from 8am to 5.30pm with breakfast lunch and afternoon snack provided. £26 per day for Members and £28 for non members. Childcare vouchers accepted.


Eating out guide

Vegetable-based soups, steamed seafood or fresh juice.

Limit your bread consumption by asking your waiter to remove the basket from your table.

Whole grain or rye breads without butter.

High fat extras like cheese, bacon, and mayonnaise based salads High Fat Fried, sautéed, batter dipped, creamed, cream sauce, cheese sauce, marinated in oil, special sauce, crispy

Salad dressing on the side Low Fat - Steamed, baked, roasted, boiled, wine sauce, grilled, stir-fried poached

Main course

Main course

Fish and poultry

Ask for your meal to be served without butter, sour cream or cheese topping and order sauces on the side.

Dessert Fresh fruit or sorbet


Fried, cheesy or creamy appetizers.


Large, cream based desserts – if you can’t resist, share a portion!

The children will participate in a range of activities from the list below: Tennis, Football, Rounders, Hockey, Cricket, Studio Games, Swimming, Art and Crafts. Quizzes, competitions, chill out time and much much more.

We will have themed activities around Easter, such as Easter egg making and card making. Please book at reception or call: 01733 892289 or


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Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Lunch at The Haycock Hotel, Wansford

The Haycock, a stunning hotel in the centre of Wansford, offers luxurious accommodation, mouth-watering food and a friendly service in an overall spectacular setting. The Scene team and I recently went for lunch at The Haycock, to sample their delights. We sat in the bar whilst we perused the menu and we decided to order different starters so we could share and have a taster session. The favorite was definitely the garlic mushroom Bruschetta with a poached egg (different and totally delicious), it was out of this world. Personally, for the main course, I was deciding between Confit of duck leg or oven roasted corn fed chicken breast, I eventually came to ordering the very flavorsome duck which was delicious, and would definitely recommend it. We also ordered good old fish and chips (homemade).


April 2011 | Email:

The food itself was presented perfectly, with some dishes served on a slate platter which was a talking point between us all. The portions of food were perfect for lunch and filled us up to the point where we could barely leave the restaurant; we couldn’t even squeeze in a dessert, which shocked us all, especially as the choices were so tempting; Belgian Chocolate and Nut Brownie with Butterscotch Sauce and Citrus tart with Raspberry Coulis. The staff’s attitude towards us was incomparable to anywhere I have been in a long time; they didn’t over do their presence or leave us feeling ignored. The Whole experience was very positive, it was very relaxing and enjoyable, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer or more pleasant lunch. Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Bountiful Botswana Now Accessible For More Budget Conscious Travellers

17% of the land mass is dedicated to game reserves, and as MD, Steve Daykin points out, if you want to see nature in its most uncompromised state, Botswana is greatly suited. “With a population of only 1.3m, Botswana provides ultimate escapism, offering a break from the concrete jungle and a chance to connect with all the fruits of nature.With its magnificent range of different eco-systems and abundance of wildlife and birdlife, Botswana is simply stunning, and now accessible for all”. For those with a tad more cash to spare, Botswana can be combined with visits to many of the highlights of the surrounding regions – maybe visit the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls or chic Cape Town or spend some idyllic beach time on the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius or Mozambique. Inspirational Travel tailor-make itineraries to cater for varying durations and budgets.

Contact Inspirational Travel on

01780 784380 Traditionally a holiday destination that thrived on high yield and low impact tourism, Botswana isn’t famed for attracting the more budget conscious traveller.All that is set to change with a new series of affordable itineraries created by local travel company, Inspirational Travel. Botswana’s key tourist destinations, during peak season, have asked as much as USD $1,200 per person per night (approx £750.00). Inspirational Travel, however, are now offering safaris starting at just £1,200 per person. Managing Director, Steve Daykin explains;“Botswana is a fabulous place to visit, but previously this hasn’t been possible for many individuals and families due to excessive pricing. Now, what with the economy forcing purse strings to tighten, holidays to Botswana have become seemingly beyond reach. However, we have worked diligently with our strategic partners to design exciting, affordable itineraries to suit those travelling on a more modest budget”.


April 2011 | Email:

Inspirational Travel has created a range of exciting safari itineraries of varying lengths and start with their 4-night “Affordable Botswana” safari with prices from just £1,200 per person. The itinerary includes 2-nights in the Okavango Delta at Kanana Camp and 2-nights in Moremi Game Reserve at Okuti Camp. The price of £1,200 includes shared accommodation, flights within Botswana, game activities, all meals and drinks, laundry service, park entrance fees and departure taxes. Botswana is a vast land of contrasting flora and fauna. The country is landlocked between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia and is covered by savannah scrub and the dry, arid Kalahari sands, which are then broken by the breathtaking Okavango Delta, the saltpans of Makgadikgadi and the swamps and flood plains of the Chobe River. Collectively these areas constitute a range of eco-systems unparalleled in Africa and are abundant in bird, plant and wildlife.

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City Scene Green Wheel pages Route Planning

Plan a journey with an interactive cycle route journey planner Working alongside Cycling England, Ordnance Survey and Transport Direct, Travelchoice are one of the first local authorities in the UK to have an interactive cycle journey planner. This helps to identify the best route for you, whether you would like a quiet and recreational route, or just the quickest and most direct.

Holly’s travel blog

By the time you read this I’ll be on the other side of the world, but I thought I’d share with you some final things to consider before you set off on your own adventure... PRECISION PACKING So, you’ve got your posh new rucksack which you’ve probably been prancing about the house in (no? just me?) and now it’s time to fill it... if you’re counting up the days you’ll be away for and packing the same amount of pants, socks, t-shirts, shorts, dresses- STOP. The rucksack may look sizeable but, it’s not a Mary Poppins bag, and something I stressed in my last article was that you need to be able to carry this bag around with you- when you’re hot, tired and lost! I’m going for 3 months and I’m taking about a weeks worth of clothes and underwear. I’ve got a couple of colour themes in my travelling wardrobe, which means I can mix and match, wash and re-use, whilst attempting to stay stylish (i’ll let you know how that goes) Laundry soap and a travel washing line will become your new best friends. Oh, and avoid white clothes, laundry soap’s good, but not that good. HEALTH & SAFETY Vaccinations, check. Travel insurance, check. Malaria tablets, check. As well as these 3 essentials it’s also a good idea to take a small first aid kit with you - I’m not suggesting you become a walking pharmacy but plasters, antiseptic, painkillers, dioralyte, might come in handy. There will be plenty of places in the city to pick up these items, but if you’re off jungle trekking in Chiang Mai it’s unlikely they’ll be a Boots store nearby, think ahead. One of the exciting things about any travel


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abroad is being able to sample the local cuisine and there’s no reason not to tuck in, I can’t wait. But use your common sense, if the food looks as if it’s been sitting around for a while, it probably has, opt for fresh, hot food, which you watch being cooked in front of you. And, it seems like an obvious one, but stick to bottled water at all times. Safety wise, it’s easy to let your guard down when you’re on holiday, especially after a few cocktails, but it’s really important to keep your wits about you at all times. MONEY If numbers/exchange rates/commission fill you with dread fear not. For longer trips one of the most secure ways of taking your money with you is on a travel card. You purchase the card either in the local currency, or in British Pounds and then just load it up from your UK bank account as you need it. I decided on the Travelex Globe Card - it’s a good one for multi-country trips and has a flat fee of 1.49% on all transactions. BRITS ABROAD And finally, don’t be a Brit abroad - the English Language is so widely used around the world that it’s easy to get lazy and assume that the other person will speak English. But just give it a try! I’ve got a few phrase books with me- and largely, I think people appreciate the effort, even if your pronunciation isn’t quite right. Primary Cycle Network

As well as the Green Wheel routes, in Peterborough there are eleven key routes that aim to provide clear, continuous and safe routes between townships and employment areas to the city centre. These routes are known as the Primary Cycle Network and are available to access via

Acupressure Massage Complementary Therapies, particularly Seated Acupressure (On Site) Massage which is through the clothes, are quick and convenient to receive and are becoming increasing popular. On Site Acupressure Massage is based on the principles of Anma, a traditional Japanese massage. It incorporates over 90 specific acupressure points on the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back to leave the client relaxed and calm yet energised and alert. It also significantly reduces muscle tension in the upper body by concentrating on the area’s most affected by prolonged repetitive work. Unlike acupuncture, seated acupressure massage does not use needles. Instead, the therapist uses his or her hands to stimulate the energy points which can be found all along the energy lines of the body. Carried out with the client fully clothed and sitting in a specially designed chair, it takes just 15 to 30 minutes. Many people use this therapy in offices, it is ideal as it is administered over clothing and is very effective for people with back and shoulder issues. Seated

acupressure massage is excellent for relieving stress and tension and it helps with backache, repetitive strain injury, asthma, headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, menstrual pain and insomnia. At the Scene offices, we were fortunate to be visited by Anna from Help to be Well who eased our deadline related tensions. The massage was firm, but comfortable, with knots and tension targeted as needed. Anna spent time discussing with us our health and general wellbeing, so allowing her to understand our needs and how best to pass on the benefits of Acupressure Massage. With extended stays at the computer, most of us found that the massage relived tension across the shoulders and upper back. We have several deadlines a month, this could become a regular favourite at Scene HQ!

07976 097394

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City Scene Green Wheel pages A snapshot of cycling history The first fifty years of cycling - some key dates •

1816 - The Draisine is born, the first bicycle to benefit from steering

1839 - Scotsman Kirkpatrick MacMillan creates a bicycle

allowing propulsion that is no longer a matter of pushing off

with ones feet! It works a little like a pedalo.

1861 - Frenchmen Ernest and Pierre Michaux create the first

crank-and-pedal bicycle.

1870 - Starley invents the Penny Farthing - the first bicycle

to use gears.

1874 - Designer James Starley invents the spoked bicycle wheel.

1879 - The first chain-driven bicycle is invented.

Other significant moments include the manufacture of the first pneumatic inner-tube, developed by an Irishman named Dunlop, and perfected by the Michelin brothers in the late 19th century.

Cycling training for adults Has it been a while since you got on your bicycle? The saying goes ‘its like riding a bicycle, you never forget’, but the roads are busier now and the fear of competing with 4 x 4’s, lorries and buses can be enough to put anyone off! Following the National Standard Adult Cycle Training Scheme, Travelchoice can help you get back on the saddle and feeling more confident. You don’t even need to own a bike to use for the training. It’s a good chance to the familiarise yourself with a more modern bicycle; you may well have ridden a BMX in your teens, but it just doesn’t seem quite the same 20 years on! There are three levels which you can participate in; Level 1 – taught in a traffic free zone Level 2 – on quiet roads Level 3 – on more advance traffic systems The first lesson is free, for up to 90 minutes. Further lessons as priced at £10 per person per hour for group lessons and £15 per hour for one to one lessons. Email or call 01733 747474 or visit


April 2011 | Email:

Peterborough Leisure Route Guides are available through Travelchoice in Peterborough and also via This map shows Route 1, The Nassburgh Trail. This takes in the west of the City including Helpston, Marholm and countryside surrounding Milton Estate. The route also takes in the cycle ways of Bretton.

Useful websites Local and national websites can provide you with inspiration on two wheels, whether it’s you on the saddle or a sprinting professional! Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


New Hope Ministries Church UK

Author of 10 bestselling novels and winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year, Freya’s 11th novel, Chances, is published on March 31st


SERVICE ON SUNDAYS AT 10:45AM FRIDAY FELLOWSHIP AT 6:30PM FREE COUNSELLING FOR MOST OF YOUR CONCERNS AND WORRIES Bring hope to a lost Generation Unit 7 | New England Complex Peterborough | PE1 3BU T:01733 209590

This month, a very personal selection from our guest books editor, bestselling author, Freya North. BRITISH BAKING by PEYTON AND BYRNE Square Peg Hardback £20

Oliver Peyton, a master baker, judge for the Great British Menu and with a string of cake shops to his name, is highly revered by our greatest chefs. We seem to have gone crazy for American cup cakes – this book shows as that good old-fashioned fairy cakes (and Chelsea Buns) (and Fig Rolls) (ooh! and Victoria Sponge) still reign supreme when it comes to tea time.

Email ! and you could be the lucky winner of a of Freya North’s latest book, Chances. Closing date 29 April 2011.

signed copy

CHANCES by Freya North HarperFiction Paperback £7.99 Vita’s gift shop would do better if she ran it as a business, not as somewhere to daydream. But she’s not one to tell herself off - she leaves that to her ex. Oliver, the hero, is a successful tree surgeon but behind the scenes he is a very private man. Then a troublesome pear tree and an elderly shoplifter bring Oliver to Vita - and as Spring turns into Summer they are given choices and chances. Will they take them this time - or walk away? Chances is my 11th novel. Unlike Secrets and Pillow Talk which were set in the North East, I chose a new location - a small market town in the home counties. The research was fascinating – especially watching brawny tree surgeons at work last summer! Early on, I was struggling to find a name for my heroine and posted my dilemma on my facebook page suggestions came in thick and fast but I decided on “Vita” because the name means LIFE - and whilst I was writing this book my mum was battling cancer, so it seemed a symbolic name to choose. I’m pleased to tell you my Mum is doing really well – and it is to her that this book is dedicated. Chances is a tale about taking a chance on love again and is unapologetically romantic.

BRACELET OF BONES by Kevin Crossley-Holland Quercus - Hardback £12.99

My son Felix, who’s nearly ten, is a book worm. He loves adventures set in times gone by. The Viking Sagas, by East Anglian novelist Kevin Crossley-Holland (who wrote the Arthur trilogy) are next on his list – not least because the characters have those fantastically complex names that children love (Harald Hardrada, anyone?!) In this novel, the main character is a young girl, Solveig, who goes in search of her father. In her tiny boat she sails off into an adventure, joining forces with Swedish traders, meeting a ghost-ship and an English slave, a charming thief and a Russian king.


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Most garages are internal dumping grounds Put your garage to real use convert it to a room you will use everyday • • • • •

Home gym Home cinema Playroom Games room Family room

• • • • •

Dining room Office Studio Bedroom Annex

FREE quotation and site survey

April in the garden

Costs from only £5000! Work can be completed within 7 days All work guaranteed Complies with local building regulations 90% of conversions do not need planning permission All building control and planning (if required) dealt with in-house Increase your property value by adding living space

Order now and receive a free 8 x 6 shed to store your possessions from the garage.

Kitchen garden planting & preparation

by Joseph Whitehead

“April weather, rain and sunshine both together”. A fickle month where weather is concerned, pleasantly warm of late but anything’s possible. Busy, busy in the garden, plants are growing; seeds need sowing and frustratingly, weeds already need hoeing!

Ornamental garden • On warm days open the vents in the glass house. Watch out for pests like aphids, red spider mite, and mealy bug that can quickly multiply. A tell tale sign on the leaves is black sooty mould growing on sap secreted by these tricky suckers! Soft soap sprays, systemic insecticides, or biological controls will help. • Prune back hard the stems of Cornus and Salix grown for their winter colour as the newest growth is the brightest. • Feed roses with a proprietary rose fertiliser. Spray fortnightly with a seaweed based foliar feed, containing sequestered iron.

• Plant second early potatoes in the first half of the month • Sow in modules or pots: Autumn/ Winter cabbages, calabrese, late sprouts, courgettes and squashes, cauliflowers, early runner beans and early sweetcorn. • Direct in the ground: french beans, carrots, mid season peas and broad beans, salads and beetroot. • Keep some potted strawberry plants in the glass house or cold frame for an early crop, to improve fruit setting hand pollinate with a paint brush transferring pollen from flower to flower.

Naked Beauty A profusion of beautiful pink flowers born on naked stems, makes the Judas tree a unique and most wonderful addition to the spring garden if you have the space. A small tree 10-15m, requiring full sun and good drainage.

• Prune spring flowered shrubs like Chaenomeles and Forsythia immediately after flowering.


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Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Refurbish or Replace your Kitchen Replacing an existing kitchen is one of the most expensive and disruptive tasks that you can undertake. Before you make the decision to rip everything out and start again, there are a couple of things to consider: – • Are you currently in your forever home? • Does you current kitchen work? • What budget do you realistically have?


If you are not in your forever home and plan to sell your property within the next couple of years, consider if replacing your existing kitchen is worth the expense, time and effort. If your current layout works and the cabinet carcasses are still in good working order then why go to the heartache of replacing them? You can achieve a completely new look simply by updating some of the existing fittings. Not only will this be considerably cheaper but the work will be completed within a shorter time frame, with a lot less disruption. Start by calculating what budget you have to spend as this will help determine the level of improvements you can afford to make.You can gain a total new look by stripping the kitchen back to the bare carcass and replacing all fittings. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, don’t worry, consider what combination of changes will give you the best results; a fresh new colour on the walls and ceiling, new handles on the cabinet doors and some trendy new tiles can help to transform a dated look.


April 2011 | Email:

If you opt for a full refurbishment consider using a local kitchen refurbishment company who will complete the work for you. However, if you are happy to take on the challenge yourself make sure that you do the following: • Measure all of your current kitchen doors, side panels and kickboards and then measure them again • Make sure you can purchase replacements of the same size, check the positioning of the hinges • Think about door handles and what style is required to ensure the new ones do not obstruct anything • If you are replacing your worktop, check for joints and know where they are positioned • If you are replacing any appliances, spend time measuring to ensure your replacement items will fit safely and securely • Any gas appliances need to be disconnected and fitted by a registered gas fitter

Part 2 on p38 ...

Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Whatever you can afford, it might not give you the dream kitchen you were hoping for, but it will certainly help to make your home more presentable when the time comes to put your house on the market. Just remember when choosing your colours and design the kitchen is one of the major selling points so don’t put potential buyers off by opting for something too bizarre!


If you are fortunate enough to be in your forever home the first thing to consider is what you want from your kitchen. Will the space allow for your design dream? If not, it may be worth considering a revamp rather than a replacement. However, if the space allows for a complete new design start by making a wish list of all the things you would like from your kitchen, this could be anything from somewhere to entertain, to having a built in wine rack. Write everything down, no matter how unachievable you think it might be. Next consider what budget you have. Plans never quite go to plan so make sure you have a little extra cash in reserve, just in case. Once you have set your budget and agreed on the expectations from your new kitchen, it is time to think about the layout, design and colour. Remember that you don’t want to be changing your kitchen again anytime soon, so spend time shopping around looking for styles and designs that you like. Once you have an idea of style and colour, get your kitchen designed by a professional – many of the DIY stores offer free design and planning. They will come out to your home and talk to you about your expectations. Go through your wish list – but be aware you may have to compromise. They will take measurements and note where the current services are located and provide you with a printed plan. Whether you use the company or go elsewhere is up to you, however, unless you are a craftsman by trade, it is advisable to get your kitchen fitted by professionals.

Kitchen Flooring Tips

In a room such as a kitchen, the flooring must be practical & hardwearing.

Vinyl is the perfect choice - it’s water resistant,

warmer underfoot and less likely to break a dropped glass. Laminate flooring is also ideal – but the disadvantage is its sensitivity to moisture. Hardwearing carpet with a waterproof backing is another option, but more difficult to keep clean. Things to think about when choosing kitchen flooring; Maintenance: how easy is it to clean? Style: does it fit with your kitchen design and

Like anything in this world, you get what you pay for, overall home decor? but if you give time to research your dream kitchen Durability: will it cope with knocks, spills and stains? thoroughly, you will find some excellent value for Is it cost effective: can you afford it? money out there. Tips courtesy of Hereward Carpets

are selling, letting or simply wanting to update your home contact Sue for an informal chat. 38 Whether April 2011 you | Email: Tidy Interiors - Tel 01476 564035 | Mob 0754 061 2143 -

Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


“Teen Scene”

For all your carpet and flooring needs.... come to the experts

by Charlotte Chorley

Ed Sheeran

Exam pressure With exams looming in the coming months for both GCSE and A-level students, you may be finding revision stressful and your prospective workload overwhelming. Here are a few common fears and how to combat them;

Ed is a 19 year-old wonder, freshly signed by Atlantic records, already touring with the likes of Example and singing with hip-hop legends including Devlin and Wiley. He is a talented young star who boldly jumps the boundaries between acoustic, soul, hip-hop and pop effortlessly. He has released several EP’s and albums already; top that with his extensive list of performances this summer, you should definitely open your ears to Ed Sheeran.

like-minded people….Book today! Min age 12 - Tuesday August 2nd 9.30am-5pm Cost £20

Large selection of cane furniture

Grease Workshop

Cost £25 This is a fantastic opportunity to learn original Arlene Philips choreography from this fabulous long running musical. Taken by a current West End cast member this high energy workshop is one definitely not to be missed!

3. “I’ve read it and I understand it. I just can’t remember it.” We remember best the things that are most meaningful to us. As you are reading, try to build upon new information with your own examples.


4. “I think I understand it.” Test yourself. Make up questions about key sections in notes or reading. After reading a section, try to recall the information and try answering questions you’ve made for that section.

Paul is a science fiction comedy film following two English comic-book writers who stumble across an alien on a road-trip. Sounds a bit ‘same-old’, but the film is full of laugh-out-loud humour that it doesn’t resemble a typical ‘sci-fi’ film – definitely a must see for all film types and occasions, from first-dates, to birthdays, to simple Orange Wednesdays.

100’s of carpet Rolls & Remnants

If you’re passionate about performing and want to meet new friends and spend a day with

Thursday July 28th - 9.30am-5pm - Min age 9 -

2. “I’ve got so much to study and so little time.” Identify the most important topics and areas you don’t understand. Skim-reading saves time by helping you organise and focus in on the main topics. But remember previewing is not an effective substitute for reading.

April 2011 | Email:

Glee Workshop

1. “I don’t know where to begin.” Make a list of all you have to do. Break your workload down into manageable chunks, starting with an hour or two per day and slowly building as exams approach, with planned study breaks.


Come and spend some action-packed, fun-filled time with two trained musical theatre professionals singing and dancing at the

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Bed Stock Clearance up to

40% off all beds, mattresses & headboards.

m howroo Large S t a S on Open M e Parking Fre Ample very cal Deli o L Free

Storage Bed 4’6” Was £279 Now £199

Don’t miss this very exciting workshop in the Easter Holidays!!! Includes learning songs and original dances from the show from a cast member, then off to the Broadway Theatre, Peterborough to watch the show! 9.30am-5pm Cost £35 Min age 6 Due to the show tickets allocation we will not be able to take late bookings!

Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011



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Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Alma Rd Primary Care Centre

Whats On.... Be a Wildcat this Easter

Join us! Make Alma Road Your practice

Award winning Wildcats Theatre School are running a holiday programme for children aged 5-16 years at The Cresset, Rightwell, Bretton this Easter. The week is running from Monday 18th April – Thursday 21st April and is a four day programme culminating in a performance of this feline adventure. Each day runs from 09.15am – 4.00pm and is taught by Wildcats Musical theatre Teachers.

Tel: 01733 758388 Web:

Open 7 days a week 365 days a year 8 am – 10 pm

9 & 10 April National Garden Scene,South Gardens Open Burghley House, Stamford 01780 752451 11 – 26 April Box your own chocs: a chance for the children to have a go at making Easter treats Peterborough Central Library 01733 864159 15 April, 7.30pm A Festival of English Peterborough Cathedral 0800 107 1940


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Wildcats Theatre School have also teamed up with Stanground St Johns Primary School to offer local children the chance to take part in two workshops over the Easter Holidays. The workshops will be from 09.30am – 4.00pm on Tuesday 12th April and Friday 15th April 2011 at the school. On Tuesday 12th April, children can take part in a High School Musical Special, learning dances, songs and script from the famous 3 movies. On Friday 15th April there is an American Dance Day, where children will learn routines to songs from Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and much more. The workshops cost £15.00 per child. As well as this Wildcats have loads for children to do in Stamford during the holiday period. Workshops include Face Painting, Musical Theatre, American Dance, Drama and Easter Egg parties. Each workshop is run at Stamford Arts Centre from 09.15am – 4.00pm each day of the school holidays. Further information about these or all their sessions can be found on the Wildcats website or by emailing

Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


17 April, 7pm Last night of the Proms Key Theatre 01733 207239 20 – 23 April The Railway Children Key Theatre 01733 207239 24 April Children’s Easter Egg Hunt Burghley House, Stamford Until 25 April Lambing time at Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre 01780 782251 30 April – 2 May Early May Bank Holiday with Thomas the Tank Engine Nene Valley Railway 01780 784444

Sunday 10 and 24 April

Great Ouse Kite Flyers – Club fly in. Ferry Meadows Country Park The clubs regular meeting place for kite flying. Tuesday 5 April Teddy Bears Picnic at Ferry Meadows Times: 10:00am – 4:00pm Meet at: Coney Meadow Cost: free Booking: Essential. Please contact the Enjoy a picnic with Barney the bear. Please bring your own lunch and bear. Times: 12:00noon-2:00pm Great Ouse Kite Flyers via Cost: Free - Booking: Essential. Thursday 21 April Daily Saturday 9 –Tuesday 26 April

Pond Dipping, Ferry Meadows

Collect a trail sheet from the visitor centre and collect your prize when you have finished the trail Times: 11:00am-3:00pm - Meet at: Visitor Centre Cost: £0.50 - Booking: No need to book.

activity. Find out what lurks in the water, you may be surprised by what you find! Times: Morning Meet at: Location to be confirmed at time of booking Cost: Free Booking: Essential.

Easter Trail around Ferry Meadows Children’s pond dipping and identification

Booking for some events is essential. Unless otherise stated, book via The Nene Park Trust on 01733 234193 or e-mail

2 May Stilton Cheese Rolling

July 12 – 17 April Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat The Broadway Theatre Peterborough - 0844 850 850 15 – 17 April The National Motorhome Show East of England Showground 01778 391123 16 & 17 April, 10am – 4pm Burghley Fine Food Market Burghley House, Stamford 01780 752451


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Peterborough Male Voice Choir are delighted present Sing for Heroes 2011, this year featuring Britain’s best-loved soprano, Lesley Garrett, with the thrilling sound of 100 male voices. The concert is in support of Help for Heroes and raised £10,000 for the charity last year. - Tickets £20 - £30

This Easter come down to the Nene Valley at Wansford to see Thomas, the childrens favourite engine. Thomas will be on steam on Sat 23rd, Sun 24th, & Easter Monday 25th. He will also be on steam on Monday 30th April, free parking, cafeteria, gift shop & childrens play area available. For further details please contact: Nene Valley Railway Wansford Station, Stibbington, Peterborough PE8 6LR. Tel - 01780 784 444 Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011



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But back to the fundamental running costs of the car; Hyundai has developed three e xceptionally efficient engines which power the ix20: a 1.4-litre with 90PS in both petrol and diesel, and a125PS petrol mated to an automatic transmission. Hyundai expects its new ‘U2’ common-rail diesel engine to be the most popular choice among British buyers looking for exceptional economy. The U2 engines use high-pressure common rail injection, electronically-controlled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to ensure they meet Euro V emissions regulations.

Hyundai ix20 1.4 CRDi Style By Tim Barnes-Clay Twitter: @barnesclaymedia

What’s more, fitted with Integrated Stop-Start technology and a six-speed manual gearbox, the 1.4 CRDi Style version of the ix20, on test here, records CO2 emissions of just 114g/km and returns an average fuel economy of 65.7mpg. These class-leading figures will bring reduced motoring costs through lower road fund licence costs as well as saving pounds at the pumps.

THE LIBYAN CRISIS has pushed up the cost of a gallon of petrol in the UK to £6 for the first time. And the AA has warned that with unleaded now costing an average of 132.12p per litre and diesel increasing to 137.92p, thousands of drivers could be forced to leave the car at home.

However, Hyundai is doing its bit to help ease the cost of everyday motoring by producing the thrifty new ix20. The latest model to join the South Korean company’s ‘i-range’ line-up of vehicles has the style of a supermini, the space of Doctor Who’s TARDIS and the economy of a city car. Every manual model features Intelligent Stop & Go technology, low rolling-resistance Continental tyres and an Alternator Management System (AMS), giving it the lowest emissions and fuel consumption in the class. In fact the ix20 is so fuel efficient it can actually better or match the figures for rivals’ city cars. Made at Hyundai’s newest European plant in Nošovice, Czech Republic, the ix20 is essentially a compact MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) with a healthy dose of fashion and functionality. It is not, in my opinion, good-looking but it does have a chic sporty profile, which sets it apart from the boxy ‘minivan’ image typically associated with other MPVs. Inside, the ix20 is firmly screwed together and matches the spirited design of the exterior. The well-appointed cabin features a height adjustable driver’s seat, air conditioning, six airbags, active head restraints, radio/CD audio system with six speakers, plus CD, MP3 and USB-/AUX-/iPOD-input capabilities. More importantly, the car provides excellent legroom and headroom in the front and rear. It is also very easy to achieve a comfortable driving position. And once on the move, the ix20 delivers an alert and supple ride, even over the most pothole ravaged roads. That is no surprise though because the car is the first in Hyundai’s history to be extensively tested on the worst of British roads.


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Ok, by their very nature, MPVs, large or small, are never exhilarating to drive, and the ix20 is no exception. But the car is impressive in so many other respects. It is roomy, tremendously economical, it has a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating, it has 20,000-mile service intervals and comes with Hyundai’s five-year unlimited-mileage warranty, plus five years of roadside assistance and free vehicle health checks. Phew! By my reckoning all that makes the ix20 ideal for anyone looking for a cost-effective, practical, modern day motor.

PROS ‘N’ CONS • • • • •

Economical √ Roomy √ Comfortable √ Debatable looks X Unexciting drive X

FAST FACTS • • • •

Max speed: 104 mph 0-62 mph: 14.5 secs Combined mpg: 65.7 Engine layout: 1396cc 16v, four-cylinder, turbocharged diesel

• • • •

Max. power (bhp): 89 at 4000 rpm Max. torque (lb.ft): 162 at 1750-2750 rpm CO2: 114 g/km Price: £15,420 OTR

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Key City recruiter The One Group goes from strength to strength. Since winning the Peterborough Evening Telegraph Medium Business of the Year award in 2008, the company has taken a deep breath through the recession and over the last year has broadened its range of services which has boosted staff numbers by over 50 per cent. The business was formed in 2004 and the timing of the award mirrored significant growth for The One Group. Head count had increased significantly to allow the launch of several new specialist recruitment divisions including Office and Executive in addition to its original Accountancy base. But this turned out to be the calm before the storm of the recession that swept through the industry: “At the end of 2008, like many industries, the recruitment market literally fell off a cliff, through 2009 we saw a large number of our competitors close their doors,” said Managing Director Tristan Drane. By April 2009, The One Group saw improvement in its business dealings. Over the next five months, the company consolidated its position until in September it was time to move forward. In 2010, it started to build on new-found strength and focus on expansion. Not only did it add three new business divisions to The One Group offering; One Performance Outcome, a rebranding of the former Engage and Retain division, search and selection arm Laycock Williams and 5s Recruitment focussing purely on


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technical appointments, it also drew up an environmental and community focus. High mileages accrued in staff cars was not efficient business practice. Therefore, the directors decided to buy a pool car, a highly economical VW Golf BlueMotion model. The green message, centering on efficiency, is also at the heart of the business’s aim to become a paperless office which is on target to happen within the next 3 months. The One Group has also embraced social responsibility by sponsoring youth cricket and swimming teams, internal fund-raising events and holding an annual charity golf day, raising nearly £3,000 for local charity MAGPAS at the end of 2010. Additional recruitment divisions in HR and IT now ensure a wide portfolio of services can be provided to their customers. The direction, investment and growth The One Group has followed is now being realised with the first quarter of 2011 set to be their strongest trading performance ever. “We have a unique range of services in recruitment and now, through one route or another, we can provide a dedicated, flexible and unrivalled service offering to find employers the best talent available across a range of disciplines.” said Tristan. “We will continue to grow and develop new opportunities benefiting our staff, our clients and our candidates”. Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Peterborough Panthers are back!

Get Fit whilst you walk in a new pair of Fitflops IT’S the footwear that’s been catching the eye of celebrities, TV, magazines and newspapers – and it’s available literally on your doorstep. Since Fitflops were launched almost four years ago they’ve received rave reviews from millions of satisfied customers – and they’ve also attracted the attention of day-time TV queens Oprah Winfrey and Lorraine Kelly, no less, as well as GMTV and BBC Breakfast! Respected publications like She, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Own and Vogue, plus national newspapers the Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Sun and Observer have also ensured we have been able to ‘read all about it’! So it’s no wonder that the footwear sensation that is Fitflops has sold over six million pairs of sandals worldwide since the launch in May 2007 – but you don’t have to travel the world to find a pair. Fitting specialists North Shoes, at 18 North Street, Bourne, have a wide choice in a range of colours and store owner James North knows that, as the summer approaches, Fitflops will be in huge demand. James, who also owns Footprints in Peterborough, says: “Fitflops are unbelievably popular and we’re one of only two outlets locally who stock them.They fly off the shelves as soon as th ey come in!” So, what makes Fitflops such hot property? Well, in addition to being stylish footwear, they have a unique design that’s been proven to help tone you as you walk – and some people have also reported relief from such problems as chronic back pain and sciatica. Fitflops are the result of a collaboration between Bliss Spa founder and


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former personal trainer Marcia Kilgore and London South Bank University biomechanists Dr David Cook and Darren James. Over two-anda-half years of research they developed unique Microwobbleboard™ technology that helps tone and tighten leg muscles as you walk. Independent tests have shown this can increase leg and bottom muscle activity by up to 30% and absorb up to 20% more shock than normal shoes. The result is a workout while you walk and, as Fitflops realign the impact of each stride you take, wearers have also noticed they help lessen back, pelvis and knee stress. They can make a fashion statement, too, with head-turning styles featuring in Fitflops’ sandals, shoes and clogs for women this summer. And it doesn’t end there – later in the year, when our thoughts turn to autumn and winter, you’ll find Fitflops have a range of boots to catch the eye. And with sandals, shoes and clogs available for men, boys and girls, too, there’s no reason why the whole family can’t put its best foot forward! To find out more about Fitflops, or to get expert advice on footwear, go to North Shoes – their staff are trained by the Society of Shoe Fitters. The store is open six days a week – from 9am-5pm, MondaySaturday. You can also order online at

Speedway returns to the city in April after a difficult winter where there had been doubts over whether the Panthers would be lining up in the 2011 Elite League. Luckily for everyone, we will have world class speedway at the East of England Showground from April to October and this year the fans are in for a real treat. The city side have captured a new number one rider and it’s a three time world champion. Danish star Nicki Pedersen joins the Panthers after some time out from British speedway and will be looking to lead the Peterborough team to glory and help pick up some silverware. On a personal level, the Dane will be back in the running to fight for honours in the Grand Prix series to see if he can recapture his form which took him to three world titles. Peterborough kick start their season with a match against the Coventry Bees on Thursday 7th April at 7.30 pm which will be an entertaining fixture with ex Panthers favourite Hans Andersen back in town. Other fixtures are due to be announced soon, so please keep checking for all the latest news and upcoming matches.

Free Golf Lessons!!! Thorney Lakes Golf Club are giving free ‘BEGINNERS’ golf lessons for adults (men & women) and juniors (boys & girls) during April. Contact the Pro Shop, Nick Burbridge to obtain further details and book your place. T: 01733 270570.

The Road To Wembley The Free Kicks Foundation Walk to Wembley After last year’s big walk from Peterborough United to Nottingham Forest, The Free Kicks Foundation have decided to go even further this year in their quest to raise money to give deserving children days out at football. On Thursday 26th May a group of Posh fans will be setting out to walk from Barnet FC to Wembley Stadium… the twist is that they will visit the other 12 London football clubs on the way! In total the team will walk just over 73 and a half miles, arriving at Wembley on the evening of The Champion’s League Final, Saturday 28th May. Leaving from Underhill, the home of Barnet, at 8am on the first day, the walkers will take in Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Leyton Orient and West Ham United. Day 2 will see them walking to Dagenham & Redbridge, Charlton and Millwall before ending the day at Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace. The 3rd and final day will begin back at Crystal Palace and heading to Chelsea, Fulham, Queen’s Park Rangers, Brentford and then to the final destination at Wembley Stadium. Approximate arrival times at each ground can be found here : http://www.freekicksfoundation. org/fundraising/the-2011-big-fundraiser-roads-towembley/ Free Kicks Foundation are inviting as many people as possible to join them on the way, whether you want to pop along to greet them at the grounds or even join in for a leg of the journey. The charity have an event Just Giving Page for supporters to donate online. Telephone: 01780 783613 | April 2011


Ryan’s April Football Preview Please email with any views you have and visit for my response.

Blackpool v Wigan (16TH) Let me take you back to August of last year; the shambles that was our World Cup campaign was still very much fresh in our minds and for many the thought of watching ‘overpaid prima donnas’ who apparently don’t love the game that fans spend their hard earned cash on to follow wouldn’t have appealed to many. To call Ian Holloway and his Blackpool team the saviours of English football may be slightly over the top but in my opinion they have symbolised everything that is great about football. Holloway has had journo’s eating out of his hand all season, from the way he attacked the Premier League big wigs who dared fine the club for changing his entire starting 11 against Aston villa to the fantastic, defiant way he has kept hold of star man Charlie Adam at a time when most other managers would of gave in to the pressure of the Premiership big boys, (equal praise must go to chairman Karl Oyston for this too). Their opening day 4-0 victory against Wigan really was the catalyst to what has been an incredibly eventful season but the reverse fixture could be just as important, if not more so given both teams league position. At the time of writing Roberto Martinez side sit rock bottom, 3 points from safety and Blackpool, despite starting so well and picking up some fantastic results, lay 3 places but 1 point above the drop zone. Do not expect a horrible, scrappy, typical relegation dog fight though as these 2 sides play as entertaining, open football as any of the top 6, something that has probably contributed to their troubles at times. It’s tough to call but I’m going for a Blackpool win here. Galvanised by their crowd I think they will just about come out as winners and hopefully by the end of the season give us what we all want, another year of compelling Ian Holloway Premier league press conferences!

The POSH It’s been a fantastic few weeks for Darren Fergusons troops. Sitting 4th, 2 points off the automatic spots with a game in hand on Huddersfield, they really have taken on the role of League 1 entertainers. Having scored 20 more goals than anyone else in the division to date, a 3-0 win against Exeter, 6-0 versus Carlisle and then 4-1 away at Sheffield Wednesday have rocketed them right back in the promotion mix. April is going to be a mammoth month though. Bournemouth (H), Dag and Redbridge (A), Huddersfield (A), Plymouth (H), Leyton Orient (A),Yeovil (H) and Rochdale (A) provide the huge test and April will without doubt be the defining period for the squad. If they can be in the same position come May 1st, every Posh fan will surely be a happy bunny.


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