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FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

TLC home to world’s weirdest shows By Sara Mullowney and Regan Meinking Staff Writers Photo from

NBC’s Community

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ABC’s FlashForward

New show previews Fall TV season has already kicked off By John Ross Staff Writer

Here are some top new shows coming out this fall and what they are all about: Glee- O. M. Glee. Glee is a new show on Fox that follows the turbulent and often comical attempt of a high school teacher to bring his schools Glee Club (show choir) back to the top. The show is full of characters with outlandish personalities and quirks, such as the germaphobic teacher and the intensely bitter cheerleading coach. Glee is often darkly funny and also has some pretty cool music in it, so check it out on Wednesdays at 9 o’clock on Fox. Community- Community is a promising new comedy about a mismatched group of adults attending community college. The show features Joel McHale (The Soup) as a smart-talking lawyer who finds himself with a revoked law degree. Enrolling in community college, he meets a man named Pierce, played by none other than Chevy Chase. The two start a study group filled with hilarious people, kicking off what could be a very promising new comedy. Watch this on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. Vampire Diaries- Listen up, Twilight lovers: There’s a new high school vampire story, and this time it’s on your TV. The basis of this show seems a little familiar, in

which a high school student, Elena, meets a new mysterious boy, Stefan, and the two quickly fall for each other. Soon after meeting, though, Stefan is revealed to be a vampire, and his evil brother shows up in town to challenge him for Elena’s love. Talk about high school drama! The CW seems very excited for this show, and it can be found there at 8 p.m. on Thursdays. Modern Family- Modern Family is one of this seasons most promising new comedies. The show encompasses three different modern-day families, including an old man and his young Hispanic wife, the neighborhood gay couple and their recently adopted Vietnamese baby, and the “traditional” suburban family. Previews for this show look absolutely hilarious, and you can catch it on Wednesdays on ABC at 9. FlashForward- In ABC’s newest drama, everyone in the entire world blacks out at the exact same time for two minutes. When they all wake up, many of them realize that they had visions of their future during those two minutes, but others didn’t. The show is centered on the main character trying to figure out if what everyone saw really was the future and whether that future can be avoided. It seems like this show could be the next great thing on television. You’ll have to decide for yourself and watch it on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

TLC is known for all of it’s unique TV series. The Roar examines some of its most distinctive shows: I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant- This series showcases women who go through an entire pregnancy and have no idea that they are carrying a child. The show tells some wild and bizarre tales. Little People, Big World- This series features parents Matt and Amy Roloff, who are “little people,” each about 4 feet tall. Only one of their four children is a little person like them. The show presents the struggles of a little person in the world today, from the complications of driving a car to even seeing over the counter. This family is not only loveable, but also inspiring. Jon & Kate Plus 8- The reality show that has become insanely popular consists of the Gosselins, Jon and Kate, along with their twins, Mady and Cara, and the famous sextuplets, Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah, and Joel. Although the divorce of Jon and Kate has given this show an unbelievable amount of attention, the show still focuses on the lives of the children. Say Yes to the Dress- The consultants of Kleinfeld’s, an upscale Manhattan bridal boutique, try to help every bride find the perfect dress for her wedding. The show is filled with hilarity, tears, drama and, of course, love. The consultants try to balance the desire to make a sale and earn their commission with the desire to make the bride , her friends, and her family happy. Toddlers & Tiaras- This show documents girls from toddlers to pre-teens competing in small-town and statewide beauty pageants. Rather than focusing on the young Barbies,

the show tends to put the attention on pageant moms and their crazy antics. The mothers tend to try to live vicariously through their daughters and push them into doing absurd dance routines in glitzy gowns. The Little Couple- This show documents the first years of marriage for Bill Klein and wife Jen Arnold. They are a normal couple, other than the fact that they are both under 4 feet tall. The show focuses on the challenges the two have merely living a normal life. It shows how their love and perseverance helps them to rise above their challenges and be happy. LA Ink- A documentary of the life and shop of artist Kat Von D, LA Ink shows the crazy time Von D has balancing her life and her out of control tattoo shop. The shop is filled with eccentric and wildly talented tattoo artists that Kat must keep in line. The show has a ton of drama and lots of touching stories. 18 Kids and Counting- Let’s face it, the Duggar family has way too many kids for anyone to handle. The Dugger household consists of 18 children: eight girls and 10 boys. Not only do the Duggars have an unreasonable amount of children, but each child has a name starting with the letter “J.” This series shows the close-to-impossible lifestyle of raising 18 children under one roof. Cake Boss-Buddy Valastro and his team truly do have an artistic gift. The unique and amazing cake designs made by this crew create a lot of drama in the kitchen, due to the stress of time restraints and drastic measures this bakery goes to in order to please its customers. The family-owned business is impossible not to love, and many are amazed watching what this bakery can do.

TV dramas: mental asylums, new neighbors ... Hillary Duff? New TV season is filled with enough twists and turns to keep viewers on the edge of their seats By Sammie Wheeler Staff Writer

Check out these fall TV hits. Listed below is everything you need to continue following your favorite or to jump right into a new drama.

Show title

When and where

Last season

This season


NBC, Mondays @ 9

Nathan and Sylar faced off, Nathan died, and Sylar took his identity. Hiro and Ando tried to take down Building 26.

Tracy is coming back and a new leader will be introduced.

Gossip Girl

CW, Mondays @ 9

Gossip Girl gave her own class superlatives and stunned the graduation audience. Chuck told Blair he loved her.

Hillary Duff is joining the cast.

ABC, Sundays @ 9

Dave tied Susan to a post to make her watch her daughter die; at the last second he let her and her daughter free.

A new family, the Bolens, is moving to Wisteria Lane, and it has a big secret.

FOX, Mondays @ 8

Dr. House checked into a mental institution after he started seeing things.

Dr. House will make a friend at the nut house, and Cameron and Chase start fighting.

FOX, Mondays @ 9

Washington D.C. was being bombed and The Lightman Group was going downhill due to a missing agent.

Desperate Housewives


Lie to Me

Dr. Lightman continues looking for the missing agent, and a new romance between Lightman and Gillian may start.

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