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FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

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Check out why Michael Lawson thinks Bear Grylls is so awesome on page 2.


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Read about Loveland’s quarterback, senior Adam Engel, and his sports success on page 5.


Volkman ready to deploy By Hailey Booth Staff Writer

Many of you know Mr. Volkman simply as an American government teacher at Loveland. However, he is also a lieutenant colonel in the 412th Civil Affairs Battalion of the Army. You may not have him as your teacher all year, because he’ll be deployed overseas perhaps before the school year ends. Some people may feel sorry or nervous for Mr. Volkman because he is going overseas, but he says, “It’s not a bad thing. I guess it’s just something that you have to experience to understand.” Mr. Volkman has been part of the Army for 27 years, ever since he stepped onto West Point’s campus in 1982. His battalion is a reserve unit, which means it goes into action only when there are not enough active troops. That is why he is being sent over soon. As a lieutenant colonel, Mr. Volkman is the commander of his unit. It is up to him to make sure that the people in his unit are adequately trained and prepared for active duty. His battalion also has a specific job to do. As Mr. Volkman says, “There are two jobs in war. One is to fight, which unfortunately results in death. The other is where the people clean everything up. That’s what we do.” More specifically, he and his battalion meet with the government and international groups in other countries to help them fix their issues. Mr. Volkman has spent a lot of time doing this work in Afghanistan and Qatar. He has also spent a little time in Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

Photo by Casey Baker

Mr. Volkman celebrates his patriotism Even though Mr. Volkman is set to deploy in seven or eight months, he does not yet know where he is headed. Two likely possibilities are Iraq and Afghanistan. Since he has already done a lot of work in Afghanistan, he would prefer to go there, but he is willing to go wherever he is needed. Mr. Volkman will be on active duty for one year. When asked what he will miss most about being away from home, Mr. Volkman talked about things we take for granted, such as green grass and trees. What he will

miss most, though, is his family and homecooked meals (especially fried chicken and pecan pies). Through all of his experience in the Army, Mr. Volkman says that he has learned some very important lessons and experienced a lot of important things. “Being in the Army has been a fantastic experience,” he said. “I have learned all about teamwork, sacrifice, hard work, misery and true love. Not romantic love, but the love between people. I have learned how good we have it here, and how it is worth fighting for.”

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Wait until you hear about the new attraction coming to Loveland on page 6.


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Upcoming Events Here and around the ’Nati

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Are you pumped for the jungle? Check out Homecoming information on pages 8 and 9.


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What would you be made into? Read what some of our students dream to be on page 10.

Oct. 2: The Homecoming football game against Glen Este is tonight at 7:30. Oct. 3: The Homecoming dance is tomorrow at 9 p.m. in the cafeteria. Oct. 10: There is a Jay-Z concert at the Bank of Kentucky Center at 8 p.m. Oct. 15-18: The school musical, Beauty and the Beast, will be showing in the auditorium. Oct. 23: The last home football game, against Winton Woods, is at 7:30 p.m.

Revisions to student code made to educate students, not to punish them By Sander DiAngelis Editor-in-Chief

educators, and club sponsors yielded a revised policy with the following changes:

Loveland students participating in athletics, music, or any other extracurricular activity are now under a revised set of rules. With less of an emphasis on punishment, the updated code of conduct policy encourages a positive learning experience through a greater push toward community service. “The new code of conduct provides a learning tool rather than just a penalty, such as missing games,” said Mr. Zidron, LHS assistant principal/athletic director. The code still applies all 12 months of the year. After an incident arose last year regarding a summer violation, discussions involving students, parents, the Athletic Boosters, Athletic Council,

* The suspension of games for first-time offenders has been reduced from 40 percent to 20 percent, or 10 percent with community service. * Rather than a one-year suspension for second-time offenders, suspension has been reduced to 50 percent of the activity if the student performs community service, participates in a drug education program, and submits to random drug testing. * Third-time offenders may avoid permanent suspension from extracurricular activities by meeting with school officials to create a plan that penalizes the student but also assists the student toward being able to participate again. Please Recycle!


2 FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

Staff Policy The Roar is the official student newspaper of Loveland High School. The Roar is produced by students in Journalism. Editorials reflect the staff’s opinion but do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the school administration or the Loveland City School District. The Roar is published monthly. For information regarding advertising in The Roar, call 697-3749. As an open forum for students, letters to the editor are welcome, but are subject to be edited for length, libel, and clarity. Letters to the editor may be dropped off in room 109. Contact Information The Roar Loveland High School 1 Tiger Trail Loveland, Ohio 45140 513-697-3749

Page Editor: Hailey Booth

Meet The Roar’s staff By Erin Randall


Casey Baker loves life.

Becca Black is the favorite junior of the seniors in Journalism.

Hailey Booth- This California-born girl has moved many times, but her true home is in the water with her friends on the swim team.

Josh Brennock has 400 hockey pucks and announces a junior hockey team on the Internet.

Sam Burpee loves to love you out loud.

Sander DiAngelisThis Cincinnati-born editor-in-chief is senior class president and plays football.

Emma Goetz is president of the Loveland chapter of Invisible Children.

Katie Henke- This junior is a cheerleader and plays lacrosse.

Kelsey Kerkhove is a cheerleader, a member of SADD, and a tumbling class teacher.

Emilee Kraus is a member of student council; she also plays SAY soccer and works at Dewey’s.

Michael Lawson wishes he was Batman.

Ellen Mack is known as ArtGirl in some circles.

Regan Meinking drives a VW bug named Polly.

Sara Mullowney wishes she was as funny as John Ross and Michael Lawson.

Erin Randall- This editor-in-chief is class secretary and is on the basketball team.

Diana Reese is a second-degree black belt in tae kwon do and loves speaking Spanish.

John Ross wishes he was Michael Lawson.

Natalie Siddique is kind of a big deal.

Bridget Sova is looking forward to majoring in acting in college and hopes to someday move to New York City.

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Austin Stahl was a 2009 state doubles quarterfinalist in tennis with his brother, Chris.

*All photos taken by Erin Randall

Madeline Vance is a junior soccer player who is crippled (again).

Abby Vargo loves c i n n a m o n applesauce.

Sammie Wheeler placed fifth in the 1 0 0 - y a r d breaststroke at the state swimming finals.

Matthew Worsham enjoys politics, astronomy, and the show Monk.

FRIDAY, October 2, 2009


3 Page Editor: Regan Meinking

Why Bear is awesome Bear Grylls has the coolest profession since Chuck Norris and is who our esteemed columnist aspires to be Michael Lawson There are many things I find awesome: guitars, Batman, Corvettes, pizza, Indiana Jones, and Bear Grylls. For those poor individuals who have no idea who Bear Grylls is, he is the “host” of Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild. He’s thrown into incredible survival situations and simulates how to get himself out alive. The key word is simulates. It has come out that some things he has appeared to have done were not entirely factual. Whatever these things are, it’s nothing compared to what he definitely does do: things of awesomeness. The first thing of awesomeness is getting the nickname Bear. His real name is Edward Michael Grylls; however, he is such a “B.A.” that he was nicknamed BEAR. After spending three years in the Special Air Forces, a form of the British army, he broke his back in three different places after a parachuting accident over Southern Africa. A broken back didn’t stop him three years later, from becoming the youngest British climber to summit Mt. Everest. After doing this, he became the first person to

cross the frozen North Atlantic Ocean in an open, inflatable raft. In 2007, he went back to the top of Mt. Everest, but this time he set a world record by doing it on a powered hang glider. Man vs. Wild started in November 2006, and Grylls has shown how to survive everywhere

Bear Grylls

Photo from

from the European Alps to the Costa Rican jungle, from a deserted Pacific Island to Siberia, from the Australian Outback to the Moab Desert. He eats things that would make any of us vomit; sometimes it’s hard just watching him eat them. He climbs sheer rock faces without ropes, and he creates his own shelters, rafts, fires, and anything else necessary to survive using just the things he brought with him (usually a knife, flint, and water bottle) and the things around him. I’ve watched him voluntarily jump into freezing, ice-covered water. I’ve seen him eat a raw snake. I’ve seen him drink water derived from elephant droppings and drink his own urine to survive. Although he does receive some assistance with the things he does on his show, there are amazing things that he did without assistancebefore he even got on the show. Bear is the definition of Man, B.A., and awesomeness. Watch Bear on Man vs. Wild Wednesdays at 9 on Discovery Channel.

Think green while exercising Regan Meinking Recycling may not seem like a big deal, but such a simple task can make a huge impact in the world. There are around 360 fall athletes at LHS practicing or playing a game every day from the last week of August to the last week in October. This means that for every one of those days, each athlete needs some sort of hydration for his or her sport. For most athletes, this means grabbing a disposable water bottle from their fridge at home. It’s very convenient and easy, but they likely

just throw the bottle away after they are finished without even thinking about recycling it. With this routine, fall athletes could throw away approximately 16,200 plastic water bottles in the fall athletic season alone. Multiply that number by three, and Loveland athletes could be pitching about 48,600 water bottles in a school year. Plastic water bottles can be recycled into many useful and eco-friendly products. By simply putting your plastic bottles into the recycling bin, a pair of mittens can be knitted from recycled yarn, a bridge can be built out of recycled lumber, or a water bottle can simply be made into another water bottle. It’s as simple as putting it in the recycling bin instead of the trash. If recycling is too much of a hassle, another alternative is using reusable water bottles. In

Photo from

Reusable bottles

Making the Grade Crowded hallways: F It takes FOREVER to get to class. The staircases barely move, and going from the math wing to the history wing takes over five minutes.

Cookies at lunch: B+ How can you not love them? They are only 50 cents and are baked to perfection every day.

Video announcements: A Everyone looks forward to the beginning of second block. The specials this year have been so interesting, and we love all the new anchors.

Swine flu: DHaving the flu is never fun. It seems like everyone is getting sick, no matter how much we sanitize.

Homecoming week: A+ We have looked great all week! Plus, the parade, male cheerleading, powder-puff football and volleyball were great.

Bees outside: D They will not leave the seniors alone. It is hard to eat while trying to swat pesky bees away the entire time.

the long run, they can save money. Parents won’t have to be buying packs of water every grocery trip, because a reusable water bottle can be used instead. These water bottles normally cost anywhere from $12 to $24, depending on how nice and how big of a water bottle you want. They are easy to find at your local grocery store or in outdoor catalogs such as L.L. Bean or Lands End. Buying a reusable water bottle and recycling your plastic bottles is an easy and affordable way to go green this school year.

CONTRA We let staffers from both The Roar and LHSNN debate which news team is better Michael Lawson

Michael Lawson

The Roar The day is Friday, the first Friday of the month. You’re heading to the cafeteria and there are smiling faces… handing out what? Copies of The Roar. It’s the school newspaper, worked on by 24 Loveland students who write about what you want to know. We are the ones that come up with the content; it’s not handed to us by outside forces. We are the ones factchecking, designing the pages and editing the paper. We tell you what you want to know, like “why Bear Grylls is awesome,” and what teachers’ childhood dreams were. What do the announcements do for you? Who wants to pay attention to those kids who can barely read the teleprompter? They only occasionally get the white

LHSNN balance correct, often mess with Mr. Zidron’s announcements, and waste your time with specials. The No. 1 reason why the LHSNN can’t compare to The Roar is because of that amateur Michael Lawson. Who is this kid? I can tell you, he’s a kid with too much free time and is the worst anchor/editor I’ve ever seen. He tries too hard to be funny and just ends up crashing and burning. They call him the “Hindenburg” behind his back. Make a decent special occasionally, why don’t ya? This kid has got to go; his parents have actually admitted that they pay Mr. Barrett, the News Crew advisor, to keep Lawson on staff. The evidence basically speaks for itself: The Roar all the way.

The time is 9:00 a.m. on a school day, and what is currently on the TV of classrooms? It’s the announcements, courtesy of the school’s very own Loveland High School News Network. We are the ones who run the camera, edit the video, and anchor. We tell you the announcements you occasionally care about, at the time you can’t decide. We show you what you want to know, like how senior Chris Kuramoto spends his day, or how not to ask girls to Homecoming. We give you John Ross dressed in a Batgirl costume, and we have tremendous specials, definitely better than last year. All of this done in vibrant color.

What does that newspaper do for you? Give you words? To read? People don’t read anymore. People barely pay attention to the people talking to them from the TV screen. Those writers give you occasional color, and expect you to learn and be entertained by reading?? I’m surprised you’ve even made it this far into the article. The No. 1 reason why The Roar can’t compare to the LHSNN is because of that jokester Michael Lawson. Who is this kid? I can tell you, he is the worst writer on that staff. Obsessed with movies much? He’s just a big nerd who spends too much time on the couch and tries to be funny. This kid has got to go; his parents have actually admitted that they pay Mr. Schmidt, the Journalism teacher, to keep him on staff. The evidence basically speaks for itself: LHSNN all the way.


4 FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

Page Editor: Austin Stahl

Photo taken by Sara Mullowney

Chris Kuramoto, left, and brother Brian. Sister Mollie also plays soccer. The triplets are seniors.

Photo taken by Sara Mullowney

Joe Moran (10), left, and David Moran (11)

Photo taken by Sara Mullowney

Autumn Oakes (11), left, and Olivia Oakes (10)

Siblings says it’s cool to compete together By Sara Mullowney Staff Writer

Is it better to always have someone supporting you on your own team? Having a sibling on your sports team may seem like it would be a pain, but these athletes enjoy the constant back-up they have. Three pairs of athletes were interviewed and asked what it’s like to play with someone so close. 1. Describe your sibling as an athlete. 2. What is it like to play on the same team as your sibling?

3. If you were to compare your sibling to any star athlete, who would it be and why? Autumn Oakes (11), soccer 1. Determined. 2. It’s really fun, because its a common interest and something we can enjoy together. 3. I would compare Liv to Mia hamm, because Mia never gave up on anything and neither does Olivia. Olivia Oakes (10), soccer 1. Ruthless.

2. It is a lot of fun, because I have someone to look up to. 3. I would compare Autumn to Brandi Chastain because she is amazing at soccer. Joe Moran (10), football, basketball, baseball 1. Decent (laughs) ... no, he’s good. 2. It’s a lot of fun. 3. I don’t know. David Moran (11), football, basketball 1. He’s legit. 2. It’s not weird at all; it’s really fun.

3. William “the fridge” Perry, because they are both pretty big. Brian Kuramoto (12), soccer 1. Sneaky. 2.He’s one of the best one-vs.-one attackers I’ve ever played with. 3. Ronaldo, because all the ladies love him. Chris Kuramoto (12), soccer 1. Quick. 2. He’s really good in the middle. 3. That’s tough to say; probably Ronaldo.

LHS duo clubs foes By Abby Vargo Staff Writer

They may not have wives that are supermodels, they may not be sponsored by Nike, and they may not get paid millions of dollars for winning a tournament. But the one thing that Ryan Denney and Thomas Rooney have in common with Tiger Woods is that they all have love for the game of golf. Tiger Woods is a golf star known around the world, but Ryan and Thomas are our very own golf stars at Loveland High School. Ryan is a senior at Loveland and has been playing golf for only five years. When asked how he first got started playing golf, he said, “I would hit balls with friends, and we would try to hit people.” Thomas is a junior at Loveland and started golf when he was 4 years old because his dad made him. The golf team has already had a very successful year. It won the preseason FAVC

Ryan Denney

tournament. Ryan’s overall average is 37.5 strokes per nine holes, and he is ranked No. 2 in the FAVC. Thomas’s overall average is 38.4, and he is ranked No. 9 in the FAVC. Ryan received many awards at the end of the season last year. He was the team MVP and captain. He was first team all-FAVC, and second team all-city. The boys are very competitive with each other, and though they are very serious about golf, they also have fun with it. “The other week we had a putting contest and we bet $40, and I, of course, won,” Ryan said, but Thomas denied it and said that he won. I guess we will never know. Thomas is only a junior, so he doesn’t know if he’ll play in college. Ryan says he wants to play at a school in Ohio. The road of golf looks endless for him, because he also wants to play semipro golf after college. The boys have a long road of golf ahead of them, but they are hard working and determined to succeed. Who knows, maybe one of them will become the next Tiger Woods.

Photo courtesy of LHS

Photo courtesy of LHS

Thomas Rooney

Dodgeball is coming! The Roar will be staging the inaugural LHS Dodgeball Tournament, to be held Nov. 20. We’ll have a ton of coverage in the November issue of the paper, but if you want to start putting together a team, here are the basics:

The event is open only to LHS students. Each team will have eight players, including a minimum of two girls. Cost is $5 per player ($40 per team). The one-night event will be a fundraiser for your student newspaper, The Roar. Stay tuned for more info!

Photo from

Photo from

Danny Rosenbaum played college ball at Xavier and Indiana University before heading to the pros.

Loveland grad playing pro ball By Josh Brennock Staff Writer

What did you do this summer? Travel to an exotic land, go to the pool? One Loveland graduate started a career in professional baseball. Danny Rosenbaum spent the summer playing minor league baseball in Melbourne, Fla., with the Gulf Coast League (GCL) Nationals, a Washington farm team. Rosenbaum graduated in 2006 from Loveland, where he was the ace on the baseball team. Despite being one of the best players in the city and FAVC Player of the Year, Rosenbaum went undrafted out of high school. This did not stop him from reaching his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. Rosenbaum, known to his teammates as “Rosey,” spent one year at Indiana University and two years at Xavier University. By the end of his junior season, Rosenbaum was one of the top pitchers in the Atlantic 10, leading Xavier in strikeouts for the second consecutive season and leading Xavier to the NCAA Tournament, where he started the Musketeers’ only tournament win in program history. As Major League Baseball’s amateur draft neared, Rosenbaum worked out for the Washington Nationals. From that day on, Rosenbaum and his family had a hunch

that the Nationals were going to take him. They were correct, as the Nationals selected him in the 22nd round. Rosenbaum signed with Washington in a matter of days and was off to Florida to play with the GCL Nationals. After a slow start in his first few appearances, Rosenbaum turned into one of the best pitchers in the GCL. He ended the season with a 4-1 record and a 1.95 ERA. The GCL Nationals won the league title, and Rosenbaum pitched six scoreless innings during his only postseason appearance. As a young kid, Rosenbaum knew he wanted to be a baseball player. Rosenbaum and his dad would go to Redsfest, and Rosenbaum would take lessons on pitching and hitting from Reds players. It is safe to say that those lessons have paid off. Rosenbaum is not the only Loveland graduate playing minor league baseball. Jason Christian, who graduated in 2005, is playing class A minor league baseball with the Kane County (Ill.) Cougars. Christian, a draft pick of the Oakland Athletics in 2008, has been a main contributor to his team. Mr. Reed, who coached Rosenbaum and Christian at Loveland, says, “They are not where they are only on talent. Both are very committed and have put themselves in a position to succeed.” Both players hope to one day be on a major league roster.

FRIDAY, October 2, 2009


5 Page Editor: Sam Burpee

One time at band camp... Give Here’s the scoop on what band is really about By Sara Mullowney Staff Writer

What do we know about marching band? Loveland students are often ignorant about what goes into this endeavor. Marching band, in general, is more complex than an outsider would know. From competitions to halftime shows at football games, our marching band puts in hours of work to pull off the complicated performances we see at each home game. Marching band practices twice a week for three hours a day in order to prepare and learn the routines they perform at games and numerous competitions it participates in. On Wednesdays, it also participates in music rehearsals, lasting to up an hour. Senior David Alten is a dedicated member and is passionate when it comes to marching band. He said, “Many people don’t realize how difficult marching band is, and to be good requires immense

discipline and focus, and extraordinary memory of both music and drill.” Obviously, band is quite a commitment, which leads to many lifelong friendships. Senior Ashley Paulson says, “There are so many great people in the band; some of the best people you can meet are in it.” We know we see the band at the football games, but what else exactly does it do? Competitions are what make the marching band world so competitive. Marching band The competes in numerous competitions throughout the year, in which it performs a show called “Ghost Train,” a complicated show which is difficult compared to its halftime show. More recently, it competed in the Kings competition and placed seventh overall out of 17 bands. David said, “It has been a long time since a band with this much potential has come through Loveland High School, and I’m really excited about what we can do.”

me an L! By Sammie Wheeler Staff Writer Photo courtesy of Ashley Paulson

marching band performs at a game

And yes, there actually is band camp. Contrary to the belief that band camp is a completely blow-off couple weeks of the summer, the LHS band takes the beginning of the season seriously. Band director Mr. Thompson told band members this summer’s was the best camp he has had in 14 years of teaching.

Tiger Turf: Was it worth the wait? By Austin Stahl Staff Writer

With the largest donation ever to the Loveland district, Loveland has installed a turf field here at the high school, known as the almighty “Tiger Turf.” It will be home for many Loveland sports this year, including football, boys and girls soccer, and boys and girls lacrosse. Amazingly, the whole project, over half a million dollars, is being privately raised through the Athletic Boosters. Some of the benefits of the new turf for the athletes include the feel, the reduced wear and tear on one’s body, the elimination of grass and mud stains, and, most of all, the looks. Let’s be honest, would you rather be playing on an overgrown, potholeridden grass field or a brand-new turf field?

With that said, there are still a few disadvantages to the turf. Everyone is susceptible to nasty turf burns, and the heat held by a field full of black rubber pellets can be u n b e a r a b l e . Tiger Turf Then you have the pellets themselves, which seem to have an uncanny ability to stick to your body. We caught up with some of the fall athletes already playing on the turf and asked their opinion of the new field:

Tia Ariapad, 10 (girls soccer): I like the speed of play better. Kyle Sieg, 10 (football): I like that we have a nice, even field, Photo by Sander DiAngelis but I don’t like the heat and the little black pellets that get into your shoes. Matt Beachy, 10 (boys soccer): I like the squishyness of it and the little soft rubber balls.

We all know our varsity cheerleaders and the awesome job they do leading the crowd, but few really realize the amount of work that they put into it. The Loveland varsity cheerleaders have learned around 100 different cheers and chants to get the crowd pumped. This year there are four new crowd cheers to get everyone in the stands involved and help you show off your spirit. Two of the new cheers are “Let’s Go” and “Yell L.” These new cheers are a result of a lot of hard work and hours of practice. Most cheerleaders are involved in tumbling or competitive cheerleading, along with the varsity practices every week. Senior Kelsey Kerkhove estimated that she spends around 15 hours each week at practices, tumbling and cheering competitively. So the next time you’re at one of the football games cheering on your tigers and you’re feeling a little lost in the stands, don’t be afraid to look down at your varsity cheerleaders. They do a great job and even have signs to help you out. Go Tigers!

Adam Engel: our LHS sports triple-threat By Sam Burpee Sports Editor

Many of us have seen him on Friday of his life. Adam plays short stop in baseball and small nights out on the forward in football field. Soon we basketball, will see him running up and was and down the named first basketball court, and team all-Fort finally, we’ll watch him Ancient smash baseballs out on Va l l e y the baseball field. His Conference name is Adam Engel, in baseball. and he’s a triple-threat. Over the For this fall season summer he Adam Engel flies with the ball Photo from Adam is the starting went to New quarterback for the After Adam graduates, he plans to Mexico and participated in tigers. Adam says, “Our attend the University of Louisville on a a Connie Mack national biggest goal is trying to tournament. His team, the baseball scholarship. Adam continues to knock off a top dog.” Midland Redskins, excel in each one of his sports. Whether Adam’s top sport is performed very well and he’s tossing the football, bouncing the baseball, which he has ended up winning the entire basketball, or hitting the baseball, he’s been playing and Photo courtesy of LHS always giving it his best effort. thing. loving for the majority Adam Engel

Photos from

All three photos: cheerleaders at work


6 FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

Make a difference! Check out LHS’s newest club and volunteer By Diana Reese Staff Writer

When you think of volunteering, what comes to mind? Some people think of college resumes, service hours, or making unforgettable scholarship essays. For sophomore Joey Oberholzer, however, volunteering is about giving back for what he has been given. Joey first found the benefits of volunteering when his mom signed him up to serve breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House. Even though he didn’t want to wake up early, he discovered the joy of making “someone’s face just light up.” The gratitude on the faces of the family he served made his day “that much better” and made the family’s day too. This year, Joey is bringing the rewarding experience of volunteering to Loveland High School with the UGive LHS-LHS Gives Back club. The club is affiliated with UGive, a Cincinnati-based organization started by former Bengals Anthony Muñoz and Cris Collinsworth. matches students’ interests with volunteer work, making volunteering fun and rewarding. For example, if you love sports, you can volunteer with the Special Olympics and other organizations that help underprivileged children in Cincinnati.

The UGive LHS club, lead by vice president Thomas Wassel and secretary Haley Edison, works with the SPCA, Ronald McDonald House, Down S y n d r o m e Association, YMCA, American Cancer Society, Big Brothers/ Big S i s t e r s Association, the Red Cross, and other charities. LHS Gives Back, lead by vice president Ryan Fisher and secretary Toni Gardner, focuses on giving back to from ugive.orgfor all we have been thePhoto community given. It creates volunteering opportunities with Loveland-area organizations like Bob Roncker’s Breath for Life Race, the Life Food Pantry, Loveland Chamber of Commerce, and Loveland City Council. Joey says he hopes bringing UGive to Loveland will help us “give back for what we’ve been given” and make the school a better place. There are so many opportunities to help out, and the rewards are endless. To learn more about having fun and helping others while doing what you love, join the new UGive LHS-LHS Gives Back club; email Joey at

Page Editor: Diana Reese

Say WHAT?!? By Katie Henke Staff Writer

Animal rights activist kills dog Robin Star, the CEO for the Richmond (Va.) chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, left her dog in a hot car for four hours. Her 16-year-old blind and deaf dog “Louie” died in the incident.

Photo from

Baby beater A 61-year-old man slapped a crying 2year-old girl at a Wal-Mart in Atlanta. Roger Stephens of Stone Mountain (Ga.) approached the mother and said, “If you don’t shut that baby up, I will shut her up for you,” and proceeded to hit the girl several times. Stephens was charged with the felony of cruelty to children. Photo from

Doggone expensive The world’s most expensive dog, a Tibetan Mastiff, cost a woman identified only as Mrs. Wang $582,135. Wang was determined to buy the 18-month-old dog the moment she laid eyes on him. She had even told reporters, “Gold has a price, but this Tibetan Mastiff doesn’t.”

Photo from

Bump, set, spike

Man drives straight to heaven Lonnie Holloway, who recently died at age 90, skipped the traditional coffin burial and was buried inside his green 1973 Pontiac Catalina on Sept. 9 in Saluda, S.C. Holloway was buckled into the driver’s seat with his hands on the steering wheel as a crane lowered the car into the ground.

Grand Sands indoor sand volleyball complex opening soon in Loveland By Casey Baker Staff Writer

Q: How can LHS students get involved? A: Currently at most outdoor places, sand volleyball is directed towards adults. The plan is to offer opportunities for high school and junior high kids to play. We are opening at 3 p.m. on school days and will be open all weekend. During the summer there will be youth programs, which include lessons and skill development, and many fun programs offered on the indoor and outdoor courts. Our goal is to get as many younger people that want to play the chance to play.

As the temperature starts to get colder and the days grow shorter, you can still get your feet in the sand. No, I’m not talking about traveling to a tropical resort; I’m talking about playing indoor sand volleyball. On Nov. 1, Grand Sands, a year-round sand volleyball complex, is opening on Loveland-Madeira Road, where 84 Lumber used to be located. The Roar sat down with one of the owners, John Kerkhove, to ask about the new building. Q: Why sand volleyball? A: Sand volleyball has been around for a long Imageo from time, but recently it has been gaining popularity from the Olympics. Sand volleyball at Grand Sands is for The NCAA has made sand volleyball an everyone from skilled pros to those of official women’s sport in college. There are you who may just be learning. You can over 10,000 people in the Cincinnati area that sign up for leagues, depending on your play volleyball. Young and old people enjoy skill level, and play one night a week. playing active sports, and sand volleyball Each league lasts eight weeks. They vary provides a good, competitive activity. from just men to just women to coed. If Q: Currently, there are over seven outdoor you don’t want to join a league, you can sand volleyball facilities in Cincinnati. Why call ahead and rent a court for one hour. should people choose Grand Sands? Whether you are a professional or just A: We felt that people want to play sand want to play with friends, make sure you volleyball year-round, not just in the summer. check out Grand Sands, opening in Indoor volleyball gives people the chance to Loveland on Nov. 1. do that.

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News FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

Page Editor: Matthew Worsham

Meet Officer Steve New resource officer is a former Marine, owns 14 years of experience as a Cincinnati policeman By Natalie Siddique Staff Writer

Many of you were wondering who replaced the beloved Officer Rod this school year. The new resource officer to Loveland High School is Officer Steve Almond, a former Marine whose experiences led him to become a police officer to further serve the community. Prior to his start here at Loveland, he was an officer in Cincinnati and Delhi Township for 14 years, bringing lots of experience to our hallways. He said he is

pleased to join us here at Loveland and is impressed with “how well the students get along.” As a native of Cincinnati, Officer Steve attended La Salle High School. In his spare time he enjoys coaching football, weightlifting, and running. He enjoys war movies, especially Saving Private Ryan, and listening to classical music. If you run into Officer Steve, make sure to introduce yourself, as we welcome him with open arms to Loveland High School.

Photo by Regan Meinking

Meet Officer Steve, Loveland High School’s new resource officer

Stimulus money helps LHS go “green” Changes include new lights and windows, updated heating and AC By Matthew Worsham Staff Writer

Are you tired of the inconsistent temperatures between classrooms, or are you a stickler for turning out the lights when you leave the room? If so, you’re in luck, because Loveland is going “green.” These issues and many more will soon be resolved due to a Board of Education resolution passed in June, and made possible in part by a little cash from Uncle Sam. On June 2, the Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution that approved the first phase of projects intended to make the district more energy efficient. This meant installing new lights in the buildings, new windows, updating (or in some cases replacing) heating and air conditioning units, placing occupancy sensors in rooms, and much more. “I personally like the idea of better lighting in classrooms and the gym that will be cost efficient,” said Board member Mrs. Christine Olsen when asked about her

opinion of the project, “Solar panels to produce our own energy and ultimately reduce our cost of power is expected to be a great benefit as well.” Luckily, these programs qualify for special funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the Stimulus Bill. The district received approximately $6 million from the sale of bonds at zero percent interest. The lender will receive a tax credit for what would have been its interest income, had it charged it. A significant amount of the loan will be repaid with the money the district saves on energy through these improvements. That amount of money is expected to be huge.

District Business Manager John Ames wrote in a memo to the staff, “Over five years the energy cost savings will be more than 2.5 million dollars, which will continue to grow as energy costs escalate.” So how will these programs benefit students? New HVAC systems are expected to be more consistent in their heating and cooling of the buildings, meaning every room will be close to the same temperature. Also, spending less money on energy means more money can be spent on the rest of the things we need to keep the schools running, like supplies, teachers, and buses. Keep an eye out for these new improvements to our schools.

Arkansas woman pregnant ... wait, pregnant again? By Erin Randall Editor-in-Chief

An Arkansas woman, Julia Grovenburg, conceived two babies 2½ weeks apart. The babies are not twins, but are an example of a rare phenomenon called superfetation, or conceiving while pregnant. Todd and Julia Grovenburg were expecting only a baby girl until an ultrasound revealed another fetus, this one male. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman says that superfetation is rare but possible. “Here’s how it happens—egg and sperm, implant…that’s your first pregnancy. But if you ovulate more than one time a month—and women do—and a sperm happens to meet an egg and they, too, implant…you get a second fetus,” Snyderman told MSNBC. The babies are due to be born at the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010.

Tiger Bites: Boys extended, Manville arrested From staff reports The Roar Staff

The Loveland Board of Education passed on Superintendent Dr. Kevin Boys’s proposal this summer to retire and be rehired for the same position, i n s t e a d unanimously deciding to grant him a new 5-year contract. In Ohio, Photo from Loveland City Schools those in Dr. Boys education can retire at any time after 30 years. Dr. Boys’s proposal had been to begin collecting retirement now, rather than waiting until later, though he will end up with roughly the same amount of money either way. “Given the current economic climate, the timing of the retire/rehire request was not in

the best interest of the district,” said Dr. Kathryn Lorenz, Board president, in a statement. “We value Dr. Boys’s leadership and strongly support his continued tenure here until at least 2014.” MANVILLE THEFT: Former Loveland City Schools treasurer Jill Manville is facing a theft charge that could jeopardize her probationary status in Hamilton County. Manville was arrested by the Hillsborough County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office on a misdemeanor petit theft charge for allegedly stealing from an area Wal-Mart on June 8. She was scheduled to learn the judgment on her case Thursday. Back in January, she was sentenced in Hamilton County to five years probation on a charge of theft in office. Ohio auditors determined that she took $58,785 from the school district over an eight-year period. PTSA DISBANDS: Loveland’s PTSA disbanded last month because of a lack of volunteers. While this means the likely end of the Positive Rewards (ice cream) celebrations, a group of volunteers still plans to stage After Prom and present senior scholarships this school year.

NEW COACH: Loveland has hired Mark Lynch as its new boys lacrosse coach. Lynch has been the top assistant coach at Mason and was the 2009 Southern Ohio Assistant Lacrosse Coach of the Year. He replaces Mike Werner, who went 47-26 in four seasons, including a 2008 Division II state runner-up finish. ROAR AWARD: The Roar has received an International Honor Award in the 2009 International Awards for School News Media, sponsored by the Quill & Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. This covers work done during the 2008-09 school year.

8 FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

*All clip art images from *Unless stated otherwise, all text by Emilee Kraus and Kelsey Kerkhove

Welcome to


Making the Grade: Remix, Homecoming Style A-: Guys volleyball is back this year, but on the track. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have the mud everyone loves, but we still had the competition. Thanks to everyone for coming out to the event. Hope you had a blast! B: Pep rally is outside! There’s nothing like the energy you feel when the whole school is squeezed into the gym, but get pumped because in a couple of hours you’ll be outside in the stadium getting rowdy for the weekend! A+: Homecoming dance in the Cafeteria and Hey! Mr. DJ: With the same DJ we had at Prom last year, we needed a better location for his bumpin’ beats. The cafeteria is the perfect place for the dance! B+: We play Glen Este tonight. That’s some tough competition for the Homecoming game, but we hope our Tigers will pull through! Hope to see everyone out there dressed in your best tiger spirit! F: Homecoming is over! When Homecoming comes to an end, what’s there to look forward to now? Winter Break is a long way away...

Guide to Homecoming Worried about how Homecoming is going to turn out for you this year? No need to fret. The Roar has put together your very own guide to follow for the dance tomorrow. 1. Hopefully, girls, you have found a dress by now, and guys, you have your khakis or slacks ironed and your tie picked out. 2. If you’re planning on going with a date, don’t forget to order your corsage or boutonniere. It’s also a good idea to match your tie with your date’s dress. *This year is jungle themed, so don’t be afraid to dress wild!* 3. It’s important to get a good meal in you before hitting the dance floor. Make sure you have your dinner plans set, but don’t eat too much before getting your groove on.

artwork by Halee McClary

Words of wisdom from your very own class presidents

With the class competitions coming to an end today, we went to the leaders of each class for some thoughts before the closing pep rally:

4. The dance starts at 9 p.m. this year, so fashionably late isn’t too fashionable anymore. Get to the dance on time so you’ll have plenty of time to check in. The line gets very long. 5. Its okay if your parents drop you off at the dance; just make sure you get picked up when the clock strikes midnight.

Senior class president Sander DiAngelis said, “Thanks to everyone who participated. We’re the seniors and we’ll finish on top, I don’t have any doubts.”

6. After the dance, be safe and have fun, in that order.

Freshmen: What do you expect for Homecoming?

Junior class president Caleb Redslob said, “Other classes be ready; we’re going all the way this year!”

Homecoming Week is new and exciting for the class of 2013. From male cheerleading, to the big dance, there are many activities to look forward to. A few freshmen told The Roar their hopes and expectations for Homecoming this year: “I can’t wait to see the powder-puff game!” Sierra Wood “I’m excited to ask a girl to the dance!” Bryan Gilligan

Sophomore class president Stef Dever said, “High school’s short; it’s more fun to get involved. Make sure you do next year!”

“The chicks.” Austin Coulson “I can’t wait to get my dress!” Christy Flaherty “The male cheerleaders will be awesome!” Carla Weismantel and Rune Percy Hope you had fun, freshmen. Homecoming Week is by far the best week of the year!

Freshman class president Katie Swaine said, “We’re small but mighty! Thanks to everyone for coming out. I can’t wait to see everyone get involved in our years to come.”


the Jungle

Page Editor: Emilee Kraus

ming 2009

*Photos taken by Emilee Kraus, Kelsey Kerkhove, Sara Mullowney, and Casey Baker

Princes & Princesses Juniors

Lindsay Watson and David Moran

Sophomores Freshmen

Austin Klueh and Alyssa Tipton

Carley Taggart and Justin Byrd

By Sara Mullowney Staff Writer

Junior princess, Lindsay Watson used to run cross country but hurt her leg. She drives a Honda Civic. David Moran, the junior prince, is the only one of the Moran boys without a beard. His younger brother Joe is his best friend.

Sophomore couple, Alyssa Tipton and Austin Klueh have won the honor of being princess and prince of the 10th grade. Austin plays soccer and enjoys a nice pair of slacks. He and his girl are huge Florida Gator fans.

Carley Taggart, the freshman princess, loves to cheer, dance, and watch Matilida. Her boyfriend, freshman prince Justin Byrd, loves to eat Spam.

Senior King and Queen nominees By Sara Mullowney Staff Writer

Ellie Iaciofano is a varsity soccer player and loves Wil Fisher (12). Mollie Kuramoto is one of the Kuramoto triplets who plays varsity soccer and is going to Purdue University next year to play soccer. Casey Baker is a member of the Loveland golf team and a staff member of The Roar. Gretchen Kessler is in marching band and plays the mellophone. She is also an actress in a group called “Groundings.” Matt Sierzputowski is the definition of class. You will be amazed by his firm handshakes, bronzed body, collection of tuxedos, and knowledge of luxury. Also, he hopes to one day save sloths. Chris Kuramoto, another one of the Kuramoto triplets, also plays varsity soccer and is attending American University next year to play soccer. Josh Carrington is a football player and is an employee at The Works in Loveland.

From left: Matt Sierzputowski, Chris Kuramoto, Mollie Kuramoto, Ellie Iaciofano, Casey Baker, Gretchen Kessler, Denver Coulson, and Josh Carrington

Denver Coulson III is currently making a video game and loves to run. When he’s not spending time with his girlfriend, Gretchen Kessler, he is playing in the marching band and playing tennis.



FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

Page Editors: Sander DiAngelis and Erin Randall

Be our guest, be our guest Beauty and the Beast to be presented by LHS drama department By Emma Goetz and Josh Brennock

the cast received extra summer homework when it was given the scripts by its director. Practice started up again and the actors Your Homecoming date might not be have been hard at work ever since the first what you’d call a gentleman, but at least he day of school. They say they are very excited for the performance, even if it is a lot is not a beast. From Oct. 15-18, LHS will be performing of work now. “It is a big challenge, but the Beauty and the Beast. The show consists hard work will pay off,” Brandon said. “It’s of around 50 talented cast members, a big change (being in a lead role), but I love it.” including Brandon, a leads Megan sophomore L e e v e r, this year, Brandon has not Huber, Bonnie been in a Emmer, and lead role Spencer since his Vance. They performance are also in M.A.S.H. known as in the Belle, The middle Beast, Mrs. school. Potts, and Brandon is G a s t o n , the one of respectfully. t h e “It is really Photo taken by Emma Goetz youngest exciting to Ben Hoffman and Haley Mueller rehearse a leads, as work with so scene in Beauty and the Beast. Megan, many talented Bonnie, and Spencer are all seniors. actors and actresses,” Spencer said. For those who know the movie, This musical has been long in the making. Tryouts took place last school year, and costumes promise to be exciting. Most Staff Writers

notable is Belle’s gorgeous yellow dress that is in the ballroom scene. “It is so pretty,” Megan said. “I am so excited.” Angela Hays, who plays Madame de la Grande Bouche, better known as the wardrobe, says that she has not seen her costume yet but has heard that it is i m m e n s e . Brandon’s costume is going to be, well, Photo taken by Emma Goetz beastly, and Bonnie From Left, Ricki Dew, Becca Pearson, Jamie Lowery, will be dressed as a and Megan Leever practice the song “Belle” at rehearsal. teapot. Of course, not all the costumes are as grand; some of that she hopes there are many younger kids, the actors have to dress as forks, spoons, saying that the best part will be “performing for little kids and making them smile.” and knives! The songs are catchy, the actors are Another special aspect of Beauty and the Beast is that the show will be directed fantastic, and the costumes will be thrilling. by Janet Powel. It is her first time directing The cast and crew have worked very hard an LHS play, and she is admired by the cast on their production and are looking forward to a big turnout. Beauty and the Beast for being a nice and understanding lady. The cast hopes the whole community will promises to be an entertaining event that be in attendance. Megan specifically said everyone will enjoy.

So LHS, who wants to be MADE!? As producers visit, students share their wildest wishes with The Roar By Abby Vargo Staff Writer

The producers of MTV’s MADE were here Sept. 22 for a casting call. That got us wondering: If you could be made into anything, what would you want to be? This was the question that The Roar asked several students at Loveland high school.

Sean Gilligan, 12- Rapper whose name is S. Gillz Da Thrillz, I want to be dat real dope MC! Mike Weinberg, 10- Magician; I want to be able to turn my foot into my head Reece Martinez, 10- Fighter pilot; I want to shoot down other planes Autumn Oakes, 11- Belly dancer Greg Pitman, 12- Singer (Enrique Iglesias),

and I want to play my guitar in a speedo Joanna Myaka, 12- NASCAR driver Mr. Zidron- Lead singer of KISS; I want to have face paint and a rocking mullet Dr. Moorhead- Backup singer and dancer, with nice thick hair Bryan Gilligan, 9- Tree, because everyone loves trees Connie Sporing, 9- Secret agent princess;

I want to fight crime and wear a tiara Alayna Buescher, 12- Great white shark cage diver Casey Baker, 12- Body builder Madeline Vance, 11- Bear Grylls, because if I’m ever in a situation where it’s man vs. wild, I will always win Natalie Siddique, 12- Professional competitive eater

Roar around the school

- Homecoming is tomorrow night! Wear your best jungle clothes and get to the school at 9. - Get ready for the LHS dodgeball tournament, sponsored by The Roar, on Nov. 20. - October weather is here! Get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Sincerely, The editors-in-chief



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FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

TLC home to world’s weirdest shows By Sara Mullowney and Regan Meinking Staff Writers Photo from

NBC’s Community

Photo from

ABC’s FlashForward

New show previews Fall TV season has already kicked off By John Ross Staff Writer

Here are some top new shows coming out this fall and what they are all about: Glee- O. M. Glee. Glee is a new show on Fox that follows the turbulent and often comical attempt of a high school teacher to bring his schools Glee Club (show choir) back to the top. The show is full of characters with outlandish personalities and quirks, such as the germaphobic teacher and the intensely bitter cheerleading coach. Glee is often darkly funny and also has some pretty cool music in it, so check it out on Wednesdays at 9 o’clock on Fox. Community- Community is a promising new comedy about a mismatched group of adults attending community college. The show features Joel McHale (The Soup) as a smart-talking lawyer who finds himself with a revoked law degree. Enrolling in community college, he meets a man named Pierce, played by none other than Chevy Chase. The two start a study group filled with hilarious people, kicking off what could be a very promising new comedy. Watch this on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. on NBC. Vampire Diaries- Listen up, Twilight lovers: There’s a new high school vampire story, and this time it’s on your TV. The basis of this show seems a little familiar, in

which a high school student, Elena, meets a new mysterious boy, Stefan, and the two quickly fall for each other. Soon after meeting, though, Stefan is revealed to be a vampire, and his evil brother shows up in town to challenge him for Elena’s love. Talk about high school drama! The CW seems very excited for this show, and it can be found there at 8 p.m. on Thursdays. Modern Family- Modern Family is one of this seasons most promising new comedies. The show encompasses three different modern-day families, including an old man and his young Hispanic wife, the neighborhood gay couple and their recently adopted Vietnamese baby, and the “traditional” suburban family. Previews for this show look absolutely hilarious, and you can catch it on Wednesdays on ABC at 9. FlashForward- In ABC’s newest drama, everyone in the entire world blacks out at the exact same time for two minutes. When they all wake up, many of them realize that they had visions of their future during those two minutes, but others didn’t. The show is centered on the main character trying to figure out if what everyone saw really was the future and whether that future can be avoided. It seems like this show could be the next great thing on television. You’ll have to decide for yourself and watch it on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

TLC is known for all of it’s unique TV series. The Roar examines some of its most distinctive shows: I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant- This series showcases women who go through an entire pregnancy and have no idea that they are carrying a child. The show tells some wild and bizarre tales. Little People, Big World- This series features parents Matt and Amy Roloff, who are “little people,” each about 4 feet tall. Only one of their four children is a little person like them. The show presents the struggles of a little person in the world today, from the complications of driving a car to even seeing over the counter. This family is not only loveable, but also inspiring. Jon & Kate Plus 8- The reality show that has become insanely popular consists of the Gosselins, Jon and Kate, along with their twins, Mady and Cara, and the famous sextuplets, Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Leah, and Joel. Although the divorce of Jon and Kate has given this show an unbelievable amount of attention, the show still focuses on the lives of the children. Say Yes to the Dress- The consultants of Kleinfeld’s, an upscale Manhattan bridal boutique, try to help every bride find the perfect dress for her wedding. The show is filled with hilarity, tears, drama and, of course, love. The consultants try to balance the desire to make a sale and earn their commission with the desire to make the bride , her friends, and her family happy. Toddlers & Tiaras- This show documents girls from toddlers to pre-teens competing in small-town and statewide beauty pageants. Rather than focusing on the young Barbies,

the show tends to put the attention on pageant moms and their crazy antics. The mothers tend to try to live vicariously through their daughters and push them into doing absurd dance routines in glitzy gowns. The Little Couple- This show documents the first years of marriage for Bill Klein and wife Jen Arnold. They are a normal couple, other than the fact that they are both under 4 feet tall. The show focuses on the challenges the two have merely living a normal life. It shows how their love and perseverance helps them to rise above their challenges and be happy. LA Ink- A documentary of the life and shop of artist Kat Von D, LA Ink shows the crazy time Von D has balancing her life and her out of control tattoo shop. The shop is filled with eccentric and wildly talented tattoo artists that Kat must keep in line. The show has a ton of drama and lots of touching stories. 18 Kids and Counting- Let’s face it, the Duggar family has way too many kids for anyone to handle. The Dugger household consists of 18 children: eight girls and 10 boys. Not only do the Duggars have an unreasonable amount of children, but each child has a name starting with the letter “J.” This series shows the close-to-impossible lifestyle of raising 18 children under one roof. Cake Boss-Buddy Valastro and his team truly do have an artistic gift. The unique and amazing cake designs made by this crew create a lot of drama in the kitchen, due to the stress of time restraints and drastic measures this bakery goes to in order to please its customers. The family-owned business is impossible not to love, and many are amazed watching what this bakery can do.

TV dramas: mental asylums, new neighbors ... Hillary Duff? New TV season is filled with enough twists and turns to keep viewers on the edge of their seats By Sammie Wheeler Staff Writer

Check out these fall TV hits. Listed below is everything you need to continue following your favorite or to jump right into a new drama.

Show title

When and where

Last season

This season


NBC, Mondays @ 9

Nathan and Sylar faced off, Nathan died, and Sylar took his identity. Hiro and Ando tried to take down Building 26.

Tracy is coming back and a new leader will be introduced.

Gossip Girl

CW, Mondays @ 9

Gossip Girl gave her own class superlatives and stunned the graduation audience. Chuck told Blair he loved her.

Hillary Duff is joining the cast.

ABC, Sundays @ 9

Dave tied Susan to a post to make her watch her daughter die; at the last second he let her and her daughter free.

A new family, the Bolens, is moving to Wisteria Lane, and it has a big secret.

FOX, Mondays @ 8

Dr. House checked into a mental institution after he started seeing things.

Dr. House will make a friend at the nut house, and Cameron and Chase start fighting.

FOX, Mondays @ 9

Washington D.C. was being bombed and The Lightman Group was going downhill due to a missing agent.

Desperate Housewives


Lie to Me

Dr. Lightman continues looking for the missing agent, and a new romance between Lightman and Gillian may start.

Roar’s rating (out of 5)



Page Editor: Emma Goetz

FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

Michael’s Movies Our man picks 5 great films you’ve never heard of but you should see By Michael Lawson Entertainment Editor

I have too much free time, and during this free time I pass the hours by watching movies. I watch too many movies, which means I watch good ones and bad ones that no one has ever seen. These are the best movies you’ve never seen… 1Captain Ron- This movie is hilarious. K u r t Russell makes this movie as the title character, who helps a suburban Chicago Image from family sail its boat from the Caribbean to Miami. Slowly, he turns that family upside down. It always makes me laugh. Make sure you see it. 2- Day of the Dead- Not the one from 1985, the 2008 remake. I have to thank Ethan Zimmerman for this one; he lent it to me a while back. Every normal boy loves zombies, and this is one of the better z o m b i e movies I have seen. A v i r u s spreads across a Colorado t o w n , Photo from turning everyone

into zombies. Ignore the brief bad acting; this movie is tremendous. 3- Pool Hall Junkies- How do you make money? Do you have a job? The characters in this movie don’t. Instead, they make money by unprofessionally playing pool. A mix between gambling and hustling is shown in these pool halls, with the characters just hoping to make it to the next level. Written by, directed by, and starring a former pool hall junkie, Mars Callahan, this movie is grand. 4- Green Street Hooligans- I hate the Pittsburgh Steelers. I also hate their fans, but I wouldn’t f i g h t t h e m . However, this film depicts soccer fans that fight one Image from another for their group’s reputation. It’s not about which team is better, more about which fans will hold their ground. Not all the fights end well, and this movie shows what happens during and after living in this world. Elijah Wood stars in this under-the-radar gem. 5- Army of Darkness- “This is my boomstick!” After a Michigan-born character, Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, unleashes an ancient evil, his life is turned upside down. His hand becomes possessed by this evil and he cuts it off, attaches a chain-saw to his wrist, grabs his trusty double-barrel (boom-stick), and gets sucked back into the 1300s, where the ancient evil is raising the dead and possessing the good. It’s up to him and his Oldsmobile Delta Royale to send these demons back to the grave.

Not your summer reading list By Emma Goetz Staff Writer

Here are six hot books that you might not have read yet, but you are sure to enjoy: 1. The Merchant of Death by D. J. MacHale. This is the first book in the Pendragon Adventure. The series revolves around an average teenage boy who learns that he is destined to save not only our universe, but the nine other “territories” in the story as well. Bobby, the basketball star, is forced to combat adversary Saint Dane, who is a tricky shape shifter. There are 10 books in the series, three companion novels, and a graphic novel based upon the Merchant of Death. While it is aimed more toward boys, girls will enjoy it as well. 2. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. It is the second book in the H u n g e r Games trilogy Image from and is a gripping and emotional read. The story takes place in a world where every year, 24 teenagers are chosen at random to do battle in the Hunger Games. The Games are an event of brutality where the lone winner is also the lone survivor. The main character, Katniss, becomes a contender during the first book when she volunteers in order to save her sister’s life. Girls and guys will equally enjoy both this book and its predecessor, but be warned, readers will be forced into answering the question, “Would you sacrifice your life for a sibling’s?” 3. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code. The novel features Brown’s notable character Robert Langdon as he investigates the Freemason Society. If you couldn’t put down either The Da Vinci Code or Angels & Demons, you are sure to be immersed in

this book as well, because it promises to be as suspenseful and exhilarating as the prev i o u s books. 4. Rapture of the Deep by L.A. Meyer. Book seven in the Image from Bloody Jack series tells the tale of an orphaned, teenaged girl gone outlaw. She survives against the odds to become one of the most notorious and wanted buccaneers of the ocean. Each book in the series is fresh and surprising as Jacky undergoes complications the reader will never see coming. Besides being engaging, Bloody Jack books are the best way to get your daily dose of pirate during Pirates of the Caribbean withdrawal. 5. The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz. Fourth in the Blue Bloods series, this vampire novel comes out Oct. 6. It features teenage vampires who are trying to survive deadly cannibalistic vampires. The best part of this series is that there is no vampire vs. werewolf action in sight! While boys may appreciate the violence, it is safe to say that the romance will throw them off. Sorry boys, but this one’s a girl book. 6.Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan. This is the first book in the Cirque du Freak series. This vampire series has a surprising twist: The main character is not a sappy, mortal girl in love with a vampire! The protagonists in these novels are surprisingly… mostly boys! Boys can finally read a vampire novel without being forced by their girlfriends. If you can get over this shocker, then the series is right for you. Even though it is not a new book, it is definitely worth reading. And since the film adaption comes out Oct. 23, it would be smart to get to know the characters before seeing the movie.

Check out 13 hilarious YouTube videos By Madeline Vance Staff Writer

Feelin’ down? Having a bad day? Don’t be afraid to crack a smile. Cheer yourself up by getting online and checking out these amazing YouTube videos. You might even hear yourself laugh! These are some of the greatest videos that must be added to your playlist.


Image from

1. Dog Lover – Disturbia. This girl’s one of a kind. One of a kind. 2. JK Wedding Entrance Dance. This couple will truly be together “Forever” and ever. 3. Charlie Bit My Finger – Again! YouTube classic. (Check out the remix too!) 4. Nintendo 64 Kid. I have never seen a child get so excited about a Christmas present… 5. David After Dentist. “…Is this real life?” 6. Blood. Check out this little boy’s facial expressions when he uses the word “blood.” 7. German Coast Guard. Ha ha. Noob. 8. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles. You know it’s funny.


9. Fat Kid on Rollercoaster. How about the uncontrollable laughter from Janice? 10. Victory Fail. Never call yourself a champion too soon… 11. SNL People Getting Punched Before Eating. Flat-out hilarious. 12. Afro Ninja 2. Perfect your martial arts skills. 13. Numa Numa. This guy’s a hit; he’s even been in a few commercials!

“SNL Punched”

Image from

Image from

Entertainment Nathan Robbins: a star among us 13

FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

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By Bridget Sova Staff Writer

You may have seen him in national television ads, on stage, in the newspaper, or maybe even walking the halls of Loveland High School. He is Loveland’s very own Nathan Robbins, and as a junior in high school, he is already far along the path to success in a professional acting career. If you’ve been watching TV lately, you might remember his line, “Maybe I can get a Blackberry!” from Cincinnati Bell’s most recent commercial, or maybe you’ve seen him in one of the multiple professional plays he has starred in downtown. But professional acting isn’t Nathan’s only job. He’s also a student with homework due and tests to study for. The Roar talked to Nathan and found out how he manages to juggle it all. Q. When did you start acting? A. I started 10 years ago in the Cleveland production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I had two lines. It was pretty fun. Q. What is your favorite part about acting?

Photo by Regan Meinking

Nathan Robbins A. Hearing the audience laugh is definitely my favorite part. Also, being somebody completely different is really fun. Q. What do you prefer: stage acting or TV/film acting? A. Well, commercials pay a lot better (laughs), but theatre is a lot more fun. You

never know what’s going to happen. Every night is different. Q. How do you find all of these auditions? A. I’m actually represented by Hamen Talent, and they find most of the television and film auditions for me. And I’m managed by Carrie-Ellen

Zappa, who finds most of the theatre auditions for me. Q. Last year you won a Cappie Award for Loveland! How was that? A. It was really exciting! The gala was really fun because all the schools got to come together to celebrate theatre, and I was really excited to represent Loveland. Q. How do you have time for school with all of you other activities? A. It can be pretty hard, but my teachers are pretty helpful and generally it all works out. Q. Do you plan on doing something acting-related in college? A. Yes I do! I want to major in musical theatre and one day move to New York. Q. What shows will we be able to see you performing in this year? A. I’m doing Beauty and the Beast this fall with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati downtown, and I’m also doing Holiday Follies and Tom Sawyer in the spring with the same company. If you can, go see Nathan in one of his upcoming productions! And don’t be surprised if you see him on Broadway someday, because he’s well on his way.

Upcoming concerts: Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z and more! By Bridget Sova Staff Writer

Miley Cyrus

Indie: Hellogoodbye at Newport Music Hall on Oct. 7. Hip hop: Jay-Z at The Bank of Kentucky Center on Oct. 10.

Photo from Photo from

Pop: Miley Cyrus at Columbus’s Newport Jay-Z Music Hall on Oct. 7, Colbie Caillat at Oldies/Rock: Rain, a Beatles tribute Newport Music Hall on Oct. 13. band, at the Aronoff Center for the Arts on Oct. 14.

Alternative pop: Boys Like Girls at Lifestyles Communities Pavilion on Oct. 15. Comedy: Dane Cook at Nationwide Arena in Columbus on Oct. 15. Punk rock: Senses Fail at Bogart’s on Oct. 27. Rock: Saving Abel at Bogart’s on Nov. 10. The Roar’s pick: Colbie Caillat at Newport Music Hall is the concert to see this month. This young, up-andcoming singer/songwriter headlines an exciting and eventful show. It’s not a head-banging, crowd-surfing type of concert, but reviews assure that Caillat’s mellow style of music also makes for an exciting show. She will be playing some of her old classics, including “Bubbly” and her rendition of Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low,” as well as music from her

new album, Breakthrough, including “Falling for You.” So far most of Caillat’s concerts have sold out, but as of this week there were still tickets left for the 13th in Columbus, and they start as low as $20! So get your tickets as soon as possible, because this is a concert you don’t want to miss.

Photo from

Colbie Caillat

Face-off By Josh Brennock Staff Writer

While Batman has little in the way of powers compared to Spider-Man, he makes up for it in other areas. Spider-


Batman vs. Spider-Man Man’s secret identity is being a photographer for a newspaper, pales in comparison to Batman, who is a

billionaire. Shooting sticky webs is cool; however, Batman has gadgets that explode! Finally, there is no debate that

Categories Powers Secret identity Smarts Costume Movies quality

the Batman movies are better than the Spider-Man movies. In our rankings, Batman wins 19-16.



14 FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

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Where’s Sierz? Try to be the first to find Matt Sierzputowski (12)

FOOD FIGHT By Katie Henke

Photos by Kelsey Kerkhove and Casey Baker

Branch HIll Coffee vs. Heaven’s Roast

Staff Writer

When you head out the door in the morning in search of the perfect cup of coffee, you may debate whether you should go to Branch Hill Coffee or Heaven’s Roast. Both coffee shops are located in Loveland, on Branch Hill Guinea

Pike. Branch Hill Coffee is located at the bottom of the hill close to LovelandMadeira Road, while Heaven’s Roast is located up the hill, near Wards Corner Road. Branch Hill Coffee is best known

Branch Hill Coffee

for its assortment of lattes, frappuccinos, and smoothies. Heaven’s Roast is known for its variety of Fair Trade Coffee and its wide array of pastries. Both coffee shops will give their customers the boost they

Categories Taste Atmosphere Service Affordability Variety

Look-Alikes The monthly special of two strikingly similar-looking human beings caught on camera!

Halee McClary McClary, 12

Lauren Dusold Dusold, 10 Photos by Ellen Mack

need to start their day. Although both Branch Hill Coffee and Heaven’s Roast both have a drive-thru for customers on the go, Branch Hill Coffee wins with a score of 2220.

Heaven’s Roast

FRIDAY, October 2, 2009


Jack Ogilvie

15 Page Editor: Kelsey Kerkhove

“Senior Year! Whoop, Whoop! (Go Michigan)”

Interests: Skiing, Ultimate Frisbee, hanging out with his friends, and dominating at ping-pong. School activities: Jazz band, wind symphony, track (throws shot put and discus), and National Honor Society.

Facebook is a fun way to get to know others. The Roar will each month pick a student at random (picking a name blindfolded) to help introduce you to a new face at LHS,

Facebook style.

TV and movies: Ideal night includes watching the oh-so politically incorrect South Park, The Dark Knight, or The Lord of the Rings. Beliefs: “We control our own fate.”

College: Plans to attend Yale for its prestige. However, if Yale falls through, he wants to go to Michigan because his father went there and he is (ignore this next part, Ohio State enthusiasts….) a big fan of its football team. He plans on going into pre-med or engineering. Favorite class: AP physics. Travels: This summer, he traveled to Japan and visited the temples in Kyoto, where he found his Zen.

January 13th, 1992

Hero: Miles Davis, the “cool guy” who started the jazz genre. Can’t live without: His mother. Before you say, “Awww,” his reasoning: “Because she cooks for me and does my laundry.” Pet peeves: When people make grammar mistakes. Fun fact: If Jack were an animal, he would be a bear, due to its sheer power!

Elliot Wells

JC Mayerle

Paul Waked

Quotes: “Even if you don’t like this song, you like this song.” -Chris (unknown last name) “The Internet is a series of tubes.” -Ted Stevens, former U.S. senator Fan of: Michigan, Bengals, Detroit Red Wings



-- Interview by Becca Black


Senior excitement At left, Austin Bessey loves to party during his senior year.

By Ellen Mack and Becca Black Staff Writers

Here’s a quick look into what some of our very own Loveland seniors are looking forward to during their final year at this high school: Austin Bessey- “Partying and other casual gatherings.” Joey Junod- “Graduation Day.” Rachel Putman- “Getting out a whole two days earlier than the rest of the school!” Colleen Dannemiller- “Getting out five minutes early every Friday!” Chris Kuramoto- “Dancing with Michael Sonnenberg at Homecoming.” Andrew Schuster- “Watching Chris and Michael dance at Homecoming.” Michael Sonnenberg- “Dancing with Chris Kuramoto at Prom.” Greg Pitman- “Basketball season, because this is my year!” Chris Wells- “Christmastime, so I can put on my light show!” Randy Mullins- “Getting huge after football season.” Carla Antenucci- “OGT week! Coming in late!” Kelsey Klaene- “Spring Break in Panama with a bunch of friends!”

At right, Colleen Dannemiller looks forward to senior priveledges such as getting out five minutes early every Friday

Do You Remember...? By Natalie Siddique Staff Writer

Do you remember that deliciously sugar-concentrated citrus soft drink called Surge? If not, it’s probably because your parents kept it far away from you because of its level of caffeine or its intensely green color. It was presented by The Coca-Cola Co. in 1996 and lasted only a few years, as

it began to slip in sales. Now, the only country still selling the drink is Norway. In 2002, fans angry about the drink’s removal established the website, devoted to bringing Surge back. Expired cans still sell on eBay for ridiculous prices, including a 12-pack sold for $160.08 in 2005. The Coca-Cola Co. now sells the popular drink Vault, which has a similar taste to the almost-extinct Surge.

At left, Randy Mullins looks forward to lifiting weights during his senior year.

At right, Kelsey Klaene can’t wait for her final Spring Break with all her friends.

Surge cola


16 FRIDAY, October 2, 2009

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Get out there, join the club LHS offers opportunities for everyone By Diana Reese Staff Writer

Loveland offers so many exciting clubs; it’s hard to keep track of them all. Now that

Do you...

Pictured above is an embarrassed monkey we’ve made this chart, it’s easy to find the best match for you!

Then join...

Excel in one or more subjects or know a lot Academic Team, a FAVC sport that competes in a variety of subject areas. of trivia? Love art?

Want to learn more about all aspects of the universe?

Art Club, a club that works on artwork, art projects, fund-raisers for art projects, and the annual high school art show. Astronomy Club, a club that studies planets, moons, stars, constellations, galaxies, and nebulae.

Boys Volleyball, a club team that promotes fitness, fun, and friendly competition. Chemistry Club, which uses fun labs and Want to have fun learning about demonstrations to make chemistry chemistry? enjoyable for all. Diversity Club, which promotes Want to promote international international friendship through trips, understanding and explore other cultures? cultural education, and service projects. Like playing volleyball?

Like acting or want to help with technical support in the theater? Care for the environment or want to participate in the LHS Envirothon Team? Want to make a difference in the world, end a war, and save innocent children? Like writing poetry or stories and want to get published?

Drama Club, which participates in LHS plays and musicals. Ecology Club, an organization that does community service and environmental projects. Invisible Children, a group that helps raise awareness and funds to help protect and educate the children of Northern Uganda. Literary Magazine, an annual publication of students’ work that’s organized, edited and produced by a student committee.

Want to practice math skills and get awards?

Math Contests, three annual competitive tests using math skills.

Want to have fun, meet new friends, and socialize?

Partner’s Club, promotes students’ friendship with special-needs students through recreational activities. Photography Club, which allows students to get more experience in photography, including using a darkroom and computer.

Enjoy taking and developing photos?

photo from

Feeling embarrassed? These poor soles were ... just be glad these nightmare scenarios didn’t happen to you By Abby Vargo Staff Writer

It’s that one moment you’re praying that no one is watching you, or that incident that turns your face bright red. These are the stories that everyone seems to laugh the hardest at and say, “Oh my gosh; that is so embarrassing!” Yeah, well they are embarrassing, but The Roar found some brave students willing to reveal their deepest and darkest embarrassing moments. Halee McClary, 12: “It was two years ago at cheer camp, when we were playing this weird game. I had to pee really badly, but Hannah King and I were winning. The game was called three men in a canoe, and Hannah started dragging me across the gym floor. I was laughing so hard that I peed my pants. The worst part is that I peed right on the face of the tiger which is painted on the gym floor.” Randy Mullins, 12: “It was during the summer when I was on a Carnival Cruise. I was in my room alone taking a shower. A maid, who was a man, walked in the bathroom and threw open the shower curtain. I looked at him and he awkwardly looked at me, and then he just left. I never understood why he walked into

the bathroom when he obviously heard the water running.” Austin Hopkins, 10: “I was walking up the stairs in front of a crowd of upper classmen. My foot slipped out from under me and I ate the floor. The wipe out was so extreme that my books flew out of my arms and slipped all the way down the staircase. And though a lot of people saw it, no one bothered helping me pick up my books.” Abbey Walther, 9: “It was during eighth grade when I had to do the ‘Thriller’ dance by Michael Jackson in front of my whole grade. I did the completely wrong dance moves and everyone was laughing at me.” Mollie Kuramoto, 12: “I was going to a team dinner at Abby Vargo’s house. I didn’t bother knocking on her door because the screen door was already open, so I just walked in. When I walked into her kitchen, there was a family of five and two grandparents having a nice, peaceful dinner. My jaw dropped, and I was just staring at them awkwardly because I didn’t know what to say. They started laughing and said, ‘If you’re looking for the Vargos, they live next door!’ The sad thing is I have been to her house several times before.”

When I grow up... Teachers share their childhood dreams about life outside of teaching

By John Ross SADD, which promotes alcohol- and drugMs. Byrkett- Teacher/ actress/ Staff Writer Believe in an alcohol and drug-free school? free messages around school dances and American Idol winner Spring Break. Mr. Zidron- Astronaut What did you want to be when you Science Bowl (open to five seniors and five Ms. Schreiner- Painter grew up? juniors), which is a Jeopardy-style Know a lot about science? We asked some teachers what they competition about science topics. wanted to grow up to be when they were Enjoy exciting, hands-on science Science Club, which enriches students in your age. Some of the answers might be experiments? science with exciting laboratory activities. different than what you would expect: Mr. Dorsey- Marine biologist START Club, a community service club Mrs. Borchers- Pro athlete Want to increase awareness of community that increases awareness of service Mrs. Scherman- Dentist by day, a service needs and opportunities? needs and opportunities. ballerina by night Mr. Dunlap- Rock star Student Athlete Leadership Committee: in Play sports and want Loveland to have Mr. (Chuck) Schmidt- Basketball coach which student-athletes promote school more school spirit? Dr. Moorhead- Music teacher spirit and sportsmanship. Mr. Hutzel- Pro soccer player Want to give back to the community by UGive LHS-LHS Gives Back club; see Mr. Conatser- Bear Grylls volunteering? article on page 6. Mr. Ferone- NBA player Officer Steve- Soldier F.O.R. (Friends of Rachel), which Mrs. Ramsey- Dental hygienist/ Want to make Loveland into a more photo from focuses on continuing the Rachel’s Designing Women TV show host welcoming school? Above is Mr. Zidron’s childhood dream Challenge mission at LHS.

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